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  1. Didn't the first movie take 5 or so years to make? So, if he starts writing in the next two years, we won't see a movie until 2024/2025? Ouch...
  2. Laserschwert

    Expanded Harry Potter albums in the works?

    "For the books"... so it's referring to the HP books. Well, who knows?
  3. Laserschwert

    Kickstarter for Trumpet Concerto, with Williams conducting

    It's stupid to complain that $50 is too expensive for the CD, because you are not paying for the CD but funding the recording, so that it can happen AT ALL. The CD is basically free. If every reward tier would only cover the costs of the reward, they wouldn't raise any funds.
  4. Laserschwert

    Holy Grails 2018

    Gordy Haab - Star Wars: Battlefront 1 & 2
  5. Laserschwert

    The Official Intrada Thread

    Raiders, of course 😛
  6. Laserschwert

    Music by John Williams - The T-Shirt

    What if my name is John Williams too? Can't I wear a shirt with my own name on it?
  7. It would be so weird if Varese would release several 30 minute albums of the SW movies this year.
  8. Or maybe he killed someone during the recording sessions, which can be faintly heard in the background of the recording, and he doesn't want MM to recover this dark detail of his past during remastering.
  9. For the XWVM project I have continued turning the MIDI soundtrack from the 1993 space-sim "Star Wars: X-Wing" into digital music files. While the soundtrack itself was composed by Michael Land, Clint Bajakian and Peter McConnell, they combine new themes with John Williams' classic themes. Here's a selection of some pretty much finished tracks: I'd be especially interested in feedback on the mixing and EQing. I'm quite a rookie when it comes to audio mixing, and I honestly can't tell, if these sound good (especially after going through these over and over again).