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  1. A couple thoughts: 1) I am not as fond of this score as I am a lot of other Williams, for whatever reason. That has changed. 2) The sound on this release is absolutely mind blowing. I felt like ET was a nice step up, but for some reason this feels monumental, like we were previously listening to it underwater. ESPECIALLY when the chorus is in with the orchestra. The clarity and separation are stun-ning. 3) Not to deliberately drink the kool-aid here, and I don't think I would like this method for most releases, but this expanded album listening experience from disc one knocks it out of the park. The mix of "noisy" cues and melodic cues are perfect, I stayed engaged and never got bored. I can say i've never been as satisfied with this score as I am tonight. This made the score "click" for me, which has not happened previously. I feel as if I've wasted time not appreciating this score more fully in the past. By the time the finale came, it was tears in my eyes satisfaction. Needless to say, I honestly feel this may be objectively, THE best Williams release we've gotten.
  2. La La Land Records Black Friday 2017

    Agreed, ive been getting a lot of things in 2 days from the west coast recently.
  3. La La Land Records Black Friday 2017

    It arrived at the post office yesterday, but not in time to get to the house! That was the fastest its gotten here for sure. A lot of times I won't receive the package until Saturday
  4. I ordered this titanic and Die Another Day. incredible batch Shipping was 13.50! Hopefully nice and bubbly.
  5. Sound quality on this is staggeringly good. That brass!
  6. This looks very intriguing. Looking forward to just playing it through for the experience. Very excited to hear the sound quality.
  7. I KNOW I’m spoiled with Williams releases now. Because CE3K is a masterpiece release but this one has me more excited right now. So so much music. And even all the source! I’m totally blown away. Makes me want to fly to Burbank just to shake everyone’s hand.
  8. Utterly spectacular. I hope this sells out quickly. I can’t imagine what it cost them to license.
  9. La La Land Records Black Friday 2017

    Damn I was hopin for that 6 discer. Three 5 thousand titles is great though.
  10. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    Anti-Hero theme is aces.
  11. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    While not terribly memorable, I love hearing a huge orchestral score like this again. Probably a solid 3.5 stars for me. Bonus tracks I LOVE.
  12. Amazing interview Jay. Thanks for all the good info! And the album covers!!!!!
  13. The Official Varese Sarabande Thread

    I picked up Haunting. Love that one.