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  1. the mstrox thread

    off yesterday with a sick kid, and off today with a foot of snow. watched a movie called sharknado.
  2. The Official Intrada Thread

    I hope this serves as a foot in the door for Intrada to do all sorts of projects with these legacy characters
  3. The Matrix reboot (rumour)

    Well, considering what we learned in Revolutions, a “reboot” could still be in-universe too
  4. Maybe it becomes “unexclusive” and will show up with all of the digital copies (Amazon, iTunes, Vudu,etc) once that window ends or the costs of the score track were negotiated for a limited window and the feature goes away, maybe. Are these things subject to royalties like albums are?
  5. I saw that "for a limited time" language in an e-mail I got from Movies Anywhere last week, too. There are a few movies I own digital copies of that have "locked" special features, and I always wondered why that was. Maybe this is it. I'll switch to my phone and post a screenshot of what I mean. edit: here. This was the digital copy from the blu-ray. Not sure why half of these features are locked.
  6. the mstrox thread

  7. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    I really like Elfman's recent trend of arranging an album program, and then including "bonus tracks" at the end of the CD. He did it on Goosebumps, Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Circle, and Justice League. Best of both worlds, IMO
  8. the mstrox thread

  9. I look forward to the day when my opinion aligns with yours about something, Chen! Today is not that day.
  10. the mstrox thread

    monday time is here. spreading joy and cheer. watched i tonya this weekend, pretty funny movie. also watched hop, the movie about the first human eastert bunny, played by cyclops from xmen. kid was the motivation for that one obviously. not as funny.
  11. the mstrox thread

    there are no revisions in the mstrox...unless autocorrect capitalizes words. it is the one law, of the mstrox
  12. the mstrox thread

    some places they also die their rivers and waterways green! nobody is more irish than america - nobody!
  13. the mstrox thread

    got any big plans, or just beer? do u do green beer, or is that an american thing? i drink diet mt dew, which is essentially green anyway