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    I thought the score was effective on the screen and boring as sin on album. Especially because there were two unfocused full-length releases. Would have maybe fared better for me as a "highlights" album, maybe with some editorial - crossfades, suites, etc.

    Well, in that link you sent earlier, "“In Season 2 we’re introducing new styles of composition, while still revisiting old themes when appropriate,” Don't recall any notable themes, per se, but "new styles of composition" seems pretty good.
  3. the mstrox thread

    we are moderately damp overall, but dry today. still unseasonably warm, as most of this month has been
  4. The Birthday Thread

    You did it, Alex! A birthday!
  5. My wallet and I panicked when I saw this title, but thankfully I already own all the discs.
  6. the mstrox thread

    weather isnt bad and we had a friday fire drill! going to a lot of halloween stuff this weekend - local botanical garden's pumpkin lighting tonight, local antique car museum's spooky trick or treat exhibit tomorrow, and a mall thing on sunday. next weekend equally spooky/busy have a tasty weekend!
  7. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    Please know that even when you leave JWFan, you are welcome to visit the embedded, independent nation of mstrox.
  8. What Are You Eating Tonight?

    It's purpler than most
  9. Things you've never done. The zero thread.

    Yes, watch The Godfather Part 3, and then watch the prequels.
  10. Halloween 2017 Entertainment

    Trick R Treat! I've been shuffling my Halloween playlist - 85 tracks, see below Hoping to add a few tracks from the Varese horror box that's coming for me in a few days.
  11. What Are You Eating Tonight?

    My grocery store doesn't typically carry fresh okra. Frozen is good enough for stews but not for plain ol' eatin' okra. Canned can gtfo.
  12. the mstrox thread

    itd be interesting to see how accurate these dna things are by sending an offspring's dna. theoretically, a completely accurate read would be an average between the two of you for each category - and all offspring would have the same exact results. or maybe send the same person's dna sample twice - would the results be identical? whats the margin of error? halloween is so close i can taste it, mostly because im eating halloween candy right now
  13. What Are You Eating Tonight?

    I do, but only when I make okra.
  14. What Are You Eating Tonight?

    We roast veggies w/ oild and spices all the time. This week we did zucchini, yellow squash, red onion, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, and sweet potatoes - with olive oil, thyme, basil, rosemary, minced garlic, salt, pepper
  15. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    I really liked the Thor poster, too