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  1. Wojism

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    I like Die Hard but not enough to double dip like this.
  2. Where's the Moderating Team when you need this physics discussion transferred into its own physics thread?
  3. How many paragraphs does it take before you read Blume with Rick Sanchez's voice? It took me five.
  4. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/stan-lee-marvel-comics-legend-721450
  5. Drinks Manischevitz wine...
  6. They ought to cast the same actor as Kyle Katarn instead.
  7. Mine is still unfulfilled, but since I opted for Media Mail, I'll get my LLL Black Friday box first.
  8. Wojism


    How is a white making fun of another white racist?
  9. Excellent, another prequel TV series starring characters we see die in the movies.
  10. Wojism

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    I didn't like how the female Doctor was staggering around the medical ship in distress about her insides hurting with no mention of her two hearts or different internal plumbing that she still wasn't used to yet. Just dumb.
  11. Wojism

    Star Trek is better than everything

    You're as bad as Richard with his Aspergers about Doctor Who season numbers.
  12. Wojism

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    This week's episode was incredibly boring, I couldn't keep paying attention. However, I was pleased that Ryan and Graham were so used to alien stuff by now that the concept of a pregnant male giving birth did not strike them as odd. They just took it in stride and helped make a difference. Likely because the younger companion came from having an unreliable father, he did not want the baby to have the same.
  13. Wojism


    I linked a story last week where eleven praying people were slaughtered in an American synagogue when our president says the answer to all the gun violence is more prayer. Not one person commented. What more do you want us to do?