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  1. Docteur Qui

    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    WTF does a drug addict sound like?
  2. Docteur Qui

    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    Here’s a hot take: all three actors aged, just as everyone does and just as you will as well. No-one sounds the same between a single decade, let alone 4 of them
  3. Docteur Qui

    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill both sounded like they’ve been chain-smoking cartons of Winnie Blues for the last 40 years as well, why does Carrie have to cop the flak?
  4. I don't get this attitude at all. Perhaps crumbs has more facts than what I think, but we don't know why JNH isn't doing this project, maybe it was the budget, maybe he didn't want to do it. But the aggressive snark pointed towards West Dylan is bullshit. It's so hard to crack into the Hollywood film industry as a composer, I'm all for giving fresh blood a fair go. JNH can literally score whatever the hell he wants, let the next generation come in and do their thing. Who knows, you may even like it.
  5. Docteur Qui

    Potterdom Film/Score Series Thread

  6. Docteur Qui

    John Williams' Magnum Opus

    All 9 episodes of Star Wars will forever be remembered as his magnum opus, as well they should.
  7. They haven't really raised that much money, it's just empty pledges. I doubt any of them could actually back it up if it goes through (which, of course, it won't)
  8. I don’t think cash is the problem (apparently it’s amassed $90million in pledges), it’s the delusion that Disney would let them get away with stealing their intellectual property
  9. Docteur Qui

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    Thanks @elvisjones!
  10. I think we're an extraordinary way from seeing any real equality-of-outcome occur within our society due to the fact that we're still suffering from an abundance of basic inequality which doesn't seem to be going away. The fear of a concept that hasn't had any meaningful impact on our society is puzzling to me, because it often detracts the conversation from the existing problems that are very much affecting people. But back to the topic, one white woman in charge of a multi billion-dollar company which in turn answers to a large conglomerate of the most rich and powerful white men who have ever lived, and she's what we should be worried about in the world?
  11. Yes, I can agree with that.
  12. Any "movement" has image issues, but the actions of a few extreme isolated groups of people (because let's face it, the trigger warning people are just as isolated and lonely as the incel boys) obviously shouldn't paint the large section of the population that is concerned about the treatment of women and minorities. If anyone conflates "increasing the presence of female and non-Caucasian characters in the Star Wars universe" with "ALL MEN MUST DIE FOR THE SOCIALIST REGIME" they should rightly be called out on it. We all know that no-one here is arguing for any of that Tumblr nonsense, and we certainly know that Kathleen Kennedy isn't, so why should we even entertain the notion? Is it as bad as millennia of systematic oppression based on increasingly irrelevant and redundant biological factors? The conversation needs to be had.
  13. @Mattris I stopped addressing your “arguments” because they’ve become harder and harder to follow. You have barely gone a single rebuttal without resorting to using the words “SJW agenda”, which I’m obviously not convinced of. As someone who frequently has to explain to people that there is no “gay agenda” beyond achieving equal rights (which I suppose is an agenda, but why it’s a bad one is beyond me), I’m very much in familiar territory here though I understand you may not be. You also haven’t indicated at all why on earth you think social justice is a bad thing or why Kathleen’s “agenda” will have any negative impact on the films or audience besides the fact that it alienates men who are threatened by women in power.
  14. @Mattris you are fighting a losing battle. I'm impressed you've held out this long, and part of me respects your commitment. But it's time to call it in. You're only going to cause yourself more emotional distress.
  15. Docteur Qui

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    Fantastic, thank you very much. I'm really looking forward to getting into Colin Baker's Doctor, I've heard from multiple sources that his television run did not do the man justice.