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  1. Are you bwain dead, Steef?! At least Lazenby tried. In DAF, Connery was fat, complacent and lazy. He sleepwalked through that film, but then, he hadn't put in a decent Bond performance, since GOLDFINGER. There's nothing remotely remarkable, or original, about DAF. It's a nasty piece of work. Yes, Lazenby is a stuffed shirt, but he's got more genuine emotion, than Connery ever had.
  2. Richard

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    ...and "Confusion" will be her epitaph.
  3. Richard

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I'll settle for a remastered, complete ROTJ, with the pristine multi track tapes.
  4. Richard

    Anyone else like pickles?

    Never chew a pickle, with a little slap and tickle.
  5. Different, but not necessarily better, per se. Lazenby puts in a better performance, in OHMSS than Connery does in that true Bondian abortion DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (sorry @gkgyver). Because everything that surrounds Lazenby is so top-drawer, we can forgive him for being lax, at times. As for DAD; it might be "an abortion", but it has my favourite line since the '95 reboot: "I know all about the UN embargo. I studied at Oxford and Harvard. Majored in Western hypocrisy". Still makes me chuckle.
  6. 2049. The new fragrance, by Paco Rabane. Although I much admire Deakins' work, he tried a little too hard, with this one. It's as if he was trying to impress people. I didn't get that, with Cronenweth.
  7. Richard

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Actually, Rich, just end the sentence there.
  8. Work-wise, 2018 has been the absolutely shittyest year of my life. I've worked for only for 4 1/2 months, this year, and I'm thinking of abandoning my chosen career. The trouble is, I'm not sure what I could do. So, while not exactly at crisis-point, I do believe that I'm at a major crossroads, in my life.
  9. Richard


    You don't know nothin', Mr. President, that's cos you ain't been fucked in the ass! You know, you're not a bad looking man, Mr. President. When I get out, I can come and see you; have some fun.
  10. Richard

    Anyone else like pickles?

    It's called Universal Credit, which is the biggest contradiction in terms, since "military intelligence". I've never eaten pickled walnuts, I just threw the question out there. Isn't Sauerkraut just pickled cabbage? Fuck me sideways with a cheese grater; in a Ruben sandwich, it tastes great!
  11. Richard

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    That's a matter for the committee.
  12. Richard


    From what I've read, he did Trump's dirty work, and got fucked over, for it.
  13. Richard

    Anyone else like pickles?

    Does anyone eat pickled walnuts?