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  1. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    i appreciate ur joke answers, but remember that official answers will need to be mailed, by mail, in the mail.
  2. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    time for an intelligence test, of ur intelligence what do these five hot celebs have in common? 1) mstrox 2) mstrox 3) the mstrox 4) mstrox 5) the mstrox please submit ur answers to me by post, and enclose a self addressed stamp envelope for my rtesponse. if u need more hints, i have more names for the list later
  3. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    forgot to mention that downsizing had a really good score, at least by the sound of it in the movie
  4. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    happy tuesday, which is actually monday if u believe in martin luther king jubior. kid had school yesterday and we had off, so we watched three movies - baby driver, the first purge, and downsizing. my spouse and i liked all three, which isnt always the case, so it was a good marathon car had had to go into the shop for $1000 worth of work over the weekend, rip going into my new office for a while tomorrow to get the lay of the land. wrapping things up here. getting a haircut tonight, and shaving up my gross face
  5. u if all caps is shouting, the mstrox thread is barely a whisper
  6. I pasted that post from something I wrote on FSM and edited it to be more direct to this issue. That must be the size it pasted in?
  7. Rogue One and The Last Jedi had their first teasers in April (conveniently timed to go in front of the springtime Marvel release, which in this case would be Avengers). The theatrical trailers followed in October, 2 months prior to release. It’s possible they’ll release something earlier than tradition dictates, since Captain Marvel has a winter release.
  8. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    mayday mayday next ull be telling us these beasts have a soul declare martial law its friday. rule the planet remix. whats ur weekend doing and are u involved?
  9. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    yes - the “before” picture the kind of job that supervises the kind of people who do what i do now, and also works on a bunch of special projects. nice promotion and a more interesting job. different office, so losing some friends (and losing work with my spouse)
  10. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    hb, sh hey guys, i got a new job. looks like all the work in this thread, has payed off
  11. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    nobody can confine, the horror
  12. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    no post is voluntary, in the mstrox. have a great wednesday, and eat fresh (sponsored)!! thinking about renaming the thread, it doesnt seem to scream "the mstrox thread" as much as id like it to. need something a little more "the mstrox thread"y.
  13. It'll be interesting to see whether MORE quiets the complaints of some people (although I'd guess the people who complained won't be rewatching anyway)
  14. As long as it's better than Ghostbusters 2, I'm in! We may be fairly alone, but my spouse and I liked the 2016 one.