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  1. I really like Ambassador Ambush. A lot of good drama in that cue.
  2. Yeah, I'm listening to it now and it is fantastic. I also love the retro synth beat at 1:15. It immediately brought back memories of Hooked On Classics
  3. Those timpanis around the middle of Incredits 2 are awesome!
  4. The very beginning of Mine Mission, with the trumpet, snares and flute, reminds me of John Barry in 80's Bond mode.
  5. Damien F

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Raisuli Attacks by Jerry Goldsmith immediately comes to mind. Especially the crazy brass at 1:19
  6. Damien F

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Does the love theme remind anyone else of We May Never Love Like This Again from The Towering Inferno?
  7. It's funny - that is how I feel about Alden Ehrenreich. He's perfectly fine as a generic roguish action hero but I don't get the sense he is actually playing Han Solo because he doesn't have that extra bit of magic that made Ford's performance so indelible.
  8. Anyone hear a little bit of ET. For example, 0:39 in The Adventures of Han and 0:38 in Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye Really like this new piece.
  9. This makes me glad I chose his Chicago concert over Boston. He was on great form in Chicago, not to mention Shirtgate!!
  10. Album Version: Score by John Powell Movie Version: Score by John Williams
  11. Damien F

    Two Upcoming Williams Music Concerts In Dublin

    I saw the first concert this evening. David Brophy is a conductor who really gets the best out of the orchestra when it comes to film music. I noticed a few iffy notes from the brass section during Jaws and Jurassic Park, but overall the orchestra performance was powerful and exciting. The Lost World in particular was thrilling, especially the thunderous percussion. It was my first time seeing that being performed live and I'm delighted that the orchestra absolutely knocked it out of the park.
  12. The maestro never scribbles, he CREATES!!
  13. Wow...he is really keen on travelling now. Can't wait for his inevitable concert aboard the International Space Station!
  14. Damien F

    Question About the Star Wars Soundtrack

    Were the Sony Classical 2004 OT releases just a repackage of the 1997 SE? Any difference in sound quality?
  15. I've just discovered two concerts of Williams music in Dublin which may be of interest for those living near this part of the world: A Night of John Williams Music (in Tribute to Nicole Fischer) 20-05-2018 20:00 Conducted by David Brophy No idea who Nicole Fischer was so I Googled her and she was a member of the orchestra who died suddenly recently. Not sure how it related to JW. Maybe she was a fan. Anyway, I saw David Brophy conducting film music a few years ago. He is clearly a big movie and score fan and had a lot of little anecdotes about the various films during the concert. I presume it will be the same this time https://www.nch.ie/Online/RTECO-a-Tribute-to-Nicole-Fischer-20May18 Superman: A John Williams Celebration 22-06-2018 19:30 Conducted by Richard Kaufman Having just seen Kaufman in Chicago, I didn't expect to be seeing in Dublin so soon. https://www.nch.ie/Online/RTENSO-John-Williams-22Jun18 Set lists are in both links. I'll be attending both. Looking forward to hearing The Lost World in the first concert.