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  1. While driving a taxi about 20 years ago one Sunday night, I tuned the radio into Australia's Classical FM station. "The Bat Attack" was playing, and since I had no context to place the piece, I spent a frustrating few minutes trying to recall what the music was. It was my discovery of a Sunday night film score show.
  2. Are you sure? I find it hard to believe he listened to it and didn't realize it included something he didn't write.
  3. pete

    Another Spielberg possibility: Robopocalypse

    It's still kind of on his radar: http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/steven-spielberg-says-hes-still-plugged-into-that-robopocalypse-adaptation I only realized a couple of week's ago the novel has a sequel. Planning to read that soon as I really enjoyed the first one.
  4. I haven't been reading that thread. Does someone know for sure the piece is around two minutes, or is it just speculation?
  5. Thank you. I'd appreciate that. And I'd forgotten how beautiful that piece is.
  6. Nice!! And love the text at the start. Is that the arrangement from the piano book or did you notate it by ear?
  7. John Powell on instagram. Score contains five of his own original themes, many other motifs, in addition to Williams Han theme. He also just said no trailers have his music.
  8. I've used Carbonite for online backup since about 2011 when I also dropped a hard drive. I also keep my music on two external hard drives in addition to my PC hard drive. Music is life
  9. Lost in Space's two themes - by miles!
  10. Thanks for your reply. I enjoyed your last book.. MMmm Might have to buy a real book for the first time since that The Music of The Lord of the Rings!
  11. Will there be a Kindle/ebook edition?
  12. pete

    JW's concert arrangements - what's their point?

    You don’t think Flight to Neverlsnd is related to the music that plays while they’re flying to Neverland?
  13. Strange,I can't find that post in the link. Can you copy and past the whole quote and the interview link?
  14. Fellow Aussies. Nice surprise!