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  1. I have a chance to pick up this series for a good price. It looks like a mammoth read, though, so I'm looking for thoughts on this series. Is it any good? Is it a slog to get through or a fascinating read? Should I get this?
  2. I'm still not sure I liked the way The Wire ended. I like the final scene, but the show took some really weird turns in its final season and it left a lot of things hanging (although I guess that was part of the point). I've never seen The Shield, but I keep hearing about it. Is it really that good?
  3. I'm halfway through a Remixed & Restored for Titanic. It's sitting on my hard drive, waiying to be finished. Perhaps we should join forces.
  4. There's at least two cues from the film that I know off the top of my head that are not on the Varèse release: there's a short cue for them exiting the elevator at the Sedgwick hotel and a short march for them preparing to face off with Gozer during the film's climax. I believe there was also a short cue on one of the bootlegs that supposedly accompanied Mr. Stay Puft's hat falling down to the street after he has been obliterated. This moment is not in the final film. So it is possible some previously unreleased music has been dug up, but knowing Sony, I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  5. Whew. This was on top of my to-get-list. Glad I was able to order one from them this morning!
  6. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World A good third outing, although I prefer the other two. This one seems to feature less growth from its main character (although that's not to say there is none) and most of the series' secondary character's are just there with not much distinctive to do. Still, it's a very good-looking film and Powell's score us very good in the film. It particularly shines in the film's second half. Glass Glass wants to be three things at once: a sequel to Unbreakable, a sequel to Split and its own movie. Unfortunately, this doesn't quite work. The movie starts out promising, but then drags. Audience members who were there to watch the sequel to Split seemed utterly confused by all the comic book references. If you're there to see the sequel to Unbreakable, you will be very disappointed. As I was. I walked out of the theatre thinking "I waited 19 years for this?" Not a good sign.
  7. Didn't the LLL art have at least one tooth? This has even less!
  8. Or: all the Harry Potter movies are just Die Hard clones.
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