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  1. La La Land Records Black Friday 2017

    The 4-CD set maybe the Volume 2 for Star Trek Voyager.
  2. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    Ya the mid-season finale had some plot holes but I looked past them. When Stamets was talking with Lorca about getting the data from the jumps and Stamets pointed out the dark areas being possible doorways to alternate makes me wonder if at the end they jumped into an alternate reality. Did you notice the boobies shot from the Klingon female when it showed her and Tyler doing it? Makes me wonder if Tyler was in fact Klingon altered to look human. Some think it's an albino Klingon that was altered to look human.
  3. Ya that is actually Brian Tyler on Facebook.
  4. There's been things that Samsung / Android has done that took a while for Apple to catch up on IE: bigger phone.
  5. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    I heard the album tonight and I for one really enjoyed what I heard. I got excited when I heard Elfman's Batman reprisal as well as Williams Superman theme reprisal. This score is way loads better than Batman vs Superman. It is cool too that Elfman threw in Wonder Woman's (Rupert Gregson-Williams) theme.
  6. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    A lot don't. I'm slowly warming up to Discovery. I can't get past the look of the Klingon's and the Klingon ships. They look freaking ugly. Klingon Goa'uld Bird Of Prey...really?
  7. I read that Samsung will be joining in with the no headphone port for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Pretty damn stupid if you ask me...
  8. Would anyone be willing to make top of the line mock ups for the remaining unreleased material from Revenge Of The Sith? Obviously non can be made for "Padmé's Visit" since the sheet music isn't available for that one.
  9. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    A lot of us veteran Trekkies wished they would have set it in the late 24th Century, well after the events of Nemesis. I don't care what the producers claim...this show is not in the prime universe...
  10. Describe your sex life with a movie title!

    Field Of Dreams
  11. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    I must have missed it...what scene did the Enterprise get mentioned?
  12. I sold a few things recently that I just don't connect to anymore or listen to anymore. One of those was the Indiana Jones Concord set...I know sacrilege. I have a thread here on JWFAN that I want to get rid of some more CDs that I posted a few months ago but no one is nibbling on them. That is definitely psycho.