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  1. Re: TLJ (adopts Russian accent) Ah, for love of God, shut the hell up!
  2. Richard

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    Lo-far! Naygorchema Jai vad ya blade. Blade runner.
  3. Richard

    Anyone else having a psychotic episode?

    Of course it is. Its knowing that you are loved that's important.
  4. Richard

    Anyone else move a lot?

    P'rhaps he got swallowed by a worm?
  5. Oh, no @Jay! The MAIN TITLE is brilliant. I can't decide which is better: E.T. or OUTLAND.
  6. That's the fella! It's not very good. I bought mine ahem (cough) I mean, I listened to it in 1996. It's not brilliant, but, pre-FSM, its all we had.
  7. I might see the sequels...as long as Giovanni Ribisi is in it.
  8. Richard

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    It's good. THE TRIP TO WILKINSON, SAYING THE ROSARY, and THE FOOTBALL GAME, are great. HELL'S KITCHEN live, is...(sigh).
  9. Richard

    Show us your music collection

    "I think you should listen only to composers whose names you can spell correctly".
  10. Richard

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    Well, la-di-da, la-di-da, la la.
  11. Richard

    When John Williams Gets Down

    This is damn good!!!!!!!
  12. Are you joking? That avatar reminds me of my last hour, when I'm at work- franticly trying to get all paperwork, done in time.
  13. Richard

    the mstrox thread

    Did you ever see the Countdown where Whitely wore a "countdown" tie, but someone put the mic over the "o", so it read C U N T D O W N