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  1. Why is "A Boire" in there? Music of that film's by Nico Bogue?
  2. Doesn't it contain two different takes of "Double Trouble March"?
  3. fommes

    John Williams nominated for 2 Grammy Awards

    Wasn't that that album that had sound issues?
  4. Are you going to have to start adding this in every other post here at JWFan now, Jay?
  5. Cannot wait to finally hear Bond Has Left the Building without sfx!
  6. Everyone everywhere seems to prefer the Pour Sacha and Billy Bathgate versions; I must be the only one preferring the album versions
  7. Is there going to be a 2-disc release for this one like for the first film, or is the regular OST all we'll get?
  8. fommes

    New JW Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Music!!

    Nice surprise. It's like a Star Wars news theme.
  9. I just hope that alternate Double Trouble with slightly extended ending from one of the trailers is included.
  10. fommes

    Harry Potter - Live to Projection Concerts

    It was a great performance and experience. Compared to Rotterdam, where the music completely overshadowed the dialogue/effects track, the mix yesterday was more balanced, at least from where I was sitting. As a matter of fact, this was finally the film as it should have been, seeing as its only (or main) flaw is the low mix of the score.
  11. Great news! Recently saw the film, and we're in for a musical treat.
  12. The concert version of "Mine Mission" premiered in Ghent this week, at the "2001 and Beyond" concert at the Film Fest. If I remember correctly, it was almost the whole OST cue but ended with a special concert ending.
  13. fommes

    The Official Intrada Thread

    This must be the bio pic then. The stakeout really happened!