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  1. I also was shicked when the trailer music march appeared in the film. So they dropped a Williams piece on us and nobody noticed (like jedi steps last year)
  2. Anyway, everytime a new force power is shown in the film we dont really get an explanation so this one does not need one either. I didnt understand Luke's death, it seems they did not do a kenobi's death just for the sake of not repeating. which is fine...but luke could have died in the next film anyway... or shown us he was very old or sick before.... he is going to be a jedi ghost so no problem there...
  3. Well it was part of the old EU and roleplaying games... That Power exists on the game Mysteries of the sith.
  4. Yeah. I think this bombers would have fittem more for a planet ground attack. any way i think that since there have been a constant conflict for over 50 years one would think that someone could have designed small capital ship shields to fit these bombers... well at least only one packed enough firepower to destrone one entire ship.
  5. My theory is blasted though, just checked the disney page, they take into consideration the score, so by the least, some promo will be made. Last year i think i listened to the FYC after only being able to listen to the OST once...
  6. I also loved the WWII like bombing run designs in the early battle. A nod to Lucas which based star was dogfights in the WWII too :). Those bombers should have been a little bit more tough, At that speed and against star destroyers they dont really have a chance.
  7. will there be a FYC CD? the score relies very much in old themes intertwined within the score. Which is not a bad thing, i just say that for example a masterpiece like ROTJ would not be eligible for today's they may decide not to push for it...
  8. Ok..accepting this new trilogy story as a separate entity from the UE story, i wanted to like this film and see where all the story went... and though i liked some scenes and situations and designs... this film dissapointed me more than's like too slow...that ome weird story choices. There was something in the cinematography or editing not quite right. It didnt look like a Star Wars film...were there ay camera/scene swipes, i think they got rid of them in Rogue one with the episodes need them. I dont remember any great williams 'swipe' moment so thats why i dont remember any of these scene changes. The Canto bight scenes could have worked in TFA instead of Kanata's castle...but having this mission in the middle of a battle, complex escape, and complex inflitration if the main ship... its too easy to be believable.. Leia's resurrection was corny, but it was made great thanks to Williams, and at least they show Leia using the force, which is something i needed to see (she may have had kind of jedi confrontation with kylo ren in epIX...) I loved hearing 'Luke & Leia'..after Williams not using it in ROTS. Lovely scene. I liked some of the plot twists (snoke's death, Ren's semi redemption, Rey's possible turn...). Liked how Snoke dismissed Kylo's mask (though it is something he should have said before...if he didnt like it..) I dont like that the main story is being written as they feels incomplete and makes it compulsory to read other media..which i dont do anymore so i dont have a clue of half the things... Just for the record (as i have seen some comments on these things): 'Force projection' was old news, and i suspected as much when luke appeared in a younger self (as everyone remembered him before dissapearing)...and with anakin's saber (which was broken and impossible for him to have).. Star wars ships have 'star trek' shield bubbles...but we dont see them usually. the other time you could see it was in TPM when anakin's nabbo fighter goes online inside the droid command ship. Also to some extent in ROTJ, when one tie interceptor crashes in home one. The score is rather a pastiche...but i loved the inclusion of all the old themes. Can't wait for the complete score release in 2030.
  9. Ready Player One (2018) FILM Discussion

    this trailer looks bettern than the teaser
  10. any editing tracktimes and help for inserting "inside" into "contact"? or is it a weird edit in the film?
  11. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (J.A. Bayona 2018)

    The brachiosaurus scene in the visitor center look rather ooohh abhh
  12. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (J.A. Bayona 2018)

    Yeah the badguys team, but we are not seeing the weaponised Dino's in this film yet.
  13. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (J.A. Bayona 2018)

    Well I like this more than militarised dinosaurs....
  14. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (J.A. Bayona 2018)

    I thought it was today