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  1. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    dont kinkshame the mstrox
  2. It is my least favorite of the four PotA scores I’ve heard.
  3. The Mummy is one of the only Goldsmith scores I love, so that one.
  4. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    the mstrox treat
  5. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    if it is made illegal for the president to fart, nobody will be preseident the hot dog ban could help that though
  6. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    ronald trump
  7. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    making hotdogs illegal is as american as making baseball illegal and making apple pie illegal
  8. mstrox

    Favorite movie to feature Bryce Dallas Howard?

    I picked The Village. Even the dumb ending couldn't ruin it for me.
  9. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    i cant believe theyre making hotdogs illegal.
  10. mstrox

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    This movie will have 50% fewer characters!
  11. mstrox

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    His movies make more money.
  12. They probably have extra set aside for just this thing. E-mail them asap!
  13. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    thats the opposite of what we look for in a fire
  14. mstrox

    the mstrox thread

    workin hard or hardly workin. thats right its tuesday here in the mstrox, and tuesday is a work day! except for bilbo, but buddy dont get used to it