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  1. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    Williams already scored several "talky" dramas in his career, so I don't think this is gonna be different in any form than, say, Presumed Innocent or Lincoln just to name a couple. I'm confident we'll get a great main theme at the very least, fully developed in concert-like form in the end credits suite.
  2. JW new piece for Yo-Yo

    He wrote the short piece "To Lenny!" (aka "For New York") in 1988, but I don't think he wrote anything else dedicated to him.
  3. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    Perhaps Spielberg will put Edgardo Mortara back on track for a release in late 2018?
  4. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    I too wished JW might have found a way to score Ready Player One as well and I'm sure he and Spielberg at least tried to find a way before setting on the final decision. Let's keep in mind that Williams is almost 86, we cannot expect him to churn out music at the pace current film industry demands. Plus, he needs a 6-8 weeks schedule just to write because he still does it without any aids whatsoever. Also, he still works one score at a time as he doesn't overlap projects. We don't know details about the schedules of RPO and The Post, but it's likely they overlapped a lot. Back in 2005, when JW wrote four major scores back-to-back, he was reportedly very tired at the end of the process and Spielberg was worried to ask him too much (it's on record on the Munich DVD featurette). And that was 12 years ago. I'm sure Spielberg is the first to care about Johnny's health. All that being said, I think it's marvellous we're getting two new scores from him this year. Let's enjoy what we're getting (which is a lot) instead of focusing about the missed assignment.
  5. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    Yes, the film is finished. Spielberg will lock sound mix next Monday:
  6. Ben Folds wrote a truly lovely remembrance about Buckmaster on his FB page:
  7. Ready Player One (2018) FILM Discussion

    Yes, but that's because of the massive workload (and tight deadlines) of some vfx-driven films.
  8. Ready Player One (2018) FILM Discussion

    VFX houses bid on projects and the film company usually settles for the one which makes the best price. Of course Spielberg has a special relationship with ILM, so I guess if he wants to work specifically with them, the studio agrees.
  9. Sad news. He was a true genius. He graced many rock/pop songs with lush orchestrations, first and foremost Elton John's early albums. He also composed a few film scores, the most popular certainly is Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys.
  10. Do you guys really expect big corporations acting with priorities other than maximise their financial income? Star Wars has always been about milking the cow of fans and aficionados. Of course that doesn't mean anyone have to accept inferior product or applaud at their marketing strategies, but that's more or less the reality in which even an artistic object like Williams' music for the franchise lives in (at least in its commercial value). That being said, we can be confident that the right people will do their best to give us JWfans a complete soundtrack release in the not-so-distant future. We have enough Star Wars music to enjoy in the time being
  11. It may be pointless for JWfans and the soundtrack collectors niche, but such product seems aimed more at Star Wars memorabilia collectors. Again, it's more financially logical for the rights' holders to put out stuff like this now and then working on a full complete restoration of the whole soundtrack saga later.
  12. It's not cheaper, but it's surely more remunerative (this set is tagged at $150.00). The CD market is dying and instead vinyl is hitting a new high in sales.
  13. I believe this is gonna be the 1977 OST assembly, not the 1997 SE (I think the master rights of the SE died when Sony's license expired at the beginning of this year). Matessino made it pretty clear in the interview with Jay: Disney has retained all the rights and hit the reset button on all Star Wars music releases. Right now the easiest and most logical thing is to release lavish vinyl products like this one, if only to fill the market with at least something (I agree though that they could make an effort to release the OT OST assemblies on CD as well). Restoring and rebuilding from the ground all the elements for the whole saga is something that require a lot of time, money and work. Just have some patience, guys. I'm sure everything will be addressed in the right way by the right people when time is due. In the meantime, let's enjoy the upcoming brand new Star Wars score by JW, which isn't something too shabby
  14. Fantastic interview. Congrats, Jay! I'm so glad we have Mike overseeing and producing these projects. He's definitely the right person at the right moment doing the right job. Bless him!
  15. It's fascinating to hear at alternate and unused moments of course and I surely hope they will be officially released one day (didn't JJ Baby said something about the unused music being released at some point?) However, we knew since day one that JW kept rewriting to accomodate the picture changes up until one month before release. It surely was a daunting challenge considering he's still doing it all by himself with pencil and paper. Someone might say that the score didn't live up to the (terribly high) expectations, but I believe it was a mighty effort from JW in the end.