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    Godzilla Cinematic Universe Thread

    I posted this in other thread, but I was listening to this and I felt fit perfectly with the poster
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    The Official Future Films Thread

    Silvestri seems like a safe bet considering the director.
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    The Official Future Films Thread

    Harrison Ford in Talks to Star in 'Call of the Wild' This could be good...? They'll have to get rid of London's racial overtones, but still, it's a great book and Ford seems like a good fit.
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    Godzilla Cinematic Universe Thread

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    John Williams reaction gifs

  6. Wha the hell is that supposed to mean?
  7. This is without a doubt the worst of them all. JW wasn't good, but at least it had 4 or 5 really good scenes: The Pteranodon attack, the Indominus fight, some of the Raptor material and the T-Rex roar at the end. But this one I don't think even reaches two. The opening is great, very well done. And the underwater gyosphere scene is really good as well, that whole continuous shot was great. I don't count it as a scene per se, but the shot of the Indoraptor roaring at the moon and then slowly creeping into the girl's room was also fantastically done, mostly because it felt new. Most of the movie had to many callbacks to all the other previous installments, both in the script and in the directing. They crammed so much stuff and references for no reason at all.... The fact that is a movie divided in two halves really doesn't do it any favours. The first half is boring and dumb, but the second half is even worse. Dinosaurs in a mansion? What? Are you kidding? You got this perfect killing machine, the Indoraptor, which has trouble killing four civilians in a closed space. How is thing going to fight armies again? My main problem is that the main characters were on a mission to rescue the dinosaurs, but the filmmakers showed scene after scene of the dinosaurs trying to kill or eat them. I'm surprised that they never quit after all they were going through. Hell, there's even the scene with the Baryonyx where they leave to die trapped in a shed with lava covering it! What the hell? Jurassic Park has always struck a fair balance between movie monsters and animals, favouring the latter. Take the T-Rex chase in JP. There's one moment where the Rex sort of gives up and goes minding its own business. But if this scene was in JWFK, the Rex would've chased them to the end of the world, and probably when they escaped another dino would have appeared to try and eat them. What a fucking waste.