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  1. The effects of the first Matrix one have something timeless, just like the effects of the first JP.
  2. Jay? Jay, the Steef slayer. Who would have thought?!
  3. He actually agrees with the haters. Now let's hear why he still thinks it's great .... So he says he's able to discard the surface to see what's underneath it. So it's very different from what you expect. Well, I would hesitate to call it vastly different to what came before. Spaceship, crew, female lead, android, landing on unknown planet, touching eggs, dead and destruction. Okay, so he loves the theme of 'Who gave birth to us?', and I agree that this new theme for the Alien universe. However, I don't understand how one could call it "deeply satisfying", if all other elements that lie on top of this theme make it difficult for me to give the movie some serious thought. Before I delve deeper, I need to be intrigued, and not feel the urge to throw bricks at the screen. I've watched the movie again to see if I overcome the problems I had encountered during the first watch but it wasn't the case. There are too many decisions taken in this movie that I just didn't like.
  4. Not necessary and too dangerous, with union regulations and all. Instead, they use the decapitated heads of randomly deceased people. That way there's no fuss. Relatives get paid and feel honoured that their beloved ones appear in a hit TV show.
  5. Okay, he's late to the party and drunk as hell, but he speaketh the truth, and that's what matters. Thor is best to avoid this. Everyone else, enjoy!
  6. Is that the final season? Haven't watch it. I hear people were gravely disappointed by it. Lots of 'What went wrong?' videos on youtube, etc. It's almost like they are talking about The Last Jedi.
  7. Like what? I remember a scene with hundreds of Mr. Smiths but the CGI was kinda obvious (or crude).
  8. His 'recent' sci-fi movies lack humanity. Underneath the spectacle, he somehow can't make it human. He sometimes tries too (like a depressed Tom Cruise watching holographic movies of his wife), but again, it doesn't feel authentic or honest, but rather contrived.
  9. Never gelled with Minority Report. Everything feels too contrived to me, so therefore the movie fails to pull me in, nor do I care for anything that is going on. The ending where the baddie is being exposed before the eyes of the entire world makes it clear that this movie is simply not my cup of tea. I had a very similar feeling while watching Ready Player One.
  10. So not only is the burning rainforest releasing huge volumes of CO2, now that it's destroyed, it won't be absorbing it back either. Meanwhile, we are about to start our third heatwave this year.
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