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  1. Revisited the film today (theatrical cut), and here is the chronological order of the cue titles to the best of my recollection: Break In Revisited Did I Approve TV Debate Election Results I Hate To Lose Mother's Faithful Dog Football To Campaigning Nixon Plays I Want A Divorce You Won't Have Nixon To Kick Around The Jones Ranch Johnson's Speech Flashback To Cuba A Day At The Races Talking With Lincoln Harold's Death Ship Meeting Kitchen Talk Nixon Tries To Explain Battle Hymn-Ending It's A Lie Sounds Like Mother Lewis J. Fielding M.D. (Part 2) China Bells Mitchell Must Go We Failed Him The Bridge Firing Of Associates Father-Daughter Scene The News Mother Appears Nixon To Hospital Back To Life I'm Not A Crook You Have The Army If There Was Another Recording Praying Farewell Speech Also, can anyone identify the vocal track heard during the end credits?
  2. You're better off sticking with the "Apocalypse Now Sessions" album put out by the Rhythm Devils, and the Redux OST, even though the latter mostly contains early versions and alternate takes of the music heard in the film. Several major cues are also missing
  3. FUCK! Michael Kamen's Brazil was owned in perp by Milan. Now we'll never get it Or Last Action Hero, for that matter
  4. Goodness, why? Surely it can't be because of the sequels in development!
  5. In the film, it was a mixture of "Tony and John Fight" and "The Battle/Freeing The Hostages"
  6. ^ The Dream (film version), The Implant, Clever Girl, The Johnnycab, The Treatment
  7. Toy Story 1 & 2 are legitimately great. 3 has the same level of quality but upon reflection, it feels unnecessary. I have a feeling that 4 will turn out to be the same
  8. 1. CETK 2. A.I. 3. Minority Report 4. Jurassic Park 5. The Patriot (Non-JW) 1. Blade Runner 2. Heat ('95) 3. Brazil 4. About Schmidt 5. K-PAX
  9. Well, I meant unheard outside of the film -- it wasn't on the bootlegs. I have the sneaking suspicion that cuts were made to avoid manufacturing this as a 2-CD set, which is what this score really deserved.
  10. Weird that Sony and/or the Bernstein estate chose to release a previously unheard source cue, but couldn't be bothered to include the ballroom and Tavern restaurant music.
  11. My bad. I thought only the Amazon Canada and France pages had it listed with no problems
  12. Yes, now it's available for pre-order on Amazon's U.S. website
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