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  1. Same here. I should probably note I'm bringing a +1, though.
  3. 1) Not sure yet, but we'll probably arrive on Thursday the 25th and depart on Sunday the 28th (three nights). 2) No. 3) Yes! Saturday would probably work better, because we're likely to be travelling on the 25th. 4) This would be nice, but I'd prefer to go to the Leavesden tour. 5) It depends on the film.
  4. It looks like I'll be attending after all. Huzzah!
  5. I'm double annoyed, because I kept refreshing the event page, waiting for something to change, rather than going straight to FIND TICKETS.
  6. I didn't manage to get tickets through RAH, but who knows. For now, have fun without me, you lucky so-and-so's!
  7. For the moment, it looks like I will not be going to London this October. Alas. And fuck you, Royal Albert Hall, for not having a giant JOIN THE QUEUE NOW button on the event page!
  8. I'm willing to take two of them off your hands. PM me.
  9. That's an ominous announcement. Are you saying the concert is sold out?
  10. Is there any way to see how much is left once you reach the end of the queue?
  11. I don't suppose any of you would be willing to order two extra tickets for a poor sucker stuck at position 2400?
  12. Logged in since 7:30, actually. I originally just got the notice Priority Booking had been sold out when going through Find Tickets at around 8:00 a.m. I suppose I waited too long to try again, as I naively assumed the situation wouldn't change until 9:00. Bit saddened by this, but I'll see what happens. Currently at 2555...