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  1. I think so too. JP sounded better and better at each release. I was just saying about this in some other thread here, about Raiders. The 1995 DCC release has the original Eric Tomlinson 2-channel mix, which I believe is the film mix. While it sounds great, the John Neal remix for the 1981 OST sounds better to me (again, like I said, with the proper pitch correction). "Flight from Peru" and "Map Room: Dawn" are the perfect examples of why I say this.
  2. The Silva Screen (DCC in the USA) release has the Eric Tomlinson original mix, while the OST has the John Neal remix. They both sound excellent, but the Neal remix is better (makes me wonder why he didn't do same with SW and ESB). "Flight from Peru" and "Map Room: Dawn" are the perfect examples why I prefer the OST remix over Tomlinson's. Again, with the proper pitch correction on the OST.
  3. The only thing I like about Raiders OST is the sound quality (with the proper pitch correction, of course). BTW, the ONLY time I prefered a John Neal remix over the original Eric Tomlinson mix. The microedit in "Basket Game" and the edits of "Desert Chase" are annoying and pointless. And what about "Well of the Souls" suddenly going back to "In The Idol's Temple" and them going back again to "Well" in a god-awful fade? Yeck! And "Marion's Theme" in another god-awful fade to "To Cairo". Probably would've worked better if they've switched places. The track could open with "To Cairo" and close with "Marion's Theme".
  4. It would be nice, but Shout Factory is not famous for including isolated scores in their releases. If Shout includes it, it'll be something to shout about.
  5. "2018 is gonna be one for the books", MV said last year. So is 2019... but in the opposite direction.
  6. It's kind of hard to put into words, you know...
  7. Alternates for "The Adventures of Mutt" is a good reason to expand Crystal Skull.
  8. This is disturbing, to say the least. The big companies definitely don't give a damn about their own assets.
  9. My only concern about showing ToD to my kids is the brain eating scene. I'm afraid they're gonna try opening some people's skulls and be REALLY dissapointed for not finding any brain inside...
  10. I see. I thought it was a sound quality problem. Or a music they didn't include from the Universal "Missouri Breaks" ride... case they have one.
  11. That's a relief (for me, at least). I can live with a packing and cover art not having the special touch we are used to. Not having MM's linear notes wouldn't be cool at all, but I could still live with it. It's a good trade, if it means having more control and freedom about the musical program. I was affraid that the terms "film version", "alternate" and etc would be too confusing for them. I can imagine them going like "Why does it have 3 versions of the 'same' music here??? Just put what's heard in the film and that's it. Go back to your cell!"
  12. Kathleen Kennedy kind of said she won't do anything about the OT without defer to Lucas. https://screenrant.com/star-wars-lucasfilm-no-plans-restore-theatrical-cut-original-trilogy/ I guess it's safe to say she has the same line of thinking about the music as well. So, when Disney decides to green-light the project, she will definitelly go to JW, which in turn, will go to MMM. What concerns me is how Disney will approach the project. Are they gonna give MM the freedom he has when working with specialty labels? I don't have this one. Is there anything wrong with it?
  13. Yes, I remember Lukas Kendall mentioning at FSM many years ago something regarding that kind of attitude from studios execs about the finesses of a proper expanded release oriented to fans. I'll see if can find it... Found it. https://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?pageID=1&forumID=1&threadID=65118&archive=0 Almost 10 years later, things hasn't change much regarding this sort of attitude... sadly!
  14. It sure sounded like a politically correct and humorous way to say something in those lines. So, has things developed since then? Dude, I pretty much missed everything about the 2018 release... including the release itself. A one-time screening for a selected (and small) crowd is very different from a major release.
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