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  1. I've seen JW 6 times already (including twice this year) so I can't really complain if I didn't get tickets for London but I managed to get one in the stalls earlier in the year. Usually, I'd be fairly fussy about where I sit, but this will be such a momentous occasion and I'm predicting an amazing atmosphere, so just being in the room for the event is the most important thing.
  2. Damien F


    I literally watched that scene again the moment it was over. It was great. When Kim entered the room, I had a feeling something would happen. She just seemed very tense and on-edge. Great acting even before the fireworks started.
  3. Damien F


    There was no mention at all of Saul's personal life in Breaking Bad so there is no reason why she couldn't be part of his life during that time. It would be interesting if the show ended with a flash forward to the present day with Kim talking to someone about how he just disappeared one day.
  4. Damien F


    Kim has a scene in episode 2 which is one of my favourite scenes in all of BB / BSC.
  5. Damien F

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    RIP. An iconic legend of the industry. She was only 76. Reminds me how lucky we are that JW is still composing and conducting concerts at 86!
  6. Damien F

    Your favorite John Williams pictures

    Not a picture but I saw this on Twitter and thought it looked very cool:
  7. "Despite practice, Williams still struggled with the Y-M-C-A dance choreography"
  8. Damien F

    Your favorite John Williams pictures

    I was on Dublin's tram system on a part of the line that I don't usually frequent and I did a double-take when I saw this at one of the stops. I really thought it was JW for a second especially as he is wearing the same type of hat as JW is in those London Star Wars pics. Which made me think - there really should be a cool piece of graffiti like this celebrating JW somewhere, maybe in Boston or LA. I actually have no idea who this guy is.
  9. I wonder if it is a rights issue with the a capella group.
  10. I really like Ambassador Ambush. A lot of good drama in that cue.
  11. Yeah, I'm listening to it now and it is fantastic. I also love the retro synth beat at 1:15. It immediately brought back memories of Hooked On Classics
  12. Those timpanis around the middle of Incredits 2 are awesome!
  13. The very beginning of Mine Mission, with the trumpet, snares and flute, reminds me of John Barry in 80's Bond mode.
  14. Damien F

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Raisuli Attacks by Jerry Goldsmith immediately comes to mind. Especially the crazy brass at 1:19