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  1. ID-4 R was OK. It's a popcorn flick for sure. It definitely pales in comparison to the first movie. Even the score paled in comparison to Arnold's original score.
  2. They had a great opportunity to use the original cue for "The Hunt" in the longest extended edition but instead used track music from "War" which was stupid.
  3. The full original version of "Quaritch Down" from Avatar. I really do prefer this version over the film version edit.
  4. True but when there's volume dips in the track it presents a problem and not very good for a listening experience. It threw me off when I was listening to the score, got to that track and heard volume dips in the track. Especially since the pristine boot has no volume issues with said track.
  5. I'm 100% sure that "11m3 Zander and Carmen" is completely different. You hear a fade out at the end of "Death Of Dizzy" and when in fact it should go into 11m3 Zander and Carmen which is a deleted scene. In the deleted scene Zander and Carmen are in her cabin getting ready for Dizzy's funeral. You can hear this music in the deleted scene. There's a version of the score that I downloaded called "expanded isolated score" when in fact it's not quite the isolated score as it has unused music like the Zander and Carmen sequence. "Bad News From Home" is an a previously un-heard piece which I do believe would play when Rico goes into the Major's office and tells him he doesn't want to drop out as his whole family was in Buenos Aires. It should sync up to how the track is played on this release.
  6. The alternate mix is just fine. It has no volume dips or any other issues. Anyways while I was not able to get a physical copy of the CD myself as I stated before a friend got it for me and it arrived yesterday. Whoever the hell the mail man was yesterday needs a bitch slap. There was another package in the tiny mail box of ours and BOTH packages should have gone into the larger one that was open. I had a hell of a hard time getting the package with the CD out as the package was shoved in there badly and tight and it almost got stuck when I was trying to get it out. Luckily the CD itself along with the case was unharmed.
  7. I plan on waiting for this film to hit home movies before seeing it. While I like the Terminator films I have never had the desire to see them in theaters.
  8. This whole thing is a mockup and non of it real orchestra?!
  9. You apparently didn't 'see I said "Edit: Nevermind I see what it is". I saw what they were talking about shortly after my post.
  10. What's this alternate of "Drill Team" you guys are talking about and from what score? Starship Troopers? Edit: Nevermind I see what it is.
  11. The Matrix also should have been a proper 2 CD release but instead they had to do a half assed 1 CD release and called it a "Deluxe Edition". I don't know why they haven't done a 2-CD set yet...
  12. It just does. If just seems like someone cut off the percussion opening and did a fade in. It's very easy to do and hide to make it seem like it was natural.
  13. Ya sorry I meant to actually say that. I was pretty tired last night when I made that post. Yes if MM or Neil had been helming the project it everything definitely would have been included. I agree it is a shame and definitely an awesome score.
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