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  1. But she's not watching you or me, Richard. She's watching the leaders of our countries, asking to act before it's too late. It's funny how some people take it so personally.
  2. Maybe it was in another country (The Netherlands aka Steefland).
  3. So is it true that the servers were down because too many people were watching Disney+?
  4. Good acting is the only thing that saves this film. Not that everything else is bad, but unless you are a Franklin D Roosevelt maniac, it's simply not very intriguing. I was impressed with the sound of the Blu-ray. 6/10
  5. Absolutely! Then again, I'm a sucker for Sakamoto's orchestral scores. Mind you, it's mostly strings, piano and some kind of ethnic flute. Not some full-blown symphony.
  6. My neighbour is a Brit and he wants Brexit. He hates the E.U. Like most Brits, he's super chauvinistic. Don't forget, they were once a world power and now they have to obey little Brussels? It doesn't compute with them.
  7. Once considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Hedy Lamarr was one of two women that helped Disney to design the face of Snow White (oddly enough she kinda reminds me of the evil queen). She was also an inventor.
  8. Two not-so-great friends decide to do The Appalachian Trail, which is 2200 miles long. This bittersweet comedy feels a bit forced but still manages to be sympathetic. Redford is still good at 'underplaying' his acting which balances the 'overplaying' nature of the film. 6/10 See how they walk, and walk, and walk.
  9. I think they saw in him another Christopher Nolan, someone who can do a more complex, more serious and thinking man's blockbuster.
  10. The Old Hollywood (studio movies) period ended somewhere during the mid-sixties when The American New Wave/The New Hollywood (director movies) started to usher in. Apparently that glorious movement lasted until early '80s. Not sure how the period after The New Hollywood is called, but it seems like we're back to the old studio system, while independent studios (like A24) seem to support director movies reminiscent of The Hollywood Renaissance
  11. Actually, Jaws has a slow-paced build-up. It really takes its time and seems more interested in the characters (and their interaction) than in spectacle, action or monsters. And I don't think its style or tone are very 'today', but very akin to the filmmaking of the first part of the '70s, when filmmakers didn't think in terms of formulas or reaching the broadest possible audience. I actually feel respected not being treated as a juvenile when I watch Jaws, something I can't say of the average 'modern' blockbuster. So, no, not a modern-feeling movie to me. If they did a Jaws remake today, you would definitely see a different kind of movie.
  12. This Jaws theory .... So The Godfather and Deliverance are old movies but The Spy Who Loved Me is new and can rock with the latest releases? Only on JWFan!
  13. No, mega famous classics like TDK or Jurassic Park are no problem. The Sound Of Music gets played here once a year. However, no TV channel here is going to program Scarecrow (1973), for instance. That would be suicide in TV ratings terms.
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