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  1. Thanks.. There is a hint of the main theme at the end of the revised and slightly extended versions contained in the suite on the Tree Song CD and on the Williams on Williams CD. Could be the same arrangement. I was curious about Sabrina, Schindler's List, and Remembrances as they already have arrangements for solo violin and orchestra. I didn't expect him to change the Schindler's List main theme.
  2. Quite a bit of time separated each reading. I think I first read it my early teen years and probably glazed over a lot of pages. I remember skipping the poems I think each time.
  3. Yeah, I've read The Hobbit a couple of times and The Lord of the RIngs three times. I recently reread A Game of Thrones, and might read the next book again soon. I read King's Dark Tower series twice, and Peter Hamilton's The Abyss Beyond Dreams a second time just before reading its sequel. I just intended to browse the first chapter but continued on. I also read Arthur's C Clark's Rendezvous with Rama twice. I think that's about it. Having said that, I read about 50-70 books a year, so it's quite rare to reread one. Just remembered some more: the first three Earthsea books. I reread them when I realized there were more books in the series written quite a while after the first three. Actually, I just finished another book by the same author about 20 minutes ago, The Telling by the late Ursula K. Le Guin. And for some reason I reread Steven King's The Tommy Knockers. Thinking of reading It again as I first read maybe more than 25 years ago, and I enjoyed the movie of the first half.
  4. I'm hoping for an end credits suite of new themes that isn't cobbled together.
  5. JoAnn Kane Music Service's Twitter account will probably post a few photos if they're given permission.
  6. I'm being pendantic I know, but recording might not have begun yet. If not, they're certainly gearing up to start very soon.
  7. Markings, The Chairman’s Waltz, A Prayer for Peace, and a shorter Hedwig’s Theme were definitely recorded. Spielberg walked in on them practicing Remembrances. A photo of sheet music ends with the word “princess” so probably Hán Solo and the Princess. She mentioned Leia’s theme at some point, but I guess could have meant Luke and Leia.
  8. CD and English description: https://www.actmusic.com/en/Artists/David-Helbock/Playing-John-Williams/Playing-John-Williams-CD
  9. I also never warmed to the piece. That choral burst at the start is painful.
  10. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. It was a pretty rare CD, right? 1996 was the first time I got it on CD
  11. Channel 7 news was the first time I heard Williams' NBC piece. I remember recognizing it (with surprise) when I first bought Williams' By Request. The same thing happened with Olympic Spirit, which was used in some rugby league telecasts on channel 9 - I think for Friday night football. I had no idea it was a Williams piece until it was first released on CD in 1996.
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