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  1. Regarding Star Trek Beyond I for one loved it the most of the three reboot films. I liked parts of Star Trek Into Darkness but over all it was a mess and just pissed me off because it was a re-write of The Wrath Of Khan which is my favorite Star Trek film. Cumberbatch was the wrong choice for Khan although in the comics it explained why he looked different compared to the original TOS Khan. Star Trek Beyond definitely felt a lot more closer to a TOS episode/movie than the other two. I still love all three scores though.
  2. Which would be 3m3 Palpatine's TV Set and 3m4 Palpatine's Big Pitch. Which covers the entire Opera scene and when Palpatine talks to Anakin about Darth Plagueis and other stuff. 3m3 Palpatine's TV set is on the OST track 6 0:00-1:37. 3m4 Palpatine's Big Pitch is only available through the games, although not all of 3m4 is there a segment towards the end has to be made with mockups.
  3. The two copies I had (I rebought it again years later) had no errors.
  4. Too many people stuck in the past and still bitching about this film even 2 years later which is sad. I mean seriously it's just a movie people. Also for those that hate (or dislike) this movie and expect everyone else to (and even insult others who don't comply) well to me you stopped being a "fan" when you insist on that. For those who also say "this film ruined my childhood!" oh my lord grow the fuck up you're supposed to be adults it's just a damn movie. It's just so sad to see so many "fans" bitching about this movie to this day even as far as going after the actors / actresses and harassing them. That is NOT cool at all and another reason to me that you're no longer a "fan" when you do that. By the way I for one enjoyed both the film and the score.
  5. Fascinating. I wish I had the ability to rip Blu-Ray discs...
  6. I'm cautiously optimistic about this film.
  7. I learned about this release shortly after I found the unreleased score album for Back To The Future on Napster (remember that? LOL). I was thrilled and my parents was able to get it for me. I'll be honest back then I really loved it and listened to it A LOT. I did NOT care about the clunky edits and such back then, after all I was young and dumb. But yes as others have said it's because it's practically an isolated score. Clunky edits, looped material...no unused music at all and as someone else posted that Sony said it was EVERY note recorded for the film but it was not. If you're good at editing music listening to an intended complete edit is so much better than this clunky thing. It's coarse, it's rough and it gets everywhere.
  8. That makes absolutely no sense for him to appear right then....
  9. Trent B

    RIP iTunes

    I'm not having any problems with the current iTunes. However I updated my iPhone 6 Plus to the current iOS and it seems to drain my battery pretty rather fast if I am using it for a few hours. The guy I bought it from the Marketplace said he replaced some stuff in it like the screen and battery before he listed it and I believe him. Still...it's just annoying.
  10. I say everyone should be forced to have their username their real name...well at least the first name and maybe the first initial of your last name, like myself. I too am tired of all these name changes. Just one of a few reasons why I hardly visit or post here these days.
  11. So I HAD an iPhone X. I was under one of my brothers plan. He kept flip flopping on whether or not I could keep it. So I got tired of it and gave it back to him and bought an unlocked iPhone 6 Plus from Facebook Marketplace for a fairly good price and got a prepaid Verizon plan. Even though it's an older model I'm glad to have a decent phone. When/if I ever do get approved for Social Security I'll buy a newer unlocked iPhone model... most likely will be the 8 Plus.
  12. While I like Rob Dougan's "Chateau" I really love Don Davis' original piece more and fits the sequence for the film better. I really wish they had not replaced it with Rob Dougan's piece. Even though I've got Rob Dougan's piece for my iPod I might go back and replace it with Don Davis' original piece.
  13. Yes it was. Same for ROTS if I recall correctly.
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