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  1. Corellian2019

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Wow, what an avant-garde intro to "The Fire Hose"! And very cool to hear a motif, at the beginning of "Shoot The Glass", that was reused in Die Hard 2 and With A Vengeance. Too bad most of the samples are for cues that we're already familiar with
  2. Corellian2019

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    If only we could hear samples!
  3. Presumed Innocent is tricky, because a majority of the music is derived from the main theme, and it's unclear, from memory, if the unreleased cues are simply tracked music, and if they replace other cues (ex. "Leon Talks"). The CD is definitely missing the main titles and the election night source music
  4. Corellian2019

    Black Friday! - What do you believe in? - Part 2

    He did, but Fox now owns the distribution rights to Heat. I think that makes anything possible Yeah, I was tempted to put Schindler's List on my list of predictions, but there is still that nagging issue of whether LLL will release it on 11/27, or make an exception to tie it with the theatrical re-release in December
  5. Corellian2019

    Black Friday! - What do you believe in? - Part 2

    Harry Potter 1-3 Superman The Thin Red Line Heat Terminator 2
  6. Images is missing some music as well, albeit not more than 5-10 minutes' worth
  7. Corellian2019

    Anyone here succumbed to Ultra HD Blu-ray?

    You would think that with their higher storage capacity, 4K discs would be able to handle supplements without sacrificing image quality
  8. Corellian2019

    Blu-ray and DVD Giveaway

    @Koray Savas, is this your edition of Halloween? https://www.amazon.com/Halloween-Limited-Donald-Pleasence/dp/6305546797
  9. Corellian2019

    HARRY POTTER 1-3 Complete Score Releases Confirmed

    Exactly. And both MV and LLL posted articles mentioning that bit of news on their respective Facebook pages, by way of a semi-official announcement
  10. Corellian2019

    What's your opinion on "Images"?

    Saw the film on Sunday and loved the score. In comparison to the album, there are some missing cues, notably a harpsichord cue featuring the main theme, but the majority seems to be more percussion music by Yamash'ta. And some of the album tracks are different from their film versions. Any hope that JW enlists Mike Matessino to find the original elements for this score?
  11. Corellian2019

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    My exact question as well. I mean, I love Kamen, but... If anything, I'm curious to see the track list. Most likely, they found better sources for the material that was only available in mono the first time around. Or maybe they included previously unreleased source music from the sequels on this release 😜
  12. Corellian2019

    Elliot Goldenthal

    Ha! I forgot about that anecdote; he really was at the right place and time
  13. Corellian2019

    Elliot Goldenthal

    Lovely new interview with Goldenthal, where he and the host cover his formative years and musical education, as well as sharing anecdotes about Copland and Corigliano. They don't go into too much detail about his film career, sadly, but I was thrilled to hear Goldenthal rank Heat as one of his top 3 scores. And he reveals that his next project will be a Gloria Steinem biopic directed by Julie Taymor...