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  1. They needed something simple for Carrie Fisher to pronounce. Imagine her stumbling through a polysyballic beauty like Insidious.
  2. Why couldn't they have done that when she was alive and stopped the mush mouth that we got?
  3. It's the rainbow road. It's the path gay Vikings walk to Valhalla. It's fabulous.
  4. Why would he? I said swear words about the unpleasant child last week and I'm still here.
  5. Or left, if it's a horizontal traffic light.
  6. Is there? Does JW like Sugarland Express? Does Peter Gabriel speak fondly of From Genesis to Revelation? Trey Parker and Matt Stone are on record saying they wish they could destroy the first six seasons of South Park. You can stand up for your work, but you also earn the right to admit when you made shit you're not proud of.
  7. Dude, triple negative. Mind blown. I just superimposed your country over my state. If I want to go visit my parents, I'm looking at driving from one end of your country to the other. I'm not walking or riding a bike or surrendering to a bus schedule. Fuck Greta Von Thunberg and fuck her dreams and childhood. I'm driving my SUV. 53 more payments and the fucker's mine.
  8. You do know she hates Star Wars and nerds, right?
  9. True, but Early Access games are where indie game makers freely admit their games are incomplete. The AAA game companies release games on whatever release dates their pubs established, and we hope they are complete.
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