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  1. Hopefully JJ got in his ear about a proper end credits suite, like he did in TFA. If the rumours are true about TLJ's end credits originally being the new Han Solo and the Princess arrangement, imagine what could've been....
  2. Haven't been paying much attention to this thread, but are the sessions still going? Saw this today: I wonder if these 300 bars could be from TROS? Could be any film though really...
  3. Jesus, 13 seasons? No thanks. The kids were all too old by the end of it anyway, it’s meant to all happen over the span of a few years, not a decade and a half.
  4. Just finished Fleabag. Loved it, really haven’t seen anything like it before. A shame that it’s over, but too many shows go on after their prime these days.
  5. I can live without Fawkes’ theme there. But the the biggest missed opportunity was not having Fawkes actually sing in the second and 6th movies. I can imagine Williams collaborating with the sound design team to come up with something incredible, then it would’ve been magnificent to hear it reprised after Dumbledore’s death
  6. His new film is getting rave reviews from the critics. Can’t wait for the inevitable review bombing from traumatised Star Wars fans
  7. Lincoln. Just wasn't in the mood for it. I'll try agin one day.
  8. I like The BFG. It's a nice looking film and wonderfull scored. Spielberg's use of CGI is quite underrated - between this and Tintin he really nails the sense of scale and gravity that is possible with CGI technology. Too many animated films feel weightless and artificial. They're the kind of films that would be critically lauded if there was any other name attached to the film.
  9. IMO it just goes to show JW's willingness to keep abreast of the changing nature of filmmaking. He could easily have said he'd only do the scores on his terms, i.e. with a locked picture edit a few months out from release, but that could've meant (as pointed out above) having his music butchered in the process, or him walking away altogether. As it stands he was willing to make the compromise to deliver the best product possible. The bonus is having him still insist on producing the OST albums his own way so we can get a sense of the musical intent away from the film's editing needs. The complete music inevitably ends up in our hands anyway so I'm glad we get the best of both worlds.
  10. A new theme like the Imperial March has been predicted before every film since the prequels, and it's never once happened. I wouldn't hold my breath.
  11. I'm in the minority with GOT as well. It was a great ending.
  12. American Dad is far, far better than both Family Guy and The Simpsons (season ~12 onwards). The show has actual jokes, writers who care, and Roger.
  13. Probably my least favourite of the ones we've heard so far. It's not bad, but the arrangement is almost note-for-note from the original with a short opening and ending.
  14. It's been a couple of years since I've rewatched this, but I remember being surprised at just how short most of the film's scenes are. It just jumps around so often, I feel like the building dread that is established in the opening bank robbery is never quite recovered again. The whole heist in Hong Kong seems airlifted in from an entirely different film as well.
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