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  1. Hard to top the score to The Old Republic in terms of ambition. Isn't that like 30 hours of full orchestral score?
  2. Is it better than "Hooten and the Lady"? Because that was a cheap and unexciting borefest. How it scored so highly on IMDB is beyond me.
  3. I just download the episodes here: https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/xearv-66b98/The-Soundtrack-Show-Podcast When you're browsing on mobile, make sure you set your browser to desktop mode to make the download buttons show up.
  4. "The Empire Strikes Back" Part 1 of 2 is now available on the site.
  5. During the Jaime/Euron fight I expected Arya showing up, killing Euron with Jaime being wounded. Cut to Cersei, Jaime showing up, the two hugging and Jaime stabbing her with a dagger, just to take his face off to show it was actually Arya wearing Jaime's face.
  6. Yah, they should've just made a couple more indy movies in the 90s. I would have been content with "Fate of Atlantis" just getting a movie version.
  7. Don't you mean the space between spaces? Anyway, with his getting most likely delayed further, I wouldn't even worry about JW not doing this, but Ford being out even before him.
  8. I have to agree, this was an incredible episode. I'd even go as far as this being the best episode of the show yet. Visually this went above and beyond... and I thought the Kaylon 2-parter was VFX-heavy. McNeely's score did give me some Williams vibes here and there, but it still felt fresh... great action music! Oh man, I SO hope this show gets many more seasons.
  9. The one-sentence synopsis for the next episode (on IMDB) mentions that Kelly's decision at the end of the episode does have effects going forward. Wherever that synopsis comes from and however that works. Maybe it refers to something else entirely? Edit: Reading more about it, this episode was in fact the first of the season finale 2-parter, even if the episode title doesn't suggest that. Anyway, for me one of the highlights of the episode's score weirdly was in fact that short comedic bit after Ed's "second" date with Kelly when he's on his way back to his quarters. It's really not more than 5 seconds, but I loved that.
  10. Wow, the latest episode had some great motion control split-screen shots, including at least one which I couldn't figure out how they did it. Also did the score remind me of Silvestri in some parts, or was that just wishful thinking regarding the topic?
  11. The movie ends with Luke and Uncle Owen buying two different droids and everything turning out to be just a dream.
  12. Frakes is directing the next episode.
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