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Found 90 results

  1. Hey everyone! Check out my new video, A Peek Behind the Curtain - The Making of Kylo Ren's Theme Overdub It shows how I make my recordings. Hope you enjoy it! Please check out my website and subscribe to my youtube channel!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtG6mBPNa2o James Nova Trombone - Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Brass Area Coordinator and Adjunct Trombone Faculty - Duquesne University Brass Coach - Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestras jimnova.com
  2. I've been listening to the TFA score for about two years now, which is enough time for me to absorb it properly and I've had just about every kind of emotion towards this score in that time: sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it, and sometimes I'm just not really interested. I've gotten to the point where I absolutely love it concretely now and it's mostly because I've had a lot of epiphanies about how it squares up against previous Star Wars entries. At first glance it seems lacking. The orchestrations are fairly simple overall compared to previous entries, so initially it comes across as somewhat "vanilla" and very basic. The strings/horns take front and center even MORE than they did before, with a lot of Williams' typical decorative bells and flutes not quite as present especially during action sequences. The "mickey mouse" is almost completely gone here so to speak, which initially came off as very self-conscious. It's almost as if he's somewhat stripped away a lot of what I love about his music, yet, still gave me something absolutely solid to the core. This is why I was disappointed initially but couldn't really admit it to myself. But... I couldn't stop listening Rey's theme. Rey's theme brings it all the way home. It reminds me the most of Across the Stars, not so much the melody but his placement of the theme throughout the film. It's almost used like "musical wallpaper" to give the entire picture a single theme to remember, rather than previous entries' "bottomless mug" approach. The way he scores Rey's scenes reminds me the most of how he scored E.T.'s scenes; delicate bells complimented by warm, rising strings that feel more like a hug than anything else. Curious and naive, yet also intelligent. But still, Rey's theme wasn't enough to solve the biggest puzzle in my head: why does the orchestration in this score feel so stripped down? Where are my twenty new themes like TPM? Is JW getting lazy? Was it on purpose? Wait... That's when it hit me like a brick: BACK TO BASICS. The whole approach that Kennedy and Abrams had for TFA was all about going back to it's roots; finding the essentials of Star Wars and building off of that. Well that's EXACTLY what JW did with this score. He stripped all the fat and cut a Star Wars score right to it's core giving us the basic building blocks of a AAA film score. The orchestration speaks for itself in my opinion, and perfectly reflects the spirit of the film. I can't wait to see if JW slowly builds onto the TFA score with TLJ, adding elements of the older trilogies here and there so that by the end of the trilogy everything feels well rounded. It's as if JW is reinventing himself for this trilogy by going back to his roots yet bringing us a somewhat fresh approach without feeling too derivative (the film itself is already a little too derivative, which explains why he didn't go full "Star Wars" with this one yet) I really can't put my finger on it, and might need all of my fellow JW fans to take another look at this for me, but I swear that the bouncing flute at the beginning of Rey's theme is a variation of the Imperial March. It could be a coincidence, as it usually is.... but maybe it's not. Mods: If you need to put this in the TFA thread I totally understand.
  3. There's been discussion of this piece scattered in various threads, and I figured it was prime time it got its own thread to increase visibility of this piece Here are two performances of it on Youtube, anyone know of any others?
  4. Inside look at the making of the score! EDIT: Who made my post its own thread? Not complaining, we just have so many TFA threads already. Okay then. haha
  5. Anyone know where I can find Force Awakens violin Sheet music? I have been looking everyone where for its, thanks!
  6. This may look like just another Lego Star Wars game, but since it is only focusing on TFA, there's a small chance it could contain new music!! Before you guys say "fake!" keep in mind that this was leaked from the YouTube ads, and also briefly appeared on the Xbox Live Marketplace before it was taken down after about 10 minutes.
  7. I've really been wanting to learn this on piano but it's not been officially released . . . does anyone have it?
  8. One that stands out in my mind and haven't seen mentioned is the build-up to the arrival of Kylo Ren. For the first time in the saga, stormtroopers are shown to be the formidable fighting force we've been always been told they are. The moment I'm talking about really starts once the wave of stormtroopers starts taking significant causalities, and Finn recoils from the horror around him. In one of the film's most memorable images, a blooded hand from a dying comrade slides down Finn's helmet, At this point the score climbs to a fever pitch as out of the blackened clouds, Kylo Ren's shuttle raises its wings to land. Williams's motif with its triplet fanfares and cyclic string runs suggesting a man-monster, cutting through the fear in his troops. While technically none of this new (stylistically you could say it points to Nixon, The Patriot and RotS), dramatically this is dead on. Beyond badass.
  9. Well, there is a thread for the March of the Resistance, so I thought it was time for one devoted to the other action concert track, the Scherzo for X-Wings. The first time I heard it, I was underwhelmed. I liked the use of Luke's fanfare but found the connective tissue uninspired. I now think it may be the best track on the album (which I think is excellent). The connecting aspects are just brilliant--they are engaging on their own but not so flashy as to take away from the variations of Luke's fanfare taking place throughout the track. In terms of SW pieces, it is not as good as the other scherzo (the peerless Tie Fighter Attack from ANH), but damn if it doesn't leave its mark.
  10. Congratulations! Best original score The Hateful Eight - Ennio Morricone Sicario - Johann Johannsson Star Wars: The Force Awakens - John Williams Carol - Carter Burwell Bridge of Spies - Thomas Newman Full list of nominees http://oscar.go.com/nominees
  11. Hey guys, I found this on Star Wars reddit but the video was summarily taken down by Disney so I've uploaded it on my dropbox. Its basically a 10 minute long video showing Before and After of compositing and CGI addition but it features many clips from the movie with full uninterrupted audio. I don't know if its possible to rip some parts that haven't been released but at least we can listen. I believe one of the members talked about a timpani roll that he really liked during the Falcon crashing through the trees on Starkiller Base? That's a clip in here but I'm not sure exactly when that musical part plays. Even though there was quite a lot of CGI in the end oh my god is it absolutely breathtaking. I love the X-Wing fighting scenes because there's these wonderful dynamic shots like a go-pro has been attached to the side of the X-wing haha. Without further audieu, enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/tj1p2csteojemtx/VFX%20Before%20and%20After%20in%20Star%20Wars%20The%20Force%20Awakens.mp4?dl=0
  12. To me 'Bombing Run' sounds a lot like the ending of ANH to me, appropriate considering the circumstances but it also features a return of the Minor 'strained' scoring that gives the feeling the Resistance are the underdogs as the Rebels were. I was wondering if the more musically in tune could point out similarities between these two tracks because I'm sure there's something there that lets me say with full confidence that I wouldn't even blink if 'Bombing Run' was put into ANH. Here's the two tracks for reference: 1. Bombing Run - Force Awakens 2. Battle of Yavin - A New Hope
  13. http://awards.bafta.org/award/2016/film? Here's the nominees: The Hateful Eight - Ennio Morricone Bridge of Spies - Thomas Newman The Revenant - Ryuichi Sakamoto, Carsten Nicolai Star Wars: The Force Awakens - John Williams Sicario - Jóhann Jóhannsson
  14. Have you guys seen what this app Ditty is letting everyone do with Star Wars songs? I've attached an example. I'm shocked they have the Star Wars songs in the app. I've understand Mr. Williams to be very particular about how his songs get used. Assuming he approved this, it's pretty cool he's up for people making up lyrics to all these famous Star Wars songs. Search Ditty in the app store to find the app....it's free and worth checking out. What do you think of my video? IMG_7021.mp4
  15. I haven't had any crazy theories for a while, so here we go. ...I'm listening to the Scavenger, and the rhythmic piano section of Rey's theme (starts at 1:03) sounds eerily similar to the Emperor's Theme. Sort of like Anakin's Theme was a bright and cheery version of Darth Vader's theme? Is the Skywalker gone bad, and the Palpatine gone good this time? Is this why Luke gives Rey the death stare at the end?!
  16. Did you guys see this new interview with John Williams about The Force Awakens? http://www.bmi.com/special/john_williams
  17. I wanted to share this: While browsing JWPepper I came across this! http://www.jwpepper.com/Star-Wars---The-Force-Awakens-%28Suite-for-Orchestra%29/10564985.item#.VnqHOcuIZFs The prices seem to check out in relation to all the other SE Star Wars Suites and no arranger is mentioned. However, when I went to the Hal Leonard site I saw nothing about this anywhere. But could this me a suite to TFA is coming soon? Also, JW has this listed as well. http://www.jwpepper.com/Family-Portrait/5970966.item#.VnqJQ8uIZFs
  18. https://youtu.be/2gCbnwavkKc?t=76 At 1:16 I was waiting for this cue the whole film, but never got it : ( I think its beautiful and seems to have been part of the Teaser #2, where the same bass note is kept as a pedal and the chords keep rising.
  19. Is it better than The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and/or Revenge of the Sith? As much as I love the score to The Force Awakens (and yes, it's a grower), I don't think it's better than any of the 3 prequel scores. At most, it's on the same level as ROTS (the weakest of the prequel scores, IMO). The 3 prequel scores, though not necessarily the movies, are instant classics. Not sure yet that TFA actually has that sort of longevity and impact. TFA, in my opinion, lacks strong set pieces like "Duel of the Fates," "Across the Stars," and "Battle of the Heroes" as well as standout action pieces, like "Star Wars and the Revenge of the Sith," "Zam the Assassin and the Chase Through Coruscant," and "The Droid Invasion." What do you think? My ranking (at this time): 1. The Phantom Menace 2. Attack of the Clones 3. Revenge of the Sith 4. The Force Awakens
  20. I read on some insiders post on Conrad Popes facebook comments that a 2CD Expanded set is confirmed and exepected in 1st qtr 2016. The source claimed as an insider news. Ofcourse, I cant confirm its authenticity, BUT Given the enourmous success of the movie and rumblings of yet another Oscar nomination, I suspect this may be true.Lets wait and see. This isnt stingy business values like Lucasfilm anymore..lol
  21. This is my first attempt at creating a "concert suite" of "Kylo Ren's Theme" which I pieced together from moments in the score. More work will need to be done, but here is is for now.31Kylo Ren's Theme.mp3
  22. F.A.Q.: FYC? What's that stand for? For Your Consideration. Basically, Disney setup a website where eligible voters for the various awards that are given out around the end of the year could learn where they could attend a screening of their films; See which awards the films were pushing for, and listen to selections of the score for Best Score nominations. For some films, the music on FYC websites is the same as their OST programs; for others it was different! So the music here is different than the album? Yes! Some tracks are almost the same, but the structure of the FYC program is fundamentally different; It is a selection of music from the movie exactly as it appears in the final cut of the film, even if the music used in the film was edited from Williams' original intentions. This could mean that a track might contain an Insert Williams later wrote, where the OST presented his original version; or a track might contain less music than its OST counterpart of the scene was re-edited after the recording of the music, or even a track might contain some music artificially looped or stretched if a scene got lengethened after scoring. The FYC always reflects these non-intended conforms to final picture from start to finish. Also, the FYC presentation seems to favor cues featuring original music over ones featuring a lot of returning themes, at least until the end. So does the FYC contain the complete score? No; The film has about 101 minutes of music in it. The FYC is only 68 minutes long. Which tracks contain music that wasn't on the OST? Well that's a complicated question. Sometimes an ENTIRE track is made up of music not on the OST (Finn's Trek, The Resistance, The Bombing Run). Sometimes an FYC track contains the full, original cues that Williams chose to microedit on the OST (the Attack on the Jakku Village tracks, the End Credits). Sometimes the FYC tracks contain a cue that wasn't on the OST at all, joined up with a cue that was (On The Inside, The Ways of the Force). And sometimes comparing the FYC to OST version of a track is confusing and takes some time to unravel every last difference (I Can Fly Anything, Follow Me and The Falcon). Where can I find this FYC? http://www.waltdisneystudiosawards.com/#/star-wars/music I don't see a download link there; How do I download the files from Disney's site? UPDATE: Disney has removed the files from their server as of September 2016. Got a track list handy so I can re-name and properly tag my files? 01 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 1 (5:27) 02 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 2 (1:53) 03 The Scavenger (1:52) 04 Lunchtime (1:12) 05 I Can Fly Anything (4:09) 06 Finn’s Trek (1:35) 07 Follow Me and The Falcon (7:09) 08 The Rathtars (1:19) 09 Snoke (2:07) 10 You Got A Name? (1:32) 11 I’m No Hero (1:06) 12 The Starkiller (1:52) 13 Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle (2:15) 14 The Resistance (1:35) 15 The Abduction (1:35) 16 Finn and Poe, United (2:01) 17 The Bombing Run (2:07) 18 On the Inside (2:54) 19 Torn Apart (4:24) 20 The Ways of the Force (3:58) 21 The Journey Home (2:18) 22 Farewell and The Trip (3:49) 23 The Jedi Steps and Finale (9:58) TOTAL TIME - 1:08:07 That's a really low bitrate; Is there any chance its available uncompressed somewhere? Disney should be mailing out pressed physical CDs with the FYC program to Academy music department voters sometime soon. Usually not long after that, they begin turning up on ebay, and not long after that, lossless rips appear online. NOTE: It is against the board's rules to ask for a lossless rip in the public forum. Use the PM System or go to other websites for that discussion! Posts asking for illegal downloads will be deleted! OK, so apart from the different EDITS and LOW COMPRESSION of the FYC on the website, is the MIX of the music any different? Yes! The FYC seems to be the mix as made on the recording stage to be put into the film, and sounds GREAT! The OST has had some reverb and other tinkering done to it (nothing out of the ordinary), as well as having less dynamic range and overall being louder. Essentially, it is up to your own personal preference which mix you like better! So when I begin editing my own custom expanded edit, should I favor the OST or FYC? That's up to your personal preference. The FYC features the film mix, but isn't available in lossless. The OST is uncompressed, but has been mastered for home listening. The OST has edits Williams made for listening experience, while the FYC has edits made to conform to a changing cut of the film. In short: Everyone will follow a different paradigm and everyone's fan edit will be different. Do whatever makes you happiest! Anything else? Enjoy the music! Initial, simple breakdown (Does not cover every minor bit of different music, just the significant portions): FYC 01 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 1 (5:27) [all] (5:27) = OST 01 [1:26-5:03] (3:37) Main Title and The Attack on the Jakku Village FYC 02 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 2 (1:53) [all] (1:53) = OST 01 [5:03-end] (1:22) Main Title and The Attack on the Jakku Village FYC 03 The Scavenger (1:52) [all] (1:52) = OST 02 [0:36-2:21] The Scavenger FYC 04 Lunchtime (1:12) [all] (1:12) = OST02 [2:21-end] The Scavenger FYC 05 I Can Fly Anything (4:09) [0:00-1:00] (1:00) = Unreleased [1:00-end] (3:09) = OST 05 [0:30-end] (2:24) I Can Fly Anything FYC 06 Finn’s Trek (1:35) [all] (1:35) = Unreleased FYC 07 Follow Me and The Falcon (7:09) [0:00-3:09] (3:09) = OST 05 Follow Me (2:54) [3:09-end] (4:00) = OST 07 The Falcon (3:32) FYC 08 The Rathtars (1:19) [all] (1:19) = OST 09 [1:22-2:13] The Rathtars! FYC 09 Snoke (2:07) [0:00-1:02] = OST 17 Snoke [0:00-1:02] [1:02-end] (1:05) = Unreleased FYC 10 You Got A Name? (1:32) [0:00-0:45] (0:45) = Unreleased [0:45-end] (0:47) = OST 10 [1:17-end] (0:51) Finn's Confession FYC 11 I’m No Hero (1:06) [all] (1:06) = OST 10 [0:00-0:52] (0:52) Finn's Confession FYC 12 The Starkiller (1:52) [all] (1:52) = OST 12 The Starkiller (1:51) FYC 13 Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle (2:15) [all] (2:15) = OST 13 Kylo Ren Arrives At The Battle (2:01) FYC 14 The Resistance (1:35) [all] (1:35) = Unreleased FYC 15 The Abduction (1:35) [all] (1:35) = OST 14 [0:56-end] (1:29) The Abduction FYC 16 Finn and Poe, United (2:01) [all] (2:01) = OST 15 [1:13-2:52] (1:39) Han and Leia FYC 17 The Bombing Run (2:07) [all] (2:07) = Unreleased FYC 18 On the Inside (2:54) [0:00-0:48] (0:48) = Unreleased [0:48-end] (2:06) = OST 18 [0:03-end] (2:02) On The Inside FYC 19 Torn Apart (4:24) [all] (4:24) = OST 19 Torn Apart (4:19) FYC 20 The Ways of the Force (3:58) [0:00-1:20] (1:20) = Unreleased [1:20-end] (2:38) = OST 20 [0:45-end] (2:20) The Ways Of The Force FYC 21 The Journey Home (2:18) [all] (2:18) = OST 22 [0:00-2:05] (2:05) Farewell and The Trip FYC 22 Farewell and The Trip (3:49) [0:00-1:10] = OST 04 [0:00-1:10] (1:10) Rey Meets BB-8 [1:10-end] (2:39) = OST 22 [2:13-end] (2:42) Farewell and The Trip FYC 23 The Jedi Steps and Finale (9:58) [0:00-6:53] (6:54) = OST 23 [0:00-6:59] (6:59) The Jedi Steps and Finale [6:53-8:05] (1:12) = OST 16 [tbd-tbd] (tbd) March of the Resistance [8:05-end] (1:53) = OST 23 [6:59-end] (1:53) The Jedi Steps and Finale So roughly 15 1/2 minutes of unreleased music! Add that to the OST and roughly 92 1/2 minutes of the score has been released so far! Simple FYC/OST Combo Playlist, no Editing Required OST 06 Rey's Theme (3:11) OST 16 March of the Resistance (2:35) OST 21 Scherzo for X-Wings (2:32) FYC 01 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 1 (5:27) FYC 02 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 2 (1:53) OST 02 The Scavenger (3:39) OST 04 Rey Meets BB-8 (1:31) FYC 05 I Can Fly Anything (4:09) FYC 06 Finn’s Trek (1:35) FYC 07 Follow Me and The Falcon (7:09) OST 08 That Girl with the Staff (1:58) OST 09 The Rathtars! (4:05) FYC 09 Snoke (2:07) FYC 10 You Got A Name? (1:32) FYC 11 I'm No Hero (1:06) OST 11 Maz's Counsel (3:07) FYC 12 The Starkiller (1:52) FYC 13 Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle (2:15) FYC 14 The Resistance (1:35) OST 14 The Abduction (2:25) OST 15 Han and Leia (4:41) OST 17 Snoke (2:03) FYC 17 The Bombing Run (2:07) FYC 18 On The Inside (2:54) FYC 19 Torn Apart (4:24) OST 20 The Ways of the Force (3:15) OST 22 Farewell And The Trip (4:55) FYC 23 The Jedi Steps and Finale (9:58) TOTAL TIME - 1:30:00 Some notes: I like the concert arrangements first but you could certainly put them after instead Obviously the main title isn't here, but I don't mind. I've been listening to that piece for 20 years and don't need to hear it everytime I listen to this score. Obviously if you can't live without it, you can use OST track 1 instead of FYC tracks 1 and 2. For "The Way of the Force", I went with the OST version to get the great music for Rey getting the saber. The FYC version replaces that bit with the music for the X-Wings attack, which is great but since we have similar music in the Sherzo track it was easy to keep the OST version. For "The Starkiller", and "Torn Apart" you could swap in the OST version if you prefer. Torn Apart has a softer ending on album than the FYC version OST Track 10 Finn's Confession can replace FYC tracks 10 and 11 if you prefer that album arrangement with the Arrival at Takadona music. Longer Chronological Edit of OST + FYC, In-Track Editing Required: THE SCORE OST 01A [0:00-1:26] (1:26) Main Title / FYC 01 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 1 (5:27) FYC 02 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 2 (1:53) OST 02 The Scavenger (3:39) FYC 05 I Can Fly Anything (4:09) FYC 06 Finn’s Trek (1:35) OST 08B [0:35-1:11] (0:36) "Stolen Jacket" FYC 07 Follow Me and The Falcon (7:09) OST 08A [0:00-0:35] "Finn, I'm Rey" OST 08C [1:11-end] "The Droid Stole A Freigher?" OST 09 The Rathtars! (4:05) FYC 09 Snoke (2:07) OST 10B [0:52-1:17] (0:25) "Arrival At Takodana" FYC 10 You Got A Name? (1:32) OST 04B [1:10-end] (0:21) "Informants" OST 11A [0:00-1:21] (1:21) "Maz Examines Finn" FYC 11 I’m No Hero (1:06) OST 11B [1:21-end] (1:46) "Maz and Rey" FYC 12 The Starkiller (1:52) FYC 13 Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle (2:15) or OST 13 if you prefer its version of Kylo's Theme in the middle FYC 14 The Resistance (1:35) OST 14 The Abduction (2:25) note that FYC 15 has an alternate ending if you prefer it OST 15 Han and Leia (4:41) OST 17B [1:02-end] (1:01) "Bring Her To Me" FYC 17 The Bombing Run (2:07) FYC 18 On The Inside (2:54) FYC 19 Torn Apart (4:24) OST 20A [0:00-0:45] (0:45) "Rey Gets The Lightsaber" / FYC 20 The Ways of the Force (3:58) FYC 21 The Journey Home (2:18) FYC 22 Farewell and The Trip (3:49) FYC 23 The Jedi Steps and Finale (9:58) ALBUM ARRANGEMENTS OST 06 Rey's Theme (3:11) OST 16 March of the Resistance (2:35) OST 21 Scherzo for X-Wings (2:32) Custom Cover Art: These are not made by me; I found them online. Click to embiggen! FYC / OST Comparison spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rDuRXT-67ETwF2cy4lNkgp5AV_QcIDivxUwCLtLOGfg/pubhtml Simple Comparison available now; Detailed Comparison is a Work In Progress. ALL UPDATES / CORRECTIONS WELCOME!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Original Main Post ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOLY CRAP!!!! FYC SITE IS LIVE WITH MUSIC NOT ON THE OST!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.waltdisneystudiosawards.com/#/star-wars/music
  23. Hello folks, The roster is now official and includes a lengthy article(s) from the American Federation of Musicians (the musicians union)... http://afm47.org/overture/2016/01_Jan/aveWeb42/WebReader.html ‘STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS’ ORCHESTRA* Sony Streisand Scoring Stage, April – Nov. 2015 John Williams, composer and conductor William Ross, additional conducting Gustavo Dudamel, guest conductor CONTRACTOR Sandy DeCrescent VIOLIN I and II Roger Wilkie Julie Gigante Tamara Hatwan Roberto Cani Phillip Levy Lisa Sutton Bruce Dukov Katia Popov Eun-Mee Ahn Alyssa Park Helen Nightengale Sarah Thornblade Lisa Liu Darius Campo Shalini Vijayan Irina Voloshina Amy Hershberger Lorand Lokuszta Nina Evtuhov Maia Jasper Grace Oh Jackie Brand Serena McKinney Kevin Kumar Jessica Guideri Radu Pieptea Erik Arvinder Joel Pargman Rafael Rishik Sara Parkins Katie Sloan Natalie Leggett Kevin Connolly Carol Pool VIOLA Brian Dembow Shawn Mann Vicky Miskolczy Rob Brophy David Walther Matt Funes Alma Fernandez Andrew Duckles Thomas Diener Marlow Fisher Carolyn Riley Lauren Chipman Darrin McCann Mike Nowak Erik Rynearson Rodney Wirtz CELLO Steve Erdody Tim Landauer Armen Ksajikian Cecilia Tsan Robert De Maine Dennis Karmazyn John Walz Jacob Braun Kim Scholes Dane Little Laszlo Mezo Erika Duke Trevor Handy DOUBLE BASS Nico Abondolo Mike Valerio Drew Dembowski Steve Dress Ed Meares Chris Kollgaard Geoff Osika Oscar Hidalgo FLUTE Heather Clark Jenni Olson Geri Rotella OBOE Jessica Pearlman Fields Lara Wickes Leslie Reed Lelie Resnick CLARINET Don Foster Stuart Clark Gary Bovyer Ralph Williams BASSOON Ken Munday Rose Corrigan Damian Montano Samantha Duckworth Judy Farmer HORN Andrew Bain Dave Everson Steve Becknell Daniel Kelley Mark Adams Jenny Kim Dylan Hart Ben Jaber Teag Reeves TRUMPET Jon Lewis David Washburn Barry Perkins Daniel Rosenboom TROMBONE Bill Booth Alex Iles Phil Keen Bill Reichenbach Jim Miller Steve Holtman John Lofton TUBA Doug Tornquist Jim Self TIMPANI Don Williams PERCUSSION Alan Estes Jerry Williams Greg Goodall Peter Limonick Judy Chilnick Steve Schaeffer PIANO | KEYBOARD Randy Kerber Gloria Cheng Mike Lang Alan Steinberger Bryan Pezzone HARP JoAnn Turovsky Allison Allport
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