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  1. Not brilliant by any means (at least script-wise) but I enjoyed myself so much watching this on the big screen. Of course the cinematography was fantastic and I really liked what they did with the music and the sound design. I really liked the slow pace of the first two hours or so, and I really enjoyed Ford's presence, but everything felt a little rushed after they bonded on the hotel's bar. Maybe an extra 15-20 minutes would have helped. I'm a sucker for slow films done well, and to see this in a multi-million dolar modern blockbuster felt really refreshing, even if the film isn't perfect. Could have done without the romantic subplot, or have it done better; and the female villain could have been more interesting as well. That final fight felt really flat as well, even if Ford was about to drown the action itself wasn't exciting and there was no tension. Maybe it's a Villenueve thing, because everything else felt to tightly directed, at least in a general sense. Speaking of Ford, he was really freaking good in this! Except for that drowning scene, I was surprised at how good he was actually acting. He seems to have stepped up his game in the last years, and he looked much better than in TFA. Maybe could have done without the final shot of him and his daughter, but I was so delighted of see him invested! Even if his character's presence wasn't completely vital to the actual picture, he had great chemistry with Gosling and with Leto as well. Would love to continue seeing him on this path. The army of replicants scene was stupid as hell, but they're probably setting up a sequel of sorts. And on a final note, I wanna see Robin Wright play Lady Jessica on the Dune movie. She would be perfect for the role!
  2. The Phantom Menace vs. The Force Awakens

    With that logic Luke's theme could fit with anything else as well.
  3. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Your Name (2016) Good movie, but I do believe it's been overhyped. I was really enchanted with it up until the "save the world" subplot kicks in. I liked the subtle tone of the first part, then it became one more of the bunch. Don't get me wrong, it still had some great moments but I would have enjoyed it a great more deal without that race against the clock stuff. Felt unnecessary for what the film (for me) was trying to tell. 8/10
  4. The Phantom Menace vs. The Force Awakens

    Force Awakens!
  5. Find Me The Classical Precedent for ______ Cue/Score

    Not a score cue, but being a parody piece there's a great deal of Bach and Mozart references/pastiche and I was wondering if anyone could help me point the specific lifts the piece is making. Particularly the end at 2:34 with those gorgeous thirds For me this is a gorgeous piece on its own, but finding the specific references would be a lot of fun.
  6. Screen names on JWFan: VOTE NOW!

    Teacher's pet!
  7. Screen names on JWFan: VOTE NOW!

    We say of Michael that he has gone on a journey into that land where we walk without footprints.
  8. Screen names on JWFan: VOTE NOW!

    The policy is about to change! Quick, everybody change your names!
  9. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    Oh right, the TLW lift!
  10. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    Wait, what? Which cue was that?
  11. Definitetly not JW, but good to hear they're pushing Rey and Ren's themes front and center.
  12. The Official James Horner Thread

    On an unrelated note, I heard the Titanic theme being played on the radio and thinking of Horner I got teary-eyed.