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  1. Stefancos

    The "(Fill in the Blank) Has Died" Thread

    LOL! You having a laugh mate, or just Stockholm syndrome. Britain is doomed. Hopefully forever!
  2. Stefancos

    The Quick Question Thread

    Wait your turn, mate!
  3. People take good hearing for granted!
  4. Stefancos

    The small talk Thread

    Tug it with appropriate vigour.
  5. It will end on binary sunset obviously.
  6. We have two ears, why need 6 speakers?
  7. Stefancos

    James Bond #25

  8. Stefancos

    Explain Your Avatar

    Says who?
  9. He does have a point. I like this hobby, but im hesitant to again buy this title again, for very little extra content.
  10. Does she have any pointless and expensive hobbies?