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  1. With the latest iOS update (updated today) I do like that you don't have to hold down programs and wait for that stupid red circle to force close them. It's nice to swipe them up like before.
  2. Well recent things happened...had a fall out with one of my brothers. He was being a douche pickle about the phones.... but I did get on one of my other brothers plan. So anyways I love the iPhone X and I'm glad to be back.
  3. Trent B

    The Complete Cue Lists Thread

    Rupert Gregson-Williams - Wonder Woman (2017) Source: Recording Sessions 1m1-1m2 DC Logos / Opening / Amazons Of Themyscira 1m3-1m4 Bedtime Story / Training Diana 1m6 Fighting Antiope 1m7 Cliff View 2m8 Plane Crash 2m8a-2m11 You're A Man / Beach Battle / Death Of Antiope / Interrogation 3m13a Steve and Diana 3m13b-3m15 Steve Questions Diana / Diana Tests Her Strength 3m16 Leaving The Island 3m17 Sleeping 3m18 Ludendorff 3m19 London 3m20 Baby 4m21 Selfridges 4m22 Bad Guys 4m23 Alley Shootout 4m24 Gas Test 4m25 Reading The Notebook 4m28 Diana Tosses Bar Guy 4m29 Steve Tells Of His Plan 4m31 Wounded Soldiers 5m32 Gassing The Officers 5m34 Charlie's Nightmare 5m36 No Man's Land 5m37-5m39 Fighting In Veld 5m40 He Cannot Shoot 6m41 Diana's Realization 6m44a First Kiss 6m44b Green Grow The Rashes 6m45 Approaching The Castle 6m46 The Lady In A Blue Dress 6m48 Diana Enters The Ballroom 6m49 Gassed Village 7m50 Killing Ludendorff 7m51 Steve Leaves 7m52 Ares 7m53 Tower Explosion 7m54 Steve Says Goodbye 8m56 Showdown 8m56a Rage 8m57a-8m57b Hearing / Diana Wins 8m57c Aftermath 8m58-8m58a Victory Celebration / Trafalgar Photo 8m59a Only Love 8m59b Wonder Woman 8m60 Action Reaction (Main On Ends) 9m62 End Roller Part B
  4. Trent B

    Pet Peeves

    Grammar Nazi.
  5. Trent B

    Pet Peeves

    Or stopping in the middle of the cross walk. That's another major pet peeve of mine for drivers. Edit: What I mean by brake check....not the ones in the videos but I mean quickly for a brief moment hit the breaks and make them back off. I have done it before and it works but this guy was seriously way too close for me to have done it with out him slamming into me. Also in those videos don't do that shit in front of a semi (or a school bust as I saw in one) especially if they're carrying a huge load! They have no way of stopping on a dime like your vehicle does. Doing that is just plain STUPID!
  6. Trent B

    Pet Peeves

    Tailgating makes you an asshole plain and simple. I hate tailgaters because it's very dangerous. I mean if I were to suddenly slam on my brakes for whatever reason and the asshole behind me is tailgating super close he/she won't have time to stop and will hit me. The other day after I exited the freeway I had one asshole tailgating me the whole time I mean SUPER CLOSE until I turned to go down the road I was needing to go down. After I started making the turn and there was enough room he floored it big time passed me. I was all ready going 5 miles over the speed limit and I had to slow down a bit to get into the turn lane safely with out putting to much pressure on my brakes. I had thought about break checking that asshole but I knew if I had he would have slammed into me because there was NOT enough room for him to have stopped.
  7. Trent B

    Pet Peeves

    Driving pet peeves... Tailgaters (which I really hate). Turning with no blinker (which is a huge problem here in Utah). Not letting someone in. When trying to move over into another lane the car that's a little ways behind you speeds up really suddenly after you put your blinker on in attempt to not let you over. When you're going the speed limit (or even 5-10 miles over) everyone else is passing you like your a snail.
  8. Trent B

    Anyone else move a lot?

    I've moved probably about 8 times since I've lived here in Utah.
  9. I prefer Papa Murphy's is my favorite pizza these days. I love Wendy's and 5 Guys. Although 5 Guys uses peanut oil and since my wife is allergic to peanuts I can't get that anymore... 😕 I've had to sacrifice a lot of stuff I liked getting IE: snickers, peanut butter cups, butterfingers, cashews, etc... because of her allergies to peanuts but small price to pay. Chick-Fil-A also uses peanut oil.
  10. Trent B

    Star Trek is better than everything

    EVERY incarnation of Star Trek had some awesome and bad episodes. You can't just limit it to TNG.
  11. The sound issue with The Mummy Returns is the same as the boot. I think Intrada used the same masters or something similar. I think it was just how the score was recorded is why it sounds like it does.
  12. Trent B

    What is the third best ST:TOS film score?

    I like all the Star Trek film scores but of this list I chose Star Trek III.
  13. Trent B

    The Official Intrada Thread

    Never heard or seen the movie.
  14. Trent B

    Happy Captain Picard Day!!!

    That's true.
  15. Trent B

    Jerry Goldsmith THE MUMMY Intrada 2CD set!!!

    Nope the cat's piano is not included. That was just an overlay so hence why it wasn't included. There was never piano notes in Finish The Job. The piano notes were in "Serious Trouble".