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  1. John Powell kicks ass

    Ah man. As much as I'd love another JP/HGW score, I was hoping that Aardman would finally do another Wallace & Gromit feature film.
  2. It'd be interesting to hear Matessino's thoughts on this set, though in favor of not burning any bridges, he'd probably stay silent on this topic.
  3. The Official James Horner Thread

    So, time for a Horner biopic? I'm casting Kevin Kline as Horner.
  4. Actually EA once had their very own digital download service (together with their own soundtrack label "E.A.R.S."), and all the HP game soundtracks (up to HBP) were released there (as digital downloads). All of them were heavily edited, of course, especially the Hannigans with all JW quotes gone. Then, for some unknown reasons, they pulled them from all download stores.
  5. Has the Star Wars Main Theme been altered?

    But they don't own Electronic Arts, so EA still has to license the music.
  6. Has the Star Wars Main Theme been altered?

    Haab's scores not getting released probably has to do with the music rights. At least back in 2005ish a LucasArts PR rep told me that LucasArts has to license the SW soundtracks each time they use it in a game (and only in the game), because the rights lie elsewhere (is it Sony?), and it's probably the same with EA. So with soundtracks like Haab's Battlefront 1 and 2, which are riddled with statements of Williams' themes, it would be impossible to single those snippets and quotes out and acquire the rights to release them. We got lucky that James Hannigan's HP scores to some of the Harry Potter games got released, but there weren't as many statements of JW's themes in there, so it was easier to edit them out.
  7. I'll check it out. Unfortunately that site has lately started to make my virus protection explode every few seconds.
  8. So, is anybody already trying to put together an extended/complete/whatever edit? Crumbs? Or are we still waiting for a higher quality version of the iso-score to pop up?
  9. Well, I've PMed him about sharing his "Battlefront 2" rip outside of YouTube, but never got a reply. I'll just hope someone at that shrine site shares it sooner or later.
  10. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    Well, quality aside, we never got that TYPE of score from him ever again... that "small epic" sound. Cap and the Avengers are huge, overbearing walls of sound, as is most of "The Mummy Returns" (although I really like the oriental parts of the score and the main action theme). I was hoping that RPO might have him return to that smaller sound (80s and all), but judging by the images in the trailer, that's not gonna fly.
  11. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    Apart from the incredible main theme, "Captain America" just sounded like a weaker clone of "Judge Dredd". It's really weird that we never got anything that sounded like BTTF ever again.
  12. I was always wondering about these FYC-CDs: Are we sure these aren't just the MP3s pressed to CD, so that there's actually no gain in quality over the MP3s?
  13. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    Screensavers and wallpapers.