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  1. You know, pretty much all movie posters today deserve the term "photoshopped". Although, of course, it's not allowed to use that term:
  2. I keep wondering if Mike is in a position to ask Williams to demand Disney to have Mike work on the SW scores right now. Or isn't even Williams in a position like that?
  3. Laserschwert

    The Official Intrada Thread

    Looks like nobody dares to challenge LLL after their BF batch.
  4. So, Vernon Gathers Family was probably temped with LC's No Ticket?
  5. Laserschwert

    The Highlights of Expansions of Recent Years!

    I can't really pick either. To me especially the Williams/Mattessino combination is just pure bliss, simply because no other producer works at his level of dedication and quality, preserving these scores at perfect archival quality.
  6. They should have released 9 ¾ of it as samples.
  7. Back when I was still into creating custom DVD covers (and before the rise of Blu-rays) I made these, for consistency: https://imgur.com/a/nbMrk2H Never finished the back of the 3rd movie though.
  8. I wish they had... because actually all the sequels were called "Pirates of the Caribbean" + subtitle, even in Germany. Whereas "Fluch der Karibik" would have worked for every movie, since they all were about curses. But obviously they thought an English title would sound "cooler". They could have easily called the first movie "Piraten der Karibik" though, which would have been perfectly fine.
  9. But "lost" doesn't mean that they disappeared from the planet... a limitation to 5000 copies should make sure that there's never more than 5000 copies on Earth.
  10. Like this? https://www.amazon.com/Double-Glossy-Inkjet-8-5x11-20-Sheets/dp/B01LYJQMIH