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  1. Every DVD/Blue Ray player that I have ever had, insists on presenting my copy of THE ABYSS to make it look like it was shot in 2.65:1. It's annoying.
  2. It looks prettying 'effing 1.85, to me, Jay, but...thanks, as I did not know that. Do you know that Sony once manufactured a 2.35 TV?
  3. John Williams biography

    No, that's definitely not in Emilio's book! I think he'd have the good grace to leave that out. But that's an interesting aspect: what to include, and what to leave out.
  4. Unfortunately, to watch a 2.35 film, on a 1.85 TV, means letterbox bars. Personally, if I see what the director intended me to see, then I'll happily watch a letterboxed film. I have, however, a friend who insists on reformatting 2.35 films, for his 1.85 TV. I haven't seen a film at his house, for ages...
  5. John Williams biography

    I agree. If they can bring their life experiences to work, then that's probably a good thing, but that JW likes to shoot laudanum, after work? Count me out, it's none of my business
  6. As much as I like Alex (and I do like Alex), I've never met a JWfaner who seems to misinterpret deliberately, just about everything that's placed before him. #I could say "day" And you could say "night", Tell me it's black when I know that it's white. It's always the same It's just a shame That's all#
  7. John Williams biography

    Well...his Google biography has quite a lot of information, and Emilio's book has a chapter on JW's life (chapter 5). Personally, I don't like to know much about famous people. IMO, they have a right to private anonymity.
  8. "Bravo!" The Washington Post "Jerry's last post is a masterpiece" The San Francisco Chronicle "Sheer bloody poetry" The Times "Really shitty" The Australian
  9. The Doctor Who Thread.....

    1/ money 2/ exposure 3/ the chance to have one's music played at the RAH 4/ repeat fees, from DVDs, Blu Rays, CDs, etc. 5/ the kudos that being associated with a programme like DOCTOR WHO brings. In retrospect, it might have been better if Gold had left, when RTD quit the show, no matter how good the music continued to be. I'm sure that he's now in the position that Dudley Simpson found himself in, when JN-T took over.
  10. The Doctor Who Thread.....

    The real question is: why did Gold leave.
  11. You really do enjoy shovelling-up utterances, and depositing them into people's orifices, don't you? Read my post, again, and find anywhere why I stated that ALIEN 3 is Fincher's best work? I said "favourite", which anyone with even a modicum of understanding of the English language knows, is entirely different, to "best". Now, get yourself to the nearest optician, and then, back to school.
  12. ...not to mention all the other things going on: drink, rent, car, drink, food, clothes, drink, footie, and drink.
  13. The white stuff (snow)

    Very, very pretty.
  14. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    One of those scores, is a genre-busting classic.
  15. I know I'm going to get rapped in the mouth for this, but.. ALIEN 3 is nor only my favourite Fincher film, it's also my favourite ALIEN film. So, there