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  1. Our Channel 7 has been using NBC's news theme for it's own news theme for years now, beginning with the original arrangement. Many locals have no idea Williams wrote it or that it was written for NBC. Variations and loops like the above sample are used as underscore for the "breaking news" announcements or "up next on Seven news..." tags. They are no surprise to us as we're so used to hearing them. I just figured that when NBC licensed the theme outside the US that local channels are allowed to arrange the music to add a more local flavour or to otherwise suit their needs. It's also possible the above sample is part of a suite of tags and bumpers that are provided by NBC exclusively to non-US users and the local channel can choose from them.
  2. Good stuff. When I read the thread title I thought you missed out on buying them, as where I'm from "lucked out" means "bad luck" or "missed opportunity" Oh the English language!
  3. 1.. An opera would be nice (and I also happen to like Thomas and the King but that's just me) but if Williams feels he's not up to it then I respect and accept that. 2. The petitioner seems to think that not writing an opera is all that's stopping Williams from achieving "true greatness", as if the Maestro isn't already truly great. J.S. Bach never wrote an opera and it never hurt his reputation. Bach did come close with the one-off "Coffee Cantata" but that's his "Thomas and the King" 3. The petition only needs 100 signatures. I figure it'll take a lot more than that to convince Mr Williams to "operate." 4. Reading the petition I get a sense this project is borne more out of fanboy desire to please the fanboy. 5. I take it someone used the word "gay" in its proper context and meaning and someone else was offended? Cheers.
  4. So we're told by a troll (and we know how reliable they are) there's a big load of unreleased stuff that's variation and experimentation of the final score. If such stuff exists then it sounds to me that it's rough attempts or rehearsal takes, and is therefore the musical equivalent of a half-baked dinner. i.e. not worth releasing. I figure if this stuff was worth releasing then JW / Warners would have allowed it. Those "bottle cappers" among us who would buy such stuff don't seem a big enough market to justify the cost of a release. Looking forward to LLL's release and MM's audio magic.
  5. Happy 20th Birthday jwfan, and congratulations on the anniversary. Thank you very much for being here. I was a member since late 2001, though lurking before then, and now largely reduced to lurking, because "Life". May you keep going for at least another 20 more years. 👏❤️🎇
  6. I thought Helen Reddy was still alive , and the news of her death was one of those celebrity death hoaxes.
  7. It's an academic text, not a coffee-table book for general public consumption. It's common for academic texts to be that price, because of the smaller market, and it's also the hardback edition. But I can understand the concern. I suppose if it wasn't an academic text it would be filled with simple-level stuff we already know or can get online for free. I'm going to wait and see if a cheaper softcover edition comes out.
  8. LLL mentioned last year that Towering Inferno and JFK were coming, just not in 2017. Maybe 2019 will be their release year.
  9. Love that expression. I wonder how many non-Australians are wondering what getting Bradbury'd means
  10. I blame the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and the Patriarchy. And those shape-changing lizard aliens.
  11. smh. I feel like an idiot. There they were, sitting there staring at me, and yet I looked and looked. I had looked straight at them and didn't even register. It's moments like these that make me wonder how I ever earned two uni degrees. Thank you @Jay for explaining it to me, and sorry you had to do that. Peter
  12. Oh Wow! I echo everyone else's sentiments of praise. Great resource. Not enough thankyou emojis. 👍 As a side note, can someone help me with accessing the Temple of Doom and Last Crusade google docs please? Every time I click on the links I only get the same doc for Raiders. I'm assuming all three films are on the one doc but I don't know how to access them past Raiders (scrolling doesn't help). Thanks.
  13. Hell yeah. Next year. No. "next year" because of 1. exchange rate (our low dollar has been starting to creep up ever so slowly) and if 2. LLL announces another Williams early next year ( e.g Towering inferno, JFK, Superman) I can save on shipping and get a bundle. Of course, that will change if a low-stock announcement on HP is made before then.
  14. I recall reading an interview in the days of Episode I where Williams said he wrote an ALTERNATE Main Title to Ep I. Williams planned on giving the Prequel Trilogy it's own Theme and leaving the one we all know for the Original Trilogy. At the Ep I recording session it was played by the LSO for Lucas, who suggested re-using the original theme, only on the basis that the audience would expect to hear the original theme. I often wondered if Williams "banked" that alternate theme and then withdrew it from the theme bank to use it for something else. Could this be it? Did it turn up somewhere else in the Prequel Trilogy? Or the new trilogy? Was it used for a non-SW project? Mind boggled
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