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  1. I don't see Luke and Leia interacting in the last movie. With limited flexibility with Leia and Luke being a ghost, there's not much interacting they CAN do for the theme to pop up again. When I heard it a couple years ago I assumed, and correctly, that it would be because of The Last Jedi. It really made the scene too. It's one of my favorites in all of Star Wars (the theme, not the movie).
  2. My longshot wishes last year were Adventures of Han and Luke and Leia. Then earlier today I literally were thinking about how much I adored the opening to ET. Very excited for this.
  3. There's the one after the opening title that wasn't on the OST too, right? Is that on there?
  4. What was changed if anything in the prequel soundtracks? I think someone said they added the drums to certain tracks in Revenge of the Sith?
  5. 20 bucks say that piano bit of Leia's Theme is Williams playing and it's for the short dedication to her that appears in the credits.
  6. I'm heavily leaning towards yes. It has that weird old school theme that sounds like something evil from Indiana Jones...which is what March of the Resistance sounded like the first time we heard it and threw people off.
  7. I'm about halfway through and I like it. I feel like the people who are bummed out here, even though they know Giacchino isn't Williams, they're still comparing it to a Williams Star Wars score, which is kind of unfair. What makes a Williams score special is that he's one of a kind. Definitely heard at least a few cases of the ANH Empire motif in there. Good on him for bringing that in.
  8. Spoiler leak. Nothing official. You'll want to keep it a surprise for the movie itself.
  9. Whaaaaa? If it's the clip I accidentally clicked on it sounded like Anakin's Dark Deeds.
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