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  1. woj

    The Anal Thread

    Then why are you typing in an English accent when you're actually Dutch?
  2. I don't think he has the technical ability to stay away forever.
  3. That's up to you. It's a quick 90 minute reintroduction to the world if you have the time. I would recommend it for newbies before investing the ten hours or so into the series. It had been about ten years since I first and last saw it, as I did not grow up with this movie, so it was a nice refresher to the world and its mechanics. I had The Neverending Story and Goonies and the normal Muppet movies, but not The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth until after college.
  4. This is a fantastic series so far and I hope it gets a sequel, if in fact the conclusion warrants it. We saved the last two episodes to finish this week. I do think the series has retconned the order established in the film slightly regarding the origin of the Skesis and Mystics, but I'm okay with it. It's neat that there are characters in this who know either what will or what needs to happen in the movie, untold years later. The Ascendancy is mind blowing. And the puppet puppet show was also.
  5. Lesson learned here: don't let only one hard drive hold any important files.
  6. I saw Leonard Part VI before seeing the first five. I saw Apollo 13 before seeing the first twelve.
  7. The first Star Wars that I saw was Return of the Jedi taped from ABC. The first Star Trek film I saw was The Voyage Home, also taped from TV. Pretty sure I saw Evil Dead 2 before the original. I saw Raiders as a young child but the ghost sequence terrified me, so the first Indy that I saw and remember liking completely was The Last Crusade.
  8. Of course, if the hard drive is physically damaged, your options are very limited. You did not say what filetypes you are copying but knowing you, they are WAV. You might try to convert them to FLAC or a different WAV output. I think your filenames plus path are too long for Windows to copy and/or create.
  9. If the files won't play on your old hard drive, there's nothing Tera Copy (which I use and love) can do. Do the corrupt files have very long filenames and are they in very deep folder structures? Sometimes that can be the difference. I would try renaming them to a short filename and moving them to a folder in your root. Or use Winzip or another compression software to zip up the folder containing the files and then copy that. Of course if the original file won't play, you would get an unplayable copy.
  10. You can say that again. I doubt The Godfather would have had the staying power it has if it kept the subplot of rebuilding the box of Johnny Fontaine's girlfriend.
  11. The Twilight franchise The two Matrix sequels Any James Bond after Dr No Superman 3 and 4 Schindler's List
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