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  1. Blade Runner 2049

    Hmmm... I don't think a single person would have complained if they tracked in some of his music. I would have welcomed it!
  2. So saw it for the second time tonight. Enjoyed it more this time, but still don't like what was done with Luke's character. However, I did notice one thing with that kid at the end that i didn't the first time. He uses the force to pick up the broom. That changes my opinion of that final scene. Still a little weird for a Star Wars film final scene, but gives me an indication that IX might be set several years in the future.
  3. Heard JJ Abrams leaked the title of Episode IX. Star Wars - Episode IX: Sorry for VIII
  4. Every male in this film is portrayed as an incompetent boob and each female is a strong resilient leader or influencer.
  5. Hey, if they can disappear without a trace, they can definitely reappear.
  6. So after thinking about it, Luke could still be alive. Because he was force projecting so long, his body went into this force void, and he has to make his way back. This could be resolved in the first 5 minutes of IX. Come on JJ, screw Rian the way he screwed you!
  7. And I think it does an incredibly poor job at trying to capture it. It is completely wrong for his character. I have never ever been pissed off after watching a movie, but this was a first for me. RJ and Disney just took a mighty dump on Luke in order to "pass the torch".
  8. Look, I really want to like this film, but Luke deserved much much better. From being the hero of the rebellion to a coward is just ridiculous. Lucas would have never done that to Luke. I would love to see Lucas's original treatment of these episodes. Pretty sure Disney would never release them though.
  9. I really wanted to like this... I liked Leia finally being able to use her force abilities, it just came across as a very awkward visual. The soundtrack i wasnt impreased with when i watched the movie, but listening to the album, i actually think its great. The Canto Bight section of the film really didnt belong there. It was boring, held up the plot and its message fell kind of flat. So did the relationship between Finn and Rose.But the biggest issue, which i find impossible that the die hard fans can disagree with, is the handling of Luke Skywalker. Mark Hammil was right to disagree with everything about the character. Luke is a character of understanding, of seeing the good in people. He refused to fight and kill Vader (Vader for gods sake, the evil, genocidal psychopath feared throughout the galaxy) because he saw a tiny spark of good. But we are meant to believe this man, with that quality to see good, wanted to murder his nephew because he MIGHT be evil? No matter how fleeting the moment, that isnt Luke Skywalker. And then after all of that he decides to quit and be a whiney bitch and let Snoke and Kylo destroy the republic including Leia and his friends. Please. Honestly, Rian Johnson has demonstrated a complete and utter lack of understanding of what Star Wars, its feel, tone and characters are.
  10. Yes! That third CD is wonderful. Really shows that Vangelis should have been brought in to do this.
  11. I saw it. It was great. Now to try and forget what I saw for the next two months.
  12. I thought it was amazing. I didn't spoil myself with anything so I didn't know what to expect going into it. I did find it great that the daughter was a memory maker. So is Deckard a replicant or not? I don't think so. Although the Wallace talked, it made it sound like he thought Deckard was. But Deckard didn't respond either way. The music. Hmmm.... Doesn't touch the greatness of the maestro, Vangelis. Although it serves the film well. There are hints of Vangelis' original here and there, with a great callback to Tears in Rain. But it does not have that memorableness to it. Even though the visuals gave the music plenty of room to breath.
  13. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    I watched that first episode on CBS, but have zero desire to go pay them a monthly fee to watch more. Look, I get making it seem more futuristic based on our ability to create special effects like that now, but they are essentially more advanced than anything seen through the 24th century. It's just too much. And the Klingons. Sigh... At least take the marbles out of your mouth before speaking.
  14. That's ok. It's just fan service. Would be cool if it is explained in this movie though.