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  1. Ordered the full superman series. 111.38 $ dollars + gift certificate spent on this funny number.
  2. So...maybe we won't have all Williams expanded catalog on cd? i m not buying a turntable...so digital I hope is the future. Hey I just noticed, no exorbitant shipping fees anymore!
  3. Luke Skywalker

    John Williams scores that use the organ?

    That was the 1st one that came to my mind
  4. Luke Skywalker


    happy birthday maestro!
  5. Luke Skywalker

    Sony Music no longer dealing with soundtrack labels

    Willow is Disney now too? Or virgin ..or another laberl?
  6. Luke Skywalker

    Sony Music no longer dealing with soundtrack labels

    Damnnnnn. I was hoping the patriot was released in the near future...
  7. Luke Skywalker

    Spielberg's long-awaited musical = West Side Story?

    More time for star wars I suppose ...I just hope he scores indy v.
  8. My wallet is more sensitive thats for sure... Lately I'm mostly buying expensive expanded scores...so one asumes that translates to premium quality...but it is not, sometimes.
  9. Seriously, ten years ago, i would assume offically printed CDs were faulty-free (and they were...). Now it seems we have to listen carefully to our CDs just in case there is some glitch, as some of them have faults (exclusive to them, not a general pressing or mastering error i mean). I dont have time to listen to CDs with detail and headphones as i did on my youth anymore...now i listen to them while doing things on the house and small glitches would go unnoticed. I would hate noticing the error like 5 years after i bought the CD...
  10. no..sad for him because i fear his disc could be defective. I should have used "" anyway....
  11. Damn, in Jurassic park collection and AI complete the spines are equal on both sides, that's why o though it could be fixxed. But it seems recently LLL spine-covers layout is reverted. If they had used the JP layout and since it can be seen on the promo picture of the covers, one cover has both spines saying superman II and the other has both spines for Superman III, it could have been perfect.. but.. as always weird creative decisions are made...
  12. Luke Skywalker


    woah...time pases by so fast...
  13. Luke Skywalker

    JW Figures Collection

    oh my