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  1. The Phantom Menace vs. The Force Awakens

    Voted for TPM. Both are 5 star scores but TPM is JW at his very very best. I think TPM has one of the greatest differences between the quality of the score and the quality of the movie in cinema history.
  2. Ah, I remember now. Thanks TND was the very first OST I bought all the way back in 1997. Still have it. Still clearly remember trying to explain to a friend that the 'Hamburg Break In' track is the "background music" that plays during the scene where Bond breaks into Carver's Hamburg building and isn't actually a song!
  3. Make sure to get the 2CD version. The OST is missing a huge portion of the film and some of the best cues
  4. Absolutely. It's one of the best DA score period.
  5. Yup, CR is great. Closest score in the 21st century that matched his 90s high streak. Parts of Sherlock are fantastic too. But his output since TND is still disappointing compared to his potential when he exploded onto the scene. Even TWINE, which is still very good, is a big step down from TND. One of the reasons I love John Barry's Bond scores is that he was so consisently good throughout the decades. His quality remained the same even when his composing style changed. When Arnold changed his style, his quality dropped.
  6. 1. John Williams 2. Jerry Goldsmith 3. James Horner 4. John Barry 5. Danny Elfman Herrman is sixth. Arnold, Giachinno and Newton Howard are definately in my top 7-10 in some order. If Arnold had continued his career the way he started with Stargate, ID4 and TND, he would have been in my 5 for sure.
  7. Can't believe I missed the start of the sale for these concerts. Lucky there are still some tickets left. Anyway, I bought tickets for the Saturday and Sunday concerts. Was in Chicago in 2006 and always wanted to return so now's my opportunity.
  8. The biggest problem I have with the second act of TFA is that Maz isn't a strong enough character to be a Yoda substitute. Lupita Nyong'o is a strong and charismatic enough actor, that character probably would have been better if Lupita's role was live action.
  9. I would be very surprised if Johnson doesn't get this job. He's managed to get The Last Jedi through production without a hitch, will be seen as a very safe choice by Disney, is familiar with the cast and crew, and has publicly impressed enthusiasm for doing another Star Wars film in the past.
  10. For TFA, I listened to the OST before seeing the movie. Probably the same. Listen to the album on a loop and then see the film. It'll be an interesting and fun few days.

    The only time the fast travel ever bothered me was the raven from The Wall to Dragonstone and then Dany from Dragonstone to North of the wall. They really should have had Dany go north with Jon together from Dragonstone. She then could have stayed at the wall while the rest go to capture the dead guy because it would have been too high risk and unnecessary for her to go too, but she would be there for reinforcement if needed, which was eventually the case. Funny though, I rewatched the first episode again out of curiosity. We see Jaime and Cersei in King's Landing. The next time we see them after about 10 mins of screentime they are arriving at Winterfell and mentioned it took a month.

    The biggest problem I have with the reverse engineering is that the private confrontations between Arya and Sansa made no sense and still make no sense. They were purely for the benefit of the audience in order to make the twist more surprising.

    I really don't see how Sansa and Arya could have been playing Littlefinger. Their conflict came to a head last episode when Arya said all she needs to be Lady of Winterfell was Sansa's face. That conversation was in private. It wasn't a show for Littlefinger.

    I only started watching GoT early last year and so binge watched the first five seasons. Waiting for a new ep each week is an absolute killer.

    The direction of that final battle was fantastic. Probably the best realized dragon action scene I've ever seen. There were a few lingering shots of soldiers burning to death and that really emphasized the destruction Drogon and Dany where creating. I think the main reason this battle was so intense for many viewers is that there was no clear good vs evil dynamic such as Battle of the Bastards or Hardhome. Cersei is definitely a villain, and technically Jaime and Bronn are on her side, but both are so likable there was no clear side to root for. A death on either side would have signaled the end of an important sympathetic character. Jaime is definitely not dead. Dying like that would be far too impersonal. If the writers wanted him gone today, he'd have been toasted by Drogon. That so called cliffhanger is actually the biggest weakness of the episode now that I think about it. Jaime's arc throughout the whole series has been exceptional given that he started out crippling the lead character's son in the very first episode. I never thought I'd be rooting for him but he's evolved into a great multidimensional character. In fact, that brief conversation where he ordered that the men are given fair warning about the flogging because they fought well was probably there to ingratiate him with the audience right before the attack. I hope he'll be brought back to Dragonstone as prisoner which would allow some great opportunities for scenes between him, Dany and Tyrion. Wouldn't it be great if Tyrion manages to convince him that Cersei isn't fit to rule and turn him to their side. It would be almost impossible but great nevertheless.