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  1. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    NIGHTWING is a great score, from an unusual film.
  2. New book on John Williams coming in 2018

    Don't be so hard on yourself, Bes (there are plenty of people out there who'd be happy to do that!). The distance between unenlightened, and educated, is shorter than you think...
  3. Favorite Jerry Goldsmith score and why?

    Agreed. It is against the law for STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE not to be in someone's top 3.
  4. Blade Runner 2049

    It's competently made, but it adds absolutely nothing to the film, and that makes it irrelevant.
  5. The Official Pop and Rock Music thread

    Oasis are really good. I love Parklife Hey, Bilbo; this note's for you! Don't tell anyone, but (looks around, conspiratorially, then whispers) so do I.
  6. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    What the 'effing heck have you been smoking, my friend?!
  7. What kind of JWfan are you?

    What a vivid imagination I'd like to describe myself as a "potential completist". When I started-out collecting JW, it was a lot easier. There were no downloads, no bootlegs to speak of, no expanded releases, no CRs, no isolated scores, no 5.1 mixes. There was just the OST. You either took it, or you left it. I took it, and ran! Over the years, I read about JW, and his work, and bought more and more of his music. Fast forward to now, and my collection is nowhere near complete. Although I have approaching 150 JW CDs, I still want more. If I had the money, I'd buy recordings of every single note available, but, sometimes I need to make a choice between music, and paying the rent, or putting gas in the car, or food, or clothes, get the point. The thread asks "what kind of JW are you?" I know that the emphasis is on what, how, and why we buy his music, but I'd like expand that say that I really don't care what kind of fan we are. JWfan is made up of people who buy, listen to, and discuss his music. By doing that, we are keeping his music alive. We are loyal, we are respectful, and we enjoy the experience. That's the kind of JWfan we are.
  8. New book on John Williams coming in 2018

    Inky's right, Emilio's previous book is a good read. The book says "edited by", so...who are the contributors? I take your point, Bes, but what we perceive as "magic", is, actually, borne out of very, very hard work. We sometimes forget that composing music is JW's job. The "magic" lies in the connection between us, and what we listen to. For example; just because I know how the sfx in ROTJ are accomplished (paintings on glass/miniatures/motion control, etc.) doesn't make me appreciate the finished product any less. Like most JWfaners, I'm not a musician, nor a musicologist. I'm just a fan who wants to understand how JW achieves what he achieves. If this book (and others like it) can help me do that, then I think that that's no bad thing.
  9. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Who cares, man? Just two words: silver wetsuit.
  10. Blade Runner 2049

    This just in! It's been confirmed that the score for BLADE RUNNER 2049, will be replaced by songs by AC/DC. The OST will be released under the title of WHO MADE WHO.
  11. Nothing, Jay, nothing at all. In fact if I had a #3, it'd be him. I also love, Barry, JNH, Arnold, Hermann, Rosza, Steiner, Bernstein (both of 'em!), Newman, T., Tiompkin, Martinez, Elfman, and a host of others. The two at the top, however, have been, and always shall be, the music that I return to, no matter what. Their's is the music (not just film music, but any music) that means the most to me, and that's why I separated them. Their's is soul music, in a way that the rest, no matter how good, cannot be. It's music of my formative years, and it has shaped my life. I hope that that explains things a little?
  12. Right now? Pretty much the same as it's been, for the last 45 years: 1. John Williams 2. Jerry Goldsmith's about it, really
  13. I think that there's also a short scene, where Superman outflies Concorde. This was used in the TV cut of S:II. As long as it's in 2.35:1, I'll be happy. Now for the full 2 1/2 hour version of EARTHQUAKE, please.
  14. Who is the sexiest young celebrity these days?

    No, really...she has her father's eyes.