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  1. Damien F

    RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019

    Williams will never retire from writing. He simply loves it. But he may retire from writing for film given the extra stress that entails of keeping to schedule, dealing with studios, long days at scoring sessions, etc. I think retiring from scoring after episode IX would be a great achievement having completed a trilogy of trilogies that has started all the way back in 1977. However, he may be sentimental about Spielberg and want his last score to be for him, although neither WSS or Indy 5 excites me as film prospects but Indy 5 would also be a great final send off for him, whenever that actually happens. My main concern though is episode IX. Ever since I heard TFA, I've wanted JW to finish the trilogy. I wouldn't be too disheartened if Indy 5 gets scored by someone else like John Powell (maybe with JW writing a new theme). Given their collaboration on Solo, I'd imagine he'd be high on JW's list of recommendations to Spielberg for Indy 5 if he's not doing it himself.
  2. I watched it last night for the first time in about 6 years. It is such a great film, not just a great Potter film, but a great film in general. It looks absolutely beautiful, has some fantastic camera work, the three leads have totally matured into their roles, and the story in gripping. David Thewlis and Gary Oldman are excellent additions to the cast. And of course JW's score ... 👍
  3. The cue Hovercraft Chase is a good example of how I think the electronics ruin that score. The themes and structure of that cue is great. It heavily uses the various components of the Bond theme while including some new material written for the movie. But all the electronic manipulation in that cue is rather obnoxious especially when compared to the good balance of orchestra and electronics in his previous Bond scores. When the Bond theme is played on guitar, it sounds like 96 kbps recorded over a 70s rotary phone. Compare that to its fantastic appearance in Backseat Driver from TNG. I'd love to hear a good fully orchestral re-recording of that cue.
  4. The World Is Not Enough is also great and I'm super looking forward to getting the expanded LLL album. Shame he leaned so heavily on the electronic manipulation for Die Another Day. In a way though, it suited the OTT bat shit crazy nature of that film.
  5. John Williams Michael Giachinno James Newton Howard Howard Shore Danny Elfman David Arnold John Powell Alexandre Desplat Alan Silvestri Hans Zimmer Composers like Shore, Arnold and Powell are curious. Unlike the rest, they are only on my top 10 due to a small number of their scores relative to their whole career rather than having widespread appeal across their career. Arnold has the trio of Stargate, Tomorrow Never Dies and ID4 but I'd also add Casino Royale. Shore has the 6 Tolkien scores and Powell has Bourne and How To Train Your Dragon. They've all done a lot of great work elsewhere but those small samples of their full career is enough to get them a place in my top 10. BTW, I admit referring to Shore's Tolkien work as a "small sample" sounds odd but you know what I mean - he's had a prolific career before and after it. There are also composers like Chrisopher Young who did fantastic work on Drag Me To Hell, Spidey 3 and Priest. Had Hollywood took notice and maybe given him the same opportunities that Gia has had on some franchises, he'd probably be in my top 10 too. He certainly has the talent for it.
  6. Fantastic Jay. A great resource. Thanks so much!
  7. Ordered Harry Potter, Schlinder's List, and The World Is Not Enough
  8. I just saw the new one and Rowling really dropped the ball. All exposition and no payoff. Felt like a two hour first act. And Queenie made some very unusual choices for her character. I only time I felt a hint of the magic from the Potter series was when we saw Hogwarts. It made me wish this prequel series featured Dumbledore as the central character as a teacher in Hogwarts and maybe Newt as a young teacher there too. Not hopeful for part 3. Depp was actually OK mostly because he toned down his eccentricities and kept his performance fairly restrained, which therefore increased the menace.
  9. Worrying seems to be the default position of some people when an expended release is announced. How do we know this box set is the score by our John Williams and not a previously unknown alternate score by guitarist John Williams
  10. I wonder are they waiting for episode IX to be released and then they'll do a 12 disc six movie box set in 2020?
  11. Well I do get the feeling there aren't too many JW fans in Ireland. One of the strangest things was hearing Abandoned In The Woods from AI played over the speakers at a shopping center in Limerick. An odd choice for shopping center music.
  12. Yup. Born in Ennis but living in Dublin. Have been a JW fan since primary school.
  13. I'm just as surprised as you are. Our national broadcaster must have connections. I wonder what will the question be to win the box set? "How did Williams react when he saw Schlinder's List for the first time?"
  14. Is there a lot of unreleased highlights from War Horse? The OST always seemed fairly extensive to me.