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  1. indeed. It's sad the guy retired. Please, i hope they can convince him to do indy V
  2. In spain it is also Salazar's Revenge. "Los muertos no cuentan cuentos" even if it rythmes, it sounds rather weird.
  3. Could Williams have score this somehow as diegetic music?
  4. hmmm interesting. Anyway as i said i dont think williams composed this stepiece with wall-to-wall music in mind. He just created an action cue for the total length of it.
  5. I think i prefer the unedited version Marc. As the hunt was written i dont really hear music that is composed with sync points, aside from the opening mix. I think that maybe the only shot that could be changed is nick puting the camera earlier on (it seems the good guys see the cars pursuing the herd... while we were shown earlier that the cars are already catched up the herd) In your edited version, the pachycephalosaurus scenes dont make sense, as the one captured by the truck is the one that attacks burke previously. (Roland says "Snagger, Friar tuck's on the loose") Maybe the lack of mickey mousing is what put spielberg off and didnt like it so he tracked in the music.... I just noticed that rolands dialogue about elvis...meant that the parasaurolophus was really going to be a corythosaurus (seen in JPIII)
  6. Maybe they want to try the avengers film for christmas, since it is a franchise that spans more films per year than star wars. Maybe they want the 4th film to be released may 2020 so they are close together.
  7. Guys, obi wan disables the tractor beam assigned to the hangar bay of the falcon. One in a's feasible that nobody noticed. BTW...the death stars do not have a surrounding enery shield. If not the starfghters could not attack it (and that's it why there is a shield generator in endor to protect the unfinished DSII). As stupid as it is... Maybe there are portions of it with shields, for example the throne room spire....
  8. what about the dangeourus 'off' button of the tractor beam? Obi wan really risks his life there...
  9. Maybe an official letter from the JWfan network staff to Byrant, from JWfan to JWfan, aksing him if he can make the music released does not sound like a bad idea....
  10. Nice music, i hope it gets released somehow...maybe in itunes.
  11. I can relate to you, Mark... but i wouldn't say anything to my friend because in reality it is not important (and mostly becasue it would embarrass me the he would think i'm weird). But anyway, i want to point out, let's not loose perspective here either. KM agreed to take care of the cat. But he is doing a FAVOUR to his friend so he has not to bring it in his trip. If he cat suddenly had shredded to bits the fabric in the front of the speaker, for example....or pissed in it and ruined-breakcircuit beause it got wet.... i definately would say something... of course if they are very very expensive speakers...i'm not sure one could get a "full refund"...unless your friend is averagely rich.
  12. while tracking would never fit the film, it really shows that if the score was an adaptation of williams material in its majority it would have been a very fun and definately starwarsy score. Superman II got it... this one also could... If giacchino's schedule had been even more tighter, i wouldnt had complained if the score turned out that way.... Well...if only for the scariff battle.... there is enough battle music in the OT to score the whole battle and still sound fresh.
  13. So the How to steal a million Bluray has two or three cues not in the Intrada CD? Cool