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  1. This time I think I'm going to wait for bf too, I have to cut expenses, and shipping fees by combining orders is a way to do it...
  2. That's why he didnt score bridge of spies or Ready player one. Spielberg loves them!
  3. 13. The Conveyer Belt (4:16) This is in the main page here... probably a transcript typo or It maybe an alternate (american eng.?) spelling of "Conveyor"...but i have seen many people writting "hanger" instead of "hangar" too...and that one is wrong sp... BTW the presentation looks great, and super complete
  4. Woa... And Spielberg didn't like it? the style of Bob is not the same as MOH..but still I would have liked to hear what giacchino wrote
  5. That's no excuse :p...Moore looked aged in half of his bond films....
  6. While recording the concert is bad, if not allowed by the concerthall, i think stopping the performance mid-way was disrespectful for the 99.9% of the audience.....
  7. They included Dr know in AI, which is in the same vein, so let's hope for the better....
  8. Wow it a amazing how many titles are crossed by now... By the way fiddler on the roof should have 'the latest 2000s edition is not complete'. As it is, it seems it only had an ost release.
  9. I hope there is at least one.more Williams expansion before the year ends....
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