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  1. I have no strong feelings on the animation style. The preview animation is better than what I feared it would be (some Pokémon-level BS). I'll give it a chance like I did with Clone Wars and Rebels, both of which had some really clunky models and some really good stuff too. The story is more important to me than the medium anyway.
  2. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    just now getting in to the work computer now, having moved my office down a floor. hi! how was the weekends!?
  3. mstrox

    Useless Trivia

    Oh, didn't see the last part. I'm not a sports guy, but the Giants is one. I'll get back to you on number 2 EDIT: I mean. "Who are" the Giants and I'll get back to you EDITED AGAIN: I had to look up a list of MLB teams because I exhausted the few I could name off the top of my head (I'm worse with football) but based on that, I'm going to guess That's assuming the NFL team by that name still exists. Put in spoilers, since I cheated and someone might want to get a legit win.
  4. mstrox

    Useless Trivia

    We love Jeopardy, and used to do bar trivia with a group of friends at least once weekly until our Little Miracle and her associated daycare bills came around. I just didn't come to JWFan after hours to see your post!
  5. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    friday baby! anyone got somethin goin on? mowing the lawn, going to sunday dinner at my parents, gotta get some new shoes. may watch a movie. slow one.
  6. mstrox

    Useless Trivia

    Why is Satan
  7. mstrox

    Anyone else prefer Ghostbusters II to the original?

    Disco Stu do you prefer The Wizard to Ghostbusters? The Wizard has the power glove. Btw Ghostbusters 2 is my third favorite Ghostbusters movie. Its plot is the most interesting overall, but for me it’s the least funny.
  8. I don't listen to boots, but I believe the boot is sourced from a DVD isolated score track, so it likely has some weird edits and volume drops.
  9. mstrox

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    With Avengers 4 already scripted and shot, and since the Disney/Fox deal isn't even technicallty final at this point, I doubt it - although I wouldn't be surprised to see one or more characters pop up in a post-credits scene.
  10. mstrox

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    In the not too distant future, we'll likely see the X-Men and the Fantastic Four palling around with all of these characters as well. As another happy result of the Fox/Marvel deal, as of last week there's actually a new Fantastic Four comic on shelves for the first time in three years.