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  1. UPDATE: June 7, 2018 THE ARCHIVE WITH JASON DRURY: EPISODE TEN ten of THE ARCHIVE on CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO begins with a tribute to Margot Kidder with Jason playing the love theme from SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE by John Williams.Then Jason features selections from La La Land Records brand new release of the complete score to ALIEN³ by Elliot Goldenthal. You’ll then hear selections from THE STORYTELLER by Rachael Portman and KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE by John Massari.Jason then starts the second part of the show by paying tribute to the late Arthur B. Rubinstein by playing selections from his score for BLUE THUNDER. Afterward, you’ll hear music from THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PYJAMAS by James Horner, WESTWORLD by Fred Karlin and HELLBOY by Marco Beltrami.Enjoy!The show is available via iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher | | Sound Radio Affiliates | http://www.moviescoreradio.comCo-Host of Tracksounds The Soundcast Stereo Networks |!-Erik-
  2. FAKE! It's a suite from Rise of the Underminer! -Erik-
  3. UPDATE: April 12, 2018 LOST IN SPACE, READY PLAYER ONE, MAX & ME AND MORE NEW SOUNDTRACKS On this week’s episode of CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO, we will be featuring six new and recent soundtrack releases.You’ll first hear exciting music from Alan Silvestri’s score to Steven Spielberg’s READY PLAYER ONE. You’ll also hear selections from Mark McKenzie’s MAX & ME, James Newton Howard’s RED SPARROW, Ludwig Goransson’s BLACK PANTHER, Christopher Lennertz’s LOST IN SPACE and Bear McCreary’s THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX. Our John Williams score of the week is THE FURY released in 1978. And our re-recording of the week the unused score to 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY by Alex North featuring conductor Jerry Goldsmith and the National Philharmonic Orchestra. Enjoy! The show is available via iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher | | Cinematic Sound Radio Affiliates | Co-Host of Tracksounds The Soundcast Stereo Social Networks | Enjoy! -Erik-
  4. That's your list of favourite western SCORES! What are your favourite individual TRACKS? Two TOTALLY different things. -Erik-
  5. Ha! Thanks for that. I like The Wild Bunch, Shane, The Searchers, and Lonely Are The Brave (hey Bad Girls made the cut ) Funny thing about FUCKING DANCES WITH WOLVES.... is that the porn spoof? I consider DANCES WITH WOLVES it to be one of my all-time favourite scores and there are a ton of great individual cues that could have made the list but in all honesty, I would rather listen to all of the cues on my list FIRST before spinning a Dances With Wolves cue. But if I did have to pick one I'd pick "Journey to Fort Sedgewick." There is so much great music to chose from the genre that I can't make EVERYONE happy. Then again, this is a list of MY personal favourite western cues. What are your favourite western cues so that I can say " FORGET THIS" to your list. -Erik-
  6. Man... I missed that. I do love the sequels main title music! :shame: Yes... I played Horner's score (and some Morricone westerns) at the end of the show to fill up the rest of the time. Horner's score didn't make the countdown. I do like a good TV western theme but none of them are on my own personal top 10. Sorry. But hey... no love for the fact that I included a video game score? -Erik-
  7. UPDATE: March 26, 2018 TOP 10 FAVOURITE WESTERN TRACKS OF ALL TIME On the program today, I’m going to play for you my ten favourite western tracks of all time and four honourable mentions. This show idea was suggested to me by fellow IFMCA member, Asier G. Senarriaga. You’ll hear selections from composers Bruce, Broughton, James Newton Howard, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Dimitri Tiomkin, Ennio Morricone, Elmer Bernstein, Alfred Newman, and more. You’ll also hear a suite of music from James Horner’s score to the 2016 remake of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN and a suite of western music composed by Ennio Morricone. Enjoy the countdown! The show is available via iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher | | Cinematic Sound Radio Affiliate Co-Host of Tracksounds The Soundcast Stereo Social Networks | Enjoy! -Erik-
  8. UPDATE: March 14, 2018 FAVOURITE SCORES OF 2017 | PART II On today’s episode, we are presenting the long-awaited, final episode of our TOP 20 FAVOURITE SCORES OF 2017 program. I’ve been absent from the program for about a month now. A terrible flu ripped through my family in February, which also affected me, and only now am I starting to feel somewhat normal. The first part of our countdown celebrated selections 20 through to 11. You can hear that program by going to Today’s program presents suites from selections 10 through to 1 featuring the film, TV and video game music of Alexandre Desplat, John Williams, Theodore Shapiro, Jonny Greenwood, Yoko Kanno, George Kallis, Christopher Willis, Yasunori Mitsuda and Michael Giacchino. While I’m sure your personal best of 2017 list is very different than mine, I never expect anyone’s favourites to mirror my own, I offer you a chance to put me in my place. Please feel free to contact me or write in the comments section below with scores that I might have left off the list. With that, enjoy the countdown! The show is available via iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher | | Cinematic Sound Radio Affiliate Co-Host of Tracksounds The Soundcast Stereo Social Networks | Enjoy! -Erik-
  9. UPDATE: March 9, 2018 INTERVIEW WITH MIKE ROSS-TREVOR | GUEST HOST JASON DRURY In February 2018, for Cinematic Sound Radio, Jason Drury talked to Mike Ross-Trevor at his home in Broadstairs, Kent, England. In the Interview, Mike talks about his early recording career, how he was hired to record Legend and his part in the score’s CD release, Jerry Goldsmith’s Hungarian sessions, the recording session of Tombstone and his association with Whitfield Street Studios. The show also features loads of the memorable music that Mike Ross-Trevor has recorded including LEGEND, RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART 2, LIONHEART, HOOSIERS, MEDICINE MAN, TOMBSTONE, A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE and many many more. The show is available via iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher | | Cinematic Sound Radio Affiliate Co-Host of Tracksounds The Soundcast Stereo Social Networks | Enjoy! -Erik-
  10. NEW Score podcast. David W Collins is back!

    Which scores would you like to hear? -Erik-
  11. NEW Score podcast. David W Collins is back!

    I couldn’t get through this latest episode. It felt more like a college lecture than an entertaining and informative podcast. And again... those ads just kill the show. -Erik-
  12. NEW Score podcast. David W Collins is back!

    Probably. And I wish David all the best! -Erik-
  13. NEW Score podcast. David W Collins is back!

    I love conversational podcasts as well. If there are two or more people then a script isn't needed. -Erik- PS - David's show is doing really well. 10th most popular MUSIC podcast in the US and 5th most popular MUSIC podcast in Canada. Makes me wonder what I've been doing wrong all these years? I think no one wants to hear the music. The two most popular Soundtrack related shows are Soundtracking and David's new show. Both are "talking head" shows. Edith does interviews with some VERY high profile people (it certainly helps that she's an incredibly popular radio personality in the UK.) And David had quite a following on the Star Wars Oxygen podcast. PPS - Yes, I'm f__king jealous!
  14. NEW Score podcast. David W Collins is back!

    Oh, there is absolutely enough room for all of us. And I've heard David's shows on Star Wars Oxygen as well... but for some reason, this show didn't click with me. David's show reminds me of what Doug Adams use to do on the FSM Podcast and what he is planning on doing with his new show. I find Adams' show to be a better produced, more focused program. Then again, this is David's first solo show and I'm sure he'll get better as the weeks go on. Anyway, I'm not complaining. I'm just being critical (picky), especially about those ads. -Erik-