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  1. Screen names on JWFan: VOTE NOW!

    Old policy. I lost record of many people with so many name's even difficult when people change changes amplifies it to the nth degree.
  2. Video Game Thread II

    yay! a new Jurassic world park building simulator! i hope it is an improvement over Operation genesis. and letd hope for another great orchestral score. damn..i have to buy a new computer...
  3. Spain and Barcelona.

    Well i think they did not beat the casual silent people going to vote, but the loudy protesters that feel entitled to obstruct the police action (enter the polling sites and confiscate voting material and liberate public buildings) and to insult and physically attack the police. I would never think of attacking a policeman anyway, because i can have phisical and legal consecuences.... Is that legal in other countries?
  4. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    saw the pilot and it was not this the same universe and timeline as the new films or another one altogether?
  5. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Rian Johnson 2017)

    after obi wan... did luke really didnt learn anything from him? weird. it is completely the same mistake.
  6. New Star Wars Trilogy CDs by Walt Disney Records

    again? for god's sake
  7. damn... iwanted to wait...theyalways make some king of discount later in the year...or maybe bundle it vith CEOTK....but half have already fast did JP sell? maybe its just half the 1st days and then sales stall for months....
  8. i am bewildered by the tracklist. completely unexpected to have the ride music there. Mattessino is a miracle for us JW fans. i hope he continues doing Williams releases forever...
  9. Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    Damn, i really didnt see that coming... i like jurassic world...and thought trevorrow was a decent director. Now i fear the direction of the Jurassic World trilogy is going... As long a Williams finishes the sequel trilogy i dont care who directs it...
  10. Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

    dman so it is not complete... and i'm used to the spanish version.. so im missing musicccccc!
  11. Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

    You know there is a complete score out there supposedly sourced from an academy promo, right? for like... a decade ago...
  12. Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

    yeah i hope that those three by the least are in this batch. Adding Hercules, Mulan and Tarzan to fully release the silver age of disney animation in the 90's would be the icing of the cake
  13. It's just like when any of your parents make a school project for you... There is no way the teacher is going to believe you did it alone Though i must say, i did some of those projects all by my own...and some teachers asked if i had been helped... So maybe Griffith is the next Michael!.
  14. Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

    its not the same underscore... and the songs and cast are different... nostalgia man!
  15. Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

    that would be great.