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  1. They putted him into a cage, right between the little windmill and the back nine.
  2. History is racist. GoT is based on medieval history. Deal with it.
  3. Cricket? Nobody understands cricket. You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket.
  4. Lol Waiting for Jay to explain American futbol to the man who can't change his own avatar.
  5. More Naked Gun movies!
  6. Steef, I didn't even think of this before, but they have companies that allow you to rent lenses for days or weeks. If you know you'll see a friendly face here, they could pick up the lens for you, then return it when you leave. That might not work for you, though, since you plan to fly from New England to California, cutting out the middle of the country, and just giving yourself something extra to carry on the plane. I did this on my last vacation. I rented a 400 mm telephoto lens and had it waiting for me when I got there, so it didn't waste space in my carry-on. Then I shipped it back. And using that lens was really the highlight of my trip.
  7. Speaking of montages, I think the one of Sam Tarly channeling Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs in the Citadel nursing home was disturbing but entertaining.
  8. The Tolkien subforum is obsolete. JRR stopped writing books and PJ stopped making movies.
  9. The more I read about the Targaryen family, it's fascinating that if you go back far enough, the founder of House Baratheon was a bastard brother of Aegon I, making Baratheons an unacknowledged cadet dynasty of House Targaryen. It doesn't matter because Robert still led his rebellion. Targaryens did pass power on the male heirs, so Jon would be in front of his Aunt Daenerys. If he could get a king to erase his bastard status and become Targaryen. He could do that, as king of the north. Trouble is, he doesn't have as big an army as Dany, and he doesn't have dragons. She could snuff out his claim if she wanted, assuming the dragons would attack a fellow Targ. Becoming king in this delicate situation is less about who has legal claim and more about who can rally the support of lesser lords. Remember that there was no Iron Throne before the Targaryens conquered Westeros and forged it. It's theirs. King's Landing is a Baratheon-Lannister enterprise and has been for decades. Dany has an army. By the time Jon shifts his attention to the Iron Throne, something he has no eye on, he'll be lucky to survive the WW attack.
  10. What if the point of Jon Snow's Targaryen heritage is to take over the dragons in the event that Dany is killed in her conquest? Then, bastard or not, he would be the last of his family and true heir to the throne... ... Assuming that the population would accept the truth about the bastard and be okay with the Targaryens returning to power after decades. At least with Dany, there could be rumors of her motherly benevolence and sense of justice that sound better than Robert's widow continuing to sit on the Throne.
  11. But that would force Jon to divide his troops and send some south to attack KL. I think we're meant to believe he's already outnumbered and can't spare any to send south. That was the argument Sansa was trying to make. I could see Dany falling in love or marrying for power. I just don't see Jon as offering a position of power to entice her, at least not with his birthright in question. OTOH, incest is not out of the realm of possibility for the Targaryen family. I can now see him making the request for dragonglass before he learns of his heritage, and being spurned. It'd be a cool moment if she rebukes him and sends the dragons to eat him, but of course they bow in deference. That would just make Bran's entire plot arc redundant so it probably won't happen.
  12. Sam will tell Jon where the motherlode of dragonglass is located, which will prompt Jon to seek an alliance with Dany. Hopefully he will wait at Winterfell long enough for Bran to arrive with word of Jon's heritage for leverage. Thing is, what does Jon have to offer Dany in return? Very little. She wants the Iron Throne, her birthright. She does not want or need to enter a war on a second front, the North. For now, she can ignore the White Walkers as long as the folks in the North can hold out. Jon can reveal his heritage to her, but how will she handle this revelation? Jon's best hope for alliance with Dany is that Tyrion remembers what kind of man Jon is and can vouch for him, assuming that Dany dismisses the distant family tie. We saw how she reacted to her brother's fate.
  13. It comes in pints?
  14. That's the one I found on Twitter, yes it shows. No Shane, Abraham, Hershel, or Dale. Shame.
  15. Access denied. That service does not allow hotlinking. I found it on Twitter. It's missing a lot of favorites.