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  1. Anyone know why this hasn't shipped yet? As of Friday's Facebook post this was supposed to be in stock "Monday... Tuesday at the latest".
  2. Sure. I have some framed vinyl records on my wall, but they are either records I got as a kid or I bought them used from eBay or an antique store for cheap to be wall decoration. I wouldn't pay $30 or whatever the current price of vinyl is just to hang it on the wall.
  3. I was looking at vinyl records in Barnes & Noble over the weekend and was wondering if people actually sit and listen to these.
  4. MrScratch

    Have you ever cried listening to a podcast?

    No but the closest I came was while listening to the "Juicervose" episode of RadioLab: https://www.wbez.org/shows/radiolab/juicervose/01503e1f-6956-46e7-b635-ead2818409fa
  5. I added this to my Christmas list. If no one gets it for me, I'll just buy it myself after the holidays.
  6. I considered buying two of these, one to resell on eBay when it goes out of print.
  7. I doubt most Harry Potter fans want anything more than the OSTs. I know lots of HP fans, most don't even own a single soundtrack to any of the movies. A few of them have bought the HP theme through iTunes or something like that. News of this release still hasn't made it to mugglenet's main page.
  8. Wow, I almost went to that but opted not to because it would have been a long drive for me plus I’ve already been to a number of LTP concerts this year. I’m sure the Baltimore Symphony will do it eventually in the comfy confines of the Meyerhoff. I would have been miserable in the rain for sure.
  9. News of this release isn't yet on mugglenet.com... so NOBODY. SAY. ANYTHING.
  10. MrScratch

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    There was a Kylo Ren at the Friday night performance. Overall there weren't as many costumed audience members as I'd anticipated, especially since going on that same weekend was the Baltimore Comic-Con.
  11. MrScratch

    Rate Stepmom!

    2.5 for score I have never seen the movie
  12. MrScratch

    The most valuable OOP John Williams CD

    Eiger Sanction sold for only $40. The other current auctions are asking for higher prices but have not sold. If no one is paying those prices it’s not really worth that amount. Two Earthquakes CDs have sold recently for under $40. I myself bought Earthquake off of eBay a couple years for around that same price.
  13. MrScratch

    The most valuable OOP John Williams CD

    A search on eBay of "John Williams CD" sold at $50 or higher shows: (In no particular order) Monsignor $65 Hook LLL $76 TLJ FYC CD $190, $201.50, $225 The Post FYC CD $75 Home Alone LLL $51 1941 LLL $100 Cinderella Liberty $54 Dracula 2CD set $51 (not sure why as this is still available...) Dracula OST (NOT the new Varese set) $51 (back in September - poor fella) Poseidon Adventure FSM CD $100 Towering Inferno $139 The old Poseidon Adventure boot $80 Goodbye Mr Chips $61 Jurassic Park 4CD collection $115 I didn't count the Superman blue box or Star Wars box sets I was surprised there was no Eiger Sanction in there so I looked that up individually. One sold for $40 recently, not bad for that title. Current Eiger CDs are there with asking prices of $130 and $169.
  14. Got mine this afternoon!