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  1. Amer

    RIP Nick Redman

    Very sad new. He was our champion.
  2. My order of Apollo 13 has shipped along with *batteries not included. Should be fun for back to back 2CD sets of pure James Horner bliss!
  3. I've started my journey to upgrade to UHD. First I ve just bought a Samsung UHD /HDR 10 enabled TV set and have started buying the blu ray disc's. But I need to buy both a compatible 4K UHD AVR and a blu ray player next. Had my eyes on the OPPO 205 player but sadly OPPO has discontinued their Blu ray player. So Iam considering Pioneer. Any recommendations on the next as good as OPPO player?
  4. The sound quality seems to be much better than I expected. Thanks to all involved.Did you guys notice the 'exclusion' of the famous movie quote on the cd back cover.LOL!
  5. LOL just saw your post One year later. I have BY REQUEST... cd which does have the suite but I should have put the RCA Red Label edition of the Gerhardt suite. I will update with the New CE3K LP set when it comes out from LLL. I'm dying to have that set. Yeah!
  6. I doubt if it will have the OST Program replicated here because of the dialogue and songs which would be a licensing nightmare for Intrada. It could be more like the THE ROCKETEER sound mix treatment. The Film mix on disc 1 (and this time with Alternates and bonus cues) and the FYC Promo presentation on disc 2 as alluded to by OneBuckFilms in a few posts above. So let's see..
  7. Update from Doug Fake at Intrada: Next week weโ€™re back on course with our newest soundtrack CD release. More accurately, itโ€™s a 2-CD set to a terrific score by an Oscar winning composer. In fact, the score itself was an Oscar nominee. Artwork, contents and sound samples will be available here to peruse this coming Monday. The release will be available on Tuesday, January 15. I guess this settles it. Apollo 13 is a 2 CD set.
  8. Lets hope this contains more music than what was available on the Promo cd. More alternates/ bonus cues.. etc? A 2CD should be right.
  9. Just played this last night. Only played the film program as of yet (will get to the remainder cues later tonight) The sound quality is stunning. The playback was just wonderful. This may be one of the most satisfying 3CD expanded set in some time. The producers made wise choice of following Kilar's original intention in programming the score as he intended-It makes it so much better. Some wonderful nugets through out the programme. At last its really great to have the sunset chase music !
  10. It would be nice if LLL were to announce the flyer for SUPERMAN on Feb 8th to coincide with Williams birthday!
  11. Yeah. I live there. I usually have my smaller orders shipped directly to Karachi. But larger bulk orders I usually around Black Friday get shipped to my aunts house in NY. Since it's holiday season in December, she brings them along when visiting us. This time MV made sure my LLL BF stuff got delivered urgently before Xmas. Here's all the stuff. Needless to say I save greatly on shipping and zero duties and customs. LoL.
  12. My stuff today. Impressive bunch. Thankfully my HP box set is in pristine condition.
  13. Guys, Iam happy to announce that my LLL orders along with other goodies have just arrived from US. Thanks to my lovely aunt for bringing the stuff from New York. What a way to celebrate A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  14. MV already mentioned on their LLL facebook page that they will be ready to cater to any complaints, lost packages, etc come Jan 2nd, 2019 when they resume their office. You should email them about the replacement of the 'box'.
  15. There is another title planned for Black Friday 2019 but it has been bumped to 2020. HOOK 3 CD Set๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š