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  1. You Elfman fans need to get the expanded PEE WEES BIG ADVENTURE score. The music is too good, lucky for me I bought the big box set when it first came out. Let's hope this gets out someday as a separate release.
  2. Ah I see. Then Add to it EXPLORERS as well and maybe they can add the OST as disc 2 with the songs.
  3. Intrada already did The Boys from Brazil ages ago. Leviathan is owned by an Italian film company that also produced the movie and won't license the score to anyone even though (the labels) they are all pursuing it.
  4. And the next Intrada release scheduled along with HOWARD THE DUCK is none other than the world premiere of original John Barry KING RAT score along with OST album which turned out to be a rerecording. This is the 60s score that Doug Fake was super excited about in his blog. It's an interesting mature score from Barry. The OST album had been long OOP. Listen to Intrada podcast below: http://www.intrada.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8268&p=81747#p81747 And.... ...... Also Coming after KING RAT and HTD release is another most wanted release which fans had been clamoring for but had some confusing license ownership. So it's another surprise to be unveiled in their next PODCAST. (I hope it's either WILLOW or ONE OF DINOSAUR'S IS MISSING.)
  5. I'm more curious about the DVD section, I wonder what else does it have on it besides the interviews we have already seen snippets of? Maybe a raw taping of Witches of Eastwick??
  6. yeah,I know. Iam refering to Ann Sophie doing this version. Wouldnt it be cool to have it on cd? Here is the DELUXE EDITION packaging!
  7. I heard a brief snippet of Leia and it does sound gorgeous. Honestly, waiting for the 27th Sept release album to enjoy it fully. RAIDERS was pretty interesting, at first I was worried if it would be an entire Violin affair- it turned out to be an orchestral overture with certain sections on violin accompanying the orchestra . I'll need to hear this again. But it did work out fine. And WITHCES OF EASTWICK was too good and dare I say, Wicked! Will this concert performance be on DVD- Blu ray later on?
  8. I haven't revisited the movie in ages and it was one of the first blu ray movies I had bought when the new medium was exploding. I do love the main theme and the score album is alright but it didnt make much of an impression to me as a whole. So I hope a new remastered expansion would do it justice. Id love to hear the high res transfer that Mike Matessino does so superbly. I hope this project was being pursued before the Sony lockdown.
  9. How much unreleased music is there from the film, not including any alternates?
  10. Music is a mixed bag, half sultry, Noir like moody jazz think The Specialist and has a Bond like adventure tone. The score has a nice triumphant theme that could have been Barrys version of Indiana Jones. It's a great Barry score. WILLOW or THE LAND BEFORE TIME.
  11. I have the above editions except IVANHOE. I had hoped that they would have issued a remastered edition like they did for the RIO CONCHOS and ISLANDS IN THE STREAM recordings. Still might get it next...
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