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  1. TLJ is my least favourite SW score by John Williams but that doesn't mean I think it is a bad score.
  2. I'm at the Settling The Score concert in London. This is the sight on stage that you see when you walk into the auditorium!!
  3. I feel like if you look back through all photos of Williams throughout the decades, he can be seen lurking somewhere in the background, same pose, same stare, never changing.
  4. Leaving 10 minutes of free space on the Tintin OST when there are a lot of great unreleased cues.
  5. Here is a recording of the live version of the suite conducted by Giacchino in Dublin. The sound quality could be better but you get the idea. I do really love the drum kit in the second half. https://www.rte.ie/culture/2019/0624/1057207-rte-nso-premiere-spider-man-far-from-home-score/
  6. He conducted the new suite as an encore. It sounded pretty good live. It was my first time hearing it. EDIT: Just listened to the suite. The live version had a prominent drum kit instead of the synths that sounded really bad-ass.
  7. Giacchino is currently in Dublin and I'm attending his concert. Should be a great evening.
  8. "I'm going to a write a very cool, unique and heroic version of Rey's theme when she leaps over the TIE fighter. There is no point in including that in the soundtrack album so I'll micro-edit that cue to remove it" - John Williams, 2019
  9. I saw this on Erik Wood's twitter. Really great bombastic theme based action writing. I hear some Williamsisms. I've no idea who this guy is but lets hope he gets a big break soon. I see he is currently working as an orchestrator on The Orville.
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