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  1. Luke Skywalker

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    good, gooood
  2. Luke Skywalker

    Michael Giacchino's The Book of Henry (2017)

    Wow that was fast shipping . I ordered it a couple of days ago, should be around the corner.
  3. Luke Skywalker

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    the new novels are film-level canon so if it is ackowledged there its real.
  4. All languages had it in plural.... Weird the director didn't talk to the translating team what he wanted for the title.....
  5. Luke Skywalker

    Shazam John Williams credit?

    Haven't seen the film yet....was it Henry cavill?
  6. Palpatine laugh could be from a hologram recording they find ..and typical JJ ploy in the trailer to create hype....
  7. So in the end they resurrect palpatine like in the "crappy" EU...
  8. Luke Skywalker

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    Scar killing his own brother gave the film a kind of gravitas that unrelated lion Vs unrelated lion does not really have...
  9. Luke Skywalker

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    Oh then if they make the lion king 2, kovu can truly be scars son and they don't get weird into cousin-cousin relationship... Anyway there are cases about sibling male lions in charge of a pride so I don't see why they change this. It steals part of the drama if mufasa - Simba are not betrayed by a family member.... These are the kind of unnecessary changes that make 50% of the audience complain in the internet. Why do they make them? All this desire for realism....and yet we won't see a lion killing an eating herbivores....
  10. Weird thing, moving the end credits from its propper place....
  11. Is the vinyl chronological with filmversions in the main program...?