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  1. If that's the same commercial you posted in a new thread it's just Kylo Ren's theme over an ostinato, taken straight from the last trailer.
  2. THE POST - Score Thread

    The ugly.
  3. Gotta keep that walk-in wardrobe full of turtlenecks somehow.
  4. Based on the majority of his output that's... not even remotely accurate. He frequently sets up sequences that rely heavily on score and thematic material. His early projects Alias and Lost were embarrassingly rich with themes and melodramatic moments with bold scoring. His Star Trek films are almost all bombast and drama (which is one reason I'm not so attached to them). There's a reason that Michael Giacchino is now a heavy hitter in Hollywood, and it's because JJ gave him so many opportunities to shine. I feel like you haven't actually watched anything he's made. If Williams wanted a 200 piece orchestra for TFA then there would've been a 200 piece orchestra. That's the whole point of freelance orchestras - they're exactly as big or as small as you want. The size of the orchestra was as intentional every other aspect of the score.
  5. The Doctor Who Thread.....

    Last Christmas is fabulous. My favourite before that was "A Christmas Carol" but even that was a bit wonky, "Last Christmas" is nearly flawless in my eyes. Touching and frequently hilarious.
  6. Anticipating a new JW score

    I have such fond memories of seeing TFA, listening to the soundtrack on repeat until I "got" it (only took a week or so) and then really starting to explore the thing. It took me weeks if not months to unravel the mastery of the thing, and I can't wait to do it again with TLJ. This time it will be tinged with sadness though as I'm still a bit cut up about Carrie Fisher's passing, particularly after such a wonderful comeback. There's something about this time of year as well - summer in Australia was when I listened to and watched the first two Potters which was the start of my JW journey (and my musical/career path as well). I'm already feeling a bit like that again.
  7. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    The RFR facebook page has been responding to people's questions about Oxygen to the effect that Disney are putting pressure on David to be more tightlipped, seeing as he is involved with them in a professional capacity (as a voice actor). I don't know if it's true, or if it's just because David's got a new child, or he doesn't have time or maybe he got sick of Jimmy Mac (easy to do).
  8. Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    Bothans died for the second Death Star plans, so we can all look forward to Rogue Two
  9. Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    Yeah but in the OT they were pretty much the only characters that were wooden and awkward - the supporting characters (Vader, Tarkin, Obi-Wan, Lando, the Emperor, Yoda etc) were all very colourful and offset the bland leads. Almost every character who appears in the PT has the same dead-eyed expression spouting the same awkward dialogue.
  10. I have some incredibly fond memories of the time around TFA's release. I'm very excited to relive them with TLJ!
  11. Fantastic Star Wars Music Podcast - Star Wars Oxygen

    The most refreshing thing is even though they are all very knowledgable on aspects of melody, harmony, rhythm etc they don't get bogged down in the technical aspects and always approach the music and composer's intention from an emotional point of view. It's very insightful stuff.
  12. Fantastic Star Wars Music Podcast - Star Wars Oxygen

    Yeah there's a bit of that, but David Collins often makes the point that the similarities have more to do with JW using a consistent harmonic and melodic language for the films rather than it all being planned out. I've moved on to "The Art of the Score" podcast anyway. It's waaaay more listenable for someone like me, and there's no Jimmy Mac layman-type person, just three dudes who know a lot about film music (and JW in particular). They're all professional musicians as well so the analyses are usually spot on.

    I was there too @crumbs, it was great. A lot of it was stuff we'd heard in interviews before but he's a very well-spoken (and soft-spoken) individual. I was there with some friends who I work with in the film industry and it was very insightful for us. I couldn't think of a question either, but the ones that were asked were very good and the answers insightful. One person asked about the use of colours as a visual motif in the show, and surprisingly Vince said there wasn't much to it apart from the fact he wanted colours to be a strong presence in the show. Another good one was about the use of humour in the show, and how as it progresses the humour became less and less involved. Again this wasn't intentional but happened organically through the writing. One thing I hadn't heard beforehand was that originally Walt was directly responsible for Jane's death by deliberately dosing her with a syringe. He had to fight to even keep the watered-down version that we saw which was essentially manslaughter through deliberate inaction. That was an interesting tidbit.
  14. Are we douchebags?

    That says a lot more about you than it does about the women you date.
  15. Are we douchebags?

    I don't think it's any worse here than most other internet communities. Having said that, I'm pretty sick of some of the casual misogyny that rears its head from time to time. But I'm also noticing a few people calling it out which I guess is encouraging.