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  1. Well, WalMart.com does not have a John Williams friendly search engine! If you click on "John Williams" in the LP listings above (as his name is clickable), you are taken to a search of books with the first page of titles being by John James Williams the poet. On page 2, there are a few books related to John Williams, the composer. (Actually, a few piano books that I was not aware of - here's an example: https://www.walmart.com/ip/The-John-Williams-Easy-Piano-Anthology-9781540022073/752231909. From Hal Leonard, so looks legit.) But no music CDs or LPs. So, I go to the music section, and I search on John Williams. Walmart.com kindly offers me results for John William (no s). And no results composed by the subject of this forum. Searches for Hans Zimmer, David Newman, Jerry Goldsmith and Anne-Sophie Mutter all produce at least some relevant results. (But no JW + ASM "Across the Stars" interestingly.) Appending CD or Vinyl to the John Williams search does bring up a list of his soundtracks. Other than John Williams is a common name, it's odd their search engine is not at least lumping them all into the results. You would think that any soundtrack by Williams is selling better than a Welsh epic "Cofiant y Diweddar Barchedig." (Taking nothing away from this poem!)
  2. I guess the collectible part is that the disc is etched to look like the Death Star and only has the Star Wars tracks from the Deluxe Edition CD? Odd that the DG did not put up the track list. I found a more complete description at "Rough Trade." "Legendary film composer John Williams conducts five exceptional movie themes from the world-famous Star Wars saga in stunning new adaptations written especially for his superstar violinist friend and collaborator Anne-Sophie Mutter. The music ranges from “Yoda’s Theme” from The Empire Strikes Back and “Luke and Leia” from Return of the Jedi to more recent pieces such as “Across the Stars” from Attack of the Clones and “Rey’s Theme” from The Force Awakens. This unique 12” combines all the Star Wars tracks from the album Across the Stars, with the exclusive vinyl release of “Princess Leia’s Theme” from A New Hope. The b-side with an artfully engraved image of the Death Star." So, one side of the disc is these 5 items: Across the Stars, Yoda's Theme, Princess Leia's Theme, Luke & Leia, and Rey's Theme. The other side is just an image. Limited edition 3000 copies timed to Black Friday. My take on this is that if this helps make the collaboration a success, and it leads to a 2nd album, a new violin concerto and even a tour of Ms. Mutter (as she has alluded to possibly doing in 2-3 years), then DG should continue. I do agree for anyone wanting to build a deluxe edition on LP though that buying the three LP sets is a poor experience especially since this release would double 4 tracks with the original one - and still there would be a gap for the Chairman's Waltz and the Munich piece.
  3. Yes, I've been to all three they have had here. I think July '17, Oct/Nov '18 and Jul '19. I live in Kirkland.
  4. Well, I think my most recent screened films are a bit of a cheat for this thread. I saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban live with the Seattle Symphony on my birthday in July. (And a few days earlier E.T., also with the Seattle Symphony.) So, of course, the music was front and center in both cases and just wonderful. POA featured the Seattle Chorus as is needed by the score, and that was incredibly powerful to hear live. Happily, the audience was into the experience. I love being able to really look at which orchestra member is playing which parts and noticing even the small contributions from the non-featured players during various sequences. The last JW-scored film I saw in a movie theater might go all the way back to The Last Jedi in 2017 (not counting his theme contribution to Solo, which I saw in May 2018). I attended the showing that had the Rian Johnson-JW feature at the beginning, and there was great appreciation in the room for the Maestro. The last JW-scored film I watched was Minority Report on my iPad after the expanded score was released a few weeks ago.
  5. Thanks for posting. That's really lovely. Slower than I have heard but actually I like how you can really hear the horns come through.
  6. Yes, I have it. I am still doing my usual clean up on the audio and breaking it into tracks (removing long pauses, promotional spots etc, adjusting volume). I did listen live as well, and then I listened to the raw capture (and most of the concert) on my long run today. Overall, I really enjoyed the performance of the Williams' concerto as well as the others (Barber's Adagio, Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony + 2 encores from soloist James Ehnes). I want to go through the concerto again and really focus on the violin playing and how the orchestra is working with (and at times purposefully in counterpoint). A nice treat of the concert broadcast was that the intermission featured interviews with Stéphane Denève (conductor), Beth Guterman Chu (principal viola) and Ehnes. They all shared some insights of working on the piece (which Ehnes has only played with Denève conducting) and that John Williams came to the entire rehearsal of the piece. He however did not seem to be in the audience last night, so this was even more gracious given he was not going to be present to hear the final output. He spent time together with Ehnes as well 1:1. Multiple people mentioned the timing of the concerto's composition with Williams' late wife, Barbara Ruick, and her tragic passing in 1974. Here is a link to the program notes for those interested. https://www.stlpublicradio.org/programs/symphony/docs/20191102 - Saint Saens Organ Symphony.pdf
  7. Yes for sure, but I somehow doubt that will happen as it is basically an overlap in the same format as the DG album. Also, I suspect ASM cannot appear on any CD label as a headliner other than DG. However, if we get the Blu-Ray, we should be able to get an uncompressed version of Witches off the audio track.
  8. Fascinating! This bodes well for a Blu-Ray/DVD release of the concert too. (Although I really want the concert from Tanglewood.) Oh heck, I want them both!
  9. I too was struck by the 2002 list of credits/activities in the booklet, as I recalled all the films but did not connect the Olympics and other works. (I remember watching that ceremony live just to see Williams conduct - and then was thrilled when the 1980 Hockey Team lit the torch.) Also remember that he orchestrated Escapades into a very successful, and lasting concert work that year too. Truly incredible.
  10. Yes, she has two Stradivariuses. One from 1703 (her first Strad), and the main one she plays from 1710 as noted above. It's called the "Lord Dunn–Raven Stradivarius." She acquired it in in the early 80's. This page has a history of the violin and has references to back up the claims of ownership. https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/property/?ID=41222 The page also has a front and back image of the violin.
  11. Is that right? I tried to do this for HP but they told me the units were shipping from a warehouse somewhere. (I was in LA that week.) Hoping mine goes out today and makes it to Kirkland WA by Saturday in any case!
  12. Agreed! This looks great. Interestingly, a remastered original soundtrack album is not included. I don't mind that - the original release seems fine to me. I wonder though if the decision was based on keeping this to 2 discs. If we look back to the recent releases, it seems 50/50 on inclusion. (I am not being very scientific about which albums I am picking.) With original album (or as mainly the remastered album + additional tracks) Dracula Superman The Movie Schindler's List Saving Private Ryan The Fury Jaws Jaws 2 Monsignor Without Minority Report Harry Potter trilogy Superman II/III Superman IV (no original album existed) Empire of the Sun A.I. Close Encounters The Cowboys
  13. According to CNN, one of the songs to be played during the parade leading up to the Queen's Speech to reopen Parliament (again!) is Jurassic Park along with tunes from Mary Poppins: "The entire Royal Procession will be lined by more than 1,300 members of the armed forces and nearly 200 horses. Military bands will play hits such as the "Mary Poppins Medley" and the "Jurassic Park" theme tune." Seems an odd mix! Link to the full article: https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/13/uk/uk-state-opening-parliament-gbr-intl/index.html I suppose JW has no control over these uses not that this is offensive or anything so there would be no reason to say no. I just find it odd.
  14. Congratulations and thanks for listening! Standard edition (unless I get back to Seattle and find that DG sent me Deluxe ones - I was told we were getting just standard). In any case, enjoy the disc! I'll be mailing it on Monday when I am back.
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