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  1. he he he...Alex Creamers...
  2. Connery in his prime and Robert Shaw in what feels very much like a Hitchcock spy thriller.
  3. I watched it on the plane back yesterday. Its outstanding
  4. Shaving one's balls is usually a sign of boredom.
  5. Why do you spray your balls anyway?
  6. If you say so. West-to-east jetlag is pretty awful, btw.
  7. The people who created Star Trek do not live in New England, Alex. However some people who are like family to me do live there.
  8. Some aspects of it. Is that a bad thing, Alex?
  9. I'll consider it once they have a more fair and equitable healthcare system. I love some Americans.
  10. Its the Western mentality. Americans still like that.
  11. Well we drove up their with out rented Jeep Wrangler, thank goodness. But yeah, absolutely spectacular views.
  12. But Mack didnt even take the serum?
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