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Found 304 results

  1. Admin note: This thread is largely hype for the release before it's release date, and then ordering/shipping/"it's arrived!" talk afterward; Please relocate to the following thread to discuss the actual musical content of the release: http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/27789-et-the-extra-terrestrial-new-2cd-la-la-land-edition-music-discussion/ https://www.facebook.com/lalalandrecords/photos/a.181243738754.155532.56031953754/10155838795413755/
  2. TheMagicFlute

    Identify the music

    The below clip is from the film 18 Again! (1988). https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094593/ Around 45 seconds, the music looks very familiar. Is the music taken from the film Superman (1978) composed by John Williams or taken from some other film? Thanks. https://vimeo.com/331066876
  3. Taking it one step further, inspired by this poll:
  4. http://www.facebook....31953754&type=1 http://www.facebook....31953754&type=1 Available to order at 1PM PST on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 at http://www.lalalandrecords.com/ and other fine retailers.
  5. I mean, with both Redman and Matessino credited as producers, how could the scores end up sounding increasingly pinched?
  6. By golly...I feel like I'm about to vote YES! It's already shot up to the top ten of my iTunes play counts.
  7. Mine: I used to find Double Trouble quite annoying, but now I really like it!
  8. Hello! Just like we did with Jurassic Park (1 2) and ET (1 2), here is a thread to discuss the actual contents of the new release, leaving the existing thread to be where you can post your shipping updates type stuff, so actual discussion is separated from that stuff. I'll re-post here some comments from OneBuckFilms since I forgot to make this thread before he posted them there!
  9. I know I just said I don't like speculation threads, so I guess I'm breaking my own rules here, but this is really more about the mechanisms at play that would allow a recording in the first place. I'm really clueless about such things, but maybe you know. Btw, this is the first time I've made a poll topic here, so let's hope this works. We all know he was dissatisfied with his symphony, which is why it only has been performed a couple of times and basically shelved.
  10. Inspired by a discussion with Thor over at the annoying march thread.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/lalalandrecords/photos/a.181243738754.155532.56031953754/10153426542838755 ~ https://www.facebook.com/lalalandrecords/photos/a.181243738754.155532.56031953754/10153426599788755 It cannot be purchased until 12:00PST on Tuesday, June 16th at www.lalalandrecords.com and other fine soundtrack retailers (Intrada, Music Box, Screen Archives, Movie Music)
  12. Jurassic Shark

    Awesome Soundtracks for Sale

    I've been organizing my CD collection lately and now I'm selling the ones I don't need on eBay. They're mostly soundtracks and classical music, and many of the soundtracks are OOP, expansions, or both. All of them are in very good to mint condition, and some are new. I've also listed various sheet music, mostly piano, for those who are interested in that. And there's the limited edition John Williams short sleeved buttoned shirt. If you purchase several items, I will combine shipping to reduce the overall shipping cost. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/sigbjoe/m.html?item=323630608674&rt=nc&LH_PrefLoc=98
  13. Jurassic Shark

    What's JW's most annoying march?

    JW's a master composer of marches, but not every march he's written is gold. What's his most annoying march, in your opinion? I nominate March of the Villains!
  14. Jurassic Shark

    Are you John Williams the composer?

    It's time for the poster that is in fact John Williams to reveal himself. Is he @Stefancos? @hornist? @Incanus? Or could he be hiding as @Thor? That would explain why Thor always prefers the OST. I'll reveal that I'm not John Williams.
  15. Hello, Some time ago I made that score reductions and analysis of Yoda's Theme and The Throne Room like other scores are analyzed on FilmScoreAnalysis channel. I think that's very interesting to look and analyze some masterworks by John Williams and other composers. I'm also working on analysis of Across The Stars and I will upload it at the end of the month. If you have any ideas what to do to make my analysis better, please, tell me. 🙂 Edit: Here's Across The Stars analysis Edit 2: Here's Anakin's Theme: Edit 3: Han Solo And The Princess https://youtu.be/8lbR7n1DcKE Edit 4: The Emperor's Arrival https://youtu.be/HJXs0HP35p8 Ps. And if you have any ideas what score should I analyze next also please, tell me.
  16. I'm still not convinced that I need it in my collection. Besides, it's available on Spotify if I feel the urge to check it out again.
  17. Inspired by @mstrox's comment over at the other thread.
  18. With so many JW expansions to have come out the past few years, are you feeling less excited about them?
  19. Looks like the DSO is going to stream tomorrow's concert for free at https://www.dso.org/live. After a few days, it will appear on their new replay service (requires a min of $50 donation to the DSO). They say they have 3 year streaming rights to the concerts (although it's not specific about the one tomorrow). Program includes the Oboe Concerto (the original recording of which will feature in the new The Magic of John Williams Special coming out on the IndyCast next week), Liberty Fanfare, Pops on the March and selected film music led by Leonard Slatkin. I suspect the Oboe Concerto will be released in the Slatkin/Williams Concerti series. (See my post about the Tuba Concerto.) A John Williams Celebration https://www.dso.org/ShowEventsView.aspx?id=4916&prod=4914 Sun, Feb 10 from 3:00 - 5:00pm EST Artists Leonard Slatkin, conductor Alexander Kinmonth, oboe For five decades, Leonard Slatkin has championed the diverse music of America. This three-week festival begins with a cross-country musical travelogue of sorts from Morton Gould, Joan Tower, Leonard Bernstein, and Virgil Thompson, plus Ferde Grofe’s colorful Grand Canyon Suite, and continues with film and concert music by John Williams. Program JOHN WILLIAMS Liberty Fanfare JOHN WILLIAMS Pops on the March JOHN WILLIAMS Concerto for Oboe JOHN WILLIAMS Selected Film Music
  20. Just curious, as I've observed several posters writing about book plans. And who will be the first to publish a non-academic biography? For those who answer yes, could you write a few words about your upcoming book?