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  1. And some new versions of that theme from the first of these rewatch videos. Williams or not, it's worth noting that the first phrase of this new theme revolves around a Cm<=>Ebm type progression -- that is, the signature harmonic succession of The Emperor's theme, in distinction w/ the Cm<=>Abm of the Imperial March.
  2. It was a true pleasure! Thank you for the opportunity
  3. Part 2 of 8 now up. Sounds like a major-mode transformation of Jedi Steps:
  4. Here's my quick and dirty transcription of the melody. Lots and lots of Williams hallmarks here, though nothing that others haven't imitated in the past. I'm gonna remain agnostic.
  5. Great example, Disco Stu. I think people tend to underrate Waxman's influence on Williams. Just in that cue from Taras Bulba, you can also hear at 0:45 where he gets the sort of whirling woodwind writing in, among other places, Anakin Defeats Sebulba from TPM. And the interest in fugal writing is something both Waxman and Williams were known for.
  6. The Phasma Fight especially is downright remarkable! I attempted to transcribe it to show just how precisely coordinated those brutal orchestral stabs are with the action.
  7. What a dismal thing to say on a John Williams fan-board of all places. So you'd prefer we not have these brand new Star Wars scores by the maestro?
  8. Don't think his has been posted either. The two other NFL compositions JW did included in this arrangement, "Screen Pass" and "Taking The Pass." You can really hear some "I Can Fly Anything" in the latter:
  9. Here's the text of the interview: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/john-williams-and-anne-sophie-mutter-on-across-the-stars/
  10. Heck, it may have been Williams that Djwadi was cribbing from, not Sibelius! Westeros by way of Coruscant... (Totally kidding about this, btw. An easy coincidence, given the simplicity of the ostinati in all 3 cases)
  11. It's actually not that far off from this throwaway little fanfare he wrote for TLJ.
  12. Sure -- it's the second subject from the last movement of Sib's 2nd Symphony that appears to serve as a model for the "Luke in Exile" theme from TLJ. It's a wonderfully apt reference too. Sibelius's chilly, windswept music is so evocative, and Williams channels it to great effect, not just for Luke's morose character, but the physical location of Acht-To. Also, just within the Sib Violin Concerto first movement, there are two other rather *Star Warsy* musical ideas: This little transitional string figure resembles any number of galloping string ostinati from the series, the "I Can Fly Anything" motif most clearly to me... This ominous motif for brass has a strong Dark Side of the Force vibe to me...
  13. It's the main theme from the first movement of Sib's Violin Concerto. Not the last time Williams would pull from Sibelius for inspiration in Star Wars! (cf. Luke in Exile/Second Symphony Mvt 4)
  14. If it's not Williams, it's one of the finest JW impersonations I've ever heard! Details in the orchestration, little melodic and harmonic turns--esp. after the 40sec mark--are hard to imagine anyone else doing. You should listen to it some more. Even if you think it's the weakest of the 8 so far, it's an enormously rich and wonderful score, and really rewards re-listening.
  15. This is the cue. Was it ever confirmed this music was intended for Rey meeting BB8, or is that speculation? Lovely music, harmonically similar to Rose's motif though I wouldn't say it's necessarily the source for the new TLJ theme. The melody and chord progression is fairly stereotypical, at least at first. (Check out Patrick Williams' theme for Earth Day, conducted by JW, for another "model" -- right down to that #4/nat4 clash in the melody that irks me so..)
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