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  1. Stefancos

    The SPORTS Thread.

    God, i hope Mourinho doesn't go back to Madrid!
  2. Stefancos

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    The Britons will be gone soon, Alex. Then will come the age of the Benelux!
  3. Stefancos

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    You have forgotten Cromwell, apparently!
  4. Stefancos

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    The will of the people!
  5. Americans seem to be generally ignorant about a lot if things.
  6. Stefancos

    FILM: Interstellar (2014)

    Several subplots coming together, one feeding of the other is far from usual as a storytelling device. I guess that's basically what Dunkirk is.
  7. Stefancos

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    So you disagree with the assertions?
  8. Stefancos

    Official Discord Thread

    Feminist nonsense!
  9. Stefancos

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Almost a million protested in London against BREXIT. The government completely ignored them.
  10. Stefancos

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Neither the government or the leading opposition have at any time in the last 2 years seriously considered a second referendum. They can't do one now. That ship has sailed
  11. Stefancos

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    A truly responsible government would, should do just that. If it shown that the ramifications are too severe. So May is dragging this out for another month? While everyone prepares for a no deal BREXIT? Whats the point? Just forget the vote. It won't pass.
  12. Stefancos

    Official Discord Thread

    Why would you, because its nonsense.
  13. Stefancos

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    You don't think it would invalidate the entire concept of a referendum in politics? The government shouldn't announce a second referendum, they should announce that theyre gonna set aside the outcome of the first one. It was a non-binding one, so they can legally disregard it.
  14. Stefancos

    The SPORTS Thread.

    Before Christmas, as it turns out! Bye bye Mou!