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  1. Trent B

    The Official Intrada Thread

    This is the cover I made when the sessions leaked.
  2. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I for one really enjoyed Beyond and found it much more superior than Into Darkness.
  3. This sucks. I was hoping for a 4th one. And Paramount probably wonders why us fans hate them so much.
  4. Trent B

    Superman II - Lester Vs Donner

    I think you'd like the film. The theatrical version is definitely different from the Richard Donner cut but I myself prefer the Donner version.
  5. Trent B

    For Sale Die Hard 3-CD La-La Land (SOLD)

    Currently on hold pending payment.
  6. Trent B

    Rate 2018! Was it a good year for you?

    Eh 2018 more or less sucked for me. Lost my Social Security Disability (was on survivor's benefits) when I reported I got married. I've applied for regular SSI just waiting to see if I get approved...hope I do. Had to quit my job at Walgreens because my heart issues. I loved that job...but ya just sucked I had to quit it. One of nieces went into the hospital on December 28th for pneumonia and ended up getting diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia. She passed away that Sunday at 1am and she was only 26. I hope this year (2019) will be better...
  7. Trent B

    For Sale Die Hard 3-CD La-La Land (SOLD)

    I just did that lol. Anyways price lowered.
  8. Trent B

    Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

    Lia and I started watching this on Christmas Day night but some shit came up that we had to quit 30 minutes into it. We finished it up last night.
  9. Trent B

    Holy Grails 2018

    Ya but with Varèse never know if they'll do a proper release...
  10. Trent B

    Holy Grails 2018

    Here's what I'd love to have released in complete form... Willow The Land Before Time Spider-Man 1-3 (Elfman/Young) <---Although that one may not happen if at all from what MV said a few years ago Hook (A proper MM helmed edition) Star Wars Prequels (given) Star Wars Original Trilogy (Proper MM helmed editions) Air Force One Stargate (Arnold) <--The movie Jurassic Park III The Matrix (Proper release)
  11. Trent B

    Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

    I consider it a Christmas movie. If there's time after Lia and I get home from one of my brothers tonight we'll be watching it. I watch it every Christmas.
  12. Jack Napier: He's a tired old man.