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  1. It sounds very similar to the rendition I. The old visitor center, but just half the theme...giacchino try to innovate a little please ,
  2. I always said don Davis should have been scored jpiii using jurassic park themes with the tribal orchestration or tlw themes with melodically orchestrations...
  3. What's Happening At JWFan?

    Yeah, age, work, living with my girlfriend,...makes one spend time doing other things different than posting in the forums. But I still read everyday. I post less because there are less threads that interest me lately. I even don't like star wars as much....
  4. Yes it is. Quigon does not like the tight rules of the Jedi (that's why he is not a council master ). In attack of the clones Yoda talk about the Jedi being arrogant, looking at mace windu. And also their blindness not seeing the war unfolding. Anakin fall is because the rigidity of Jedi laws.... And Luke can know everything about the prequels looking into archives when the rebels conquer coruscant for example...
  5. Solo: A Star Wars Story (Ron Howard 2018)

    Arrestor sounds like a penitentiary ship
  6. It was also used in return of the Jedi a lot of times(when they are together)
  7. Christopher McQuarrie To Direct Mission Impossible 6

    David Arnold then!
  8. I expected them to make a more jewel case presentation , reducing the price...
  9. John williams in Europe? When where?
  10. Damn every release in this series has somekind of flaw...
  11. heck, the waveform looks like a 192kbps mp3!
  12. Good to know the film score is complete
  13. That LLL remark makes it sound as if it is going to be outstanding. So it has to me more that two releases (thats what they usually release from Williams per year), or some great score. Or both...meaning a film series release...
  14. Solo: A Star Wars Story (Ron Howard 2018)

    I also think Ingruber should have been the young solo. It seems endreich was not the great actor they thought anyway.