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  1. Wojism


    Holy crap, BCS came back and I missed it?
  2. Wojism

    Pet Peeves

    A.. D.. S... Sem... F... Sem... Learning to type was the most practical thing I ever learned.
  3. Wojism

    Are There Any Scores That You Hate?

    Nothing can be years ahead of its time. There's a Russian cosmonaut that has spent 800+ days in space, but because of relativity, he is only two seconds into his own future.
  4. Wojism

    Pet Peeves

    Same. It makes itself known when using text boxes that push the second space onto the next line, making a one character hanging indent that looks dumb.
  5. Wojism

    Are There Any Scores That You Hate?

    I tried to listen to The Thin Red Line the other day. Just a lot of slow whole and half notes playing chords. I thought I was in my first year of music class. It might make sense in the movie, but that's on my stack of DVDs to sell.
  6. Wojism

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    So Thor does not like cheese very much. He takes the original amount given and never thinks of asking for extras.
  7. Wojism

    How do you care for your CD collection?

    When I finally open the case, I rip the CD to wav and then put the CD back in the case, and the case into a box. I have a few boxes of CDs. I'm not living in my forever home, so I don't have the space to spread all my CDs out on shelves.
  8. Wojism

    Pet Peeves

    Bet it smells funny in there.
  9. Wojism

    Pet Peeves

    No, when you cook a hotdog from April to September, it's either a pile of ash or meat slurry.
  10. Wojism

    Pet Peeves

    Right, weiners need fresh air and sunshine.
  11. Wojism

    Video Game Thread II

    When Peter punches Joshua, he becomes the Weeping Wall.
  12. Wojism

    Pet Peeves

    It does the same thing to their fans.
  13. Wojism

    Pet Peeves

    I celebrated my birthday recently. I flew halfway across the country to help my brother celebrate his, and while there, my birthday happened. Very fun trip.
  14. Wojism

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday @JoeinAR and @Jay!
  15. Wojism

    Pet Peeves

    If the idiot is not wearing a helmet and runs a stop sign, then it's a mercy killing, to strengthen the herd by removing the stupid.