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  1. If Williams had written star trek he may have ended not doing star wars so that's a no-no for me....
  2. hmmm probably in the film bond will work on his own outside MI6. the new 007 girl will help him. the will continue retired...or die. If the femaler character works and people like her...she will probably be the new "bond" for the future films. So 007 will remain for the franchise but with name change with every reboot when the actor/actress gets too old. so we will see very diverse "bonds" if the future...wich seems what some people wanted (instead of creating original films about secret agents...)
  3. yeah, but since february there have been several mails about it being 'back in stock' at different times. it seems strange that SAE did no get their batch in one of those...
  4. How in the hell is SAE not having the sets yet? You ordered it months ago...SAE must have placed the order months ago too... :/
  5. The undername "The Composer" seems to imply there is another figure for "The guitarrist" so beware when ordering it About Williams "bad temper", wasnt it rumoured that he left the boston pops becasue younger musicians did not pay him respect or something like that?
  6. WoW I'm a little shocked about dark side Williams...he looks so nice in interviews...he really may have been pissed by giacchino's rogue one after all. hope he doesnt fire his brother Don for leaking info...
  7. Well this finally starts to look better. I'll get the deluxe edition...unless they come with a better edition before the release date lol
  8. It looks very nice indeed.
  9. Thank god Conan the barbarian was already released by intrada.....
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