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  1. Demondm810

    The Official Intrada Thread

    OH MY GOD. MIKE M DOES MORE HORNER. If Mike is working Horner’s MCA catalog I’m going to be ELATED.
  2. I disagree generally, as i think the score is wonderful. I also think it may have been purposely understated, with hopes Endgame brings what everyone was expecting re: big themes, etc.
  3. I think we'll get Willow. Really excited Mike worked on this one! I ordered last night and can't wait to receive. Not much of classic 90's Horner left!
  4. We should have coordinated, Stu. I entered them all manually too. Awful. Man is this score special. Those romantic suite cues are so good!
  5. As a pure listening experience, I think all of the material was presented brilliantly. Had this come before Close Encounters I probably would have been slightly annoyed re: chronology. But that made me a true believer. I still can't believe I can listen to the entirety of Azkaban. Doesn't feel real!
  6. The alternate intro for Aunt Marge is delicious!!!
  7. What’s the best order for all of this now?
  8. This set is WOW. I’ve been so used to the sessions for Chamber, hearing the full power of the LSO in this set was incredible! I also relished in every Peter Pettigrew motif. This will take a LONG time to completely take in. And Christ, Williams original end credit suite for Azkaban is amazing.