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  1. Nice. That's the newer version Williams conducted in 1998.
  2. I read the book back in 1998 or 1999 when it was first rumored that Spielberg was going to direct - and I had hoped for a Williams score. I had to wait a while, but I finally got the score. I wasn't bothered that Spielberg didn't end up directing as I'm more of a music fan than a fan of films. In the intervening years, I lived in Kyoto for a couple of years - but that move had no relation to my interest in a possible Williams score. So having enjoyed the book, having lived in Kyoto, and being a huge Williams fan, this was a score I was particularly looking forward to once it was all confirmed and John was on it. Regarding the score, I rarely listen to the whole thing, but the more lyrical and melodic tracks are never that far from my ears. Glad we were lucky enough enough to have Williams tinker with it afterwards both for the extended suite and for three pieces of piano and cello. Confluence is a favorite with its beautiful moments. I never really thought that highly of The Chairman's Waltz, but I'll give it some more listens and I'm looking forward to the new arrangement on the Deluxe Across The Stars. Going to School was an early favorite as well. The main theme of the score took a little while to grow on me, but grow on me it did, I caught the Gustavo Dudamel all-Williams concert in Seoul earlier in the year, and the Geisha theme was one of highlights for me. I'd seen Williams before, but that was back in1998 and well before he'd written Geisha. The film... I enjoyed it, but once was enough
  3. Thanks... So what theme is missing from the new one that was on the OST version?
  4. It was also a scheduling issue. The LSO just wasn't available for all the staggered recording sessions.
  5. Regarding BSG - I'm not all that familiar with the BSG suite. What was dropped for the later version? I've just read that one of the themes was dropped, but which one, and where does it appear on the OST?
  6. Learning to play a theme from The Book Thief on piano a few years back (Five years ago tomorrow!) really increased my appreciation for that theme and for the score in general.
  7. The orchestra's Wiki makes for interesting reading! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vienna_Philharmonic#Controversies
  8. Anything with a strong melody would work. I'd like to hear The Reivers. From Superman... March of Villains? All those comedic sprightly pieces could work as virtuosic pieces for violin: Isabelle’s Horse & Buggy from Stepmom, Follow Me from Always, Adventures of Mutt, Jim's New Life, Making The Plane, Presenting The Hook, The Basket Game, Tourists on the Menu, etc.
  9. I can't quite make out one sentence.. What does he say after "I think we'll just....."?
  10. I also much prefer the cello, and I've always hoped for an album like this but for cello. Having said that, I am enjoying the new album. And I'm enjoying the more flashy pieces and think that Hedwig's Theme, The Duel, and the Far and Away piece are particularly suited to really flashy virtuosic violin parts. Williams and Mutter clearly at a lot of fun with the project, and I really can't fathom how much practice she must have put into these pieces and the ongoing maintenance needed to keep these at her finger tips.
  11. I doubt Williams would have seen the need for a new Leia theme. And less likely he wrote such a theme and then repurposed it for another character. I think it’s a case of the simplest explanation is the most likely: he wrote Rose’s Theme for Rose.
  12. Another fan of this album! Years ago, I was browsing one of the piano anthologies and I remember noticing what a well-crafted piece "Nice to be Around" was, but I was never really a fan of the song as it appeared on the soundtrack and I never really warmed to the harmonica renditions. So glad to have a this lush version for violin. We're lucky Andrea Previn suggested it and Dracula. Here's to more new arrangements of older gems. And I think the Star Wars pieces with perhaps the exception of Rey's Theme will become my versions of choice. Nothing against this new version of Rey's Theme, I just love the original. I also was never that much a fan of the original Across the Stars, but I sure like this new version. I'm dying for the recorded Princess Leia and am holding on to a faint hope of a volume 2 with Han Solo and the Princess. Also hoping the world tour Ms Mutter mentioned comes to my neck of the words - Korea. It would be amazing seeing all these pieces and more performed live.
  13. Forbes article. Nothing really new, but this collaboration is sure getting some publicity. More than any other Williams album I think.
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