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  1. Board members pets

    I can imagine her turning around on a chair in that pose saying "Good evening Mr. Bond" whilst stroking a Blofeld
  2. Including Rey's Theme? I like Rose's Theme, but now prefer the resistance march.
  3. Spot on! I always stop watching ESB before Lando shows up!
  4. The march of the resistance sounds amazing in this score. Funny how your opinion can change so much after those early listens. Can't believe I wrote the following two years ago :
  5. *Ren force ignites the lightsaber into Snoke's waist. Snoke: "I have a bad feeling about this!"
  6. I kept getting distracted that the rest of the rebellion were dressed in typical rebellion uniforms but Laura Dern's character was wearing an evening gown like she is going to a ball. Also, why didn't she just tell Poe what her plan was. No need to keep it a secret from him especially if it was causing conflict. And the Finn/Rose subplots was a little rubbish. Thinking about it again, the subplots that don't involve the central Rey / Luke / Ren / Snoke story were pretty weak.
  7. TFA had characters I was invested in and a strong clear story, albeit a rehash of ANH. It also looked great! TLJ has some really good dramatic storytelling, avoided some obvious pitfalls while still surprising, has some beautiful shots but the Finn/Rose subplot really drags down its overall average. RO has its moments, Donnie Yen and K-2 especially, but the story telling was a little messy and most of the characters (including Jyn) were underdeveloped.
  8. Just saw the film again. Wow, that Rey's Escape Pod cue is a great moment. Hope it's on the FYC (if there is one). Same with the training cue. I noticed a few more statements of Rey's theme during the Crait battle that aren't on the album. Nothing extraordinary but I would still like to have them. Basically, I would like to have all the cues with Rey's theme. I'm also a little disappointed that Johnson didn't follow Star Wars tradition and have a dialog free 1-2 minute end sequence before the end credits to let the score shine.
  9. Rey and Rose have similar traits but still feel like totally different characters.
  10. When Rey leaves the Falcon in the pod and goes to Ren's ship, there is a cool little arrangement of her theme followed by some rapid fire brass. It is brief but interesting. Jason, perhaps you can find that clip?
  11. If people are saying that her theme doesn't sound like Star Wars its probable because her character is quite new for the franchise. I don't recall a major character as optimistic and lovely as her before. She actually feels like a Harry Potter character.
  12. It has a few stand out moments in the film, one in particular. It is really growing on me, like the resistance march did.
  13. Having seen the movie, I'm certain the theme you describe as Militaristic Resistance’ theme is for Luke on the island. From what I recall, it only ever appears on the island with him and Rey, and never anywhere else.
  14. Agree so much with that. I wouldn't be surprised if he was probably leaning towards retiring from the franchise as he was writing TFA.