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  1. The Joker shouldn't be some traumatised victim of society. He should be a sadistic madman disfigured by chemicals!
  2. Maybe the topography is more challenging to access?
  3. And the spines didn't match anyway. Ugh!
  4. I remember freaking out that they shouldn't make an Indiana Jones 4 because it would look out of place in my DVD collection, since the existing boxset didn't have room for a fourth movie.
  5. But I like the collectable covers, disc artwork, and bonus features. And I like to look at them on my shelf with pride.
  6. Yeah but I like official things on a disc, because they look better.
  7. Any news on a blu-ray release of El Camino?
  8. I like both Breaking Bad and Stranger Things.
  9. It's a pornography store. I was buying pornography.
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