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  1. Halloween 2017 Entertainment

    Sh-shh! Don't even say his name! You don't want his help.
  2. What is the last Television series you watched?

    Breaking Bad will become a Drax show. It shall retool conform to my sensibilities.
  3. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    The Watcher in the Woods About as hokey as The Black Hole and The Cat From Outer Space. I can believe this really is a Disney flick of its era. Lynn Holly Johnson was such a goofy chick, I think she was wasted in FYEO. Might be the first Bette film I've seen where she doesn't smoke!
  4. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    Master, what's a hey-blibber?
  5. What is the last Television series you watched?

    Ah yes, Breaking Bad. I'll infect that one too. Alex will suddenly hate it.
  6. What is the last Television series you watched?

    Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire look good. I'll watch those next... and like them.
  7. What is the last Television series you watched?

    Like how Baby Jane is written as this repellantly grotesque creature of addiction, depression and insanity -- the sort you don't even need your mother to warn you about. And yet Davis took this horrifying character and did the unthinkable, she made her likeable and sympathetic. She seemed to understand that this miserable soul was victimised by her demanding stage dad and her insidiously deceitful sister over many decades, which provoked her to commit outrageous acts to terrorise Blanche into a state of perpetual fear. But her characterisation and delivery made you side with her all the way. She's not really the antagonist as her Wiki entry states, but more of an anti-heroine. Rather like how Perkins made this pitiful and emasculated character Norman Bates so interestingly nuanced through his quirkiness, his cloak of innocence and his mild mannered demeanour. Something Gus Van Sant and Vince Vaughn missed completely in their bizarre wank of a remake. Vaughn's Norman was a creep from the moment you meet him. That said, I retract my statement calling for a Baby Jane TV series. They'd just fuck it up as badly as that shitty Lynn Redgrave tele flick.
  8. Which are your Top 5 comedies?

    Ugh yeah, there's something manic about her that screams "I'm trying to be great!". Apparently Shirley Maclaine was repelled by her too. Perplexingly, Bette Davis said she saw a lot of herself in Winger, but I'll chalk that one up to senility.
  9. What is the last Television series you watched?

    It illustrates weedy, geeky guys for what they really are - deceitful, jealous, malicious and simmering with explosive self-loathing. The opposite to the cutesy, superficial and fantastical portrayal of nerds in TBBT repackaged and romanticised for the ignorant masses.
  10. Which are your Top 5 comedies?

    Speaking of James L Brooks, I couldn't stand Terms of Endearment, aside from Jack Nicholson's role. Something about Debra Winger just rubs me the wrong way.
  11. Shiver Me Tingles! - The ASMR Thread

    I like it because it puts me to sleep. How is that wrong?
  12. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    I should have phrased it to him differently. "Hey Thor, three options: 1. Alien final film edit (with Freud and Hanson) 2. Complete Goldsmith score (ala Intrada and DVD isolated score) 3. OST Goldsmith album edit Which do you prefer to listen to?" But I think he was getting options 2 and 3 mixed up.
  13. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    I think I recall now his answer finally was the OST album edit, but it was unnecessarily difficult to get him to comprehend the question I was asking.
  14. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Someone needs to reign in these unnecessary three-hour monstrosities.