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Found 18 results

  1. I found some of the clean originals on YouTube (like the club fight score from TOD), but i could not find the original "Short Round Helps" and "Water!" scores. (They just sound better imo.) So can someone here maybe teach me how to clean rip the originals like people did back in the day? Or if someone has the original "short round helps" ect., could you please maybe send me a copy of them? (Doesn't matter the quality.) I just really need them in my life! They sound so good!!
  2. "Water" from Temple of Doom and the instruments used in it

    So i am hugely obsessed with the music "Water" from TOD. Yesterday i was listening to it and i thought: 'What if people in this forum has made their own version of "Water"?' So if anyone has, i would really like to listen to it!
  3. "Water" from Temple of Doom and the instruments used in it

    Prepare for a long read. Also, english isn't my first language, so excuse me. So in "Water", there's this odd instrument wich i think sounds really great, and i would really like the name of it. So i made 2 posts about it, but no one seems to know what im talking about, and the sheet music doesn't have the name of it, so heres an in-depth post about it. The instrument is hard to describe what it sounds like, but i think of a chainsaw when i hear it. The instrument plays in sync with the 6-4 note trombone motif, but its 7,30% lower pitched. Here's the parts where you can easily hear it. At 0:21-0:23 it syncronizes with the tubular bells At 0:46-0:50 the notes are a bit loud and is heard easily At 0:53 to 0:56 its the most obivious part At 1:02-1:05 i slowed it down 8000% and its the loud notes And finally, the last part at 1:14-1:17 and we never hear the instrument again. The instrument is also louder in the movie version, so heres some parts where it can be heard easily. I hope people finally know what instrument im talking about.
  4. "Water" from Temple of Doom and the instruments used in it

    I just downloaded it, and i have no idea how to do stuff. Help please?
  5. The Duel of the MacGuffins, or Williams scoring the god of the Old vs. the New Testament. (don't know how prone we are to religious flamewars, so I'll just stick to this) The Ark theme is very enjoyable with many great renditions. I consider it the villain theme of Raiders. To me, it communicates "You're meddling in things you should not be meddling in. If you so much as blink wrongly I will smash you like an ant." Uncovering the Ark is not a triumphant moment, it is quite dark and foreboding, like Indy and Sallah just released an ancient evil. The only semi-nice version is the finale of Miracle of the Ark, when the nazis are dead, and Indy and Marion finally submit to the rules, so the Ark benignly does not strike them down. The Holy Grail is the penultimate goal of any adventurer, the perfect career peak for Henry Jones and Jr., and I think Williams communicates this perfectly. The theme is very reverent and distant at first, not even played too many times, but becomes triumphant, warm and embracing once Indy makes the wise choice, then heals his father, and the final, full rendition as they leave the temple is a combination of these two. I personally prefer it over the Ark. Any other thoughts?
  6. I couldn't find any reference to this in the forums, so here goes: if you listen to podcasts, you've got to check out the Underscore Podcast ( I discovered it when its hosts did a guest spot on Christopher Coleman's also-excellent Soundcast podcast (which I discovered via @Erik Woods's spectacular and long-running Cinematic Sound Radio Show, but I digress). The show is hosted by two composer/musician brothers, Marty and Will Brueggeman, and apparently it just began this year. Their format is really unique: they spend a month of weekly podcasts discussing one film (so far, Raiders and Vertigo). They do an introductory show, then an exploration of the major themes, then a "spotting session" that analyzes the soundtrack cue by cue, culminating in a feature-length commentary track that talks you through the score in context. Between films, they cleanse the palate with a "Reel Change," a one-off discussion of a topic in film music (so far, the ostinato and the Lydian mode). They've also conducted episode-length interviews with composers Joe Kraemer and John Lunn. The brothers are musically erudite, versed in film scores and classical music and able to spout the snobbiest musical terminology while remaining utterly down-to-earth. They provide truly insightful analysis. They illustrate their points liberally with samples and repeatedly demonstrate an encyclopedic knowledge and abiding love for the medium, as well as what is obviously hours of preparation for each episode. This podcast is absolutely not to be missed. I can't wait to see what movie they spotlight next. P.S. I swear no money changed hands to elicit this review, even if it sounds like it did. The gushing is warranted!
  7. Concord Records are issuing RAIDERS as a 2LP set on 26th May. I suppose the remaining scores will be issued as well. Raiders Of The Lost Ark [2 LP] Track Listings A1. In The Jungle A2. The Idol Temple A3. Escape From The Temple A4. Flight From Peru A5. Washington Men / Indy's Home A6. A Thought For Marion / To Nepal A7. The Medallion A8. Flight To Cairo B1. The Basket Game B2. Bad Dates B3. The Map Room: Dawn B4. Reunion In The Tent / Searching For The Well B5. The Well Of The Souls C1. Indy Rides The Statue C2. The Fist Fight / The Flying Wing C3. Desert Chase C4. Marion's Theme / The Crate D1. The German Sub D2. Ride To The Nazi Hideout D3. Indy Follows The Ark D4. The Miracle Of The Ark D5. Washington Ending / Raiders March
  8. On March 15, 2016, Walt Disney Studios announced that the fifth film will be released on July 19, 2019, with Ford reprising his role, Spielberg directing, Koepp writing and Kennedy and Marshall acting as producers. George Lucas was initially not going to be involved with the film. However, during a press event for Disney's The BFG, Spielberg confirmed that Lucas will be returning as executive producer, stating "I would never make an Indiana Jones film without George Lucas. That'd be insane." Marshall has stated that the film would be a continuation of the events following Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. On June 9, 2016, Spielberg confirmed that John Williams will be returning to compose the score.
  9. A hint of something from Doug Adams on Twitter...
  10. Hi, I've just joined the forum as I discovered a hidden musical quote in the theme to Indiana Jones and was interested to find out who else is aware of it. It is very blatant and from a famous song, but for the last 30 years it has continuously gone right over my head. A couple of google searches suggest that no one else on Earth has found it, or at least not considered it worthy of writing about it online... I even found a dissertation on the use of Leitmotif and themes in the Indiana Jones theme music and even that didn't mention it! So.... anyone else know what it is?
  12. Not exactly a newbie, but the last time I was on here was around 2006 and that account is long, long gone. I've seen a few interviews with JW regarding the Indiana Jones scores, and not surprisingly he says the Nazi themes throw back to adventure movie scores of the 1940s, and refers to the "seventh degree of the scale on the bottom." Here's an example: He makes the reference around 3;33. Anyone have an idea what he means by this? The closest I can come up with is this: the cue we hear right after that statement is Toht's entrance into Marion's pub, where the low brass plays a G, played by an arpeggiated diminished seventh chord (Ab-B-D-F), which would want to resolve to A, so there's a chord constructed on the seventh degree of A Major. But somehow this just doesn't strike me as what he means. I know there's sensitivity here to getting into theoretical analysis of JW scores, but I'm at somewhat of a loss, so would be great to get someone else's perspective to what he means.
  13. John Williams - sculpture

    Hello there!´:´) I decided to learn sculpting with clay material and create my second work at all John Towner Williams composer. you can see at : I study music compositing and John Williams was the man, who inspired me to study music. I study at Prague conservatory. Thanks for everything John! We love your music! Also my compositions you can listen at Thanks!
  14. Vote away! For the record, I like ROTLA or TOD the most (depends on which day you ask me), like KOCS the least (its horrifically terrible), and will be buying the box set happily. As far as scores go, depending on which day you ask me I can like any of the original 3 the most! But honestly its been TOD I've listened to the most in the past 4 years, so I'll vote for that one.
  15. A couple of weeks ago, a special screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark was held in Los Angeles to celebrate the film's 30th Anniversary. Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford attended the event and held a special post-screening Q&A, as it was reported on several threads here. The LA Times has now published the entire Q&A video. Check it out, it's worth:
  16. Well...this stinks. ADMIN NOTE: Click here to jump to the point in the thread where the film was confirmed.