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  1. There is some awesome work in the deep-bass percussion notes on that album, it shakes the room. Keep the mastering as is
  2. From Gia's instagram... it seems like MONDO is going to release something related to L O S T. Vinyl perhaps?
  3. I had never heard the relation between Powerhouse and Temple of Doom, thanks for this! It's the non-Horner section that was made hommage, surprisingly (the lesser-known part)
  4. I've "added" a fifth disc with these classical (or by others) pieces that were on the leaked sessions, any help if there is any other content to add? 01 - 20:05 - Sit Back And Relax - Francesco Lupica 02 - 07:34 - Annum Per Annum - Arvo Part 03 - 04:12 - Requiem In Paradisum - Gabriel Faure 04 - 26:11 - Prophecy Of The Village Kremna - Arsenije Jovanovic 05 - 06:08 - The Unanswered Question - Charles Ives 06 - 11:52 - Cosmic Beam Experience - Francesco Lupica Total disc: 1:16:06
  5. so... for those who have this set already, what are the essential tracks missing from the sessions that would be necessary to complete this release? I guess the 4 classical pieces ((Annum per annum, Requiem, Prophecy of the Village Kremna, THe Unanswered question) are an easy anwser, with the complete "sit back and relax" and "cosmic beam experience" ??
  6. Hard choices had to be made from a business POV to cut down a score from 384 minutes long into two CD totalling 152 minutes... yikes. Is there anything on CD3 that is not on the two first CD? And how many of the chants on CD4 are actually in the movie? What are the great stuff missing from the leaked sessions bootleg (not counting the classical pieces)?
  7. Going back to this thread... any reason why Kahn never edited E.T.? He had done, at that time, 3 Spielberg movies in a row including an Oscar win. Same for why Spielberg went *back* to him for Twilight Zone.
  8. My guess is that this will be the Black Friday release?
  9. I wonder how much content this will share with the hmmm... you know... leaked 4cd sessions.
  10. This is from "Blockbusting", a book about hollywood business / production I think? I've read it, it includes a foreword by Lucas himself. It includes a lot of other movie cost and production stuff. It's a big book, a little bit redundant.
  11. There a lot of small expansion cues that are the electronic Horner type of stuff he did mid-90's, wonder what they will do of them live.
  12. He scores better when he has the least amount of click tracks to do, hence why the moody Lost tracks or the game soundtracks feel more cohesive.
  13. The OSM is a great impressionism orchestra so this was a good match. This was much more like going to the cinema with a real orchestra versus the HP in Concerts. I still wish someday to have no dialogue or FX during those live movies, with subtitles only.
  14. Can't wait tonight for the OSM in Montreal! Hopefully they will put dialogue as low as possible.
  15. Ross has always "got" soundtracks in terms of their place in modern classical music. I can only suggest The Rest is Noise for trying to understand that everybody steals, everybody was influenced by others, from Schoenberg and his 12-tone music to today's composers. There is no looking from above, no snobbing, good music is intemporal good music.
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