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  1. The Best Star Wars Soundtrack

    My favorite is Revenge of the Sith. I love Padme's Ruminations. It's almost as good as Hans Zimmer's Gladiator.
  2. According to the CD track list, the movie ended on a zeppelin, but it was less impressive than her two dirigibles.
  3. Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Not to be confused with the musical group of crossdressing Russians, the Siberian Trans Orchestra.
  4. What Are You Eating Tonight?

    Needs ketchup.
  5. America

    A big problem is that we never reach a point where we can vote out all of the House or Senate at once. Their terms overlap, so people who are bought off by the NRA are always firmly in power. We're decades away from the old guard retiring or dying off. Term limits would help but we just have professional politicians who can't do anything else. Not that they do anything anyways. No candidate who is vocally outspoken against gun ownership and is for gun control will get elected if that's their sole platform. They won't be able to raise enough funds to run a successful campaign. And if they do get elected, their agenda will be squashed or indefinitely tabled by the folks firmly in the NRA camp.
  6. I saw a live school production of it three nights in a row. I don't want to see the movie.
  7. Ah, fresh victims for my ever-growing army of the undead...
  8. The Official username change thread

    Ah. I didn't know the user before either.
  9. The Official username change thread

    There's no such thing as too pretentious for JWFan.
  10. the mstrox thread

    V-Day, steaks in the fridge. But it's Ash Wednesday... Who cares, steaks in the fridge!
  11. America

    But who is going to examine every resident in the nation and evaluate their mental state? Who's going to analyze every firearm, every gun safe or cabinet, every house lock, every vehicle trunk, etc that could store a gun to make sure it's safe and can't be abused? And who's going to pay for it all? Nobody.
  12. America

    The commonality between all school shootings is that they happen at school. Once American children stop attending school, the school shootings will stop.
  13. Best love theme in a movie EVER

    The love themes from El Cid and The Mask of Zorro.