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  1. You had a close encounter with a pussy? We all knew you'd turn!
  2. I've never heard his score for THE IRON WILL, but McNeely's THE AVENGERS is very good, indeed.
  3. DEADPOOL...or DEAD POOL...or WHATEVER POOL. Well, however you spell it, I really dug it. Snappy, sassy, crude, rude, purile, and very funny. Right up my street It featured a "superhero" that I actually cared about. Roll on number 2. Best line: "# drive-by".
  4. What in the name of Sam Hil was your cat doing hanging around your nether regions?! Does your husband know that you are seeing a cat?
  5. I assume that that's Stuermer playing the solo? Good job. Now, if only TB had turned up...
  6. It's raining men! Hallelujah, it's raining men!
  7. I'm fucking just fucking settling fucking down, to fucking watch fucking SEXY fucking BEAST. I fucking am, and I fucking will.
  8. It's out of control, and it's heading your way.
  9. REFLECTIONS; my all time favourite Supremes song. Dana Delaney; oh, yeah!
  10. That's because it's all happening inside Banning's head.
  11. The first THX certified film that I saw was THE MISSION, at the Warner West End, Leicester Square.I also saw EMPIRE OF THE SUN in THX, at the same cinema. Out of interest, did anyone watch JURASSIC PARK, in DTS?
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