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  1. John Williams has added Indianapolis to his 2018 conducting tour. Link
  2. Also announced today ... Dear Basketball has been nominated for an Annie Award in the Best Animated Short Subject category. Link
  3. The John Williams 2018 conducting tour continues in Baltimore: An Evening with John Williams Plus, for a small additional charge of $500, a limited number of tickets are available for a VIP post-concert Dessert & Champagne Reception with John Williams and Marin Alsop.
  4. According to this Seattle Times article, Spielberg's appearance was a surprise to many of those working at the Symphony as well as to the audience: I'm looking forward to reading first hand accounts from JWFans who were in the room where it happened. ETA: Review of the concert by Jeff Eldridge
  8. A small segment of the movie -- the music is beautiful! The facebook live video of Kobe Bryant and Glen Keane is now available to watch:
  9. Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    Kalamazoo, yes!
  10. The Nashville Symphony has updated their web page with the program listing: Looking at the list, I am reminded that The Five Sacred Trees was performed at the first JW conducted concert I attended in 2003.