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  1. That_Bloke

    John Williams - La-La Land Records: 2019

    LLL mentioned last year that Towering Inferno and JFK were coming, just not in 2017. Maybe 2019 will be their release year.
  2. Love that expression. I wonder how many non-Australians are wondering what getting Bradbury'd means
  3. I blame the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and the Patriarchy. And those shape-changing lizard aliens.
  4. smh. I feel like an idiot. There they were, sitting there staring at me, and yet I looked and looked. I had looked straight at them and didn't even register. It's moments like these that make me wonder how I ever earned two uni degrees. Thank you @Jay for explaining it to me, and sorry you had to do that. Peter
  5. Oh Wow! I echo everyone else's sentiments of praise. Great resource. Not enough thankyou emojis. 👍 As a side note, can someone help me with accessing the Temple of Doom and Last Crusade google docs please? Every time I click on the links I only get the same doc for Raiders. I'm assuming all three films are on the one doc but I don't know how to access them past Raiders (scrolling doesn't help). Thanks.
  6. That_Bloke

    The Harry Potter John Williams Collection!

    Hell yeah. Next year. No. "next year" because of 1. exchange rate (our low dollar has been starting to creep up ever so slowly) and if 2. LLL announces another Williams early next year ( e.g Towering inferno, JFK, Superman) I can save on shipping and get a bundle. Of course, that will change if a low-stock announcement on HP is made before then.
  7. That_Bloke

    New JW Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Music!!

    I recall reading an interview in the days of Episode I where Williams said he wrote an ALTERNATE Main Title to Ep I. Williams planned on giving the Prequel Trilogy it's own Theme and leaving the one we all know for the Original Trilogy. At the Ep I recording session it was played by the LSO for Lucas, who suggested re-using the original theme, only on the basis that the audience would expect to hear the original theme. I often wondered if Williams "banked" that alternate theme and then withdrew it from the theme bank to use it for something else. Could this be it? Did it turn up somewhere else in the Prequel Trilogy? Or the new trilogy? Was it used for a non-SW project? Mind boggled
  8. In case Chris doesn't see this... the Crusher is still going strong. He married a beautiful woman and they have to two gorgeous girls. He still draws and is into JW's music, but parenting and work take up much of his time. I wrote a Star Wars parody musical. When the show was signed to an agent and the script was published Chris designed the show logo and artwork for the cover. Hopefully he'll be doing more of that.
  9. I'm guessing one of the reasons may be that the Maestro feels the music doesn't make for a worthy stand-alone listening experience. I've seen the film. There's not much score. There are some statements of the theme, but repetitive, as though the same track was re-used. There's not much else apart from some brush-stick snare drumming and jaw's harp. They sound like an unruly kid hopped on the instruments and just played them like toys. Funnily enough, that reflects the mindset of the two characters. Mind you, if a score was released I'd still buy it.
  10. That_Bloke

    Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    I hope this helps for reference: https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/the-post-sheet-music/20732579 or in Australia... https://www.fishpond.com.au/Books/Post-Professor-John-Williams-By-composer/9781540026170 Ordered my copy and awaiting arrival. Cheers.
  11. I posted this on the FSM forum; thought it worthy of copying it here: "Here in Australia our main supplier of these CDs is local retail giant JB Hifi. They have been advertising on their site the CDs to be available in store on 4th May. However, now that day has come and gone their website says "pre-order" only, with a "provisional" covers shown.Reading all these comments it makes me wonder if some faults have been discovered in the first batch of CDs to be pressed and JB is holding off stocking them until this is sorted out. I also noticed the French versions have covers different to the official ones shown on the starwars.com site. I also wonder if we'll be getting alternate overs too."
  12. This from MV on the FSM forums (20 April 2018) : "We have vinyl in the works. It's been forced on us. Lol. In order to get some CD deals we have to agree to do some vinyl runs as well. Nature of the business nowadays" https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?forumID=1&pageID=7&threadID=126479&archive=0
  13. Perhaps the reference to 2018 being one for the books means this year will be notable for having the least number of releases of works by Williams
  14. No, but near the end of the suite a bouncy riff turns up for a few bars. It evokes the feeling of the Superman riff but it's not the same.
  15. If he created the suite he may feel the suite to be the best representation of what he wrote for the movie. I find it the suite more interesting and entertaining than the music as heard in the film. If you've seen the movie, you'll hear how repetitive the score is. And yes, the playing in the film could be better.