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  1. Anyone who does that could just make a second account to have double entries.
  2. Josh500. America has voted. You are the weakest link. The tribe has spoken. No deal.
  3. You should be able to bed them by showing your art critic credentials.
  4. That thread is too C&C for Thor. Does anyone have an abridged album version yet? The thread was perfectly fine until Josh500's reveal of the answer. Then it got tasteless.
  5. If it looks like a troll and smells like a troll and acts like a troll, it doesn't matter how new the troll killer is.
  6. That's all that's needed.
  7. W0$

    How much time does JWFan have?

    Wait, Lee's dead? Blimey.
  8. Past tense, so not anymore? This makes @W0$ a sad panda.
  9. Everyone calm down. Josh spent a lot of time plagiarizing this game from his other group of friends. It's not his fault we weren't enlightened enough to see past our bigotry and hatred, and see his moral lesson for what it is. If anything, everyone should be banned except for Josh500 for reacting so strongly to it.
  10. W0$

    What kind of TV do you own?

  11. Hey @Josh500, I have a project for you! GO back to the beginning of this thread and count up all the MTF transgenders you find. Then report back when you're done. In the name of science!
  12. What a maroon. So it requires "intelligence" to guess that 26 beautiful women are in fact MTF trannies and have been their entire lives, including the exquisite Marilyn Monroe, who was reported to have died in 1962? No wonder people were PM'ing you. The guess was too offensive to offer in polite company. It's the kind of thing you would guess while drunk: these women are just so beautiful, they must have been born with balls, and then surgically altered to become beautiful women. GTFO. What a little attention WHORE.
  13. That's not entirely accurate. All 26 women on this list have at one time made a bowel movement that looks like Josh500. There. Women.