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  1. There's even more now. Sadly, I found myself there without a pen and unable to add a message myself. Get well soon, Maestro.
  2. Any word on where today's pity party is going to be?
  3. Very sad to hear about the news today. But since all flights and hotels were booked anyway, I'm still going to both London and Vienna. We should have a meetup outside the Musikverein at the time of the concert and do some a capella version of one of John's tracks or something. Or just go drown our sorrows in a nearby tavern.
  4. Oh, right. It was the Dutch Philharmonic. Still, my point about the programme stands.
  5. Oh, by the way. I now have a spare ticket for this. If anyone wants it, PM me.
  6. At least they didn't resent it so much they felt the need to program some Holst, Korngold, Wagner and Stravinsky in between their Star Wars acts, like the Concertgebouworkest did last year.
  7. We'll have a separate table just to discuss you lot.
  8. I'll be there. Sadly, my +1 can't make it. We hope to see some of you in Vienna the week after!
  9. Mr. Breathmask

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    It was when it was performed in Amsterdam. I guess I'll never get to hear the unused approach of the AT-AT walkers live.
  10. So... Is that a larger version of the veil that ends up swallowing Sirius Black in OotP?
  11. Mr. Breathmask

    JURASSIC PARK - Live to Projection Concerts

    It's the other way around here. Still hoping for this to come to The Netherlands (or Belgium). But I've already got my tickets for ESB in concert next year!
  12. Indeed. Perhaps we should just meet up in the lobby afterwards and go for an afternoon drink.
  13. I don't think I'll have time to do so. Perhaps one of our Austrian members could do so?
  14. I'm trying and hoping it will all work out. Whatever happens, I will be at the first Vienna concert the weekend after.