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  1. She needs to go to anger management classes....on Cardassia!
  2. You? Beg? That's extraordinary!!! 😛
  3. Hitch

    The JWFan Sexual Orientation Thread 2015

    I tend to ruin things when I make a surprise, unannounced return 😛
  4. Hitch

    My 100.000th Post

    A bottle of Sherry and a condom. An explosive mixture!
  5. I'm not a drama critic. He tasks me and I shall have him. I...did...nothing. You are a nobody, my little green friend 😛
  6. Hitch

    The JWFan Sexual Orientation Thread 2015

    Yes but then I had to go and finish my little movies. Now that I've semi-retired, I can inflict more sexual innuendos on the JWfan newbies.
  7. Hitch

    Anyone else like pickles?

    I pickled a good day to return. Who the hell are you people????
  8. I've been listening to quite a lot of British composer Joby Talbot lately and his Tide Harmonic score in particular. I have a very strong fondness for the last track "Confluence". It's very cinematic and would love to see it used in a piece of film some day.
  9. Hitch

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Roma (2018) written, edited, photographed (B&W) and directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Amazing cinematography and beautifully acted. A front-runner for Best Picture. It'll definitely bag the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Feature and nominations for cinematography, directing and screenplay. That wasn't my intention. It's really a very funny comedy. Indeed. It's a gorgeous movie and deserved all the Oscars heaped on it.
  10. Hitch

    Anyone else miss Drax?

    Where's Drax? Oh...he had to fly.