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  1. Stefancos

    Star Trek Discovery

    Different show! But its a good thing DSC lifted itself out of the TOS era.
  2. Stefancos

    Star Trek Discovery

    You'd be surprised!
  3. Stefancos

    Star Trek Discovery

    But...but...that would go against the canon!
  4. You look like a cadet review!
  5. Stefancos

    What are you drinking tonight?

    No more Twin Peaks!
  6. Stefancos

    The small talk Thread

    Tighten up that belt then!
  7. Stefancos

    What are you drinking tonight?

    So a bottle and a bit each?
  8. Stefancos

    Star Trek Discovery

    Huh? The accident takes place a few months before The Menagerie part 1. Season 2 takes place about 9 years before TOS, how should the accident have happened?
  9. Stefancos

    The SPORTS Thread.

  10. Stefancos

    Star Trek Discovery

    There's a lot that was a bit silly.
  11. Stefancos

    Star Trek Discovery

    Yeah they sunk money into that final 2 parter.
  12. Stefancos

    The Photography Thread

    Looks... exciting
  13. God, @leeallen01, i'm really only now noticing truly what a precious and mean-spirited prissy little cunt you are. I guess being an avid JNH/Gia fan should have tipped me off how how you will go to defend your pedestrian tastes. Its the ignore list for you!