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  1. WOTW for score, I just can't get enough of it. The movie has very good scenes, indeed, but it doesn't hold up as a complete experience, sadly. It could've been so excellent. Minority Report holds up much better as a movie from beggining to end. Even if it has the post-90's action/adventure Spielberg syndrome of thinking up first the setpieces and then figure out the rest of the film. It feels tighter, and Tom Cruise works as the protagonist. In WOTW... not so much.
  2. Even if it doesn't make that much sense, I'd be down for that.
  3. Getting this thread back on track!
  4. Because they're all dead?
  5. And here they're looking for an associate composer specialized in orchestral music
  6. Here they're looking for a composer for a video game company And here for a short-film
  7. I thought this might be a good idea for anyone who's trying to get some work in film music (be it short films, documentaries, even some feature films...) There are many sites for practically all professions that connect people in their respective fields (like illustration for example) and help them get apply for jobs -be it freelance or in-house. And many of these are free, but for music composing I've find myself on the difficult position that most of the sites that are music-related charge a fee, and currently it's impossible for me to pay for any of these sites. So if anyone's got and wants to share some good sites where you can find film music gigs (prefereably) this is the place to do so! I'll be updating this main post with the sites we find. Free: Linkedin Film music jobs - Indeed.com With a fee: Media Match Filmmusic.net UpWork FreeLancer People Per Hour Guru
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