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  1. we see Luke taking them from the cockpit in TLJ->Luke gives them to Leia Even without the visuals in the previous movie (clearly seen in SW, Han touching them in TFA), there's a set-up for the dice in this movie. We see where they come from and thus, understand them. They're a totem of emotional relevance that brings a sense of resolution to Han/Leia's story while also, in their passing, giving a compassionate moment to wrap up the Luke/Leia story (and giving a kicker to the emotional Kylo when he briefly finds them later). What is the story or character or emotional relevance to Snoke being Plagueis? The only way to set it up is to have Luke tell Rey about Plagueis on Ach-to for some reason, and even hen there's no story-based relevance to Snoke being Plagueis for any character - not even Luke, the most versed person alive in Jedi/Sith history. Every character from the prequels (where Plagueis - his DEATH, mind you - is mentioned one time) is dead. None of the characters in this movie, and virtually none of the audience besides the people that follow online theories, would really care. What is gained from the word Plagueis being said onscreen? I can't think of anything besides a tally mark to throw on the brief Wookieepedia entry for Darth Plagueis.
  2. Just because they didn't do traditional spotting doesn't mean that the two weren't in contact. Temping the score just to show the "general shape" and emotional beats to hit is essentially doing the same thing as spotting, except without words. He clearly says that Williams was not beholden to mimic the temp.
  3. But even the older generation of fans, the vast vast majority of them would have no clue who Darth Plagueis is. Nobody but the fanniest of fans is going to remember that one line from the slow part at the beginning of Episode III where Palpatine says "I killed that guy!," and find it meaningful in Episode VIII. Even fewer will know anything about the (non-canon) books about him. As a big reveal, it would have landed like a fart on the screen.
  4. I loved loved loved the resolution to the Snoke thing. Snoke wasn't even really a mystery in TFA. He was a bigass hologram guy who was "the boss." We eventually understood Palpatine in the prequels, but once upon a time, he was a bigass monkey human hybrid hologram who ended up being the powerful boss. From 1980 to 1999, we didn't ask or need anything more than that, nor did we get it. He was just a cool, powerful bad guy. The whole fact that it just HAD to be a twist seems to be completely created by Internet Star Wars fans and theorizers, and I never understood it. A twist that Snoke was actually Darth Plagueis would not have been a functional twist - as Johnson states in his abovelinked interview, it would have meant nothing to Rey. And unspoken, but more importantly IMO, it would have meant nothing to the vast majority of viewers - just 0.05% of fans who read all the literature and come up with fan theories. If I walked out of TLJ knowing absolutely nothing about Episode IX, I would vehemently disagree with you. Johnson attempted to idiot-proof the Kylo thing, making Rey and Luke both come to the realization that Ren is unredeemable. BUT, JJ Abrams is back in the chair for IX, so all bets are off in that regard.
  5. To be fair in this case, the headline is: "The Last Jedi spoiler talk: Rian Johnson explains deeper meaning behind that ending" The only time anyone is going to see the URL is if some mstrox schmoe idiot posts the URL into a message board without link text.
  6. And now EW's final interview with Johnson, about the last scene
  7. That's AVClub's summary of one of EW's recent interview pieces, but here are all of EW's pieces With the promise that their last piece, sometime today, will be Johnson talking about the last scene (back on Canto Bight)
  8. Thanks! Don't know why in my head the "Who Are You?" scene took place before "Lesson One" There were two score things that really BOTHERED me in the film, and they're both kind of interrelated. 1) The close proximity of two giant Binary-Sunset style plays of the Force theme at the end (Luke's disappearance and the slave child looking to the stars). 2) The third time in a row that we've ended with the Force theme seguing into the main titles - a transition that I hated in ROTS, and which although smoothed in TFA and TLJ, was still not my favorite, musically. And the fact that it's been repeated now with little variation three times in twelve years, just kind of not my thing. The second one still irks me a bit, but hearing it on album gave me a chance to think about it some more - how the duality is reflective of one dreamer's journey ending, and another one just beginning. So #1 works better for me now. The rest of the score is just lovely. Surprised that a few big theme highlights from the movie were left off (Poe's victory at the beginning, Rey practicing saber, the bulk of the Yoda stuff - I think - and the reprise of the Emperor's theme) - things that made a big impression on me when I saw the movie. Not sure I've had this feeling about a JW album since Phantom Menace. Usually I'm pretty happy that all the highlights are covered on the OST.
  9. Does anybody know if the album is mostly chronological? I didn't see a chrono playlist as I was blipping through this thread this morning.
  10. the mstrox thread

    the last jedi was good as hell, this thread is a place to enjoy the last jedi which was good as hell. just listening to the score album for the first time now, at "the cave" - pretty good! probably will listen on repeat for most of the rest of the day. thinking about taking an early out from work sometime next week to see tlj a second time hope ur weekend was blest and a blast. were all coming down with colds in the mstrox house, but we r strong.
  11. Just saw it. Thought it was good as hell. Bought the $25 Star Wars combo at the concession stand, but in my defense I didn’t know it was $25 at the time until they took my card. But now my kid has a Star Wars bucket for her toys, once I wash out the popcorn grease. And I have a giant cup with a little hat! i only read the first two pages of this thread, and then stopped when I saw how many more I had. BUT, if people are still complaining about how Luke died out of nowhere, it was explained in dialogue earlier in the movie. Rey tried to exert the force on Kylo from afar, and he told her not to try it because it would kill her. Im glad this movie shied away from the fan theory stuff (Rey’s parents, Snoke in relation to other Star Wars) and from cliches I personally expected (Holdo is a traitor, Kylo Ren goes good, etc) although DJ screwed them over as expected. Loved the opening space battle, loved Rose, loved everything involving Rey, Kylo, and Poe. Thought Luke’s projection was a little lame/cheap maybe? But time will tell whether that stuff grows on me or I reject it. Score was good, although until the end credits I’d say the only things that stuck with me were the uses of previous themes. Can’t wait to listen on album and get acquainted. Where to go from here! We still have the specter of the Knights of Ren (presumably the other Jedi students that Kylo took with him, as mentioned by Luke). So I’m guessing in the absence of Snoke, they’ll appear in IX. Anyway, more thoughts later but my kid is getting up from her nap.
  12. the mstrox thread

    nice - i need to start me xmas shopping
  13. the mstrox thread

    relax days are the best days!