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  1. Hello there. Be sure to check TheLegacyOfJohnWilliams.com very soon for an exclusive inside look at this stunning new release. I promise it'll be something worth your time. If you have doubts about shelling your pennies for this new remaster, well... believe me, guys, this score has never sounded better than this.
  2. TownerFan

    The Birthday Thread

    Thank you Jay!!
  3. Amazon Italy store put up this track list: Disco: 1 1. Olympic Fanfare And Theme 2. Excerpts 3. Out To Sea / The Shark Cage Fugue 4. Hedwig's Theme 5. Fawkes The Phoenix 6. Harry's Wondrous World 7. Theme 8. Adventures On Earth 9. The Flight To Neverland Disco: 2 1. Theme 2. Scherzo For Motorcycle And Orchestra 3. Marion's Theme 4. The Raiders March 5. Sayuri's Theme 6. The Imperial March 7. Yoda's Theme 8. Throne Room And Finale 9. Adagio 10. Superman March
  4. TownerFan

    The Birthday Thread

    Thanks everyone! I'm now exactly double the age of JWFan 😮
  5. TownerFan


    Happy Birthday, Maestro Williams! Thank you for sharing your artistry with the whole world. Here's to many more years of great music. Keep the pencil moving!
  6. The Patriot soundtrack was released on Hollywood Records (owned by Disney Music Group). So, you'd have to license cues from the OST album from them and the unreleased cues from Sony/Columbia Pictures and Centropolis Entertainment.
  7. MV spoke about Sony Music, not Sony Pictures (it's two different companies). Sony Music controls/has in catalogue thousands of film scores licensed from other film studios as well, not just for Sony Pictures films. Of course it's big with Williams, since a lot of his soundtrack albums since the 1990s were released by Sony Music. So it means Hook, Seven Years In Tibet, Stepmom, Memoirs of a Geisha, Tintin, War Horse, Lincoln, The Book Thief, The Post. Other titles like CE3K, 1941, Home Alone, Rosewood have been already expanded, luckily.
  8. TownerFan

    The Legacy of John Williams - New Blog on JW

    Sorry to tout my own thing here, but there are a couple of new feature articles which I hope you will enjoy: An in-depth look at Williams' love affair with concert band music and his own contribution to one of America's greatest musical heritage https://thelegacyofjohnwilliams.com/2019/02/01/a-new-march-king/ A few words with violinist Gil Shaham, who talks about his relationship with the music of John Williams: https://thelegacyofjohnwilliams.com/2019/01/30/a-few-words-with-gil-shaham/ Coming soon on the website more exclusive interviews and contents.
  9. I don't know if someone already pointed out, but this is pretty neat: https://www.wnyc.org/story/john-williams/
  10. If you listen to her speech, she says she did some narration for the orchestra during his first year and they became friends. It's likely she's also a funding patron for the LAPhil. There has always been a lot of interchange between the Hollywood industry and the LAPhil. As for the kinship between JW and Dudamel, it doesn't limit to their collaboration on The Force Awakens. Dudamel has been an ardent champion of JW's music since he became the LAPhil principal conductor. He invited JW to guest conduct the Simòn Bolivar Youth Orchestra during their debut tour in LA in 2007 and they became close friends since then.
  11. TownerFan

    BSO360 ep 3: Boston Pops retrospective

    The chapter devoted to JW's Pops years in Emilio Audissino's book has a very accurate reconstruction of the notorious incident that brought to JW's temporary resignment from the BPO.
  12. Just finished listening disc 2 and 3 of PS on my home hi-fi and it sounds great. If some peak limiting was added, Mike as usual did it very gently. It all sounds warm and natural to my ears.