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  1. At least David is more interesting than Anakin Skywalker and, uh, David the mecha brat.
  2. He must have been a big fan of MacGyver.
  3. I thought it was because a lot of nuts on the left feel sorry for ISIS.
  4. They've been conditioned to respond this way: ISIS: We did it! Lefties: No you didn't.
  5. When I was doing my Diploma of Journalism in 2005, one of my lecturers who used to be an ABC reporter told us that we needed to be sneaky on the field and encouraged us to sneak up to people's houses in disguise to get a comment from them if they had a newly deceased relative who was either murdered or was well known to some extent. She ended up moving to Vatican City as a correspondent.
  6. Octopussy A View to a Kill Moonraker Live and Let Die The Man With The Golden Gun For Your Eyes Only The Spy Who Loved Me
  7. I was expecting to be completely underwhelmed by Alien Coverage after some of the initial negativity directed toward it, but after watching it, I was like "what were they on about? This movie was awesome!"
  8. I always thought CE3K sounded like fart music anyway.
  9. @Selina Kyle
  10. I'd never heard of her until this moment.
  11. I dropped it down the stairs when I bought it!