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  1. Ready Player One - Alan Silvestri

    Screensavers and wallpapers.
  2. Awesome Score - Awful Movie

    Did you know about this then? It turned into a fantastic album of half live orchestral tracks and half digital sample ones.
  3. Awesome Score - Awful Movie

    That's not what I meant. I didn't mean to imply that Mancina could or should have done something differently, but that Disney might have just as well used a cheaper and/or less talented composer, while still having the same success (because kids don't neccessarily care about the quality of the soundtrack). I consider us lucky that they went the whole way and hired and ace like Mancina, and gave him an orchestra to play with. Since the first movie was originally supposed to go straight to DVD, that wasn't a given.
  4. Awesome Score - Awful Movie

    Disney's two "Planes" movies aren't particularily great, average at best, but for a series that was originally planned to be direct-to-DVD, its soundtracks by Mark Mancina are better then you would expect from something that clearly wants to cash in on Cars' success with kids. No, I'm under-selling them: They are great! A few memoral themes, a varied mix of Mancina's pumping percussions, electric-guitar riffs, acoustic guitar Americana, a few electronics sprinkled in, and a fantastic orchestra (that brass section!) provide everything I need to return to these scores on a regular basis. The sequel's soundtrack is almost as good, with only the main theme disappointing a bit. Although it's basically the same (I would even assume it's the same recording, minus some overlays, plus some new ones), but it's not as striking as the one from the first film. All in all, a duo of scores that's much better than it needed to be for this to be a success with its young audience.
  5. I'd assume they are the regular versions sans lyrics.
  6. The Official Intrada Thread

    But 3 discs for Willow? I mean, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but is there enough music for that?
  7. The Official Intrada Thread

    Did LotM come with a song though?
  8. John Williams' Salary?

    Well played.
  9. Also all that info is contained in the disc itself. LLL uses CD-text to properly tag all their albums. So the music app could just as well use that info to download appropriate images.
  10. Yeah, it probably won't work for all tracks. Splitting the main theme and Escape (to use the clean beginning AND have the main theme as a separate track) probably won't work either.
  11. I hope someone will manage to combine the differently edited versions of the cues that appear on both the OST and the FYC into longer (and more complete) tracks.
  12. Gordy Haab's Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2017)

    Sounds absolutely like "On the Tank". Haab's decision, or request by EA? Little interview with Haab right HERE.