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  1. THE POST - Score Thread

    Thus guy liked the score!
  2. Yes, I'm pretty sure that's when The Last Goodbye plays. Just a few seconds and under sound effects. I just want to know why^
  3. I think it's safe to assume Kennedy and Abrams want Williams on board. It will just come down to his health as I'm sure he's keen to finish the trilogy.
  4. Williams talks THE POST (Video)

    I think Catch Me If You Can if memory serves.
  5. But if the two themes are included in the end credits suite, they must be significant to some extent. The prospect of two new themes excites me regardless of how sweeping they are or aren't. I'm a fanboy.
  6. Whatever it is, it's growing on me. Not actually growing on me - I'm likening it more^
  7. That settles it. I'm going to become a famous film composer.
  8. And I thought the no-spoiler no-track title thread would be the most boring of the current crop of threads! I don't mean to encourage anything naughty, but the talk about someone losing their job ......
  9. Yeah the Laura Dern bit is a reference to the Jurassic Park hymn theme. Daisy sang Laura’s name to its melody. She told that story and sang a demo during the 2-hour red carpet video.
  10. And while he's walking down the red carpet. How rude!
  11. Epic^ And perhaps new music in the minutes after those first 40 seconds? I wish they'd stop talking!