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  1. Corellian2019

    RIP Nick Redman

    Heartbreaking. I had no idea that he had been hospitalized, let alone gravely ill My condolences to his daughter and wife
  2. Corellian2019

    Anyone here succumbed to Ultra HD Blu-ray?

    The post says that it's temporary artwork
  3. I've compiled a list of cue titles in alphabetical order using the BMI and GEMA repertoires, and purposefully avoided repeating tracks from the FYC and OST:
  4. Corellian2019

    Best Year For Film Scores

    Damn! Beat me to it 😄 Here's what my 1993 list looks like: The Fugitive Schindler's List Jurassic Park Demolition Man The Pelican Brief
  5. Corellian2019

    New Jerry Goldsmith Projects in 2019?

    And it's missing a rescore as well as a potential alternate main titles cue, based on this discussion
  6. Corellian2019

    JAWS and RAIN MAN for sale

    Jaws is sold
  7. Corellian2019

    JAWS and RAIN MAN for sale

    Selling my copies of Jaws (the Intrada release) and Rain Man (the OOP Notefornote CD) in pristine condition, for $25 and $20, respectively. $5 shipping; international buyers, please email me to calculate the price. Only accepting PayPal for the moment. Have a happy New Year!
  8. Corellian2019


    Villeneuve was lying through his teeth, or covering his ass, or both, when he said in interviews that he wanted to get closer to the original Vangelis sound, because the final product sounds nothing like Vangelis, except for the cue that adapted "Tears in Rain"
  9. Journey To Rouge City Tavington's Trap [2:01-end] Pre-Crime To The Rescue Hedwig's Theme Buckbeak's Flight
  10. Corellian2019


    It'll be a combination of new material plus piano versions of his legacy tracks
  11. Corellian2019

    The Patriot (John Williams)

    Bring on the British Grenadiers and Prince Eugene source music!
  12. Corellian2019

    New Jerry Goldsmith Projects in 2018?

    Waxwork Records has reissued The 'Burbs on LP; hard to tell if the film versions of certain cues have been included this time around
  13. Corellian2019

    John Williams' DRACULA - MUSIC ONLY discussion

    I'm thanking my lucky stars that he agreed to release all the source music recorded for CETK!