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  1. I'll never quite understand why people get pissed at a label for not including something that cannot be found. And this is reference to this forum, just others where people were bitching. lol
  2. I haven't But most of the time I don't, and it just shows up.
  3. Watched the work print of this movie again today while anxiously awaiting my package to arrive. Like this one more and more as time goes by. The music I was always loved, reallllly looking forward to listening to the whole thing. Glad to hear it has track by track comments!
  4. Yeah I know LSO did some previous ones, but wasn’t sure if it was them or not.
  5. Does anyone know what Orchestra recorded this?
  6. To my ears, Sith is the clear winner for biggest upgrade. There’s power in some of these tracks that didn’t exist before.
  7. The overlays in Dark deeds and Boys into battle. Nice to have those now.
  8. I’ve onky listened to Sith. That clarity is impressive for sure. Seems a touch bright, but that’s my only negative. The percussion added in is lovely.
  9. I have the Blue Box, but I love the LLL package with Titus artwork, etc. I'll definitely buy.
  10. Gangs of New York

    I don't agree with her on this particular one, but man she was the master.