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  1. The Five Sacred Trees (Bassoon Concerto) is my favorite by a long shot.
  2. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    I don't think new audiences will bother with the chronology. Films made 40+ years ago just don't have that much appeal.
  3. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    With the script done, I wonder if JJ has has told Williams anything about the plot? Impossible to know.. just wondering out loud.
  4. Wasn't Oscar Schindler a German? My only complaint is it's just not something I can dance to.
  5. One of the composers he interviewed earlier in the week (Desplat and Zimmer were two of them) said something nice about Williams - I can't recall exactly what it was. The interviewer just said something like "a composer I recently spoke to said...." Williams laughed and said "I think I know who said that." I think it was near the end of the interview if memory serves. Zimmer came to my mind for no particular reason really.
  6. He also conducted it at his London concerts in 1998 with the LSO. The concert hall shook and I half expected a T-Rex to appear and eat everyone.
  7. Not necessarily. He might have written the new arrangement afterwards in December or in January.
  8. 40 minutes in. 5 minutes of talking and 35 of music. Is the program one hour or two??
  9. I was a very tired boy! But I often go to sleep with music playing.
  10. It took a few days for it to grow on me and to get used to the changes, but last night as I went to sleep, it finally clicked and I fell in love with the piece.
  11. The 2018 Winter Olympics Thread!

    I'm hanging around the concert venue in Seoul where the North Korean orchestra is performing. Couldn't get tickets, but the atmosphere by the nearest subway is pretty cool. About 2,000 cops and 1,000 protestors. Hope someone burns a flag - it's bloody freezing!
  12. 2018 has been a disappointment so far. 11% through the year, and zilch!
  13. The 2018 Winter Olympics Thread!

    I live in Seoul and volunteer with defectors, so it's already the most interesting and weirdest Olympics ever. I don't know if I can keep it up, but I'm collecting articles that I find interesting/amusing on my site here. I know most of the foreign journalists based in Seoul, so it's quite cool reading articles by friends and acquaintances.