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  1. xWxzek


    Wrong. Jon's parentage is not relevant regarding who he is the son of, but rather, who he is not the son of. He's roughly the same age as Robb Stark. I did a little online sleuthing and cannot find a definitive answer as to who is older. Catelyn hates Jon because he represents her husband's alleged infidelity, but he also would be a threat to trueborn Robb's claim to Ned's inheritance were he to be legitimized. When Robb dies in combat, Jon needs to be out of the way by way of his vows instead of just waiting. Since Jon is a bastard and cannot inherit Winterfell, he is sent to Castle Black to give book audiences a POV character at the Wall to witness The Others/White Walkers. The fact that he is Targaryen is a dangling carrot for the audience to hope that he will someday take the Iron Throne, but he is more important as a bitter pill for his Queen. She loves him but she loves her ambition more, and cannot accept him as a rival with all the political baggage it carries. If Mad Queen Dany had been given more time to steep, this would have been more obvious.
  2. xWxzek


    Bran could live for a thousand years. Long enough to develop spaceflight in Westeros.
  3. xWxzek

    THE ORVILLE - Show Discussion

    Kelly and Malloy got married! https://comicbook.com/startrek/amp/2019/05/21/the-orville-adrianne-palicki-scot-grimes-married-wedding/ ... In real life.
  4. xWxzek


    The teleporting Grey Worm was probably the result of a cut scene. When Jon leaves the earlier scene, he's with Ser Davos. Then he takes a long walk alone through the army to the stairs. I'd like to think he went somewhere with Davos while Grey Worm finished his slicing, giving him time to change positions. I wonder where Gilly and Lil Sam are now that Sam is Grand Maester of KL. They needed a scene to establish that Bronn finally got his castle and was happy. The final debt showed to be paid by a Lannister. If anything, it shows the olive branches granted after the death of Cersei and the departure of the foreign would-be conquerors.
  5. xWxzek

    The Phantom Menace is 20 years old.

    No, because while Pee-Wee hosted Cowboy Curtis and the King of Cartoons, Donald Trump doesn't like black people.
  6. xWxzek


    In the end, GOT observed the cardinal directions: Jon went north, Drogon went east, Arya went west, The show went south.
  7. xWxzek


    It would be interesting if the story continued whether Ser Brienne was now carrying Ser Jaime's child from their single night.
  8. xWxzek

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Because all those around here are gone. We have DD but also a much superior regional pastry shop.
  9. xWxzek


    Look, if giving GOT shitty music opened the budget for better visual effects, I'll be the first to say they should have hired Andrew Powell or used MIDI.
  10. xWxzek

    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    It's less debilitating than MS.
  11. xWxzek

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Hmm, four at every 4-way intersection seems excessive.