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  1. "Happy Birthday Mr Williams Just join this forum to tell you that thanks to you movie music became an essential part of my life since more than 40 years (oh, god!). I realized then that you were equivalent to classical composers in our lifetime.  I'm eager to listen to your next soundtrack.  Take care !" I could not say it better myself. Williams music has got me through all sorts of hell since the age of 8. When the SW sequels were first being mooted I thought..." Williams will be 87 by the time the last one comes around. I wonder if he'll live that long." And here we are. For me the last two Star Wars scores are a real return to form and eclipse the music for episodes II & III put together. His music has sustained and nurtured me since childhood to the extent that I chose music for a life of work. To end up singing for him in London Voices was the greatest professional achievement of my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAESTRO!
  2. Hello. Can anyone help me? I know the first five discs of this set are in chronological order. But is the "Prisoner of Azkaban" set similarly ordered? I ask because of the presence of some tracks relegated to the "Additional Music" section of Disc 7. If these tracks should be placed in the body of the score proper, could anyone help me with a playlist that more reflects their position in the actual score? If indeed this is the case. Cheers Raymond
  3. I'm still enjoying this score although I think I'll skip seeing the movie. Would I be right in saying that it's unlikely Disney will release an FYC now because we are so far away from next years Oscars?
  4. The score is growing on me although I reckon the movie will most likely be shit. Must admit I think the material in The Adventures of Han is sup par for Williams. Can I just ask if any of you know if these two ideas (A & B themes) were Williams sum total contribution to this film score. Or are there other themes/motifs that he contributed?
  5. Yes I agree with your "Resistance Desperation" idea. Its just trying to cling onto something good about this movie which was doggerel really. It's the music I'm most interested in like all of us saddos on here. The Rose theme is beginning to sound less Harry Potter like if I try to relate it in my head to the score for Ep IV. I also like the new Luke/Island theme. As I say the only time I heard this new Desperation theme at the movie last night was during the Ren/Rey battle (sounded similar to the material in the end credits but perhaps not the same) and the other reference may very well accompany something to do with L Dern. I'm just hoping there's another little filigree somewhere of this glorious tune. Exciting to think all of this music will be revealed to us by hook or by crook. These sequel trilogy scores a real return to form for Williams after the law of deminishing returns with the prequel scores which had great moments but somehow plastic and fake over all. Like the movies
  6. This one beautiful theme is the highlight of the score for me. It is tremendous and a great shame it only appears once in full (during a climactic lightsabre battle between Kylo & Rey) then one more abridged statement. I was listening out for this noble theme the whole time whilst sitting through the execrable movie. Williams at his very best. Hoping there might be just one more reference to it buried somewhere in the score. Hard to believe it's written specifically for Laura Dern's character...she's so passive. A great shame Maz Kanata was relegated to a hologram cameo. That CGI character should've replaced Dern. Anyway a marvellous marvellous theme from the master and criminally underused. I can't hear the theme I'm referring to in those clips Mr Cobb. Just to clarify here (as if to state the obvious) there is a brief incomplete statement of it at 0:26 on the track called "Chrome Dome" then a full statement of it at 5:48 in the End Credits. Entirely majestic and beautiful as fuck.
  7. Dear Trent B, This is just a note to say I sent you a PM today regarding prequel scores. Little realising that I must have mailed you about exactly the same issue 4 years ago because lo and behold it appears you wrote me a very lengthy and detailed reply (4 years ago!) which I've only just this minute opened! Forgive me! I just hardly ever log in here. Thanks again! Yours Raymond
  8. It's a mystery to me why full scores aren't published for public consumption. Can you imagine if we had all our favourite scores bound in front of us? My dream would be a miniature score for Jaws 2 or The Black Hole or any one of my favourites. With Lord of the Rings or Star Wars I'm sure such pocket score editions would sell like hotcakes. All of the music conservatories of the world would order them I'm sure. Alas it's just a dream and that's all it ever will be...
  9. This is a fascinating topic and is all the more reason to marvel still at this amazing film score 40 years on. The music continues to give up it's secrets. I watched the old movie again last Friday and noticed that there is traction in King Mark's idea. I noticed that a tiny reference to the "rebel fanfare" is utilised (after biblical chords when the Death Star has exploded) as Vader regains control of his starship and flies off into space. The moment happens at 8:46 in the "Battle of Yavin". Truly fascinating. Listening to this music since I was 11 I must confess this connotation escaped me. Until now. John Williams is the daddy of them all and the day I met and worked with him is a treasured though bittersweet memory I shall never forget. How lucky are all of us now to know we'll receive a brand new Star Wars score by the master for Christmas. Happy days!
  10. I never knew Shmi had a theme. Where can I find this? Does it occur in episodes I and II?
  11. Yes perhaps you are right. However harmonically it is the same as the other statements of this very brief motif (it is comprised only of two notes in a scotch snap rhythm). I think Williams dispenses with the scotch snap in this instance and it just plays straight on Clarinet. This moment was dialled out in the movie and the motif comes just as Leia switches off C-3PO in the cockpit of the Falcon when he's about to say "The Empire may be gracious enough to..." and then she shuts him down. The clarinet statement co-incides with Threepio uttering the word "Empire". I am sure this is a statement of this motif. But I may be wrong.
  12. Concerning the "Dark Side" motif again. It appears... 1-09 Han Solo and the Princess 3:06-3:26 1-11 The Magic Tree 3:56-4:05 2-10 Clash of Lightsabers 0:07-0:41 Also I'm chuffed as I've spotted it again at the very close of the short cue "Imperial Starfleet Deployed". At exactly 1:00 we hear a solo Clarinet play the fragment with undulating harps. Can anyone tell me where the statements of this Darth Maul motif are in which cues from the TPM score?
  13. I had a great time last night listening to ANH in relation to trying to find all of these ciphers. I played it again for the thousandth time (I never get sick of this music) and noticed the following points. Mos Eisley Spaceport 0:31 + Ben Kenobi's Death 1:17 This is the same Variation of Ben's Theme. I only just noticed this last night. It's just an embellishment really. X Wings Draw Fire 3:28 A tiny statement of the Death Star Motif on Trombones and Trumpets with a brief appearance of Vader on the Death Star. And finally. In the "Use the Force" section of The Last Battle at 4:38 there is an allusion to the Imperial Motif as Tarkin refuses the offer of an escape route out. I'd be fascinated if anyone else can find any other motifs woven and hidden into the score. I look forward to Mr Faleel's breakdown of Empire and Jedi.
  14. Terrific work Mr Faleel! I hadn't ever realised that the "Rebel Rhythm" at 1:56 in "Main Title/Blockade Runner" is then the basis for a variant which opens "Imperial Attack" and this is after over 35 years of listening to this score. Fascinating! I'm also fascinates with the idea entitled "Unkown" which makes it's appearance in "Hologram/Binary Sunset" as well as the alternate Binary Sunset cue. As a matter of fact it makes it's first statement straight away at the very start of "Hologram/Binary Sunset" at 0:00 although slightly transposed down. It's this kind of unearthing I ADORE having been listening to this score since age 10 when I received the tape as a Christmas present. It's been a musical refuge throughout my life. I've just noticed "Unkown" again! It can be heard in a brass statement at 0:32 in "Landspeeder Search/Attack of the Sandpeople". How fascinating! And yes you are right about a variant of a Sandpeople motif appearing at 0:45 into "Tales of a Jedi Knight". I hadn't noticed that either. Most interesting! Also the variants of the Dies Irae "In Peril" idea appearing in "Destruction of Alderaan" are something I hadn't noticed before. Wow. God I'd never noticed the "Rebel Rhythm" in the Death Star cue! Repeating that short motif from much earlier in the picture. Fascinating!
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