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  1. I wouldn't mind meeting up at 4:30 even. 5:00 at the latest considering that it's a big group and considering the time of the concert?
  2. Good choice, but 39 USD including shipping for just the CD? I'll wait until I can order this in the regular way. Weird they didn't think to compensate for this, instead of adding (for higher pledges) a... t-shirt?
  3. fommes

    The Silmarillion

    What's the edition to get for The Silmarillion?
  4. I'm definitely buying this. It's an expansion of a Spielberg/Williams collaboration, and will enable us to improve on the original album (I assume that the missing bits will be included), so what's not to like. It helps that it's a terrific score.
  5. I've kind of missed this; why did you rebuy them? Is there something different with the original boxes?
  6. fommes

    The Complete Cue Lists Thread

    Thanks. What's 1m2 then?
  7. fommes

    The Complete Cue Lists Thread

    Where did you find 1m2? Are those two cues from the opening ten-minute track? Or are "Cue from Hell" and "Game Begins" two titles for that same 10-minute cue?
  8. Play them the Peter Gunn theme, and they'll say it's M:I.
  9. I would sell it for 250000 euros.
  10. First half of Mine Mission sounds most like Williams, or at least a very good pastiche. The Powell sound kicks in later into the track.