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  1. Well the next Spider-man will be released after Avengers 4. Perhaps he has already filmed that.
  2. Damien F

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    The album will actually be a recording of the live performance complete with audience coughing, explosive sneezing and clapping after every false ending.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I think I'd be happy with just one strong concert arrangement of a new theme. Anything more would be a bonus. I hope Williams doesn't do a cut and paste job for the end credits. This will with 99.99% certainty be his last Star Wars score so I hope he goes out with a bang.
  4. I think we as fans of John Williams are exceptionally lucky that he has had good health into his later years. There is a whole variety of mental and physical reasons why someone in his mid 80s would not be able to continue writing and conducting, yet here is Williams going against the odds. I mean, how many musicians still write new material in their 80s for fans to enjoy? We are so lucky! It still blows my mind a little that a composer who scored for Hitchcock is still releasing new scores today. The average life expectancy in America is about 77. If Williams died at that age, we would have missed all of his scores after Crystal Skull.
  5. Damien F

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    I really like it. I wouldn't say it is better or worse than the original, just different. My favorite passage is definitely the bit that starts at 2:56 with those chugging woodwinds.
  6. I think it could work... 😁
  7. We need to fit all composers with a tracker so we can track their movements in real time, like flightradar24.
  8. Damien F

    Let's rate and discuss "Far and Away"!

    The Land Race is an amazing action cue. I also love the concert arrangement with Itzhak Perlman that appeared on that '1969 - 1999' compilation, which a really fun and lovely violin version of Blowing off Steam. As for the movie, I can tell you that Tom Cruise's awful Irish accent is rightfully ridiculed in Ireland.
  9. I just realised that part of Umbridge's theme is almost identical to a song from Les Mis: 0:35 - 0:42
  10. I think JW not scoring the rest is one of the greatest missed opportunities in score history. Whenever I see one of those movies, I always think how great a Williams score would have been. For example, I think Hooper's Umbridge theme was pretty good and fits the character well, but you just know Williams would have had a ton of fun with that theme.
  11. Does anyone know if there is an update? Is he still in London or back in LA?
  12. Damien F

    Details from Mike Matessino's London talk

    I'd love a Wiliams biopic if only to finally see a dramatized version of his famous Schlinder's List story 😂
  13. Damien F

    Details from Mike Matessino's London talk

    That guy from the Saw movies could play him
  14. Damien F

    Details from Mike Matessino's London talk

    With Original Score by Michael Giacchino.