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  1. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    Perhaps this will be a step in the right direction for the inevitable complete releases.
  2. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    I am hoping in a year or two Disney will either give us proper remastered and complete versions of all six scores or let La-La Land or Intrada release complete remastered versions of all six.
  3. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    I don't have the OST's for the Original Trilogy but if the Prequel OST's sound better than what they are I might buy all six.
  4. The Matrix reboot (rumour)

    I find it hilarious how much back lash the last two films have gotten. I for one enjoyed all three movies.
  5. So I had to redo most of my edit. I went back and watched scenes with the iso score and I THINK this is the correct order of things. I thought I saw the cue title "Dread" in this thread but not sure if it is an actual title. Main Title Theme In Welcome Poe and Hux He's Insane Resistant Force To The Target We Can Do This Fighter Down We Lose Girl Ace Tossing The Saber We Need Your Help Important Scene (Revisiting Snoke) Luke's Breakfast Rey Looks (when she discovers the tree with the Jedi Sacred Texts) Rescuing Luke We Need A New Base Saving Leia Leia Saved Leia Saved FIX Luke In The Falcon Watch Your Language Admiral Holdo Rose Appears Rose Catches Finn Rey Awakens (when she wakes up with the sun in her face) Thought Connection Learning The Force Lady Officer and Poe Conspire The Connection Worst People In The Universe R.T. Shore Rose's Fathiers Luke and Rey Place In The World Six Hours Left Codebreaker...Thief Fathiers Fathiers Charge! Saying Goodbye To The Fathier Encounter Before The Dream The Cave Scene Rey Looks Back (the mirror sequence) You're Not Alone Touch Young Ren Is Awakened Big Fights Yoda Appears (this definitely is first) Old Books Yoda Insert What Cha Got? (when DJ asks about down payment for his services) Don't Join (Part of What Cha Got?) Traitor! Rey's Journey Mutiny I'll Help You Working Switches Ladies Parting Come Closer, Child Emperor's Theme Poe Wakes Up Finn, Rose and Hux Fighting Together Join Me Holdo's Secret Plan (I believe when she pilots the cruiser towards the Star Destroyers) Holdo's Resolve After The Explosion Finn Fights Phasma Rose and Finn Escape Hux and Ren Prep For Battle Troops and Planes Mechanical Trouble Here They Come, Again Finn's Attempted Sacrifice The Kiss Luke and Leia Reunion That's Enough Follow Him More Fighting The Last Jedi Sun Shot Old Friends Finale End Credits Crashing The Party (Deleted Scene) Party Music (Deleted Scene) Rose's Turn (The Rebellion Is Reborn?) UNSURE No Title 1M02A No Title 3M20INS2 No Title 3M22REV No Title 4M32INS No Title 4M32REV2 No Title 5M46INS No Title 7M67AINS No Title 9M85INS
  6. Star Wars Prequel VS. Sequel scores

    I've made an intended C&C of AOTC and it definitely has changed my mind. Yes it's not the strongest Prequel score but it's pretty damn good.
  7. I always use the "Tool" function then select the size to large for searching for images I want to use for artwork via google. I then right click and select "open image in new tab" and it brings up its original size.
  8. Right click and select "open image in new tab" to download the image.
  9. I recorded mine via my pc (directly through my sound card) and it sounds perfectly fine to me. I for one do notice low quality bit rates.
  10. BTW the clips on Youtube I'm pretty sure were from a rear channel Blu-Ray rip. Especially with the scene with Rey's saber training reported as having sfx. This isolated score has ZERO sfx what so ever.
  11. Where's Bloodboal?

    I didn't notice Blood vanished. Then again I haven't been on here that often these days to really notice. I too hope he's okay.
  12. What is the Last Cue You Listened To?

    "Exploring The Biomass / Big Daddy's Comin' / Don't Mess With Bill" - Jay Chattaway from Voyager's Scorpion. Damn good music. I just wish the piece of music where the Borg sacrificed the cube to protect Voyager had been included with the set too.
  13. I only watched like the first three "episodes" for Stargate Origins. I think there's 6 so far...not sure. This series is complete garbage and goes against everything from the original movie and the established TV series. You see Connor Tinneer and it's cool to see a big name attached to a "show" like this but it looks like it's a low budget thing. It's also a web series and only 10 minutes per "episode". The Stargate itself looks ugly and too new. It doesn't look nearly as good as it did for the original movie and SG-1. Count me out of this series.
  14. John Williams: Unpopular Opinions

    Battle Of The Heroes definitely falls short compared to Duel Of The Fates.