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  1. American Dad is far, far better than both Family Guy and The Simpsons (season ~12 onwards). The show has actual jokes, writers who care, and Roger.
  2. Probably my least favourite of the ones we've heard so far. It's not bad, but the arrangement is almost note-for-note from the original with a short opening and ending.
  3. It's been a couple of years since I've rewatched this, but I remember being surprised at just how short most of the film's scenes are. It just jumps around so often, I feel like the building dread that is established in the opening bank robbery is never quite recovered again. The whole heist in Hong Kong seems airlifted in from an entirely different film as well.
  4. Any of the Zelda ones are a good place to start. He really gets under the hood of western music theory though so they can be a bit bewildering unless you've had some training/understanding.
  5. 8-Bit Music Theory is an excellent channel. One of the only YouTubers I've subscribed to.
  6. 9:45 to 10:19. Some of the most spine-tingling music I've ever experienced, it's incredible that just four instruments are capable of producing that sound. It's so ahead of its time and never fails to move me.
  7. Huh, that looks way more like a standard Disney production than a PIXAR one. I'm a bit Pratt-fatigued but Holland is charming enough, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is good in everything (this will be her second PIXAR too, after A Bug's Life).
  8. Loved part one of Empire Poggo. It's obvious you blokes have been looking forward to this one since you started the podcast, can't wait for part 2!
  9. I watched the first episode of Russell T Davies’ new show Years and Years. Stellar cast and with all the usual kitchen-sink trappings of RTD writing world-ending events. It’s Black Mirror meets Children of Earth. He really knows how to build a sense of dread and doom, but this time it’s World War 3 caused by Trump starting a nuclear war with China in the last days of his second presidential term (bonkers I know). Plus it has the extremely sexy Russell Tovey as the de facto lead character and a very hot gay sex scene. And Emma Thompson channelling Katie Hopkins/Piers Wagner as a shock commentator entering politics. I’m on board.
  10. Yeah the melody of Rose’s theme hits a natural 4 of its key against the underlying harmony that has a sharpened 4.
  11. Genie should've been played by Titus Burgess. He's got the acting, comedy, singing, and movement chops. I could totally see his petulant, energetic but diva-like genie. If they ever do The Little Mermaid he can be Ursula:
  12. Eh I’m not going to engage with that. Incompetence and stupidity are incredibly strong words. They managed to finish a multi-million dollar production and concluded the storylines of dozens of characters. If you didn’t like it that’s fine, but they did the job. If they were truly incompetent then the season never would’ve made it to air. Have some perspective. I’m not arguing that, but when there’s scenes that to my mind have a very clear message (like the one with Jaime) being misrepresented because of the “Dany forgot” meme I feel like people’s judgement is being clouded. There’s some great writing to be found in these episodes, pardon me for trying to look past the major flaws so we can discuss them.
  13. Oh for sure, the execution wasn't graceful at all, and much of the nuance is lost when things move at such a fast pace, but I suspect that was the scene's intention. Really, most of the criticisms that are being levelled at this season are the result of the execution of it which I totally agree with. But I'm not a fan all the bad-faith readings of the writers just having suddenly taken stupid pills. They're still the same writers that brought so much nuance to the earlier seasons, and they've continued to show a lot of that in the last few seasons. You just have to look for it a bit more.
  14. Joking aside, I took Jamie’s line about the common folk to be a bit of false bravado, his kingslayer persona coming through one last time. I don’t think it’s meant to be taken literally - he really did kill the king to save the people and did care for their fate - but the complex feelings he has about himself and Cersei ultimately betray him and lead him to his death. Not all addicts recover, and Jaimie’s relapse is a tragedy. It’s not the waste of an arc - he really did find redemption - but he’s also a fallible human. To me that’s very on-brand with this world.
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