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  1. La La Land Records Black Friday 2017

    And the movie returns to AMC on Wednesday. It could fit.
  2. Which edition of SW6 is the best to get?

    I would wait for the inevitable release out of Argentina.
  3. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    It is. It's also possible the mailman removed it before resealing the envelope and shrink plastic.
  4. If someone didn't have something available on the internet for free, then making this purchase would be a good deal for them? Got it.
  5. Steph's avatar is cute, though, he gets a pass.
  6. Explain Your Avatar

    It snowed here yesterday. I want my global warming back.
  7. What Are You Eating Tonight?

  8. Explain Your Avatar

    Not until Thanksgiving is over. Unless you're counting first snowfall.
  9. Well if it was fatal, they'd be donating your orgasms to a lucky recipient.
  10. What Are You Eating Tonight?

    Because the English language has these things called synonyms.
  11. The Official South Park Thread

    A bit annoyed that the sentient tardigrade was the same basic story as when the sea monkeys achieved sentience in Simpsons Did It, but here it worked and was not the focus of the episode.
  12. America

    No, even the South Africans have the American South beat in terms of barbaric acts committed against the Negro race.