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Found 4 results

  1. In a Charlie Rose interview made after The Force Awakens was made, George Lucas said he still intends to make movies but they are art house and experimental films he has no intention of publicly showing. He added that these were the type of films he always intended to make. Since Lucas's legacy will probably be the pop culture mega hits, he stated he never had any desire to make a popular movie but was far more interested in experimental/avant garde films and Star Wars was just a side project but fate intervened. This is an example of what he wanted to do as a film maker: My question - if these post retirement films would be shown, would you want to see them?
  2. With all the Force Awakens discussion, this one seems to have slipped under the radar... I watched CBS' broadcast of the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors on December 29 and was pleasantly surprised to hear Williams' voice in narration of the segment honoring Seiji Ozawa, a very short bit of which can be heard ~52 seconds into this preview video posted on YouTube: The entire 91-minute broadcast is featured on The Ozawa segment begins at the 57/58 minute chapter mark (you may have to endure a series of advertisements if you advance forward into the video).
  3. Spielberg's long-time associate producer Kathleen Kennedy has been named co-chair of LucasFilm as successor of George Lucas: Interesting.