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  1. I asked this question over at FSM: Does anybody remember this was prepped as a 'complete release' more than a decade ago with a track list on some label and listed on Barnes and Nobles website? And then it was gone ! Rumours were that Williams nixed the album when he found out that it was coming. This was around the time when THE BLUE MAX and THE REIVERS were being issued on the Sony legacy label. Long time ago and my memory on this a bit hazy.
  2. Terrific new release! What a great restoration this appears to be. There is some good bass in there (from the samples) Kudos to the Varese gang!
  3. I think this might turn up at Quartet Records feet someday.
  4. Apollo 13, I hope is one of them. Fully expanded to its complete form and not as a repress of the promo program. Willow I hope happens this year. We know it's been in the works. I'd love to see The Land Before Time grace as a 2cd project.
  5. The guess at FSM seems to be in the right direction.
  6. New update from Doug Fake : Our latest “every-two-weeks” new CD arrives this Tuesday, like (mostly) clockwork. However, due to some vacation schedules getting underway, you’ll find the artwork, contents and sound samples posting here one day earlier than normal, i.e. tomorrow eve, Sunday the 10th. It’s a very modest release, consisting of two 60’s soundtrack albums making their American CD premieres on a single disc, both in their original US versions from the original album masters. Whether these are nostalgic titles you may have grown up with, or they be products from before your time, both remain musical delights. Watch for artwork, contents and sound samples to appear here tomorrow eve, Sunday the 10th. Orders will begin shipping on Tuesday the 12th.
  7. Maybe the wider implications could refer to the current sequels, starting with JURASSIC WORLD? Another wild card theory of mine is it could be if LLL has entered an agreement with Lucasfilm to start with the Indy scores? Thus a newly remastered and expansion of INDIANA JONES/ KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL could be it. A kinda of 'meh' for many of us but the wider implications of the release could mean a proper restoration of the earlier classic three films with no one else but Mike Matessino at the helm? ...Yeah I know -I wish!
  8. It could very well be HARRY POTTER Series being released and starting with the last film.... Or Jurassic Park III Expansion could be another possibility which was expected to come from LLL as foretold by MV right after the Williams set came about and its release could be right on time as the latest sequel in the franchise hits out.
  9. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    It has to be a franchise related title. Why else would a studio get so worked up on logos?
  10. John Williams Autograph

    Can we decipher which cue was performed with them? since there a few on the album. Thanks.
  11. John Williams Autograph

  12. Exciting new haul from Universal - upcoming from Intrada in 2018: Doug Fake chimed in at their Intrada forum: