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  1. UPDATE: October 24, 2017 21st ANNIVERSARY – CUSTOM SUITES On today’s program you are going to hear 12 custom concert suites edited by yours truly featuring THE AVENGERS by Joel McNeely, THE PROMISE by Klaus Badelt, BATMAN FOREVER by Elliot Goldenthal, PAYCHECK by John Powell, THE THREE MUSKETEERS by Michael Kamen, PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF by Christophe Beck, PETER PAN by James Newton Howard, THE ROCKETEER by James Horner, GODZILLA by David Arnold, SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW by Edward Shearmur, THE KARATE KID PART I AND II by Bill Conti and WARRIORS OF VIRTUE by Don Davis. Join me in celebrating this momentous occasion by listening to some of your favourite scores like you've never heard them before! Enjoy! The show is available via iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher | | Cinematic Sound Radio Affiliate Co-Host of Tracksounds The Soundcast Stereo Social Networks | Enjoy! -Erik-
  2. Lyle Burbridge was a brilliant recording engineer. I don't think they (the remixing engineers) had the best elements for the TOD release. If you want to hear another brilliant recording by Burbridge around the same time, listen to The Last Starfighter. -Erik-
  3. It wasn't the first thing I did. -Erik-
  4. Why assume that I'm not enjoying the music? But I am an audio guy and take great interest in the restoration of film music so I threw a few tracks into Audition to have a look so I could analyze the music further. Anything wrong with that? -Erik-
  5. There really isn't much difference in the sound quality with the exception of some added low ends and an ever so slight volume boost (or compression) in some sections. It sounds as crisp and vibrant as it always has. Although "Adventure on Earth" went through a massive transformation. Still sounds bright and vibrant... as always... but you can tell by looks at the waveforms how much work was put into that cue specifically. -Erik-
  6. UPDATE: September 28, 2017 NEW RELEASES ROUND-UP On this week’s episode of CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO, we will be playing music from some new and recent releases.You’ll hear selections from VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANET by Alexandre Desplat, COLOSSAL by Bear McCreary, DIANE: HER LIFE AND LEGACY by Miguel d’Oliveira (download the album for FREE!), REBEL IN THE RYE by Bear McCreary, SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE by Christopher Lennertz, ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED by Gareth Coker, ALI’S WEDDING by Nigel Westlake and IT by Benjamin Wallfisch. The show is available via iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher | | Cinematic Sound Radio Affiliate Co-Host of Tracksounds The Soundcast Stereo Social Networks | Enjoy! -Erik-
  7. UPDATE: September 18, 2017 THE ARCHIVE WITH JASON DRURY: EPISODE TWO Welcome to episode two of THE ARCHIVE WITH JASON DRURY here on CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO. This episode features an exclusive suite of music from Tadlow Records' brand new recording of BEN-HUR by Miklos Rozsa. BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES turns 25 years old this month and to commemorate that momentous occasion you'll hear selections from the various scores composed by Shirley Walker. Jason takes a trip back to 1983 and plays for you selections from John Barry's score to HIGH ROAD CHINA. Composer Roy Budd was born on March 14, 1947. Sadly and suddenly, he passed away at the age of 46 from a brain hemorrhage on August 7th, 1993. Jason celebrates Budd's 70th anniversary with music from FEAR IS THE KEY and his final score for PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Back in 2009 Intrada Records released Jerry Goldsmith score to ONE LITTLE INDIAN by Jerry Goldsmith. You'll hear a suite from that score which was initially released in 1973. Afterwards, Jason treats you with music from David Arnold's forgotten classic to LAST OF THE DOGMEN and then rounds off the program with a flourish with music from Tadlow Records' re-recording of TARAS BULBA by Franz Waxman. The show is available via iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher | | Cinematic Sound Radio Affiliates | Co-Host of Tracksounds The Soundcast Stereo Social Networks | Enjoy! -Erik-
  8. I use my ears to listen to music. But I understand where you are coming from but 2016 JP is compressed... or at least SEEMS compressed to my ears. -Erik-
  9. The 1996 and 2002 releases were re-mixed by Shawn Murphy. Again, there was no need to fart around with it. Burbridge and Botnick did a brilliant job with their original mix. I hope Matassino and Botnick did do too much with their mix on the LLL edition. I like Matassino a lot but sometimes his mixes erk me. Less is more in this case! -Erik- I don't agree with the Jurassic Park comment. I can hear compression, especially in the opening cue. The big boom of those drums sound dampened. The only thing Jurassic Park need was a boost in overall volume. Sometimes I think the labels just tinker for the sake of tinkering because then they have something different and not necessarily something that is improved. For instance, the original release of Eraser sounds much better than La La Land's mix. But that's just a personal thought. I love all the labels and what they do for all of us fans is greatly appreciated! -Erik-
  10. Whoops! <<grabscoat>> I'll see myself out -Erik- Some scores don't need a new mix. This is one that DOESN'T need one. -Erik-
  11. I assumed that the album recording took place during the same sessions as the original soundtrack recording. They were both recorded by Lyle Burbridge and Bruce Botnick at MGM Scoring. -Erik-
  12. UPDATE: September 1, 2017 A TRIBUTE TO CINCINNATI POPS CONDUCTOR ERICH KUNZEL (1935-2009) On September 1, 2009, we lost conductor Erich Kunzel. Over the course of his distinguished career, he recorded many critically acclaimed and influential film music themed albums with the Cincinnati Pops for Telarc Records. CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO is proud to celebrate his life and career with this two-hour retrospective! The show is available via iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher | | Cinematic Sound Radio Affiliates | Co-Host of Tracksounds The Soundcast Stereo Social Networks | Enjoy! -Erik-
  13. Hummmm... sorry to hear that. As you know I think highly of the theme, which is one of the most catchy and original superhero themes written... ever! -Erik- I don't see why not. I actually contemplated Judge Dredd's theme. I love that score! -Erik-
  14. I'm not completely sure I understand what you are saying? -Erik-