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  1. @Amer, JAWS 3-D is really underrated. Well done, to you. But he's just a raggedy-man
  2. Richard

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    @Sweeping Strings Sweep, thank fuck you sorted out your avatar!
  3. I've never seen ROME, but I, CLAUDIUS is among the finest pieces of work ever, for television. Easily top-five.
  4. Richard

    Concerts are getting worse

    "On the 'ouse".
  5. I know you know, but do you know that I know that you know?
  6. Richard

    The SPORTS Thread.

    They're still going to win the Premiership. Trust me, on this
  7. Richard

    The Notre-Dame Fire in Paris

    Well bloody said! She'd probably shoot herself, if she tried to read ULYSSES. Did, until Book 2 of THE ILIAD. Fucking pleb.
  8. Richard

    The SPORTS Thread.

    I predict Ajax/Barcelona.
  9. Richard

    The Notre-Dame Fire in Paris

    Tell me about it, Justin! I started to read THE ILIAD, to my girlfriend: she fell asleep just as I got to the catalog of the ships. Fucking pleb!
  10. He mentions this, in the documentary. Ah, well, who wants to live forever?
  11. Richard

    The Tablecloth

    Hey, it's tartan! Cool. Och aye, the noo!
  12. Richard

    The SPORTS Thread.

    4-3! What a game!!!
  13. Hell, yeah! I, CLAUDIUS is fantastic, and Brian Blessed is fantastic in it. That was the second take of that shot, don't you know.
  14. Richard

    BBC Proms 2019

    There's a Ceebeebies prom, with a lot of "space" music, including (drum roll, please!) THE CLANGERS. Fuck, yeah!
  15. Richard

    The Notre-Dame Fire in Paris

    I don't know, maybe they ought to keep it the way it is; a kinda shrine to all the bullshit in the world. They are rolling it in it. T.S. Eliot wrote a poem about it, called THE HIPPOTAMUS.