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  1. Does he really thinks he still has to prove something to anyone regarding his skills?
  2. I still don't understand why JW doesn't want his work on this film released.
  3. The Disney 2018 RoTJ also sounds better than the previous releases
  4. Some two years ago I made a thread comparing the sound quality of the Main Titles (track 2) from the 97 CD against a reconstruction I made myself from the Main Title using the raw takes from the bonus tracks of the same CD. The 97 release doesn't sound bad to me, but it could've sounded a whole lot better. Here's the thread:
  5. That explains why you think Raiders OST sounds bad. 🤔 Funny thing is that SW, ESB and Raiders were all recorded by Eric Tomlinson and remixed by John Neal for the OST release, but he (Neal) only got it right for Raiders.
  6. Duuuuuude, are you sure you're not switching CDs?
  7. But that's exactly what makes me prefer the OST. On the DCC release, you can hardly hear the haunting choir.
  8. I don't think the Raiders OST sound bad. Aside from the pitch problem that can be easily fixed (which is on the vinyl OST as well), it's a rare case for me where I consider an OST sounding better than any subsequent remastered release. And yes, that includes the 1995 DCC release.
  9. All three on vinyl. After I digitized them, they're just sitting there.
  10. My house or yours? 😁 Did he? Dunno. I never watched any A.I. making of doc. I was cured alright😈
  11. Kubrick ending a film with a satisfactory and heartwarming finale? NO WAY!!!