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  1. pete

    Across the Stars for AS Mutter

    Perhaps, but "live with repertoire from the great John Williams especially arranged for me." I certainly read it as Williams did the arrangements. Hope I'm not wrong^ I'll ask her on Facebook....
  2. pete

    Across the Stars for AS Mutter

    That's what she said. And it's not surprising as he wrote last years's concert piece Markings for her. I quite like her Schindler's List performance here:
  3. Any plans for the excess over the $30,000? If not. Can I have it?
  4. The 30,000 was just surpassed - i think with a 5,000 donation. Congrats Thomas!
  5. Makes perfect sense. Those complaining simply didn't understand that. A couple of questions if you don't mind: When is the recording date? Will Williams be revising Born on the 4th at all? Sometimes he tinkers with his arrangements. Not that his earlier ones aren't great^
  6. I think the real takeaway from this is that there are more Williams releases in the works. Sure, I too thought we'd have more to celebrate by now. There is some disappointment, but I'm not in anyway annoyed at the label for their annoucement which at least up until today hasn't exactly lived up to its promise. There are still a few months left though, and I won't complain if some of the releases expected this year are released next year. The sooner the better though^ I'm sure it's been said by others, but these projects can get delayed and put in hybernation at the last minute waiting for some legal matter to be resolved and/or for someone in authority with a busy schedule to say "yes".
  7. I think so. It looks legit to me.
  8. pete

    The Last Jedi - Piano Arrangements available

    The book's arrangements are the same as the Musicnote arrangements marked as "Piano Solo". A step up from the "Easy Piano" arrangements, but yeah, they are still simplifications. And too hard for my piano skills. lol. I think you're the Chosen One.
  9. Schindler's List by far, but I do like The Book Thief. Enjoyed both books too as far as a book like Schindler's List can be enjoyed. Actually, I'm learning a nice guitar arrangement of the Schindler's List Theme at the moment. And a few years ago, I enjoyed getting down on piano the main theme from The Book Thief:
  10. pete

    What's The Last Book You Read?

    I'm currently working my way through Sleeping Beauties, a recent collaboration between Stephen King and his son Owen. I also keep a reading diary - nothing too detailed - just I like keeping track of books I've read. Recently, I've been reading about 60 books a year, and I like noting simple things like start and finish dates. I'm anal like that. Here's the past few months: http://peterdaley.net/home/2018-reading-2/
  11. I like having a short 2-minute version of Nocturnal Activities.
  12. While driving a taxi about 20 years ago one Sunday night, I tuned the radio into Australia's Classical FM station. "The Bat Attack" was playing, and since I had no context to place the piece, I spent a frustrating few minutes trying to recall what the music was. It was my discovery of a Sunday night film score show.
  13. Are you sure? I find it hard to believe he listened to it and didn't realize it included something he didn't write.
  14. pete

    Another Spielberg possibility: Robopocalypse

    It's still kind of on his radar: http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/steven-spielberg-says-hes-still-plugged-into-that-robopocalypse-adaptation I only realized a couple of week's ago the novel has a sequel. Planning to read that soon as I really enjoyed the first one.