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  1. Having never owned any of these scores prior, but only being familiar with them, I can say I am completely satisfied. It’s amazing the quality of sound they were able to achieve from a film in the 60’s. It sounds so clear, the bass has such depth. I forget how amazing and “other worldly” the first score really is. I’m with Jay, I hope this sells well for them. Even though I’m not a die hard fan to these scores as I would be others, the significance of the achievement in bringing them all together and in such a great package is undeniable.
  2. Posted: Jul 31, 2019 - 9:30 AM By: Jeff Bond (Member) MV's reference was not to Mission: Impossible. Which BTW is the longest-gestating album project I've ever been involved with. Yeah, definitely a mistake!
  3. Posted: Jul 31, 2019 - 9:23 AM By: La La Land Records (Member) Update today from MV when a user mentioned it and the other score on the poster art that have not been released yet: "Not happening any time soon" I meant adv of batman and robin
  4. Pacino looks like he brought the A game.
  5. This set is.....bananas. The first Goldsmith score has incredible punch. My god, what a triumph. I’ll be up all night listening.
  6. Loved the score within the movie. Themes played very well. Score wasn't buried in effects, either! Given lots of room to shine. One of my favorites from Gia already.
  7. oooh that suite got me pumped. I really love his work on the first one.
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