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  1. I shook Al Gore's hand at a pep rally.
  2. Escape from Monkey Island is now at GOG. https://www.gog.com Apparently they have the complete saga now? I'm not sure, I don't even know how many there are.
  3. America

    Let's ask Trey and Matt what further thoughts coursed through Eric Cartman's fragile little mind.
  4. America

    "My grandma was lesbian. That makes me one quarter lesbian."
  5. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    MacFarlane is going to get The Orville canceled with his anti-FOX rhetoric. Just wait.
  6. America

    If they would have converted to Christianity in a timely fashion like good little barbarians, they would have been saved.
  7. Do you like Subway?

    It's okay. Debbie Does Dallas made me want to visit Texas.
  8. America

    What did you do, count scalps?
  9. The "(Fill in the Blank) Has Died" Thread

    Just remember, up until very recently, many common lifestyle choices were diagnosed as mental health issues.
  10. Video Game Thread II

    Unless you drop stuff on your raft before the voice appears.
  11. Video Game Thread II

    Yes, but I'd like to carry more tree branches. My point was, don't start that island with only one Beast beaten, that late on a work night.
  12. Video Game Thread II

    I learned last night, don't boat to Eventide Island at 12:30 am if you only have 10 hearts and 30 korok seeds in your pocket.
  13. Video Game Thread II

    I always thought Jerec was Kurtwood Smith. "MORGAN KATARN! This dead man holds the key to the Valley's location..."
  14. Video Game Thread II

    A buddy of mine in college downloaded and burned the entire library of games. That certainly cut into sales if they could be copied that easily.
  15. Video Game Thread II

    After playing a lot of Breath of the Wild, the thought of going back to Skyrim is unappealing. The emergent gameplay, interactive and dynamic environment, and cooking system really took that type of game to a higher level of immersion. The bar has been set very high for any future single player games in Tamriel.
  16. Video Game Thread II

    I bought it twice, but for me and someone else.
  17. The "(Fill in the Blank) Has Died" Thread

    Two poor souls who just couldn't stand the idea of watching the Warriors pummel Cleveland two years in a row.
  18. The "(Fill in the Blank) Has Died" Thread

    He always seemed angry.
  19. America

  20. Australia Doesn't Exist - Flat Earthers Claim

    Unfortunately this is far from happening.
  21. America

    A president not afraid to put up a foot up anyone's ass.
  22. Video Game Thread II

    Too bad you can't haul your console to a friend's house with unlimited data and download it there. At least with something small like a gaming laptop or Switch, you could sit at a restaurant or bar. But it's not like you can lug your TV down to the local Panera.
  23. Video Game Thread II

    It first happened to me in 2004 with Half-Life 2. The game came on five or so CDs, and it took me two weeks of downloading a bit each night over dial-up (4.0 kbps nights were a treat) before I could play. Then again, that was in the early days of Steam, and you need to get the game fully updated for DRM before you can play in offline mode anyways. Even installing BOTW on the Switch wanted an internet connection to update. I don't know if it truly needed it, I mean, is it playable without? I wouldn't care, I have great Wi-Fi now.
  24. Video Game Thread II

    Yes. I was able to stably use my left hand to aim the right POV joystick and right hand on A to ice rune break the defenses, since the prince was steering. Pretty fun.