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  1. I see two nice round reasons.
  2. Terrible title. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.
  3. I came to the same conclusion. The quarantine regulations are pretty lax in the Union, apparently.
  4. The 13th Warrior is better than all three.
  5. Time travel to stop George Lucas from selling the franchise.
  6. If you are repairing plastic, yes.
  7. It's only obscene in Cleveland.
  8. W0$

    The "I miss Bespin" Thread

    So we now get written warnings after a verbal warning. This is like a workplace.
  9. W0$


    I said "might be." That left it ambiguous.
  10. W0$

    Your current audio equipment..

    Women also dislike when you confuse their fronts and rears.
  11. W0$


    She's covering her head to appear sexually uninteresting to the grieving Muslims who might also be sexually active deviants unable to control their need to spread the seeds of Abraham, Isaac, and Mohammed and their goats. How respectfully dignified of her.