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  1. xWxzek

    Star Trek is better than everything

    Is Discovery really this lame? Picard is doomed.
  2. xWxzek

    Star Trek: Picard (2019 TV Series)

    It's only money. We'll make more.
  3. xWxzek


    Hallowed are the Ori.
  4. xWxzek


    Are they human? Or are they dancer Their sign is vital, their hands are cold
  5. xWxzek

    Star Trek: Picard (2019 TV Series)

    Maybe this show will present a more human, emotional Picard that we saw on the small screen, instead of the action hero we saw in the movies. Not saying I want an anthology series of Picard crying over dead comrades and his late family, though.
  6. xWxzek

    Star Trek: Picard (2019 TV Series)

    Or faith in himself. If he suffered a terrible defeat, his confidence would be shaken to the core. It would need to be serious because he recovered from his Borg ordeal pretty quickly.
  7. xWxzek

    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    I like that place.
  8. xWxzek


    The show already killed Hodor, which counts as fatshaming and slowpersonshaming.
  9. xWxzek

    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    Gagh is best when served live.
  10. I only learned about that on Twitter about 1 am this morning. Jamie Foxx killed it. I want to watch it all.
  11. Iptv = internet protocol tv Instead of paying a cable or satellite bill, you pay for the ability to stream TV channels and content to the device of your choice. IPTV services may be classified into three main groups: Live television and live media, with or without related interactivity; Time-shifted media: e.g. catch-up TV(replays a TV show that was broadcast hours or days ago), start-over TV (replays the current TV show from its beginning); Video on demand (VOD): browse and view items in a stored media catalogue.
  12. xWxzek


    It's the truth. The characters got stupid. If GRRM ever finishes the books, I'd like to see a reinterpretation in my lifetime.
  13. While we still have HBO, we started Chernobyl last night. Gripping, terrifying, and thrilling. I might want to rewatch ep 1 before moving to 2.
  14. xWxzek


    Then they're sullied.