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  1. Like I said, Williams did not conduct the score. William Ross did. I don't know why you drag up all the other stuff.
  2. Which are your Top 5 comedies?

    Why wouldn't Broadcast News be a comedy?
  3. Rate Sleepers!

    I don't rate Sleepers.
  4. OMG! That's just the worrst thing thats ever happened!
  5. FSM Board?

    Yes it is.
  6. Things you've never done. The zero thread.

    Baby Jane Hudson was Godzilla.
  7. John Williams Discography

    The 20th Anniversary for E.T. Close Encounters also had a DVDa release of the OST. Years before the SACD.
  8. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    It is against the MB rules to be offensive.
  9. Explain Your Avatar

    Yeah, that can be awful
  10. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    Jason is trying to clean buo this place. TGP should watch his language
  11. There is no expanded edition that I know of.
  12. Explain Your Avatar

    Really? What did you feel?
  13. John Williams Discography

    E.T. had a 5.1 SACD, so did Close Encounters