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  1. I only started watching GoT early last year and so binge watched the first five seasons. Waiting for a new ep each week is an absolute killer.
  2. The direction of that final battle was fantastic. Probably the best realized dragon action scene I've ever seen. There were a few lingering shots of soldiers burning to death and that really emphasized the destruction Drogon and Dany where creating. I think the main reason this battle was so intense for many viewers is that there was no clear good vs evil dynamic such as Battle of the Bastards or Hardhome. Cersei is definitely a villain, and technically Jaime and Bronn are on her side, but both are so likable there was no clear side to root for. A death on either side would have signaled the end of an important sympathetic character. Jaime is definitely not dead. Dying like that would be far too impersonal. If the writers wanted him gone today, he'd have been toasted by Drogon. That so called cliffhanger is actually the biggest weakness of the episode now that I think about it. Jaime's arc throughout the whole series has been exceptional given that he started out crippling the lead character's son in the very first episode. I never thought I'd be rooting for him but he's evolved into a great multidimensional character. In fact, that brief conversation where he ordered that the men are given fair warning about the flogging because they fought well was probably there to ingratiate him with the audience right before the attack. I hope he'll be brought back to Dragonstone as prisoner which would allow some great opportunities for scenes between him, Dany and Tyrion. Wouldn't it be great if Tyrion manages to convince him that Cersei isn't fit to rule and turn him to their side. It would be almost impossible but great nevertheless.
  3. Comparison threads on JWFan. Highly unlikely.
  4. This is like a fantasy scoring assignment that I would never have thought would actually happen. Massive anticipation for this, even more than Desplat or Gia for Rogue One. Given that it is set in the past and is based on Han Solo who isn't a Jedi and would yet have met Luke or Leia, I don't think the movie will give Powell much opportunity to use JW's themes, except for Jabba's. Maybe the Rebel fanfare if they are part of the story. Maybe the cloud city theme will be "re-purposed" for Lando. The cue most people associate with the Falcon is the Tie Fighter Attack so I'd like to hear him base an action cue around that in his own style. Either way, Powell doing a fun space epic is bound to be excellent regardless if it is Star Wars or not. This is obviously an incredibly high profile job for him. I wonder if this will mark the beginning of Powell becoming a sought after composer for franchise movies like Gia has become.
  5. I don't revere Hook like others do. The concert suite is great as is the third act battle music but I never had a desire to listen to the whole score from start to finish. It probably would appear just outside my top 20 JW scores.
  6. Just saw the movie. I haven't listened to the OST yet. I liked the score in the movie. I got a strong 70s vibe from it especially John Barry from that era. There is one motif that is mostly heard in act one that is very similar to the second half of Anakin's Dark Deeds. Looking forward to my album listen. Although it's a good score, I don't understand why movie critics are collectively praising it. There have been many far more better/interesting/innovative scores in recent years that were completely ignored by them.
  7. That's a minor miracle given the MCU thematic consistency. Probably the reason they are bringing Silvestri back for the Avengers sequels.
  8. I saw that too. I also saw another film score person tweeting today that Rogue One is better than TFA. I know people have different tastes but these are insane rankings. I enjoy parts of Homecoming but I'd place Elfman's, Young's and Horner's scores above Homecoming.
  9. Looking forward to JW's reaction to Spielberg doing a biopic of guitarist John Williams.
  10. This is disappointing but not the shock that The Book Thief was because we have come to accept this as a possibility. I'm leaning slightly towards wanting a score for The Papers instead of RPO, and Silvestri on this project interests me, so this is the best possible outcome. Star Wars IX is his only upcoming score that would genuinely be heart breaking if he can't do it. He started this trilogy and I really hope he finishes it. Indy 5 is an odd one. Obviously JW is vital to the franchise but the whole movie seems very misguided so I wouldn't be as disappointed. A Silvestri Indy score could be very good. I can't see JW actually wanting to retire. However, I suspect he'll just continue to score Spielberg's dramas and leave his larger scale movies to others.
  11. On my first listen now after just seeing the movie. I still think the main theme is the weakest for this character and uninteresting in its structure, but it is certainly an ear-worm. I think it benefits massively from the many varied orchestrations it gets throughout the score. Drag Racing / An Old Van Rundown is by far my favorite cue so far. A great action cue with some Jupiter Ascending-esque brass. The first half of Monumental Meltdown is rather fun too. It uses the same melody from Drag Racing / An Old Van Rundown. Not sure if it is a secondary theme or just an action motif for that part of the movie. I find it more interesting than the main theme.
  12. Just listened to the suite. The main theme is disappointingly bland and simple. Completely forgettable. I'd say Doctor Strange's theme is a pedestrian servicable theme, but Spider-Man is a notch below that. It makes me appreciate Beck's Ant-Man theme even more. I think Gia might be stretching himself too thin lately with so many high-profile projects so close to each other because I know he is capable of much better.
  13. I've been listening to both Goldsmith's and Silvestri's Mummy scores non stop over the past few days. Wow, they are so good! So much character and enthusiasm. I listened to Tyler's score today and it is so boring in comparison. To be fair, it has that big orchestra and choir sound and it is bombastic but pretty simplistic and anonymous. It might grow on me, but I'd rather just listen to Goldsmith and Silvestri again because I know I can't go wrong. I was expecting TMNT with an Egyptian flair. Sadly I'm disappointed. And Wonder Woman's WW1's setting had a great opportunity for a old fashioned orchestral adventure score but we unfortunately got a score that was even more boring and was a complete non-entity within the film except for that now famous electric cello inserted at a few key moments. Such a disappointment from the summer so far. I hope Giachinno, Desplat and Zimmer will rescue it later.
  14. Episode 3x02 has some amazingly directed scenes.