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  1. Hi guys, sorry for the late reply here. I don't frequent these forums much anymore. As much as the score works in the film the edits are hidden under sound effects and dialogue so you don't hear just how bad or jarring the edits can be. So I decided to make my own version. It's still not film accurate but it flows so much better. I used the OST track The Sinking, added a short section from A Building Panic for Astor's Death then included Death of Titanic for a single 13 minute track. I think it flows together really well and adds the music from an key scene that was missing.
  2. Won't you even make a try of it Mr Batman's Diet Coke?
  3. The missing scene is only a very small cut of about 3-5 seconds and occurs immediately following Lex yells "Otis, do you want to see a very very long arm?" Lex then climbs out of the drivers seat and jumps in the back while Miss Teschmacher screams and leans over to grab the wheel. It then cuts to a view of the back of the Ambulance now swerving over the road and the doors swinging open, showing Otis leaning out the back of the vehicle and Lex over the top of him where Lex hits him in the eye. The scene is underscored by a short March of The Villains cue before cutting away. I've still got the TV version I recorded in 1986 showing this scene somewhere and I'll try and load it if I can. This image was taken with my phone with the scene paused and the video is of the whole scene. The quality is very poor because when first recorded 32 years ago (OMFG) it was onto Betacord. Eventually this was transferred to VHS and finally to DVD with no enhancements so quality has been lost in every transfer BUT I'm still going to keep it as it's a time capsule with TV commercials lol. Superman_missing_scene_clip.mp4
  4. With the amount of editing that was done to the score I'm happy with the way the score was released, except I do love the way Southampton opens in the film so I might edit the opening of the alternate version of Southampton D3 T6 with the OST track. I did also edit The Sinking with the music where the Grand Stair Case implodes and Death of Titanic as it makes the music flow so much better.
  5. Can anyone tell me what are the BEST releases to get of the Original Trilogy are? I want to get these new releases but I also want to get the versions that are considered to be the best sounding of all the releases.
  6. This is the version of the film I grew up with. I first copied this from the TV in 1986 (onto Betacord) then later to VHS and eventually to DVD. I still have that disc and even though I have the 13 disc set from years ago and the first movie on Blu-ray THIS version will always be my "go to" version. My only gripe is that it's missing one scene and that's when Lex is showing Otis his "very long arm" whilst hanging out the back of the ambulance.
  7. Dean1700

    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    Love em. They look great
  8. Okay everyone. What do you make of this? (Apologies if this has already been mentioned) Not liking the covers at all but hoping they ARE complete http://www.starwars.com/news/remasters-of-the-first-6-star-wars-soundtracks-coming-may-4
  9. Having a film version of The Sinking would be too jarring and repetitive so I edited The Sinking and Death of Titanic using the OST tracks, and bridging them together with the small section from A Building Panic for where the Grand Stair case floods.. It makes for a whole better listening experience.
  10. So is this going to show up in 320kbps at all now?
  11. Are you serious? The OST and the additional music CD could have been expanded to include music the way it was heard in the film such as a film versions of The Portrait and other tracks as well or any other unreleased track.
  12. It comes as no surprise that Sony hasn't expanded the prequels especially since they never expanded Titanic for the 100th anniversary. Scumbags
  13. Dean1700

    The Official Varese Sarabande Thread

    Actually, I ordered mine from Varese because I want it sooner rather than later and I didn't want to wait until November which is when Intrada will be shipping their copies out.
  14. Ordered my copies of 2 and 3 a couple of hours ago. I'm not sure if there's any more holy grails left now Not excited about the covers of the Mondo releases but congrats to Universal for making a website for the releases. It reminds me of the Concord Indiana Jones boxset.