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  1. ^ The Dream (film version), The Implant, Clever Girl, The Johnnycab, The Treatment
  2. Toy Story 1 & 2 are legitimately great. 3 has the same level of quality but upon reflection, it feels unnecessary. I have a feeling that 4 will turn out to be the same
  3. 1. CETK 2. A.I. 3. Minority Report 4. Jurassic Park 5. The Patriot (Non-JW) 1. Blade Runner 2. Heat ('95) 3. Brazil 4. About Schmidt 5. K-PAX
  4. Well, I meant unheard outside of the film -- it wasn't on the bootlegs. I have the sneaking suspicion that cuts were made to avoid manufacturing this as a 2-CD set, which is what this score really deserved.
  5. Weird that Sony and/or the Bernstein estate chose to release a previously unheard source cue, but couldn't be bothered to include the ballroom and Tavern restaurant music.
  6. My bad. I thought only the Amazon Canada and France pages had it listed with no problems
  7. Yes, now it's available for pre-order on Amazon's U.S. website
  8. Not sure if it was mentioned before, but this is a nice vintage interview with Horner about the score:
  9. Out of curiosity, I perused the GEMA repertoire and located these three cue titles
  10. Well, I meant an option among the "reactions" on the post itself
  11. The only emoji this deserves is a vomit face, but since this forum doesn't include one, I had to settle for a sad face. Sickening how the studios/corporations and their creative lackeys, the "successful" directors, attempt to deflect blame for catering to adolescent tastes and enabling fanboy culture over the years. This guy considers himself part of a group of artists?
  12. Amazon France added that this new release will include previously unreleased music, new artwork, and liner notes by Peter Bernstein More info here: https://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?forumID=1&pageID=5&threadID=135315&archive=0
  13. Sony Music is re-releasing the score on Amazon Canada, apparently with a shorter runtime than the Varese CD
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