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  1. W0$


    ¿D-donde esta Mexico?
  2. W0$

    Favorite John Williams rated "R" soundtrack

    R does not equal Rubbish.
  3. W0$

    RIP Nick Redman

    Rest in peace, Sir, and thanks for everything.
  4. W0$

    THE ORVILLE - Show Discussion

    I got tickets to see Billy Joel this spring. Go figure.
  5. Dougie mentioned The Bold and the Beautiful and Trump in the same paragraph. Welcome back, Drax.
  6. I never owned the OST, so I felt obligated to buy the expanded version. But it's hardly my favorite or most listened to Poledouris.
  7. W0$

    Villenueve's Dune

    Lol. No.
  8. W0$

    Villenueve's Dune

    I would love Hanz to score a reboot of Debbie Does Dallas.
  9. Egon is dead. Let this franchise rest in peace.
  10. W0$

    Villenueve's Dune

    The slow blade penetrates the shield...
  11. W0$

    THE ORVILLE - Show Discussion

    I can't help but compare her departure to that of Tasha Yar's (Denise Crosby) death in the final third of the first season of Star Trek TNG. I didn't watch the show during its original run (my introduction was the fourth or fifth season) so I don't know the extent of its emotional resonance. It sure as hell does when revisited during Yesterday's Enterprise.
  12. W0$

    THE ORVILLE - Show Discussion

    Either way, I wasn't feeling the emotion of the goodbye scene. I like the character well enough, but still.
  13. I wonder if the results of Thanos' snap is that all who turned to dust in this universe woke up to find themselves in another universe. Far from Home would be showing the Parker and Fury who made the trip.
  14. W0$

    Upcoming Television Shows

    I wonder if we need an upcoming TV show subforum. Josh, make a poll to gage interest.
  15. Actually, there is. Sony is the distributor. Their interests are their own, and somewhat exclusive from Marvel/Disney's. They do not want to risk zero publicity until May.