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  1. I read it as being an hour's worth of Galaxy's Edge material at the session Williams observed online, most of the pieces being short (less than two minutes) perhaps not all of them original Williams compositions and arrangements, but the wording doesn't specify. They could all be the sole work of Williams. The article could certainly be clearer. Then separate sessions for newly arranged music and adapted music from the film scores.
  2. pete


    I'd been wondering since season 1 episode 1 how the actors stayed hydrated. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/05/20/tv-shows/game-of-thrones-water-bottle-scli-intl/index.html
  3. Anderton's Great Escape just came to mind.
  4. The 90s were before my freshman uni students were born. I feel old whenever I mention something I did before the year 2000
  5. Donnybrook Fair from “Far & Away”. Never heard of that before. I wonder if it's a new arrangement or simply a renaming?
  6. I think it was clear from the photos Ann posted of the recording sessions. She posted a few times "we recorded" etc. under photos of her with Williams etc.
  7. He made a similiar comment years ago about reading the Beethoven piano sonatas or string quartets and pieces by Handel ... or was it Haydn? Something along the lines of "the read like novels", and I recall he said he has the scores on a nightstand by his bed. One of the Richard Dyer articles.
  8. pete

    Do you own an album by John Williams the guitarist?

    I don't think he writes music. I have a few of his albums, and I saw him give a recital. Wonderful player. I have The Magic Box - music from Africa; John Williams Plays the Movies, which has his previously arrangement of Schinder's List; The Seville Concert; and The Essential John Williams. You might have heard him perform Stanley Myers' Cavatina, also previously mentioned, which was used in The Deer Hunter, but was written several years earlier for a different film
  9. First chance I get with a bottle of whisky and two Russian hookers
  10. The whole Tokyo concert just popped up courtesy of YouTube's amazing "recommended videos" magic thing...
  11. Cheers, it came to me just a second or two after I posted^
  12. Thanks, but oh God, we're not abbreviating track names now are we? Movie titles were bad enough. HHIITWAFW?