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  1. There was a big swaparoo and his head ended up on a battle droid body, and a battle droid’s head ended up on his body.
  2. The problem with that is that Rebels has the resolution to the Maul/Obi-Wan arc, with the implication that until that time, Maul had no idea where Kenobi was.
  3. I think any of the above (except IX) could really be a continuation of the surviving characters from Solo, honestly. I think if we see another Han/Chewie movie, it’ll be about Jabba/Tatooine. I doubt Han will interact with Maul in any meaningful way. I think we’ve seen the last of his interactions with Lando until Empire, and Q’ira is on a separate path - and of the above projects, it may be the Favreau TV show. Or books and comics.
  4. They definitely haven’t confirmed any other Han movies. The only officially confirmed projects are Rian Johnson’s trilogy , the Game of Throne guys’ movie series, the new Resistance cartoon, and Jon Favreau’s TV show. Hollywood Reporter is a decent source so I’d expect maybe a 80% chance that they’re accurate re: a Mangold Boba Fett movie.
  5. Just saw this, and am sitting waiting for Deadpool to start. I had heard a few days ago about a “secret cameo that doesn’t make timeline sense.” Unfortunately I spoiled it by figuring it out about fifteen minutes before the movie started! I think the Maul thing is neat, but did it need to be there? Probably not. It’s dropped in without any meaning. My guess is that it will either confuse viewers or they won’t remember who he is, for the most part. Neat that Star Wars appears much more willing to acknowledge its non-film canon than Marvel, which will almost certainly never look anything major from the numerous Defenders series, Agents of SHIELD, or Inhumans - despite the fact that the many super-powered members would certainly help in a Thanos-type situation. I can’t imagine, even in the event of a “sequel,” that Han Solo will run across a dark force user wielding a lightsaber. If anything, we’ll see a Q’ira book or comic. Anyway, thought it was a lot of fun. Kind of bummed that Val and the four-armed guy bite it in the first quarter of the movie. Uh oh next movie is starting, be back later, byeeeeeeeee
  6. When it comes to rumors, Hollywood Reporter (along with Variety) is a fairly reliable source. So as this came from THR, it’s highly probable. Although my heart still hurts about not getting Tatiana Maslany in Rogue One. starwarsnewsnet dot com is not the official site, so I caution you not to take this as an official announcement.
  7. Papa John's is like eating off the floor of a good pizza restaurant. Pizza Hut has a bit of nostalgic appeal for me because of its overly cheesy, greasy pan pizza - but I'm first to admit that it's also not good by any metric. Domino's is somewhere between the two. It's the 21st century, so just go to a regular pizza place IMO. I really liked Giacchino's Rogue One score, although not as much as any John Williams Star Wars score. I look forward to John Powell's Solo score. It will probably still fall below the eight Star Wars scores for me, but I doubt he'd find that particularly controversial. If either of them want to send me a pizza, I'll gladly eat it.
  8. It's not delivery! It's Giacchino!
  9. Mine won't be delivered until after I see the movie, but at least for Star Wars, historically, I wait until after the movie (well, for NEW Star Wars). Not even listening to samples, etc.
  10. You're really not supposed to stick Q-tips in there. They're for superficial cleaning only.
  11. Sometimes I preorder CDs and never get a shipping notice, but they still come on release day. I remember having a rage about Amazon not shipping Lana Del Rey's second CD, running to Wal Mart to see if they had a copy, and coming home to find it on my porch. That was back in the day when Lana Del Rey released good albums.
  12. I don't think there's anything more likely to guarantee an "mstrox like" on the JWFan forums than Kasey being thirsty.
  13. Mine too! I cancelled my Infinity War CD in favor of the longer download, though.