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  1. mstrox

    Switching from DVD to Blu-Ray - is it worth it?

    This actually is the case on movies from MOST of the major studios, at least in the US - just link your accounts through MoviesAnywhere! Amazon/iTunes/Vudu/Fandango are all linked, and my copy of Jaws is accessible on all!
  2. mstrox

    STAR WARS general thread

    Here's a nice lengthy oral history of the making of The Phantom Menace and its aftermath. No mention of Williams or the music generally, but it includes good new interviews with a lot of people involved with the movie - George Lucas, Ben Burtt, people from ILM, people from the art department, the costume designer. Only cast member is Ahmed Best. https://www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-episode-i-the-phantom-menace-oral-history
  3. mstrox


    Spider-man's secretary was named Jon Snow. Jon Snow's secretary was named Spider-man.
  4. mstrox

    Switching from DVD to Blu-Ray - is it worth it?

    4K Ultra HD is technology from 2016. In 2019, you should be contemplating uploading your brain to the cloud, leaving your corporeal self behind forever and experiencing the movies from within the film itself.
  5. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    sounds good as hell, stuart - better than my friday! i have monday off, so im hoping for a similar chill day
  6. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    apparently the wind and rain and tornadoes and hurricanes and wolves that the weatherman called for yesterday did not happen. it was beautiful all day! hot tho a little cooler today, low humidity, not a cloud in the sky. still gonna sweat over my hour lunch. im not a weatherman, but gonna guess.....chance of rain......eh, 5%. friday is upon us. what would u do if u, were upon friday
  7. mstrox

    Switching from DVD to Blu-Ray - is it worth it?

    DVD is probably fine for your watching method - although DVDs will go away before Blu-rays. It won't go away as quickly as VHS did when DVD came around, because Blu-ray players also play DVDs, but all TVs that are sold now are hi def widescreen affairs. Eventually it will be the standard. Buying a Blu-ray drive is smart - it will also play your DVDs, so spending the slight extra amount now will future-proof you whatever you decide. Your crackling sounds may well be your speakers.
  8. mstrox

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    Does this movie have the awful Proud of Your Boy song? BOY, I HOPE SO
  9. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    just walked for an hour in the bakin hot sun and am sweaty as sin at my desk. ?
  10. mstrox

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    You can buy one of their $5 releases for like $3.50. Addams Family is a good one. It's not ideal, but think of the cash savings later with those gift cards. I'm gonna jump on it tomorrow once I get paid. I have two $5 discs in my cart and I'm gonna actually do the gift card thing this time.
  11. mstrox


    The series covers an entire era - it starts in June of 1972 when The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars was released, and ends in March of 1975 with the release of Young Americans.
  12. mstrox

    Terminator 6: Dark Fate (2019)

    I find it shocking that a big movie like that - a James Cameron movie nonetheless - is languishing like that. Are they waiting for slow ol' James to approve a transfer or something?
  13. mstrox

    Terminator 6: Dark Fate (2019)

    Interesting. I didn't see either until college, but I remember T2 especially being BIG with kids (who were apparently allowed to see R-rated movies like 8 years before I was) when I was in elementary school. I wonder if I had imprinted that one when I was younger, if I would have liked it more.