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  1. Yes it was. Same for ROTS if I recall correctly.
  2. Here are ones I did for the Prequels.
  3. The Langoliers - Vladimir Horunzhy (1995) Source: Composer Main Titles Tired Brian Dinah's Panic Objects Nosehold Cockpit Brian On The Radio Dinah's Look Monsters Scenarios Sun Is Out Descent To Bangor Landing Airport Toomy's Flashback Walk To Terminal No Echo Flashback Dina's Talking Toomy's Moving Toomy's Attack It Happened To Us Part 2 (Opening) Toomy's Story Albert's Idea Experiment Dinah and Fight With Toomy Nick Spares Toomy Escape Escape Middle Escape Still Escape Ending Brian's Song Bob Sensed Wrong Pressure Nick's Decision Nick and Laurel Back In Time Back In LA Last Act So I was able to get the original cue list for The Langoliers from Vladimir himself. No slates but these are the original cue list and in the right order.
  4. Is there a breakdown or maybe a how to guide for making a complete proper edit using the LLL set and film mix boot?
  5. I had wondered where that particular piece would start in the film. I think the tracked John Scott and James Horner music works a lot better.
  6. Judging by the topic....no it's their own personal preference. Some may hate a score but I'll actually like it and vice versa. As I said it's all matter of preference. Edit: When I listen to film scores especially ones I listen to a lot, in my mind I see the scenes when the music is playing IE: "Stealing The Enterprise".
  7. Oh ya and as mentioned before Christopher Young's score is simply great. In my opinion the best of the three Spidey films. He brings Elfman's themes more to life and just is more overall enjoyable. Don't care too much for Lurie's or Debney's material. I prefer Young's full original score.
  8. Bingo. Edit: I swore I read a long time ago Raimi protested that he did NOT want Venom in this film and rather have him as a stand alone in a separate film....maybe the 4th? Don't quite remember the details but I do remember reading something to that regard.
  9. In my opinion it had too many villains. If they had just kept the Harry and Sandman story and not even introduce Venom (or emo Parker...shudder) then it would have been better. Don't get me wrong it is one I still watch on occasion but it's not as good as the first two. This one just had way too many problems which is why it did not do well in theaters. Other wise had it done well we would have a 4th Sam Raimi Spidey film. Edit: I remember too at the time this was being made a lot of people was hoping Venom would be introduced and as karelm said Raimi was under pressure from the studios and it's possible the introduction to Venom in this film was one of those pressures.
  10. Probably made The Dark Knight so "special" is because of Heath Ledger as The Joker. I do like The Dark Knight and thought Ledger is the best Joker. To me The Dark Knight Rises is definitely the best Nolan Batman film. Edit: I don't agree with Angry Video Game Nerd's opinion on The Matrix. For me it never gets old. However I do agree with the bullet time thing that got old fast.
  11. I'm only going to say this once so people can QUIT messaging me about it. My actual rip of the isolated score is NOT repeat NOT lossless. So please quit messaging me asking if it is lossless. It's not a recording just a rip and I think it's the same frequencies of what's out there all ready. So again people please do not message me anymore asking if it's lossless.
  12. Exactly. There's some moments in his Batman scores that aren't too bad but overall it's noise to me just like Man Of Steel.
  13. I didn't see this until now. Very interesting. So with a combination of the Varèse and this re-issue the score will be complete now? Glad to know the boot is obsolete.
  14. Everyone has the right to express their OPINION on composers.... just like how I 99.9% dislike (hate is such a strong word) Hans Zimmer. The fact he is scoring X-Men Dark Phoenix is disappointing to me. I MYSELF for one love Ottman's X-Men scores, especially X2: X-Men united. Marco Beltrami really isn't that great of a composer but he isn't that bad. I really like his scores for Die Hard 4 and 5.
  15. There are definitely some repetitive moments from the complete score but honestly I love it more than the OST. To ME there were some good moments left off the OST. -IE: Hero Stan, Crane Rescue, Sacrificial Camcorder, Roark's Big Plan, Evacuating Cedars, and Roark Rescues Children. However, I am glad to have the full complete score. It's another one I've been wanting complete since I first saw the film when it was originally released.
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