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  1. Yes but to be clear, that's the single version, not the version from the Previn album.
  2. What's "A Million Bucks" an arrangement from on the Previn Young Composers album?
  3. I think either it's supposed to start at 0:11 as I suggested before, or it doesn't replace material (since the music in the video posted above seems to work OK too).
  4. Is the Diagon Alley Reveal insert supposed to supplant 0:11-0:17 of the track, or was it indeed an insert that extends it?
  5. I'm fairly certain it's two slightly different versions for the same part. Williams's no John Barry
  6. Question: in the liner notes it says the alternate segment "I Can Fly" was arranged for a shorter edit, but this particular segment is as long as the equivalent portion in "The Flying Sequence". So, just an alternate rather than a shorter version?
  7. See various dvd-rips on youtube, like this one: That's just the travel motif though. See also here: Synth recreation of various motifs Highlights from The Widowmaker
  8. MacGyver! Finally. I hope the Ken Harrison material can be included. The rest is good too, but the Harrison motifs are terrific.
  9. Yeah it sounds good, he didn't really write that much in this kind of funk style, did he, so I ordered it. Always open to similar listening experiences like The Last Run.
  10. Exactly, so much great material; I can't believe they haven't done this yet. They could 'easily' do one CD with the usual pieces and then another CD with all the unreleased concert versions.
  11. I think I'll wait until the inevitable announcement he'll try to get to Vienna again. Inevitable, surely. (Wasn't this on this bucket list?)
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