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  1. So I've been listening to this a lot. It truly is a wonderfully constructed piece of music that accomplishes quite a bit in roughly 3.5 minutes, complete with tailor-made built-in countdown to a Williams climax. To Kobe's credit, he seems to have inspired some nice artistry with his collaborators. Really hoping this gets a release because it contains that Williams magic.
  2. Miyazaki films have conditioned me not to expect the expected. Not all background characters are supporting characters, but sometimes they can support a moment. Oddly, I don't recall that happening. I'll have to go back and watch! I comment as fast as I write reviews Most definitely, and their first interaction and dialogue at the bar provided some nice early moments that the rest of the movie didn't live up to, in my opinion. For the most part I enjoyed their scenes together. Yes, despite having seen the film before, but now viewing them like this, with the man's career progressing and unfolding, it is a bit jarring. But not jarring in context. However, there is a sense that he's consciously turning much more serious with this story. Not that his family-friendly stories are seriously told, but I mean serious as in tone. He is not masking the violence, whether it's human on human, human on animal, or animal on human. Or even in the appearance of wounds. Everything is graphically illustrated. I don't quite recall the exact detail, but I seem to remember that the woman claimed to have been "saved" or "freed" or something akin to that. I think part of the the brilliance of how Miyazaki writes is that you don't really know a ton about her. Information is there to guide us along in terms of where Eboshi is in life, the type of people she envelopes around her, and how her character is defined through specific actions. It's the impression I had that she always takes advantage of a situation, even though on some level she deeply cares for those help she exploits, to gain power to clinch her ultimate freedom from the world of men. She takes time to grieve the loss of a soldier, or how she speaks of creating advantage for the women she's taken in, or how she speaks so gently to the lepers who need to feel included after being ostracized by society. Then again, you never know where the manipulation starts and where it ends. She talks to each group in different ways to maximize her effectiveness. Somewhat. There is the inescapable Nature theme, but beyond some surface-level Miyazaki-isms I didn't feel they were too similar. Every now and then I still think of flipping Cagliostro and Kiki.
  3. That reminds me, Bosch season 3 is out. I will be watching that soon.
  4. Criminy, that stuff is awful.
  5. No twist in Airbender. I should know, I was in it! (as an extra)
  6. Minority Report is the much more confident film between the two. For what it's worth, I did revisit the movie a couple of years ago and I felt the same exact way. There are just so many glaring flaws that I perceive that I actually find it a pretty fascinating study of how so many people think it's a masterpiece.
  7. Beyond the film works of Yahoo Serious, is there anything else of importance I need to know?
  8. They should just secretly work on the project so that the moment he croaks it, they can release the films in their original forms to honor his legacy, or something.
  9. The character herself almost makes it harder to do otherwise. She's kind of a miserable person. Same can be said of Daredevil. Probably more of the same in their future seasons.
  10. Wow, that really is a wonderful cast.
  11. I'm on board with this.