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  1. The conglomerates behind Trump will soon realize that he doesn't have the support of the people and plan to push Pence forward. Who will Make America Straight Again
  2. Harrison Ford in The Force Awakens was pure movie star.
  3. Sam Neil is probably the better actor though, while Ford is a vastly superior movie star.
  4. Why not go for Justin?
  5. More movies need people getting clawed in the face.
  6. Seth is a hack! But if I had his money you wouldn't see me in this dump!
  7. Oh well! Let's start building walls.
  8. But Trump couldn't even convince enough members of his own party to back his new healthcare plan!
  9. That's some good old school civil rights movement preaching! Apparently John Lewis was a friend of Martin Luther King. He was and Selma and got beaten by a police officer. The left needs a face, someone...something to get behind.
  10. I'll have my small glass of sherry soon, as my nightcap. Beats Temazepam.
  11. Now! What shall we talk about?
  12. Gotta get up at 6 in the morning
  13. Working tomorrow.
  14. Trump flinched and pulled the healthcare bill. He lost.
  15. I actually like the singing on When You're Alone!