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  1. Docteur Qui

    Star Trek Discovery

    What a ripper of a finale. Really enjoyed that a lot, pushed a lot of the right buttons. Stray thoughts on the season: Anson Mount was the season MVP with his Pike oozing charisma. He could've done his own series. Doug Jones is one of the strongest actors Trek has ever had, and wonderful that he is so expressive underneath all that latex. Great to see him in speaking roles where he can really shine. Just give me a whole series with Pike and Number One. Actually, just a whole series with Number One would be fine. Good to see Romijn again. Agree with above statements about Sonequa Martin-Green doing a much better job with the family drama than the war trauma. Her character was allowed to be more expressive this season and she hit it out of the park. I'm looking forward to season 3 in the future. Really, really looking forward to it. Calling it now: we'll probably see the Borg and Romulans.
  2. It's the first four notes of this that you can hear in "Burning Homestead". Here's the wiki page for more information
  3. It's one of the most frequently quoted melodies of all time. It's like the Wilhelm Scream of classical and film composers, originates from around the 13th century.
  4. They must be from the Matriss school of theory
  5. Docteur Qui

    Taking a John Williams break now and then...

    What a lovely reply. Thank you!
  6. Spoilers for Barry season 1:
  7. Docteur Qui

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Musically I always loved how he put that into Anakin’s theme, with a slight sense of foreboding, but it doesn’t really reflect the character as we see him on screen. A bit like how the headstrong and stubborn Leia gets a sweeping romantic melody more akin to a love theme. I think that’s why I like Rey’s theme so much, it doesn’t try to say anything about the character that Daisy Ridley’s charismatic performance doesn’t already. It’s a remarkably modern approach for someone with Williams’ history.
  8. Docteur Qui

    Taking a John Williams break now and then...

    I often take breaks from Williams out of necessity. As I delve deeper into my own career as a composer I find a troubling situation where I can’t listen to any other composers because of my own deep-seeded bias towards his incredible music and awe at his enormous abilities. And as a result, my own music can be derivative in the extreme. I find it difficult to listen to film music in general as the moods and colours and emotions change so frequently and it can be mentally exhausting. As a music teacher and composer I am so inundated with music all the time that I often turn to silence, but that can be very lonely. I’ve actively been seeking to find music that has a very different function for my life, mainly background stuff as I do the housework, read etc. TLDR: mind is too noisy. Williams doesn’t help. Breaks are good.
  9. Docteur Qui

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    That’s interesting, as the brother/uncle aspect was a huge part of the Shakespearean angle of the original. I suppose we’re not in the mid-90s Shakespeare obsession anymore.
  10. I’m not the biggest fan of your posts @leeallen01 but that made me chuckle
  11. Docteur Qui

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    I imagine that many of those burning questions will feature in the thousands of spin-off novels, comics, games and television series that are being released. Hopefully they’ll soften the blow of the leanly told films to the more hardened fans.
  12. Docteur Qui

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Fair enough. I wouldn't be surprised if Kylo Ren was written with shades of fan toxicity in mind, but I took the comic at face value as being, well, a comic. There's so much gatekeeping on both the love/hate of Star Wars that it's easy to interpret any opinion as being definitively on one side or the other. You have to admit that most people on this forum don't fit into either of those extremes, despite what the loudest voices on each side would have you think.
  13. Ooh yes, the Chechen assassin is hilarious! Very charismatic and a great portrayal by Anthony Carrigan. It must be difficult landing roles with alopecia (outside of scary villain), so I'm glad he has the opportunity to flourish in the role.
  14. Docteur Qui

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    Keen to hear Zimmer's score for this. The original stands out as one of his finest, particularly the theme heard in that trailer (presumably it'll be less trailer-fied in the film). I imagine he'll be leaning quite hard on the African elements and less on the synths this time round. I'm really excited to hear it.
  15. I recently watched season one of Barry. I liked it, wasn't as amazing as the critics made it out to be, but solid. I really like Bill Hader, he's a talented comic and a pretty good dramatic actor. Most of my love goes to Henry Winkler's tragi-comedy acting coach, who has really become a comic force since Arrested Development. There's a bit of dissonance between the humour and the gritty drama and it's not always successful, but I'll keep watching to see how things go. Anyone else seen it? (Apologies if it's already been discussed, this thread is massive and hard to trawl through)