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  1. So is the Kritzerland 2cd set the better sounding than the new Intrada redux? I have both sets but have not opened the Intrada set.
  2. Half of Empire was remixed! It also has been a bit compressed. Just compare 'Hyperspace' cue from the Arista box set to this and you will see how the strings are wrongly mixed.
  3. The good thing is we know that Williams management will only allow Matessino to handle Williams related projects particularly those concerned with restoration and expansions. Tom Sawyer (Quartet) was the last time anyone else other than Matessino who was allowed to work on that. As for Lucasfilm, Matessino has already indicated he has been talking to them on SW related projects and Iam hoping that a carefully planned timeline will eventually indicate his full involvement once the stars are properly aligned. (Hopefully in the not so distant future)
  4. The problem with EMPIRE and JEDI in particular is that the Sound mixing engineer (Dan Hersch) when remixing decided to enhance the center channel thereby robbing the entire equalisation of the original sound stage and reducing the brightness, EMPIRE isn't half bad but its been remixed wrong. Original Sound recording engineer Eric Tomlinson was so horrified that he asked Restoration engineer Chris Malone to shut down the cd. LOL. To make matters worse, on the JEDI disc 2 they had to use certain poor quality reels and in order to streamline the quality they decided to re-equalise and reduce the overall brightness- resulting in an abysmal sound. The only redeeming element being the the revised Ewok Celebration- where the new modern mix and brightness becomes even more jarring! There is hope that JEDI will sound beyond terrific when its redone again (whenever) because far better quality tapes exist and stand preserved.
  5. Airforce One may still happen. Robert left a whole plan for various releases for 2019. It all now depends on his successor to take charge from there. We as fans can perhaps help by writing to the Varese management to pursue those releases.
  6. Good to know that the revised Scherzo is included this time! I hope the full concert is issued on video this year.
  7. Robert Townson had planned this entire year’s schedule for the Varese Club batches. Apparently he had only '6 weeks' to prepare for the final batch. Had he had more time at this he would have prepared a Batch 'to end all Cd Club Batches'. He is still 'hopeful that one title he had put in motion may still come out'. We just have to wait and see when the next batch begins and hope that more exciting titles take flight.
  8. Mine shipped at last from Intrada.
  9. Yes, but I tend to think that this was initially planned as a 4CD set. They would have put the film score program on Disc 1 & 2 , Alternates & Source music on Disc 3 and the OST on Disc 4. Until John Williams management decided to nix the Source cues from the set. The rest is history.
  10. There was 19 minutes of the source music from SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE. How else could they fit on the already full cds? [LLL set i.e]
  11. Intrada will be having this in their stock today12th of March. I cant wait for mine to ship. Also SAE will have their stock as well this mid week.
  12. Amer

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    New Horner title coming from LLL! MV just posted on the FSM https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=118900&forumID=1&archive=0&pageID=13&r=911#bottom We only have 1 release this month.Coming May 19 [ I think its a typo from MV it should be March 19th]PROJECT X EXPANDED AND REMASTEREDScore by James HornerLIMITED EDITION OF 1500 UNITSRETAIL PRICE $19.98