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  1. It is 23rd. And its my Birthday! So its a date I cant forget. Mark your calendar then
  2. Thanks. Can you distinctly feel the difference in the new remaster of the OST on disc 2? 'Curious about that one. What I want to do is listen to OST first in this fresh new remastered sound because the old Varese cd left such a bitter taste because of its pinched andmuddy sound. I want to re-experience the OST afresh and then proceed to the expansion.
  3. Can't view. Thanks. Can you show more pics of the slip case. Is it thick and sturdy? Also is the cd booklet itself has notes etc? Is the Nocturne book a booklet or a bound book?
  4. My Nosferatu has left the building.Beware!
  5. Yes. But technically they will start shiping end of month. 27th onwards. So it kinda coincides with SL theatrical rerelease. And it's even linked to the new poster.
  6. MV already confirmed Schindler's List set to coincide with the film re-release in December.So I'am sure this is going to be in the Black Friday batch. As for Superman 40th Anniversary could be the delayed set which MV hinted as a 'super' title in the FSM page.
  7. Due to Schindler's List and possibly the HP 6 CD set (lets say) It could be overkill for the Williams releases via LLL. I think Superman is the delayed Black Friday title which got pushed to February to coincide with Williams Birthday that month!
  8. Dracula at Varese. (Courtesy Robert Townson on my request) https://www.facebook.com/476366332820991/posts/580869859037304/
  9. Thor and Erik got digital downloads courtesy Varese PR dept. The physical cds havent even arrived a the Varese HQ as of yet. Since the packaging is going to be rather special, let's hope it all gets done smoothly from the plant and arrives on time.
  10. This beautiful looking set will be mine. Truth be told, I'am waiting for the 13th November titles-will have to order right along with them. Hoping for Superman the Movie in that batch!
  11. Amer

    Details from Mike Matessino's London talk

    Happy to learn that Monsignor is being considered for the future. Its a great score.A full C & C restoration would be welcomed. Did anyone ask about JFK and THE TOWERING INFERNO? The last time I inquired on the subject of JFK to MM;he mentioned that he hadn't even started work on it. I think this was now nearly 2 years ago. But I'd be curious if anyone had actually asked about JFK ?
  12. Amer

    Details from Mike Matessino's London talk

    This is true. And Mike mentioned to me (in some discussion last year) as well in that how JWFan's discussion page will be pivotal to historians later on. I think Lukas Kendall also said something familiar how our message board will be come very useful tool for researchers etc.
  13. I think the clue for HARRY POTTER was included by Mike Matessino as a wonderful surprise for us fans specifically the JWFAN lot!! 😁😁