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  1. I agree. The percussion is really jarring but in good way. I think the OST and film version are different recordings.
  2. No. We exist! This one is my number Holy Grail for Ron Goodwin. One of the earliest film to cassette tapes that I made, was from this score!
  3. More interesting info from Doug's Corner: It came time to renew our license and re-press Young Sherlock Holmes, one of our best-selling catalog titles and a Bruce Broughton favorite. Understandable! It’s one of the greatest scores of that 80’s sweet spot. Details on this new edition will be posted on our site Monday eve, with orders shipping out beginning on Tuesday, July 16. I continue to be excited about soundtracks now in production which have been personal favorites but extremely elusive to corral. The score mentioned a few weeks ago in which we located the first generation album masters AND the long missing and never-before-released complete score elements is now fully mastered and in the packaging and licensor sign-off stage. This one has me really tickled. Yet another gem written several decades ago, long missing in action and also a world premiere, has been completed and now enters the liner note phase. This one gets a lot of requests so people should be pretty happy when it lands. And still another pair of premieres is well into production, both courtesy our great friends at the “Mouse House”. If all of those aren’t enough, a truly special presentation of a modern day classic from newly discovered masters is coming down the pipeline as well. Several more projects are already finished and simply awaiting final sign-offs from their respective - and overworked - licensors, so things here at Intrada are definitely busy. Just the way we like it. ------- Wow! That's some 6 titles in production!!!! And more in progress.
  4. In the FSM thread it's mentioned that a reissue was long planned with the remastered OST album so this might be a 3CD set? Also the previous set was remixed with the composers own involvement. I think if they were to revert back to Eric Tomlinsons original film mixes would be even better; let's see....
  5. That synthesizer cum percussion recording? A full fledge organic recording ala the original orchestration would always be welcome but dont expect it anytime soon specially in this time frame.
  6. Keep it! Its a Collectors Item now!
  7. For God's sake, did Williams update the audience on the next STAR WARS film score he writing and recording these days? It's that woman.. Mutter, she has done something to him! 🤣
  8. The recording itself sounds so good. I won't be surprised that this cd will probably garner some Grammy nomination. Can't wait for August.
  9. The following are perfect examples of Matessino's work: 1.Empire of the Sun. 2.Close Encounters of the Third Kind. 3.Jaws. 4.Superman 5.Jurassic Park (Collection) The trouble is, He (Matessino) raises the bar higher each time.
  10. Dunno. But This came out as a DTX cd Audio in a 5.1 mix in 1998. They reused that same DTS mix on this SACD using a higher DSD resolution. This SACD came out in 2003. Prior to that there was a 2 channel stereo only SACD a few years earlier.
  11. New arrivals from Intrada and the super rare 5.1 Multi Channel SACD of TITANIC.
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