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  1. Her lightsabre is slicing into his shoulder.
  2. Only certified and verified experts shall be allowed to decide the fate of the rest of us plebs.
  3. Weirdly, to them, that's the only way they feel they can enjoy a Star Wars film.
  4. Yes! It's about exploration and fighting baddies.
  5. A show about a bunch of low-life outlaws and glorification of criminal activity? Count me out!
  6. It's more cinematic. Facing the camera is amatuerish.
  7. Awwww man, jya hear that?
  8. So if one likes LOTR, then they must like the whole fantasy genre?
  9. The bloke who played Apocalypse looked really familiar.
  10. Hey I thought it was good. It lacks some focus, but makes up for it with all the Quicksilver stuff and John Ottman's score is one of his best. Ally Sheedy has a quick cameo at the beginning and she still looks nice for her age.
  11. Only just listened to that score yesterday.
  12. Even Leonardo Nimoy said he wasn't Spock. He even wrote a book about it. But then he accepted it and became Spock.