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  1. They're both interesting and engaging pieces, with a very nice sense of development and dramatic arc. Curiously, they also both feature classical dance-like episodes (a sarabande in "Rebellion is Reborn" and a galop in "Adventures of Han").
  2. John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Did anyone else catch the cameo of EpIV Imperial motif in "Train Heist"? Nice touch, imho: Also, nice cameos/lifts of two not-so obvious moments from ANH ("Blasting Off") and TESB ("Attack Position") in the cue "Reminscence Therapy": I also liked a lot the Holst-like harmonic texture in the strings in a couple of action moments, a nice throwback to Williams' Planets pastiche for the original film:
  3. The Adventures of Han is not the demo recording Williams did at Sony last January. It's a concert suite arrangement JW made purposefully for the OST album and for concert performance that was recorded last April at Newman Fox Scoring Stage. As Powell said in at least a couple of interviews, it's an arrangement made of two of the thematic ideas JW wrote for the film, tailored and expanded in concert-like form. The fact it doesn't "sound" like a straightforward character theme presentation to many ears, I guess, is just because it's not a march, or a regular-meter piece with a clear ABA form, but it's definitely more rhapsodic in nature, with odd meters and quick episodes of development. The piece has however a very strong "concert-like" form, like an overture brillante in the spirit of Walton and Shostakovich (as someone else noticed previosuly, it almost reminds of the Walton-like "Esplanade Overture"). I think Powell explained the whole process with JW very clearly in this interview with Dan Schweiger:
  4. John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    I think it's also because of Powell's specific style of writing for action scenes--it's very dense and busy, the dynamic spectrum is very thick and there is seldom a moment of respite. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot how he writes, but it's very thick with layers upon layers (not too dissimilar from how modern Elfman writes), so it becomes a little bit fatiguing for the ears after a while. Btw, I like a lot what he did here for Solo. It's a testament of his skills as a pure composer. Also, I guess the luxury of having Williams by his side providing brand new material is a big plus
  5. I don't think it's always necessary to lean on cognitive bias to proclaim anyone's ability to judge a piece of music. In this specific case, I think Williams' own specific stylistic traits are well recognizable just by listening to the piece even without knowing it's him. Of course it's perfectly understandable to dislike it, or to think the Maestro has done better for compositions like this one. I happen to like it a lot, but I don't think it makes me automatically biased since I knew already it was JW. I like how the piece moves and develops, I like how it's orchestrated and how it keeps being always interesting for the whole duration. It's a lovely symphonic miniature, much like a Shostakovich overture or a Prokofiev dance piece.
  6. Superb virtuosic trumpet writing. Just amazing!
  7. The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    A beautiful orchestral suite by Bohuslav Martinů, a composer who never fails to impress me: Great use of colors, almost post-impressionistic piece.
  8. John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    New interview with Powell. He talks at length about the process and working with JW (in the second half of the piece): EDIT: Ninja'ed by loert
  9. Yes, it's a theme comprised of two subjects. It's likely JW wanted to explore more than just one "feeling". Btw, Ford Thaxton wrote this on the FSM board: So what will be on the CD isn't the original demo recording, but a new one made purposefully for the OST album.
  10. John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    That's what I got from Powell's wordings on the podcast: - Williams, Powell and Ron Howard spotted the film together at Powell's studio at the end of 2017 - The plan was for JW to write just one tune, but he ended up writing "a couple of themes" and tried "a few cues here and there", just as demos for the filmmakers. - Powell and Williams did go through the themes at JW's house. JW then presented the ideas to the filmmakers on another occasion and everybody was happy with it. - Williams recorded his demos at Sony in LA with Powell and the filmmakers attending and everybody was happy. - Powell then used Williams' themes throughout the score. So, it could very well be that "Adventures of Han" is Williams' demo recording, as polished and refined as his concert arrangements usually are, likely featuring all the thematic ideas he wrote for the film.
  11. I think it's the recording stage. TESB sessions were done at Anvil Denham Studios for the most part, while Raiders and ROTJ were mostly recorded at Abbey Road (a few sessions of TESB were also recorded at Abbey Road. Also, a couple of sessions of ROTJ were done at Olympic Studios in Barnes, London).
  12. Yes, you're right. That album was recorded in 1994 and it's likely Mauceri used a copy of the manuscript score from JW. Hal Leonard's Signature Series version was published only several years later and it doesn't feature choir (not even as optional), probably to make it more easily performable by orchestras around the world.
  13. They recorded using Hal Leonard's official Signature Edition, which doesn't require choir. As far as I know, the choir is featured only in the film, but never in concert performance.
  14. The concert webpage has been updated. Presale for Musikverein members starts on May 28. Sale for general audience on May 30.