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  1. I was all bent out of shape not getting a shipping notice but it was in my mailbox when i got home
  2. The scene where the mob takes over the car in WOTW is willlld. But Minority Report gets the edge for me.
  3. AGREED Close Encounters, Dracula, and Cowboys are CONSTANTLY playing now.
  4. Yeah, Confronting Lamar is one of my very favorite Williams cues
  5. Woohoo! Guess I need to change my vote in the Black Friday poll
  6. Looking forward to samples, know nothing about it! I feel like I'm more interested in buying it solely because @Kasey Kockroach has been discussing it for so long.
  7. Sound quality is impeccable as usual. Liner notes were a nice quick read but does a great job of explaining the various themes and motifs, some of which aren't necessarily as obvious as others. Such a good action score and you guys are right about all the percussion. Really great stuff.
  8. Oh WOW. This is incredible from a film score perspective as well as historical. Incredible. My October is stacked or I’d be there. Really looking forward to this.
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