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  1. Jon mentioned to me that it's getting harder to get to Williams these days plus his current schedule is so busy as he finishing up Episode 9, I'm not surprised. I just asked him if he knows anything about a cd release of all of this new music when the rides open.
  2. Nice. I have an old DENON AVR 3311 . Planning to upgrade to a similar one the X4500. Since Ive bought my 4K UHD TV. Need to get a high end 4KBlu ray player as well.
  3. Amer

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday to Shawn Murphy today!
  4. Still sealed? I have 2 already. First one I bought from NY. 2nd one is just the Disc. I discovered it in garage sale container from Afghanistan!
  5. Im so obsessed I just Bought a sealed DCC set for keeps!
  6. Finally heard it. Its beyond marvellous. What energy and synergy. Absolutely beautiful and riveting performance and Recording! I cant wait to hear the rest!
  7. Just a preview at Deezer rest of is un accesible for me. The Youtube preview works fine though!
  8. Sadly My country is blocked for the Music single. How can I listen?
  9. Oh Yeah! My favourite Indy score. And in my Top 3 Williams! I love both the DCC and the Concord edition. Infact I have all of the cd releases as as well as the 3 vinyls! Pic coming up soon!
  10. Amer

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Not yet. But definitely getting this in my next order after your terrific review above!
  11. LOL it will probably come vcracked too. It's their method of packaging. They really need to get their act together.
  12. The Varese disc came via untrackable package albiet cracked casing. (Not going to order via Varese directly next time.)
  13. On cd?? Please share the link.
  14. Wasn't this supposed to be recorded by Williams after the London concert? Williams falling ill and not doing the concert probably messed up the plans and allowed Ross to step in as the Conductor. I mean it would have sort of a reunion with the LSO doing STAR WARS yet again. BTW can anyone confirm if Disney will do the cd release of this when the rides open?