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  1. Interesting that the LSO had the dates for TFA "earmarked". So it was originally meant to be recorded with them? (can't wait for this can of worms to be opened up again)
  2. I'll miss this (and the concert) by two weeks. Damn!
  3. RIP Jóhann Jóhannsson (1969-2018)

    Thankfully everyone rightly ignored your tone deaf cry for attention, but I will say that you would’ve sooner or later. He was a very unique and talented composer and had the potential to reach the status of the greats.
  4. RIP Jóhann Jóhannsson (1969-2018)

    This is distressing. I wish his family well, what awful news. A wonderful talent gone too soon.
  5. How is that obvious? "One for the books" is a very common phrase, it's most likely not a reference to which scores being worked on.
  6. Spot on. The whole first half has the low strings performing the melody the majority of the time, which is the way the theme has developed in TFA and TLJ. It's almost like he's writing back in time - starting with older Leia and Han estranged and melancholic, travelling through the passionate part of their relationship and then finishing with solo flute (which brings Leia's first appearance to mind). I got chills, that was stunning.
  7. Each to their own and all that, but I should clarify that I don't have an inherent problem with Mickey Mousing, particularly in light-hearted films and scenes. But a fight scene like the one above could have come across as cheesy if Williams hadn't have made the decisions he did. Either way you look at it, we can agree that he nailed it this time round.
  8. "Chrome Dome" really is something special joined to the visuals. I've never much enjoyed Williams hitting sync points so frequently in some of his cues (that whole Mickey Mousing thing) but something about this cue is different. I think it's because the harmonies and orchestrations are so heavy and brutal, it makes the music take on a gravity of its own and you can feel every swing and hit of the fight. That last chord especially just hits so hard. It's hard to describe, but it's a similar thing in "A New Alliance". Separate from the visuals the music doesn't work so well; it's so disjointed and uneven. But on-screen it fits incredibly well with the fight between Rey, Kylo and the guards.
  9. The Ted Danson Thread.

    Danson is an absolute treasure. He's delightful in The Good Place and pulled a stunning performance in Fargo. I never really got into Cheers or Becker and all that gruffness, I much prefer him as a gentle older fellow.
  10. I'm yet to regularly listen to the FYC, mainly because some of the tracks are so all over the place (especially Escape). I also can't get past the digital artefacts in tracks that were tempo-slowed to picture (especially the sublime "Rey's Journey" which is almost unlistenable to me). I'll get around to making my own edit eventually, or listening to someone else's, but for now the OST is cool.
  11. I'm with crumbs on this one. Every single discussion about this score that I've been involved in on this forum has died a premature death. Chen, you might not want to hear it but you're one of the worst offenders. If you're not policing people's interpretations of leitmotif, you're comparing Star Wars to LOTR and how much more thematically consistent that work is. Read the room - sometimes opinions are better left unsaid, particularly if they have the potential to prevent any kind of constructive discussion. Contrary to what you may think, the majority of posts about TLJ aren't exactly "Dis iz awezom", but the conversation sure as hell can't progress past "I really like this score and here's why" when people are constantly having their opinions questioned and challenged. It's intimidating and exhausting and makes posting here unpleasant.
  12. Harry Potter - Live to Projection Concerts

    We've had several in Australia.
  13. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    Yes I love that bit too! And it makes a fantastic reappearance in the Battle of Crait, just before the "TIE Fighter Attack/Superstructure Chase" bit kicks in: This time it has that fantastic brass flourish to finish it off. Sublime.
  14. Also... It's not really. The main three notes of the Imperial March (in the key of G) are G - Eb - Bb, which outline a major triad. The Spark (in G) is G - D - Bb which outlines a minor triad. One note different, but a very different effect.
  15. UPDATED WITH REAL PETITION: JW should do a cameo in SW Ep. IX!

    Why would they? He sold the franchise, the only way he'll be back is if Disney sold it back to him and that's not going to happen.