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  1. Well, if I lived in the USA it would not be a big complaint...but being in Europe these two Monsignor releases cost me 35$ each. I can buy 4 regular nowadays osts with that on Amazon....
  2. Ordered. But i.must say again that I hate to double dip. I won't be buying any more straight LP reissues that's for sure...
  3. Yup, I was agreeing with you on the irony, on how it seems everything uses the LSO except the williams music ... I worded it wrongly...
  4. Everything but the Williams recent star wars output uses the Lso....rogue one is the only one who does not use them either....
  5. Damn so I can't get a gift certificate without spending some dollars in a cd ... With 15$ shipping fees I don't think it is worth it for me
  6. um guys this is classic 80's williams... i want a good re-recording now!
  7. i spent my gift certificate already, so i hope to get another one to spend on future williams releases
  8. Yeah i forgot to mention the funny thing is they decided to end the series, It was not forced by budget or anything...
  9. The events in this season should have lasted two seasons at least...or by the least...the buildup should not have been so long through the seasons...this feels rushed...as if they had run of money/or the show got cancelled and wanted to finish the series in a somewhat satistying manner... (like timeless, sense 8...)
  10. Sorry, celular spelling corrector in a trying to fix english words....
  11. I think i hace se en comics of Batman workibg out, specially when he got poder. He has no superppwers afterall
  12. i just saw the conversation and i said what the heck??
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