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  1. Thank goodness for small independent theaters that like to program those sorts of films
  2. Interesting how a lot of tracks on this release are shorter than the Intrada album, and supposedly the Intrada album was assembled from the 24-track masters. Maybe the music was tracked and swapped around for the final film, and the 24-track masters conformed to that mix?
  3. Tempted to get this...hopefully they found the piano overdubs for "Final Confrontation"
  4. The Final Cut, although I wish that a) the line "I want more life, fucker" wasn't changed to "father", b) the shot of Deckard on the roof of the Bradbury before Roy confronts him wasn't shortened, and c) that the Spinner sounds weren't modified on the UHD Blu-ray
  5. Well, this pretty much confirms that the films will be in Digital 4K only. Booooo Hopefully, the new edition for the first film will be eventually released separately
  6. I wonder if the isolated score will include the unused cue "Bad Guys"
  7. Just happy that La-La Land was able to reissue my two favorite Williams scores of this century! If The Patriot or JFK happen down the line, I'm open to at least revisiting them, but it's safe to say that I can finally cross off my list of JW grails
  8. Wondering if Stargate will be a part of this batch or Black Friday
  9. Got my set yesterday, and I'm loving what I'm hearing so far! Also cool to see a still from a deleted scene in the liner notes (i.e. Witwer looking at a blonde Pre-Crime officer amongst a group of officers)
  10. My very first time was probably in Ecuador to see a double-bill of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Batman Forever. In the U.S., it was probably to see Bean
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