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  1. Ah, I see! Cool. Makes sense now. For a moment I thought it could be the pianist picking (or plucking?) the piano strings, like they do in contemporary concert music. But I think the piano plays quite a bit apart from that but it's in a very low register, so I don't think the pianist got that bored
  2. I've been meaning to ask: what's that instrument that does a sort of PLANK! at 2:17 in The Hunt? Is it a harp? An electric guitar? It plays for only that moment never to be heard again. What is it?! It's been driving me nuts.
  3. I can't believe they didn't include the finger-snapping theme!
  4. I've seen Beasts but I didn't care much for it, I thought it was poorly done overall. But I'll watch Mamo gladly!
  5. Come on, bow down to the greatness of this! Search your feelings, you know it to be awesome I was thinking of the girl that dies at the beggining of Jaws. She didn't really do anything to deserve a death, really. It sets the movie in motion, but you could also say it's totally undeserved as well. Awesome scene as well.
  6. Did anyone fell sorry for Eddie, though? I always thought it was a more FUCK YEAH moment, one of the last remains of the slasher side of Spielberg.
  7. Well done, master Blood! I'm surprised you found it depressing, not because it is or it isn't, but because I never thought about it that way. The first time I saw it a couple of years ago I found it creepy but completely mesmerizing at the same time, kinda like The Shining (weird comparison, I know...) and every time I re-watch it, it has the same effect. The scene with the kids dancing for example creeps me the fuck out, I don't know exactly why but I believe it's the intention. I dig the film a lot because people keep having this image of childhood as a pure and innocent time, but I remember my own childhood being the complete opposite of that. Of course, I was never a normal kid but childhood is a weird time. Yeah, little Ana is quite amazing, isn't she? El Espíritu de la Colmena is kinda a sister movie to this, though a little more optimistic I think, so maybe you'd like that one better. Torrent is great in both. I have to see her yet as an adult actress, though. I knew about the Franco allegories, but apart from the father figure being dressed as a military member I agree with you that those allegories aren't really *seen* in the film per se. I know very little about the Franco years, so maybe that's why I don't get that part of the film. But even if you don't know that, I still think it's great filmmaking. One of my favorite movies I'd dare say. About the mother, I *think* it's supposed to be a sort of Elektra complex but I seem to recall Chaplin expressed interest in playing both roles and the director indulged, so maybe it's kinda like Altman and the Long Goobye song where he thought it was funny and didn't mean much about it... I guess they wanted to leave it open to interpretation. Blood, since I recommended you two movies, how about you give me one more so we're equal?
  8. If we're talking about the same character (the one that dies against the sunset right?) it reminded me of Eddie's death on TLW, ripped in half by the two Rexes, which I found awesome as a kid and still do today. And you could say that was also cruel and undeserved, but I think it's part of the monster movie genre. Could be the fact that I always end up rooting for the monsters,,,
  9. This would have been great for my teenage years