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  1. Corellian2019

    Best film scores with an "ethnic" flair!

    Vibes The Russia House 1492: Conquest Of Paradise The Last Temptation Of Christ Rain Man (as Zimmer described it, "world music" for a world that doesn't exist)
  2. Corellian2019

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Aha! That explains why some people on FSM were speculating that Thin Red Line was one of the Black Friday titles
  3. Corellian2019

    The Chronological Film Score Thread

    Chronological order for Blade Runner: Main Titles [track 1, CD 1] Dr. Tyrell's Owl [track 3, CD 2] At Mr. Chew's [track 4, CD 2] Memories Of Green [track 8, CD 1] Blade Runner Blues [track 7, CD 1] Leon's Room [track 5, CD 2] Tales Of The Future [track 9, CD 1] Love Theme [track 5, CD 1] (speed must be decreased by 4%) Desolation Path [track 9, CD 2] (speed must be decreased by 4.6%) Dr. Tyrell's Death [track 8, CD 2] (speed must be decreased by 4%) Deckard and Roy's Duel [track 7, CD 2] (speed must be decreased by 4%) Tears in Rain [track 12, CD 1] Unveiled Twinkling Space [track 2, CD 2] (speed must be decreased by 5.6%) Blade Runner (End Titles) [track 11, CD 1]
  4. What do people think about The Pianist?
  5. Corellian2019

    The Official Intrada Thread

    Sounds like Goldsmith's The Lonely Guy. @Yavar Moradi would be happy
  6. Here's hoping that behind-the-scenes footage and deleted scenes are finally included on the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray
  7. That would be a nice thought. If they get a new license for just the first film, I wonder if they would press 3000 units or more. It surprises me, however, that no major re-release was planned for Saving Private Ryan's 20th anniversary. I looked forward to revisiting that more than the other two Spielberg titles, and yet, in my area, it was only screened in one theater on 6/6 (not even DCP, but in 35mm). I'm sad I missed it.
  8. Interesting how a 25th anniversary re-release is planned for Jurassic Park as well. It's almost like it's 1993 again!
  9. Corellian2019

    Williams filmography in Bluray - a list

    Anytime. Oh, I don't know; I'd make a case for the Sam Waterston scenes
  10. Corellian2019

    Williams filmography in Bluray - a list

    It's already on Blu-ray (the director's cut, at least)
  11. Figures. I only got an email from LLL announcing which titles are back in stock
  12. Looking forward to more details today!
  13. Corellian2019

    Holy Grails 2018

    Current grails: Blade Runner Terminator 2 About Schmidt Brazil K-PAX Missing Apocalypse Now missing cues from Heat and Demolition Man Former grails: RoboCop 2 CETK complete A.I. complete Beverly Hills Cop Beverly Hills Cop II