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  1. Again this year, huh? Seems like some sort of trend.
  2. there are major metro areas where they have one-hour delivery or something like that - id bet thats where
  3. was just offering the ol mstrox spin zone - we edgy here. ch ch check it out! i dont think its political - and i dont boycott them either. we have smiling boxes on our porch frequently. i did make sure not to buy anything during their prime day, in solidarity with striking warehouse workers
  4. youve got to hand it to amazon - they treat their employees like garbage and have destroyed large and small brick and mortar businesses in america, but they do have the powders we need!
  5. takis - theyre chili, theyre lime, theyre spicy and theyre cruchy. a little taste of the south of the border, north of the border. this has been a sponsored mstrox.
  6. I have the Williams scores - Jaws 1/2 and Superman. I had no reason to buy S 2-4 because I own the Blue Box and don't care about the source music.
  7. Oh, whatever I buy certainly have salt - just not an overwhelming salt flavor like Tostitos. I like Mission brand - not bland, but not overbearing. I was on a kick where I made peanut chili salsa like every week for a month. This recipe https://www.mexicanplease.com/peanut-chile-salsa/ No such thing as too hot for me. I use the sauces in restaurants which require you to sign a waiver - as long as I have a glass of water, I'm happy.
  8. I have decided to add my vote to the Child's Play 2 credits.
  9. How much of that is on the album producer, though, and how much of that is on the label producers? I'm sure the LLL guys could have easily said, "Diddy, don't use the film stems - hold the project until the proper elements are found." Instead, they released it!
  10. I would love to hear what Howard Shore does with Middle Earth under a different director.
  11. yeah the stone wasnt in the movie until the last three minutes and then he just goes yoink and there u go, da king
  12. I have so few grails left that I can't actually think of an unreleased track I'm dying for. #blessed
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