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  1. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Odd that the Collided article omits this following quote from the THR report they're quoting.
  2. It also features an alternate ending to "Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch...", which has a brass fanfare over the existing music. It plays when the camera pulls back over the ship sailing onto the Atlantic. I have not heard the new La-La Land set yet, but judging from the track list, it looks like this is now released as well.
  3. La La Land Records Black Friday 2017

    Everyone's favourite LaLa Land employee sent mine yesterday. I expect shipping to take another week or so.
  4. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    No. But still pretty shitty.
  5. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Nah, man. It's shit.
  6. Well, blame whoever designed this poster back in '97.
  7. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Nah, it's pretty shitty.
  8. Star Wars music streamed live this Saturday

    I did. Sitting through Mars, the Stravinsky comparisons and Korngold in a row got tedious. Then, when they finally got back to Star Wars, the conductor told the audience "the next piece is based on Carmina Burana by Orff." Give it a rest already! Also, because of the suites, there was a lot of repeated material. They basically played the bridge to the end credits three times and March of the Resistance and Scherzo for X-Wings twice. It somehow felt like whoever programmed this didn't want to burden the orchestra with having to rehearse too much new music.
  9. Star Wars music streamed live this Saturday

    I went to this on Friday. Good playing, and hearing this music in the wonderful Concertgebouw was great. But the programme baffles me. I like Mars and the Korngold piece is nice, but what's the point? Who is this for? Why not use that time to play something like Anakin's Theme or just about anything from Return of the Jedi. The whole "Star Wars is just Holst/Wagner/Stravinsky/Korngold/Orff" act got old very quickly. It was unnecessary, borderline insulting to the composer and a waste of valuable playtime. I had a good time during the pieces from Star Wars (the whole Jedi Steps and Finale medley was great!), but I was left rather annoyed by the rest of the programme.
  10. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Well, it is a pretty shitty movie.
  11. I received my confirfmation email. My copy should ship in 4-7 days. Hurray!
  12. I have yet to receive this set, but hearing about its contents, I'm fairly certain this will be the next Remixed & Restored project. After I finish the one I'm currently working on.
  13. I do remember the email for the Jurassic Park Collection being similarly elusive. I'll wait and see.
  14. Thanks for the spreadsheet, Jay. That'll help! Still no confirmation email received, though, even though PayPal has charged my bank account. Is anyone else experiencing this?