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  1. New book on John Williams coming in 2018

    Nobody is forcing you to read it, of course. And the aim of the book doesn't seem to be "let's teach you to write like John Williams", but instead to contribute to the serious critical study of Williams' music. Music, like any forms of human art, can be studied, analysed, dissected and interpreted in many ways. And this doesn't mean to reveal the tricks of any "magic". It's simply the very human desire to deepen our own knowledge and perhaps helping ourselves to find new and stimulating ways to how we see and hear an object of art.
  2. A new book curated by Emilio Audissino (author of John Williams's Film Music) will be published by Brepols in 2018. The book is in English language. Here's the cover and the press release:
  3. Williams filmography in Bluray - a list

    Yes, the extended cut retained several bits and pieces that went unused or dialed out in the theatrical version.
  4. When it comes to details like these, decisions have to be made in one way or another. Matessino has a huge track record of right decisions in this sense (in cooperation with JW himself), so we're in very good hands. I think "Levitation" is right to be placed in the extras (it's music for a deleted scene) and I agree also with having "The Encounter" as a bonus since is virtually the same piece as the Main Title and it would have feel repetitive as the third track on the main program (also, it's more a musical effect than a proper piece of composition). I would have loved to have "The Kiss" in the main program however, but since it contains music not written by JW himself and since it's also a very short cue, I guess Matessino and JW felt it stays nicely in the bonus area. Also, there's the pure technical problem of filling the disc to its maximum capacity--it's not that uncommon that an 8o-minute CD could have some issues during the mastering/printing phase. So, in the end, I think all the right decisions were made. But all these are really minutiae, and basically non-issues. Most people listen to music on portable devices and everyone can create his or her own favorite playlists. This is the perfect, most comprehensive and definitive release of John Williams' magnum opus. And I already thank Mike and the gang at LaLaLand for giving us this wonderful early Christmas present. This is one for the ages!
  5. Program notes about the piece up on BSO website:
  6. Elliot Goldenthal

    Totally forgot to point you out the interview with Elliot I did last month! He talked about M. Butterfly there too. Here it is!
  7. J.W. Rinzler, former Lucasfilm historian/archivist from 2001 to 2015 (and author of the beautiful original trilogy "Making Of" coffee-table books) has started a series of blog entries on his own website called "The Rise and Fall of Star Wars". It's gonna be a chronicle of his years at LFL and it promises to be filled with interesting stories. He's gonna publish stories three times a week. As he says in the first post, "This blog is about my time at Lucasfilm, from October 1, 2001, to December 31, 2015. As such, though I’ll try to be objective, my observations are no doubt my subjective views of these years, not any clinical “truth.” Looks like he has a lot to tell. Check it out.
  8. The temp track thread

    Yes, Spielberg always used temp tracks. Even JW himself said it in an interview from 1993 (published on the Soundtrack! magazine)
  9. Harry Potter - Live to Projection Concerts

    From what I gather, Williams wrote the music to a different cut of the movie and then discovered right on the scoring stage that scenes were trimmed/moved around/modified, so he had to revise/rewrite a number of cues on the spot, hence I guess a lot of those alternates/early versions weren't even recorded.
  10. Yes, it's quite logical that the studio/company that owns the music is doing everything to protect their own assets. There were several apocryphal horror stories about Lucasfilm letting rot reels and tapes in their own archives, but I'm sure all the music for all the films they made is safely stored in pristine hi-res digital files.
  11. Great interview with Danny Elfman about his new Violin Concerto and other stuff, done by the ever-reliable Tim Greiving (our own @Maestro)
  12. The Last Jedi recording sessions updates

    Da Costa played in zillions of film scores:
  13. This is Pedroni's first album with JW music. He performed a lot of these arrangements in his own recitals, but this is the first official recording.
  14. This isn't the same suite Williams performed several times (at the Hollywood Bowl and in Chicago) back in 2005/2006. Williams' own suite was in two movements and they were called "Escape from the City" (which was actually comprised of different sections from the cues "Driving Away", "The Ferry Scene", "Attack on the Car" and "Ogilvy's End") and "Epilogue" (which was basically the same piece as in the movie, but slightly extended in the coda). This suite instead was recorded for several JW "budget" compilations (both by the City of Prague Philharmonic and the Royal Philharmonic), but AFAIK is not arranged nor supervised by the composer himself.