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  1. Trent B

    The Official Varese Sarabande Thread

    What an odd release. Well kudos to those who wanted this.
  2. Heavy breathing starting out the trailer just like in The Force Awakens. A little disturbing...
  3. Trent B

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    The complete score Star Trek 2009. It had been a while since I heard the whole thing. Forgot how fun it was.
  4. Trent B

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    That sucks Jeremy Irons didn't want to reprise his role for Scar.... not the same with out him.
  5. Trent B

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    The complete score for Vladimir Horunzhy's The Langoliers. An awesome score and I'm glad he finally made it available after all these years. I even read a post of his that he was surprised the producers never released a CD release of his score back then in 95.
  6. Trent B

    Anyone else fat?

    I had dropped down to 200lbs a couple of years ago even a size 38 waist which I had never been before ...but now back up to about 240lbs... wanting to get back down again but hard with chronic back pain and really not able to walk a whole lot with out my back hurting after a short while.
  7. Trent B

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    I agree about the Varèse version being disappointing.
  8. Trent B

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    25th Anniversary of Stargate? YES! I know MV had mentioned once it had been shelved because Roland Emmerich was going to reboot the film but that got put on hold...don't know if it was put on hold indefinitely or not. Glad to know it's still coming out. Hopefully it'll be fully 100% complete.
  9. Trent B

    The End of Hook

    "Arrival At Neverland" and "Presenting The Hook" are separate. "I'll Take Those Shoes" and "Show Us Your Hook" are meant to be joined together like in the film.
  10. Back To The Future The Empire Strikes Back Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan (FSM) I think those are pretty solid scores that would probably get someone into film scores.
  11. All I can say is UGH! I'd rather have Brad Fiedel back or at least someone else who can do music better... such as Danny Elfman since he gave us a good score for Terminator Salvation.
  12. Trent B

    Anyone else think 90s film scores sound the best?

    A lot of the expanded / complete scores we've gotten IE: Star Trek scores, and others do sound good and were balanced well. However, there are a lot of them that are brick walled to the point of clipping IE: Superman Returns, ID-4, and others not sure what happened to those... Edit: I found a lot of the 90's albums a little too low on the mixing....
  13. Trent B

    FILM: The Dark Knight (2008)

    I like all three Nolan Batman films they're awesome. I especially love Heath Ledger's Joker. I however really dislike Zimmer's / JNH's scores on these...to me they're just noise.
  14. Trent B

    Are There Any Scores That You Hate?

    If you mean all three then that's a shame. I think they're fun scores with Star Trek Beyond being the best one.
  15. Trent B

    Are There Any Scores That You Hate?

    For me hate is too strong of a word. Dislike is more accurate. There are A LOT of scores I do dislike and simply can NOT get into them IE: Man Of Steel the Noland/Zimmer Batman scores, etc..