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  1. MrScratch

    John Williams' Magnum Opus

    Johnny has so many scores that would be Magnum Opuses for any other composer.
  2. Yeah, I wanted to be as close to Williams as possible without looking at his backside the entire time. I sat here the last time I saw him. I like sitting up front by the string section too, sitting so close I often hear things in performances that I didn’t notice in the recordings. I also had a great view of Johannes Moser performing the Geisha suite, that was amazing to hear AND see up close. It’s also neat to see Williams interact with the musicians during and in between pieces. Marin Alsop was still onstage when the Imperial March began and upon hearing it the crowd burst into applause. Williams shot Marin a sly sarcastic smile and rolled his eyes a bit.
  3. I took a hundred pictures at this concert - most of them blurry and crappy. I finally went through them all. I like this one a lot, I snuck some pics of him conducting. This is the best one. This one is adorable. Is he looking at me..? Marin and the maestro ...wait wait, did you hear the one about Schindler’s List?? No, John... Thank YOU!
  4. 1. The Eiger Sanction 2. The Eiger Sanction 3. The Eiger Sanction 4. The Eiger Sanction 5. The Eiger Sanction
  5. Wow, just finding out about this release today! Ordered immediately. So, is the alternate Main Title not on this new release? And did Williams actually write that? (Just kidding)
  6. My Patronus takes the form of John Williams.
  7. That original program I posted ended up being the actual program. The first half concluded with Rey/RiR/Finale from Star Wars conducted by Marin. The second half of the concert concluded with Adventures On Earth conducted by Williams. The only change was that Scherzo for Motorcycle was dropped and the Adventures Of Han opened the second half of the program. I'd have rather heard Scherzo for Motorcycle, I was excited to hear that live. The encores were Han Solo And The Princess, To Lenny (conducted by Marin Alsop) and the Imperial March. The Memoirs Of A Geisha suite was freaking amazing. I have new appreciation for that score after seeing it live.
  8. That’s me in that picture! In the black shirt and looking to the left with glasses
  9. When Johnny was introduced for the first pitch they were playing E.T. I think the team edited out the music and replaced it with stock music for the Facebook post.
  10. The pregame concert consisted of Olympic Fanfare, Harry Potter and Superman. Williams sat by the dugout during the performance
  11. MrScratch

    John Williams Autograph

    Autograph 1 of 4: I wrote to Williams in the early 90s c/o the Boston Pops and I got this autographed photo in the mail from them. Autograph 2 of 4: I went to Boston in 1996 to see him conduct, I asked to meet him after the show and they let me backstage. I had him sign SW Anthology Disc 4 with a gold ink pen. I later had it framed with the original SW CD cover. Autograph 3 of 4: I went to the concert premiere of Phantom Menace music, Itzahk Perlman made an unannounced appearance. By sheer luck I had my Schindler’s List CD on me and was able to get Itzahk to sign the front cover. By sheer bad luck, the same pen I brought with me from 1996 had dried up. So his signature is illegible. After the show, I got Williams to sign the inside in black ink. Autograph 4 of 4: Also at the Phantom Menace premiere, I had Williams sign the TPM CD, inside the case on the back inside cover.