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  1. The Red Violin? Morricone has lots as well but none come to mind in particular
  2. Still... why not the frame itself instead of a YouTube capture? It's so weird
  3. I saw Rocketman yesterday and I thought it was generally very good, much better than Bohemian Rhapsody. However, what I want to talk about is this: When Richard Madden first appeared and started talking, my first thought was Oh my God, that's the reincarnation of Robert Shaw! The accent, the tone, the mannerisms! Now I want Richard to play Robert in a biopic so bad. I NEED IT
  4. It's like they chose all the wrong lenses on purpose.
  5. Thanks, guys! For a moment I was really confused as to why was the Genie there, and then I remembered
  6. After so many years waiting for a JP series, after so many cancellations, it's... it's finally happening...
  7. I like what I'm seeing though the digital cameras don't do the puppets any favours.
  8. A guy working at the airport looked at my passport and said the same thing. Probably because of the paleness
  9. 3:21 - 3:38 Particulary at 2:29 when the whole choir sings together Sean, Sean.... Sean, Sean it melts my soul
  10. I like the streamlined orchestration too. I can hear there aren't any trumpets, but I'm pretty sure there aren't any tubas or trombones as well. Only french horns. It gives the piece a nice, special touch. EDIT: no wait, I heard the trombones/tubas. Only no trumpets, then?
  11. They nominated the wrong one! This one should've been it
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