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  1. I've hurt you, and now, I mean to go on hurting you. I shall leave you, as you left her, marooned for all eternity. Buried alive. Buried alive.
  2. It looks like a deal has been struck. We're sitting, tomorrow. Till then...
  3. I don't want my pain taken away from me; I need my pain!
  4. Some people wouldn't know quality, if you shoved it up their ass, with a red-hot poker.
  5. Not really, JS. I put my trust in (some) people, but I put my faith somewhere different. Besides, I kind of feel for the super-famous; people whom the world wants not so much to know, but to own - in a perverse sense, to be. I'm not into that. Let them be. Like their work, and respect them, by leaving them well alone.
  6. Time was, when Noel Edmonds was all over the telly. It was BBC1, back then, with Dingly Dell, Crinkly Bottom, and Mr. fucking Blobby! He presented live Christmas programmes from places such as the Falkland Islands. Then came the helicopter crash. Oh, dear. Nowadays, and although he's still around, he's a much more contrite person.
  7. Never, ever, ever ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever grow up. Yuk!
  8. Ohh, I can see it now: thousands of 30-something husbands, in the 'burbs in therapy "AVP raped my chdhood". Sweep, with few exceptions, no-one's unclothed ass is offensive, to me
  9. Harumph! It's "lots of nudity", or nothing!
  10. Don't blame me! He got into quite a bit of trouble, for that, hee-hee. I heard that she turned.
  11. A few years ago, I'd probably agree with that sentiment. Nowadays, I'm far less impressed with "celebrity", probably because the world has had it forced down its throat, so far that it wouldn't recognise true talent, if it bit it on the ass. Coupled with that, I'm older, now, and I've got far more important things to live for, than meeting a man in his eighties. Don't get me wrong; JW's music will have a permanent lease, on a luxury penthouse apartment in my heart, until the day I die. I just don't seem to be as starstruck as I once was. I have no heroes, no role-models, and no-one to look up to. I don't put my faith in people, I just accept them, as they are, and have no need to meet those who would seem to rise above the multitude. JW is a giant of a man...but I wouldn't go looking for him.
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