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  1. Recently purchased movie(s)?

    I have no problem with grain, as long as it's what the filmmakers wanted and inherent in the original photography.
  2. Recently purchased movie(s)?

    Bought Images on Blu-ray, which is technically the only way to see it (currently), since not even Netflix has it on DVD. Hate when that happens. Hopefully it's good!
  3. I didn't remember a note of U.S. Marshals either, and certainly prefer its predecessor, but in revisiting the film I've warmed up to the score a little more, especially after I noticed a little motif that carries over from the emergency landing scene to Snipes' jump from the rooftop. As expected, that motif was not included on the album
  4. Another Spielberg possibility: Robopocalypse

    It's funny that he would say that, because from approximately 1998-2009, I recognized his stamp all over Che, Traffic, the Ocean's trilogy, etc.
  5. Blade Runner 2049

    Nope. Blade Runner plays better at 117 minutes than summer movies today at 135 or 140 minutes. You could bounce a dime off it
  6. THE LAST JEDI cue titles now available

    It's important that you put John Williams as the "writer", not "performing artist"
  7. THE LAST JEDI cue titles now available

    You just type in the title and the writer of the musical work that you're looking for. See here
  8. Williams donates all his scores to Juilliard

    It would be nice if it was digitized that way. For now, any item in that library is available to students, and outsiders by appointment only
  9. Blade Runner 2049

    And that sums up the movie for me in a nutshell
  10. 90th Academy Awards (for 2017 films)

    Yikes. Just peeped in to check out the winners, and was shocked that Shape of Water took home the prize. Definitely not the best of 2017, not even Guillermo's second-best film. It's not bad, but as Gloin said, it's not Phantom Thread good
  11. So, is there any way to download one of these cues in higher quality than 96kbps?
  12. Crucial Jerry Goldsmith Scores that Nobody Knows?

    Well, they're doing an Al Pacino retrospective here at the Quad Cinema in NY, so I'll take the opportunity to check out City Hall and report back on the score
  13. The Chronological Film Score Thread

    Dead Poets Society 3. To The Cave 1. Carpe Diem (1:55-end) 2. Neal 1. Carpe Diem (0:00-1:55) 4. Keating's Triumph
  14. The Chronological Film Score Thread

    Scent Of A Woman 1. Main Title (02:59) 11. Witnesses (01:20) 5. Balloons (00:54) 3. Tract House Ginch (01:05) 9. The Oakroom (00:35) 2. A Tour of Pleasures (00:50) 4. 45 in 25 (03:24) 7. Por Una Cabeza (02:15) Written by Carlos Gardel; performed by The Tango Project 13. La Violetera (03:34) Written by Jose Padilla; performed by The Tango Project 10. Park Ave. (04:30) 6. Cigars Part Two (02:31) 8. Long Gray Line (1:02)* 14. Other Plans (02:10) 12. Beyond Danger (02:46) 15. Assembly (02:03) 16. Fleurs De Rocaille (02:51) 17. End Title (02:37) *This version is not used in the film