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  1. Hopefully I won't fall asleep now.
  2. Now that you mention it, I did believe Leo in CMIYC.
  3. So it's all sampled from '80s records?
  4. William Hurt in A.I. could have been iconic but he wasn't ... The list goes on and on ... You could argue that A.I. and Minority Report are movie movies and not character movies but if you don't believe in the characters then it will hurt the movie. You don't have to like them, you have to believe in them. Jude Law as Joe Gigolo in A.I. rocks the boat in the first scene he appears in. Then he becomes uninteresting ballast. Tom Cruise watching his hologram movies about his wife ... did not believe in him or that scene. You can watch Minority Report on a story level but that's it. Alex
  5. Both A.I and Minority report have weak characters, which is strange because it's something Spielberg used to do very well. Tom Cruise never becomes an Elliot or an Indiana Jones or a Brody, a Matt Hooper, a Quint, a Roy Neary, an Oscar Schindler ... And Haley Joel Osment's performance as a puppet is no match for Carlo Rambaldi's puppet.
  6. Spoilers ahead: No, at first we think James McAvoy has a mental disorder but the twist is that he truly physically becomes what he believes he is. He's actually a mutant! Suddenly the film becomes some kind of realistic-feeling comic book movie a la Unbreakable. Alex
  7. The cheap video recordings filmed by the crew, I don't think that will be in the movie. BTW, at first I thought that part of the trailer was fake. It looked too cheap. Then I recognized one of the actors.
  8. A true artist never explains himself.
  9. Zeiss Tessar 50mm 2.8
  10. Oh, no, A.I. is almost treated as a cult movie.
  11. Score or movie?
  12. Indeed. In the series 'Bad But Watchable Movies': Preservation (2014) Horror ... thriller ... survival ... What more do you want? Would have been kinda okay as a movie if it wasn't for some really bad and illogical moments. 3/10 Alex
  13. I saw Last Embrace but I only remember that Roy Scheider is in it.