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  1. Richard

    James Bond #25

    Yes. After 1941 had wrapped, Lucas asked Spielberg what he'd like to do next. Spielberg said "James Bond", to which Lucas replied: "I've got something better than that; Indiana Smith". The rest, as they say...
  2. Richard

    Is this movie worth my time?

    No, but it has bloated self-importance and an attitude of colonialism that reeks. Avoid this pompous, po-faced bullshit.
  3. Richard

    James Bond #25

    As it is, QOS gets better with age, but it would have been a great film, if Campbell had been allowed to film it, as he wanted to. It's too bad the whole NO GOOD IN GOODBYE/Amy Winehouse thing never came to fruition.
  4. Richard

    the mstrox thread

    I'm in bed, with a fuck of a heavy cold. I'm meant to going to Gaelic classes, in three hours. I won't make it.
  5. Richard

    Upcoming Films

    Richard: "Fuck's sake".
  6. Richard

    STAR WARS general thread

    This is different, because they're based on some sort of reality. Star Wars is a childish - albeit attractive and entertaining - fantasy, which some people have read way too much into. It is a trick of light; it contains characters, and situations which do not exist. Wouldn't it be better to base one's leisure activities upon something that is has a history; that is real; that draws one into the world, and not something that promotes one's escape from it?
  7. Richard

    Youth For Climate

    Not very hygge, is it?
  8. Richard

    James Bond #25

    Yes, I like that one, too. Also, Q's "I really hate you, right now", Moneypenny's "No sir, that was last week", and M's priceless "Now we know what C stands for".
  9. Richard

    Anyone else fat?

    Like the man says: "why have a six-pack, when you can have a barrel?"
  10. Richard

    Upcoming Films

    David Furnish gets his lance, every night.
  11. Richard

    Is this movie worth my time?

    Are the stories connected, or is it an anthology, a la TWILIGHT ZONE?
  12. Richard

    STAR WARS general thread

    ...or Monopoly, or Twister.
  13. Richard

    Upcoming Films

    What I've always wondered about Elton John, is...who actually gets knighted? Elton John is a stage name. It's impossible to knight someone who doesn't exist, so..is he Sir Reginald Dwight, now?
  14. Richard

    STAR WARS general thread

    Fuck's sake. Lightsabres do not exist. These people have waaaaaaaay too much time on their hands. Give me chess, any day.
  15. Richard

    James Bond #25

    "Do me a favour, will you? Pour that down the toilet: cut out the middle-man". That's probably my favourite line, in SPECTRE.