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  1. Just for the record; as far as I know, Action For Hamsters doesn't exist. @bollemanneke, if you want a good laugh, go to YouTube, and watch all those "scamming the scammers" videos. Funny as.
  2. When you watch that again, listen to how the "RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN" is "echoed", outside the house, as the Pre Cops arrive.
  3. What? You've never been run-up to, in the street, by some annoying, overenthusiastic post teenage hipster, with a fucking clipboard, whose "working" for some charity called Action For Hamsters, or something, and who wants your name, address, email address, mobile number, bank details, and signature?
  4. It also has a still-very-sexy-for-her-age Lois "all you have to do is download it, darling" Smith.
  5. It's interesting to note that this is a film that is lauded universally, but which, in 1982, was vilified by critics, and ignored by the public. What happened?
  6. No PLANET OF THE APES? No THE LION IN WINTER? No MIDNIGHT COWBOY? No IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT? No THE ITALIAN JOB? No Spaghetti Westerns? No Bond? Come on Bes. These scores epitomised the 60s.
  7. Love to prove that, wouldn't you? Get your name into the National Geographic.
  8. $24:57? Ah, yes! I went the other way. Thanks, Bil.
  9. ...and to report in, if it's safe and legal, to do so. Actually...a fucking flying stormtrooper? There's a health and safety lawsuit waiting to happen.
  10. Love is like oxygen. You get too much of it; too high. Not enough, and you're gonna die.
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