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  1. I still don't get Flat Earthers ...
  2. HBO's Westworld

    Ed Harris joins the cast of HBO's Westworld. By god! He'll be playing 'the man in black':
  3. America

    A U.S. Space Force ? What?!
  4. The Official World Cup Thread

    Kevin De Bruyne doesn't know that!
  5. The Official World Cup Thread

    Kevin De Bruyne will teach those Panamanians for digging the Panama canal!
  6. Headphones

    Okay, then don't read the reviews, continue watching Star Trek for the umpteenth time. I mention Koray because he's more a reference to you then he is to me.
  7. Headphones

    So does the mighty Koray and he was right about Apple EarPods. Read the reviews!
  8. Headphones

    To arm myself against 4 weeks of demolition works (the concrete complex behind my house), I decided get buy a secondhand Bose QuitComfort 25, which is a headphone set with noise cancellation. Only 110 Euro! And it sounds pretty good. If you don't believe me, read the reviews! But above anything, it reduces the sounds of the jackhammers by a considerable amount. I feel it drilling and hammering more than I can hear it!
  9. The Photography Thread

  10. Why? Do you think Russia will win the World Cup?
  11. And soon Trump will say it too.
  12. Star Wars, Braveheart and LOTR ?
  13. The Official Pop and Rock Music thread

    They are not better, you just like them more, Richard. Hope this helps, Alex
  14. America

    Not directly, but it's his regime that is responsible. Loyal and fanatic followers are doing his dirty work for him.
  15. America

    Really? Show me a cartoonist who got fired over an Obama joke! America is changing into a totalitarian regime. It's why Trump thinks dictators are lovely and talented people.
  16. America

    That nurse was fired for several reasons. For the hospital, a nurse trying to convert patients to a certain political party might have been the last straw. But newspaper men being fired for their political view?! That only happens in Russia, Turkey and now America.
  17. America

    Now we know why people like Jay and Koray are so silent .... almost as if they are afraid to speak.
  18. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Newer films)

    Exorcism is so passé.
  19. America

    Newspaper cartoonist fired for anti-Trump cartoons. America ... land of the free?
  20. The Official Pop and Rock Music thread

    Ah, when charts music was still good ...
  21. Video Game Thread II

    When is the PS5 coming out?
  22. Video Game Thread II

    The kid showed me a bit of gameplay (a clip on youtube) of The Last Of Us 2, and technically, it's the best thing I've ever seen. If a was a gamer, I would be scared to play that game.
  23. Shouldn't Kennedy be the one who is laughing?