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Found 7 results

  1. Hook A Complete Score Analysis by Jason LeBlanc Chronological Order (Official Sources only) #TitleLengthSource1Prologue1:30LLL 1-012We Don’t Wanna Grow Up1:50LLL 1-023Banning Back Home3:14LLL 2-114Wendy's Entrance2:11LLL 1-04 [0:46-end]5The Bedroom1:07LLL 1-056The Nursey Scene1:38LLL 1-067Saying Goodnight0:56LLL 1-078Hook Returns To Kensington1:57LLL 1-08 [1:59-end]9Hook Is Back2:02LLL 1-08 [0:00-2:02]10Forgotten How To Fly0:46LLL 1-04 [0:00-0:46]11Looney Wendy2:24LLL 2-1412The Arrival Of Tink / The Flight To Neverland6:03LLL 1-1013Presenting The Hook5:03LLL 2-1214Hook's Entrance2:41LLL 1-1215Hook Challenges Peter7:50LLL 1-1316From Mermaids To Lost Boys5:13LLL 1-1417The Lost Boy Ballet3:32LLL 1-1518The Face Of Pan2:40LLL 2-02 [1:21-end]19Don't Try To Stop Me.... Smee!2:17LLL 2-1320Smee’s Plan / Believe Your Eyes3:25LLL 1-1621More Never Band1:20LLL 1-1722Hook Lessons3:08LLL 1-1823The Banquet3:10LLL 1-1924The Never-Feast / Cutting The Coconut4:41LLL 1-2025When You’re Alone3:16LLL 2-0326Stop That Clock!4:00LLL 1-2127Remembering Childhood13:42LLL 2-01 [0:00-2:44] / LLL 1-22 / LLL 2-01 [2:44-end]28You Are The Pan1:21LLL 2-02 [0:00-1:21]29Tink Grows Up2:20LLL 2-0430The Ultimate War17:53LLL 2-05 / 2-06 / 2-0731Farewell Neverland11:15LLL 2-0832End Credit1:48LLL 2-09 [0:00-1:48]33Epilogue1:42LLL 2-15BONUS TRACKS34Prologue (Alternate)1:35LLL 2-1035Banning Back Home (Album Version)2:25LLL 1-0336Looney Wendy Insert1:06LLL 1-0937The Flight To Neverland (Original Ending)1:31OST 06 [4:24-end]38The Face Of Pan (No Choir)2:38OST 14 [1:21-end] Complete Cue List Note: All bolded cue titles are confirmed; The rest are made up titles by me. #Cue TitleBest LocationNotes1Hook Trailer1:31LLL 2-10 Prologue (Alternate)1:352 Revised version1:23LLL 1-01 Prologue1:32Needs to be speed up by 8.884%31m1 Piano Intro0:42LLL 1-02 We Don’t Wanna Grow Up [0:00-0:42]0:4241m2 Peter's Entrance1:07Unreleased (1:01) / LLL 1-02 We Don’t Wanna Grow Up [0:42-0:48]0:06Unreleased section only available via DVD/Blu Ray rip [0:32-1:53]51m3 We Don't Wanna Grow Up1:00LLL 1-02 We Don’t Wanna Grow Up [0:48-end]1:0061m4 Yuppie Sounds3:15LLL 2-11 Banning Back Home (Film Version)3:15Film Stem Rip7 Album Version2:22LLL 1-03 Banning Back Home2:2581m5 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen1:02UnreleasedOnly available via DVD / Blu Ray rip92m1 Wendy's Entrance2:11LLL 1-04 Granny Wendy [0:46-end]2:11Clean opening only available via DVD / Blu Ray rip102m2 The Bedroom1:08LLL 1-05 The Bedroom1:07113m1 The Nursey Scene1:40LLL 1-06 The Nursery1:38123m2 Saying Goodnight0:56LLL 1-07 The Watch0:56133m3 Hook Returns To Kensington1:58LLL 1-08 Hook-Napped [1:59-end]1:57Clean opening available on pre-Concorde 1-08 Hook Attacks144m1 Hook Is Back2:07LLL 1-08 Hook-Napped [0:00-2:02]2:02Clean ending available on pre-Concorde 1-09 The Children Were Screaming154m2 Forgotten How To Fly0:56LLL 1-04 Granny Wendy [0:00-0:46]0:46Clean ending available on pre-Concorde 1-03 Granny Wendy I164m3 Looney Wendy (Part 1)1:06LLL 2-14 Wendy Tells Peter The Truth [0:00-1:02]1:0217 Looney Wendy Insert1:06LLL 1-09 A Portrait Of Wendy1:06184m3 Looney Wendy (Part 2)1:19LLL 2-14 Wendy Tells Peter The Truth [1:02-end]1:21Concorde I-10 (1:03-end) is proper film take, but worse sound quality194m4 The Arrival Of Tink3:31LLL 1-10 The Arrival Of Tink [0:00-1:53] / pre-C 1-12 [1:55-2:59] / [2:59-3:27]3:25Clean ending available on pre-Concorde 1-12 The Appearance of Tink20 Revised celeste section1:06LLL 1-10 The Arrival Of Tink [1:53-2:59]1:06214m5/5m1 I Don't Believe In Fairies (Part 1)1:03pre-C 113 Flight To Neverland 0:00-0:03 / LLL 1-10 The Flight To Neverland [3:27-4:24]1:00224m5/5m1 I Don't Believe In Fairies (Part 2)1:33LLL 1-10 The Flight To Neverland [4:24-5:20] / OST 06 The Flight To Neverland [5:20-end]0:5623 Revised Ending (86-98)0:43LLL 1-10 The Flight To Neverland [5:20-end]0:37Film Stem Rip, pre-Concorde 1-15 Flight To Neverland III is from sessions245m2 Arrival At Neverland0:55Unreleased25 Revised (Part 1)0:21LLL 2-12 Presenting The Hook (Film Version - Extended) [0:00-0:19]0:1926 Revised (Part 2)1:04LLL 2-12 Presenting The Hook (Film Version - Extended) [0:19-1:22]1:03275m3 Slicing The Hand1:25LLL 2-12 Presenting The Hook (Film Version - Extended) [1:22-2:43]1:21285m4 I'll Take Those Shoes0:49LLL 2-12 Presenting The Hook (Film Version - Extended) [2:43-3:31]0:48295m5 Show Us Your Hook1:38LLL 2-12 Presenting The Hook (Film Version - Extended) [3:31-end]1:3730 Vocal Overlay - "Hook, Hook, Hook!"0:35UnreleasedOnly available via DVD / Blu Ray rip31 Vocal Overlay - "Show/Give Us The Hook!"UnreleasedOnly available via DVD / Blu Ray rip325m6/6m1 Hook's Entrance2:40LLL 1-12 Pirates!2:41336m2 Draw Your Sword!2:14LLL 1-13 Hook Challenges Peter [0:00-2:09]2:09346m3 Hoist The Kiddies3:03LLL 1-13 Hook Challenges Peter [2:09-5:09]3:00356m4 Tink Strikes A Deal2:40LLL 1-13 Hook Challenges Peter [5:09-end]2:40366m5/7m1 The Mermaids1:18LLL 1-14 From Mermaids To Lost Boys [0:00-1:12]1:12377m2 To Neverland2:03LLL 1-14 From Mermaids To Lost Boys [1:12-3:08]1:56387m3 Lost Boys Appear1:16LLL 1-14 From Mermaids To Lost Boys [3:08-4:08] / OST 08 [4:08-end]1:16397m4 Enter Rufio1:23LLL 1-14 From Mermaids To Lost Boys [4:08-end] / Unreleased (0:20)1:05Clean opening available on pre-Concorde 2-14 Boat Ride (Part I)407m5 The Lost Boys Ballet3:31LLL 1-15 The Lost Boy Chase3:3541 Drum Insert0:31UnreleasedOnly available via DVD / Blu Ray rip [0:56:25-0:56:56]427m6/8m1 The Face Of Pan2:42LLL 2-02 You Are The Pan [1:21-end]2:40Clean opening available on Concorde I-18 You Are Peter43 No Choir Mix2:42OST 14 You Are The Pan [1:21-end]2:38Clean opening available on Concorde I-18 You Are Peter448m2 Don't Try To Stop Me.... Smee!2:16LLL 2-13 Hook’s Blues2:18458m3 Smee Steals the Show (Stick With Me)1:45LLL 1-16 Smee’s Plan [0:00-1:41]1:41Clean ending available on OST 10 Smee's Plan468m4 Believe Your Eyes1:44LLL 1-16 Smee’s Plan [1:41-end]1:42Clean opening available on pre-Concorde 1-37 Goodnight Neverland478m4A Pick 'Em Up2:10UnreleasedOnly available via DVD / Blu Ray rip [1:06:05-1:08:15]488m4A+B More Never Band1:18LLL 1-17 Pan Is Challenged1:20498m6New Hook Lessons3:06LLL 1-18 Hook’s Lesson3:08509m3 The Banquet3:21LLL 1-19 The Banquet [0:00-3:00] / pre-C 1-34 The Banquet [3:00-end]3:21OST/LLL track fades out early; Full ending on Concorde 1-23 or pre-Concorde 1-34519m4 Cornucopia2:59LLL 1-20 The Never-Feast [0:00-2:57]2:5752 9m4 Insert1:01Con 2-09 The Never-Feast (Second Unused Long Version) (1:09-2:08)0:59539m5 Cutting The Coconut1:44LLL 1-20 The Never-Feast [2:57-end]1:435410m1 When You're Alone (Maggie's Lullaby)3:13LLL 2-03 When You’re Alone3:165510m2 Stop That Clock!!4:02LLL 1-21 Hook’s Madness4:015610m3/11m1A Take Me Out To The Ballgame0:59Unreleased"Only available via DVD / Blu Ray rip [1:26:23-1:28:50]"57 Part 21:28Unreleased5811m1 The Home Run2:49LLL 2-01 Remembering Childhood [0:00-2:44]2:445911m2/12m1 Follow That Shadow2:37LLL 1-22 Follow That Shadow2:386012m2 I Remember5:48LLL 2-01 Remembering Childhood [2:44-8:24]5:406112m3 The Flying Sequence2:43LLL 2-01 Remembering Childhood [8:24-end]2:396212m4 You Are The Pan1:25LLL 2-02 You Are The Pan [0:00-1:21]1:21Clean ending available on Concorde6313m1 Tink Grows Up2:19LLL 2-04 Tink Grows Up2:206413m2 To War!! (with Alternate Insert 37-39)2:27LLL 2-05 The Ultimate War: To War [0:00-2:23]2:2365 Insert Bar 37 (37-46)0:17UnreleasedOnly available via DVD / Blu Ray rip [1:47:54-1:48:11]6613m3 Crossed Swords2:23LLL 2-05 The Ultimate War: To War [2:23-4:40]2:1767 Insert (58-63)0:05UnreleasedOnly available via DVD / Blu Ray rip [1:50:20-1:50:25]6813m4/14m1 Form Rank3:11LLL 2-05 The Ultimate War: To War [4:40-7:50]3:106914m2 Daddy Is Peter Pan?2:01LLL 2-05 The Ultimate War: To War [7:50-end]1:54Film Stem Rip7014m3 The Death Of Rufio2:27LLL 2-06 The Ultimate War: The Death Of Rufio [0:00-2:13]2:13Film Stem Rip7114m4 The Sword Fight2:37LLL 2-06 The Death Of Rufio [2:13-end] / 2-07 Sword Fight [0:00-2:15]2:25Film Stem Rip7214m5/15m1 Winning By A Hair2:16LLL 2-07 The Ultimate War: Sword Fight [2:15-4:26] 2:11Film Stem Rip7315m2 The End of Hook2:24LLL 2-07 Sword Fight [4:26-5:26] / Unreleased (0:20) / 2-08 Farewell Neverland [0:00-1:01]2:01Film Stem Rip7415m3 My Lost Boys2:29LLL 2-08 Farewell Neverland [1:01-3:20]2:19Clean opening available on OST7515m4 The Next Morning3:50LLL 2-08 Farewell Neverland [3:20-6:58]3:387615m5/16m1 Kensington Gardens4:19LLL 2-08 Farewell Neverland [6:58-end]4:1677End Credit1:53LLL 2-09 End Credits [0:00-1:48]1:48Film Stem Rip78Exit Music1:43LLL 2-15 Exit Music1:41
  2. If you've received your copy, you should discuss it in this thread, as the original thread is going to be cluttered for a while with "Mine shipped!", "Mine arrived!", "Still waiting for my copy to arrive", "When do you guys think it will sell out?", "Who has the cheapest international shipping?", "Wow, we gotta wait 2 weeks for more stock? What a gip!" type posts. This thread will be for actual discussion of the release only. I'll start: Banning Back Home film version is sooooooo cool!
  3. I have decided to buy some more LLL JW releases along with the upcoming expanded E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. I am considering: Home Alone (25th anniversary), Home Alone 2, The Fury, Rosewood, Empire of the Sun, A.I. Artificial Intelligence and The John Williams Jurassic Park Collection. However, it's quiet a sum, so I would like to be sure that I am getting my money's worth. Quality of the sound is very important, but I don't expect that's an issue. Also the presentation of the set and the liner notes. Another very important thing is, how definitive the release is. I wouldn't want to spend money on something just so it gets a better release few months later. Which titles should I choose? Are they all definitive?
  4. jangoisbaddest

    Is this suite available?

    Hey all! I've recently been put in charge of a film music concert for next season. There are two big showpieces that I'm considering. One is Jerry Goldsmith's Star Trek: Motion Picture score, which I've finally found over at Themes and Variations. The other is Hook. The problem with Hook is: I can only find the wimpy Calvin Custer arrangement or Hal Leonard's Flight to Neverland, which is fantastic but like five minutes long. What I really want to rent is this: If anyone knows how to get me in touch with someone willing to rent this out to us, I would be forever grateful. Thanks! Brian
  5. KingPin

    The Face of Pan (revised)

    Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but I just stumbled upon this revised version of "The Face of Pan" from Hook and I was wondering if anyone had heard of this new version. According to the description, the performance is from 2013 conducted by Williams himself. I'm personally still trying to wrap my brain around the new orchestration, given that I'm so accustomed to the Boston Pops records version, but I'm giving it several more listens to try and better appreciate it. Interested to hear others' opinions.
  6. Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150704382223755&set=a.181243738754.155532.56031953754&type=1&theater