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  1. MSM

    Your favorite melody by John Williams

    I just have a weakness for JWs piano writing in this score. It's really Rachmaninoff with some jazz touches...closest to a JW piano concerto movement as we might get (Snowy's theme is a good second).
  2. In my case it's mostly about two tracks: the Flight to Neverland arrangement which is an exceptional showcase of JW trademark orchestration, as well as the Basket Chase, one of JW's most witty and Prokofievesque arrangements.
  3. MSM

    Your favorite melody by John Williams

    1. Main theme from Hook 2. Theme from Jurassic Park 3. Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter 4. Theme from Sabrina 5. Dracula Main Title 6. County Galway from Far and Away 7. Theme from Schindler's List 8. Luke and Leia 9. Secondary theme from Pops on the March 10. Theme from Superman
  4. MSM

    The Brian Tyler thread

    Brian Tyler is a very talented film composer, even JW has recommended him in the past. I don't care much for his techno/electronic stuff, but listen to Timeline or watch the movie (it's a solid Richard Donner adaptation of the Michael Crichton novel). It has an excellent orchestral score not only with strong thematics but it also surprisingly well enhances the onscreen emotions, very much in the vein of JW and JG.
  5. MSM

    Jerry Goldsmith's best

    In this case it is clear that the original poster asked for an anthology of what the composer is known for. That's why I came up with an accessible list. I think it's ok that people post their more outlandish personal tastes but maybe it would be good to explain them as such as to help the OP to get things into perspective.
  6. Yet they lack the insight to recognize the emotional impact of musical storytelling, which shows time and again. The composers should have it but choose to create their own world rather than respect the already carefully established musical identity of the series. Will you please back your opinions with some constructive arguments rather than committing cheap ad hominem falacies?
  7. Im almost sure he didn;t play on Sabrina, but i forgot the source.
  8. MSM

    Which JW score has the best action music?

    I love JWs action cues maybe better than his themes. His action cues are so musicallly and artistically well constructed that they're often much more interesting than the mein themes. There's so much going on regarding instrumentation, harmonization and counterpoint, it's AMAZING how much effort JW's seems to put in his action music. To paraphrase Brahms: whatever material JW uses as action music and underscore, people like us use for contructing our main themes. I can rewind 2:42-3:49 all day long... The violin part from 2:42 onward is one of the most thrilling violin parts ever written in an orchestral score!! Btw, this cue is influenced by Bartok's 'Miraculous Mandarin' score, for who's interested
  9. In my cd-player constantly these days
  10. MSM

    Jerry Goldsmith's best

    1) Congo - Gates of Zinj 2) The Ghost and the Darkness - Theme from Ghost and the Darkness 3) The Mummy - Imhotep 4) Supergirl - Ouverture 5) First Knight - Never Surrender 6) Rudy - Main Title 7) The 13th Warrior - Old Bagdad 8) The Mummy - Tuareg Attack 9) King Solomon's Mines - No Diamonds 10) Universal Studios Logo Music
  11. To get over their egos and add some logical consistency to the series.
  12. His partner. That's where the bias comes from imo.
  13. MSM

    Which JW score has the best action music?

    Still the best JW action cue of them all is 'T-Rex Rescue and Finale' from JP☺️ imo