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  1. I think the QoS song, No Good about Goodbye, is terrific. I'm not aware of any other song. On topic: mindblowing release. Always thought they'd release this another day.
  2. What post? The post in which you say "assume" and "we don't know"?
  3. There seem to be details on the fnac site: CD 1 01 Music of the Night: Pops on Broadway 1990 CD 2 01 John Williams Conducts John Williams: The Star Wars Trilogy 1990 CD 3 01 The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration 1990 CD 4 01 I Love a Parade 1991 CD 5 01 The Green Album 1992 CD 6 01 Joy to the World 1992 CD 7 01 Night and Day: Celebrate Sinatra 1993 CD 8 01 Unforgettable 1993 CD 9 01 Music for Stage and Screen 1994 CD 10 01 It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing 1994 CD 11 01 Williams on Williams: The Classic Spielberg Scores 1995 CD 12 01 Summon the Heroes 1996 CD 13 01 Cinema Serenade 1997 CD 14 01 The Five Sacred Trees 1997 CD 15 01 The Hollywood Sound 1997 CD 16 01 Gershwin Fantasy 1998 CD 17 01 Cinema Serenade 2 1999 CD 18 01 Yo-Yo Ma Plays the Music of John Williams 2002 CD 19 01 American Journey 2002 CD 20 01 Spielberg/Williams Collaboration, Part III 2017
  4. Seems like a great release! Just to be clear: disc one is not the original 2LP album, right? It's just based on it?
  5. Blade Runner 2049

    That's easy: Dunkirk. Easily destroys the whole film.
  6. James Newton Howard thread

    Great programme, but can't believe there's no Fugitive in there though.
  8. Which are your Top 5 David Arnold scores?

    Tomorrow Never Dies Shaft Independence Day Sherlock Quantum of Solace The Young Americans The Stepford Wives
  9. The Chronological Film Score Thread

    I've updated my Scream 2 entry with the Deluxe Edition tracks.
  10. If this helps clear up anything: these are my notes on my own edit of the finale ("The Appearance of the Visitors / Inside the Mothership / The Visitors / End Credits"). There are two options for the "Inside the Mothership" music (which you can find on Pops in Space, By Request, as well as more recent Boston Pops compilations): 1. Keep the original last track from the SE CD, and then as the last bonus track, put "Inside the Mothership / The Visitors / End Credits (Concert Version)", edited from the Boston Pops track (starting at 2:47). In this way you also have the concert version, which overlaps the ending of The Visitors with the beginning of the End Credits and cuts out the When You Wish upon a Star theme at the ending. Or alternatively just put "Inside the Mothership" recording there (stops at 4:59). 2. Insert the "Inside the Mothership" cue at precisely 5:36,5 in the finale track. The result actually sounds pretty good. (Note: of course if you want to be precise, the title "The Appearance of the Visitors / Inside the Mothership / The Visitors / End Credits" isn't entirely correct, as there's a short portion of "The Visitors" between "The Appearance of the Visitors" and "Inside the Mothership". By the way, the SE film featured a tracked segment in that place.)
  11. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Also, knocked out dinosaur teeth are known to have occurred.