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  1. Does the 4K edition include a few new surprises?
  2. It's only visible on the 4K scan, and since our big TV isn't even HD at the moment, I'll probably never see the new change outside of the Twitter videos making the rounds. Still, from what I saw, it's kind of a shrug. Not better or worse than the numerous other non-original versions, but different. From what I've seen in screenshots, Lucas did additional color timing and effects work (the sabers in the SW Obi-Wan/Vader duel, at least), and that stuff all appears to be an improvement. I'll still never see it, but good for those who can!
  3. Pablo has been pretty resistant to the idea, even going so far as to go private about a month ago, and then to block all of his followers on Twitter except for the people who he follows back. (I am one of the blocked, collateral damage, boo hoo!). Some brave follower took a screenshot of the tweets I transcribed above.
  4. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/11/greedo-han-solo-star-wars-edit The official word. Somebody else on Twitter mentioned an out-of-focus reel from the 2011 ROTJ scans being fixed, giving further credence to these being rescanned from yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn https://twitter.com/StarWarsVisComp/status/1194287051065217024
  5. According to Pablo Hidalgo on Twitter, any changes are Lucas' work for the scrapped 3D projects - "Ah, I see D+ must have the 4K version. This would've been done a few years back, by Lucas. A final 4K restoration in anticipation of a 3D re-release that never happened after 3D re-releases fizzled." In response to a tweet asking if this was a restoration of the original film and not an upscaled version of the 2011 release, Pablo says "Sounds like it. (I don't have D+)"
  6. That's what I figured, because Star Wars Twitter wasn't blowing up about some big reveal. Was just curious. Probably going to watch tonight, if I can twist my spouse's arm.
  7. I'm going to be watching ASAP (so pwease no spoilers), but for those of you who have watched it, did you notice the "massive Star Wars spoiler" somewhere in the first episode, or was that just some dumb marketing business?
  8. I had some philosophical disagreements with the 2009 remake, although there were some things I really liked (the opening, mainly). I really love The Final Chapter, Jason Lives, and Jason X. The rest are all perfectly fine, fun slasher movies. My spouse swore off watching them with me after I had her randomly sit through Jason Takes Manhattan one F13 night - probably my fault for picking that one!
  9. proud to say that its tuesday, the thirdest day of the week. yalls excited to stream star wars stuff on disney plus? im still loading my movie and tv collection to my plex library, dubbed "mikeflix."
  10. I have solar panels. My monthly solar loan payment + any electric bill monthly is less than what my pre-solar electric bill was in any given month - so it's already a monthly savings for me. Then, consider the tax refund and the credits/$$$$ you get for overproducing and feeding electricity back into the grid, and that's all cash in hand in addition to the monthly savings.
  11. I know that kid's name is Miko Hughes, and I know this because for some reason my college roommate and I would always freak out when he popped on the TV. He was in a bunch of movies and he was Michelle's friend on Full House, and then he grew up and got normal looking enough that we didn't recognize him anymore. That kid was legit.
  12. Oh no, you're making me pick between the original, Dream Warriors, and New Nightmare! It could be any of the above based on my mood, since they're three very different movies, but I think I'd probably land on the first one if you forced me. New Nightmare has the smartest script, and the kid actor was pretty good, which helps.
  13. As in many film series, the sixth one is the best.
  14. The time I watched Batman 89 in the non-VHS era, the framing seemed all wrong to me since it was widescreen
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