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  1. Based on the Potter preview and eventual upload, there was a couple of days in between.
  2. The Last Jedi vs The Force Awakens vs Rogue One

    I would say that The Force Awakens is probably the more cohesive movie, but Last Jedi has more going for it and is the more interesting of the two.
  3. In case you wanted to hear John Boyega sing the Jurassic Park theme sitting directly next to Laura Dern.
  4. Doesn't say what time. I'll be checking in every now and then.
  5. Just seeing there's no director's quote in the booklet. Lame.
  6. Yeah, we've been conditioned to constantly want new themes which gives each score an identity. And while we do get a nice little theme with Rose, this score is more an exercise in precision writing allowing him to flesh out everything from TFA and balance it with the older themes in a more heightened way than in TFA as well. Nothing wrong with that, still a hell of a score.
  7. The last one is very subtle in the underscore, which I caught on my OST listen. Nice rendition, and the first time I've heard it in a non-action way.
  8. There is enough menace with Ren and Snoke, and honestly, there was never anything menacing about Hux. It also gives an immediate reinforcement to Poe's attitude toward authority figures.
  9. It's Snoke's biggest display of rage and power, and the theme is timed perfectly with it. Totally works.
  10. It played fine for me when I saw the film. Enjoyed its usage. Seemed appropriate and well-spotted.
  11. It's also information which gave Ren a way to try to manipulate Rey, dragging her down psychologically by trying to convince her that she's worthless thrown-away garbage.
  12. Even more of a bummer then that he either forgot it, or didn't particular feel a use for it. Maybe it has more to do with the action-esque nature of it. It's not as malleable.
  13. I'm definitely happy with the consistency of leitmotif writing in this movie. Reminded me of ESB in that regard, and I'm especially happy he remembered Poe's theme. The version at 1:51 in "Peace and Purpose" is really cool. I also like that he still used the rising cellos part of Ren's call to the darkside theme to great effect within the score. Too bad about Finn's theme not really being present basically at all, except for one itsy bitsy moment in the first track which is barely detectable.
  14. Was it ever properly explained why a bunch of star destroyers felt compelled to keep their distance from one escaping rebel ship, and just fire on it continuously, draining its power? I mean, they waited 13 or so hours until they ran out of juice, couldn't they just take it out? Did I miss a plot element?