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  1. Yeah, friend of mine had his delivered today! Disney Music Emporium is teasing about it again today. Maybe they bumped it a week or something.
  2. My preorder was canceled and it has disappeared off amazon?
  3. I picked it up, I only had the Spielberg Williams cds from this set, so 102 for 17cds aint bad.
  4. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Intrada, 3-CD)

    Great score, instant buy. REALLY excited to have Horner's Tummy Trouble.
  5. The Official Intrada Thread

    I just can’t imagine he’d refer to Roger Rabbit as an action masterpiece.
  6. Ordered this last night! Excited to get it, I have fond memories of the music. That horn passage from the fanfare was always a favorite of the horn section to attempt in high school lol
  7. I think only one copy went on ebay? sold for like 400.00. I assumed there'd be more and let it go.
  8. Got a new receiver that plays all kinds of media files. Downloaded this from HDTracks. Whew boy, this music cooks. The separation and depth is nothing short of astounding. Especially for the Battle of Crait section featuring the TIE Fighter attack music, absolutely killer. Every instrument comes through so clearly! I can't recall a non specialty label JW release that sounded this good since the Ultimate Edition of Phantom Menace.