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  1. Thank god! This day is sucking big time. Maybe I'll draw upon the advice of this thread and get drunk while simultaneously listening to "E.T. and Elliott Get Drunk" on constant repeat.
  2. Or anyone, for that matter, that isn't a 7 year old kid. The tune is an extremely good one, nice little floating melody, but it grates my ears on the OST and skip it every time.
  3. Trump is a paranoid bully who will believe anything that reinforces and protects his world view. Ironically, Fox News isn't really buddying up to him. Not sure what you mean, since the Trump/Ryan healthcare replacement is terrible. If or when it fails we will not be worse off. Unless you just mean the political landscape, which is already chaotic.
  4. How are we in relationship to Nazi Germany?
  5. When I got out of college my first job was working a 2nd shift credit card collections job from 2pm to 11pm. Nightmare struggle not to turn my car around every morning driving to work. Soul-sucking employment, didn't like who I was becoming, left after 3 years.
  6. They don't believe he's being Spielbergy enough.
  7. "Hit me with your best shot Jacqueline!"
  8. But Cruise's religion would prevent him from taking all of the top notch psychiatric advice we give out from all of the sex and bowel related threads we have.
  9. They are one and the same.
  10. Parts of that piece remind me of Far and Away, so of course I love it.
  11. Torpedoes run in the deep.
  12. I don't recall something that like, but the first time I became aware of women as being sexually attractive was seeing Jacqueline Bisset in The Deep on television when I was a kid. It was like a bomb went off in my brain and through the rest of my body.
  13. Even I know Mara Jade, I've never seen or read anything to do with the EU.
  14. Can I recommend Saint-Saens Symphony No. 3 with Omandy conducting. Stellar Telarc recording.
  15. Karłowicz - Returning Waves