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  1. They should give it to Edward Shearmur. -Erik- PS - Giacchino interviewed and provided demos for Band of Brothers.
  2. The broadcast premiere of AIR FORCE ONE (DELUXE EDITION) on CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO. WEB: http://bit.ly/2nnO8Nv APPLE PODCASTS: http://apple.co/29zAyyL SPOTIFY: http://spoti.fi/2PfYHPb Enjoy! -Erik-
  3. I'm at a point in my life where I don't have the time to dedicate to listen to full expanded albums and whatnot. I do try but unless it's already a favourite I tend to be far more attracted to shorter releases. HOWEVER, Air Force One flows brilliantly. There are a few odd short cues here and there that disrupt the flow a bit but this is high octane Goldsmith and McNeely and it'a an absolutely treat. Interesting to hear some repeated ideas in some of the cues (ideas from Target Air Force One are reprised in The Dogfight). I also like hearing the electronic presence is some of the more atmospheric cues. But overall, this is everything you could ever want from this score. It's amazing that this much quality was put together and recorded in just 3 weeks. -Erik-
  4. Ok, but NO ONE is thinking about shuffling playlists when remixing these albums. -Erik-
  5. Great, but each album is remixed differently that the other. -Erik-
  6. Dynamic range but the volume levels on both are fine as well. Nothing is clipped and nothing sounds absurdly quiet either. -Erik-
  7. Why? When you redo an album you don't have another releases' remix in mind. That doesn't make any sense at all. -Erik-
  8. Air Force One, both albums, have GREAT dynamic range, IMO! -Erik-
  9. I'm pretty sure the samples are all taken from the new master. BTW, my comparison wasn't done with the samples. -Erik-
  10. The new album sounds pretty much identical to the 1997 album. Actually, looking at the waveforms and loudness info, the new set is roughly 2db quieter. -Erik-
  11. And it's available on the Kunzel album MEGA MOVIES from Telarc.
  12. Who says the Williams version is the right one? Any condutor can interpret the piece however they want. Kunzel did a brilliant job! As for Han and Leia... yeah, I don't need the new version because it's the pits compared to the original. -Erik- I'm pretty sure this is the concert version that many have performed since 1999. We even have a few recordings of it via Varese, Telarc and Silva. -Erik-
  13. Weak it is not. The recording and performance is utterly brilliant. We don't have a great recording of the original Han and Leia? If you have the Gerhardt's Empire recording then you have a great recording of that suite. -Erik-
  14. I have no issues with the conducting. Kunzel took Spacecamp at a faster tempo and everyone loves that. At least it's not slower. -Erik-
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