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  1. Just use the four note theme from STV that got recycled ad nauseum in FC and once twice in Nemesis.
  2. I'm sorry Jerry/Justin for your loss.
  3. I don't give two shits about the network. I was using family Hulu the next day before I had cloud DVR. It's the delay to late 2020 that bums me. S1, September 2017. S2, December 2018. S3...late 2020 It fits the pattern like Fibonacci but still.
  4. S2 started around the start of 2019. We won't get S3 until towards the end of 2020, not the beginning. It's been delayed quite a while. You're OK with that?
  5. Without reading the article, that sentence is basically what Picard did in the future timeline in "All Good Things..." He went into space without rejoining Starfleet to, well, it was to solve a mystery.
  6. That's not accurate according to their Facebook page.
  7. I'm so glad this is available for those who need it. I'm not one of them.
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