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  1. THE POST - SCORE Thread

    I don't know if this was already posted somewhere else, but here's an interesting interview with film editors Michael Kahn and Sarah Broshar about editing Spielberg's The Post and the challenges of doing it simultaneously with Ready Player One: It's a very insightful peek on Spielberg's creative process. Posting it here because there this small quote about music and temp tracking which I found particularly interesting:
  2. Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    Here's a behind-the-scenes video about the European premiere of Star Wars In Concert. It's all in German, but you can hear bits and pieces of the orchestra performing during rehearsals:
  3. Yes, it is. Another interesting tidbit is that JW confirmed again he will do Episode 9 next year and that will be "quite enough" for him, despite Disney wanting to continue the series.
  4. Wasn't Lockhart who conducted the Boston premiere?
  5. Interview is now online: Direct link to file:
  6. Hollywood Bowl annual JW concert announced: In addition, David Newman is gonna conduct live to picture concerts of Jaws, Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back.
  7. In the interview with Tim Greiving last June, Elfman said he's planning to record the Violin Concerto. It's safe to assume he'll record the Piano Quartet as well, probably to be released on the same disc. Here's another interview with Elfman about the new piece:
  8. I hope there is chance for JW doing a sort of bucket list tour of major European cities.
  9. Yes, that's what I think too. He probably wanted to give a spotlight to the bass soloist in the suite.
  10. I think it's a very conscious reference. We still don't know if the whole bass cadenza is an improv by Valerio or if it was written out as such by JW. The current Signature Edition available on Hal Leonard is still the original version, but JW made several alterations to "Reflections" (especially in the harmony, now it's even more jazz-like) as one can hear in both the 2013 Dudamel concert and the 2017 Spielberg/Williams Vol.3 recording.
  11. Elfman's new concert work, a Piano Quartet written for the Berlin Philharmonic piano quartet ensemble, premiered a few days ago. Here's a couple of short reviews: And here's a new interview with Elfman about the piece: The ensemble is touring the US right now and will perform Elfman's work in all concerts. In other great Elfman's concert music news, the composer recently signed an agreement with Faber Music for the publishing of his scores. The Violin Concerto written for Sandy Cameron and premiered last year in Prague is already available to rent: You can also see the full score for perusal: In film-related news, Elfman also scored Gus Van Sant's latest film Don't Worry He Won't Get Far On Foot, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival a couple of days ago.
  12. I don't know the details, but it's more than likely that several factors contributed to schedules being reshuffled before the final recording location was settled. I'm sure they gave JW all the time he needed on both TFA and TLJ.
  13. Ready Player One - Alan Silvestri

    Looks like the OST release will be 2-disc:
  14. The original plan was to record in London with JW conducting the LSO (they even booked Abbey Road Studios). Plans then were scrapped for a variety of reasons. Also, it seems AFM made a lot of pressure to keep the recording in LA.