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  1. pete

    Dear Basketball release?

    Pretty much all you can do is grab the audio from either of the above videos until a legit release happens. Hopefully Williams' interest in expansions of his scores will result in smaller projects like this and others getting released.
  2. I don't think anyone's begrudging Williams doing whatever he wants in his twilight years.The skepticism mainly comes from the contrast between Williams own statements that he simply loves writing music and will do it for as long as he's able. Of course he can keep tinkering at the piano and also spend time with his loved ones and pursue other interests. Safe to say he's been doing that for a while. And if true, what does "total retirement" mean for someone who has been writing music almost every day for close to 60 plus years? Retirement from scoring movies and conducting? Quite possible. Retirement from music totally - not writing anything at the piano? Unlikely, unless he's pretty much in a coma. Am curious to know the source. If true, I think he/she has broken a significant trust by revealing what would seem to have be a private conversation. Williams deserves better. And if false, Williams deserves better. Either way, if I were Williams or his management, I'd consider not working with that person again.
  3. Sure, he's earned the right to do anything he wants. But why would he walk away from something he loves doing after saying numerous times he wouldn't?
  4. He’s often said he’ll compose as long as he’s able, so I think either the rumour is bullshit or his health problems are serious. If his health problems are serious, then wouldn’t he retire sooner rather than a year from now after having written a large score? Sure, he may slow down as conducting concerts and recording in studios require physical efforts, but based on his earlier quotes, I find the idea he’ll stop composing to be nonsense unless he’s at death’s door.
  5. pete

    Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary

    My first memory of music is of being in a theater next to a theater that was showing Superman. I would have been 6. During a quiet moment in the film - or perhaps just before it started, I could hear the Superman theme (opening or closing credits) through the wall. I recognized the music either from having seen it before or from TV ads. I remember wishing I was in that other theater so I could hear more of the music. I’m sure we saw that as a family at some point during its first run, but I don’t specifically remember.
  6. pete

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    Looks like "Rey's Theme" on the music stand behind "Cinderella Liberty". Nice!
  7. Quick question, which has probably been answered on one of the pages in one of the related threads: Prisoner of Azkaban credits: The Firebolt and End Credits Suite 7:22 Is that like the credits on the OST - a nasty and jarring hodgepodge of various tracks, or is it one piece of music incorporating the score's themes ala The Empire Strikes Back's credits?
  8. It had one less track than the original OST - "Reflections". I don't know what else is missing or if anything else is missing. The OST got another release in 1995 with Reflections: https://www.amazon.com/Reivers-Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack/dp/B000002AN0
  9. The Reivers was released by Varese Saraband in 1990 as part of their Masters Film Music series.
  10. Fawkes has a great theme!
  11. I'm really curious about the alternate Remembrances on disc 2. Does anyone have any idea how it's different?