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  1. Hi everyone, i try to made little video about being thankful for John´s amazing work. Thanks to your, it has been my home page for many years And this is how John Williams changed my life: ______________________ My childhood wasn´t good and I was feeling verry lonely. There was some unreasonable agression i had to experience from others. Also parents divorced verry badly and i had some serious depressions when i was about 12 years old. It may sound oversensitive, but this is really how it was. During the day i had to live my life, but in the night, before i fell a sleep. I was listening to John Williams music and i felt like - this is my true friend. His music was my best friend in that time. That music gived me feeling that someone likes me. Without this "musical friendship" i think i might not be here anymore. I was 13 and i started to play and write music. It was my childhood dream to become composer one day like he is. I was studying music a lot, 6 years conservatory in Prague, than i got to Berklee, but as i was accepted, i realised that - the music i would love to compose, my brain simply cant do that well. Before this realization i was feeling verry sad, anxious and jelaous. Because i was studying so, so hard and so many years. I couldn't understund why- if i am studying so hard - why the God or whatever there is or isnt, why it won't allow me to do it. I wrote some pieces for orchestra and one of them was this piece inspired by John´s music (this is the piece i called Autumn letter - because it was in Autumn i sent a written letter to John Williams about my story and (that my dream is to meet him one day) But once i realised that in real world of movie music everything must be completed so fast, i realised, that the time come. Time to give up on my dreams. I simply wasn´t that good, that i could work in industry. My brain was wired differently and i couldnt handle all stress and being creative under stress. I had to decide. And i left music completely. For 2 years i was just "man without dream" i felt useless in the world. I didnt know what to do. But than.. a miracle happened. Answer for my letter came and one lovely family behind ocean helped me to make it happen. It was possible for me to meet John Williams and to talk with him personally in his room. The first thing he sayed to me with verry sweet voice and present look in his eyes was: "Ou.. ou.. you came all that long way across the ocean JUST because of me? " He looked surprised and i realised how really humble this man must be. When he invited me to enter, he turned his hands up like there is nothing he has to hide. We talked about music and questions i had since i was young. He was so open to me. Finally in the end, his friend tooked a picture of us. That foto you can see in this video - and since that time, the light came into my life. I knew this moment was really gift for me from "universe" or whatever we call it. And i finally understud, that there exist people with so much talent that its not possible to try to be like them. Not to compete with them, but to accept it and start to enjoy everything they do as a gift to humanity. I came back to home and since that time i forget on being composer. I started to learn to paint with oil and its so funny. All that time, it seems i am better at Art as just a hobby, than to write music. My life is so happy now and i can really enjoy other people's art. In the end i realised every little thing was part of my life puzzle. When i was feeling so down, suicidal child, there came his music to me and it gived me „hope“. And once i was strong enough and i was somehow "prepaired" to face the thruth. The thruth appeared and i accepted it. I began to be 100 procent honest with my life and give more space for others than before in my hearth. This was the gift, that John Williams gaved me that day. That day i wont ever forgot. The day of sunrise of my true soul and the sun set of the "past". John Williams has really some higher spirit. Some healing power for us all. He is our life teacher. Today i love my parents, my friends, i love the world. Thank you! Thank you so much my friends
  2. I've got a new and sealed copy of JW's score to Jaws 2 (Intrada 2CD set) which I'd like to trade for another expanded JW release. I've also got a new and sealed copy of Trevor Jones' Cliffhanger (La-la land 2CD set) which I'm interested in trading.
  3. Hey everyone! Check out my new video, A Peek Behind the Curtain - The Making of Kylo Ren's Theme Overdub It shows how I make my recordings. Hope you enjoy it! Please check out my website and subscribe to my youtube channel!! James Nova Trombone - Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Brass Area Coordinator and Adjunct Trombone Faculty - Duquesne University Brass Coach - Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestras
  4. What would be the ultimate John Williams box set?

    Hey! @Bespin and I were discussing a John Williams 2 disc set. He was wondering what a third disc would look like. I'm wondering what each of your dream JW sets would look like. Let's try to limit it to under 40 tracks and no more than two tracks per movie. I'll start working on my opinion. Let's hear yours. - The Illustrious Jerry
  5. Here's a load of cue titles I found in the GEMA, Sabam & BMI repertoires (Timings from SABAM, which reflects duration in film): No Title 1M02A2 Welcome Poe and Hux He's Insane Resistance Force To the Target Theme In We Can Do This Fighter Down We Lose Girl Ace Rescuing Luke Tossing the Saber Rey Looks Back Revisiting Snoke (03:38) We Need Your Help Luke's Breakfast Old Books The Cave Scene We Need a New Base (01:48) Prep for Battle Leia Saved! Leia Saved! Fix Luke in the Falcon Watch the Language NO Title 3M20INS2 Admiral Holdo Rose Appears Rose Catches Finn No Title 3M22Rev Sun Shot Thought Connection (00:53) Place to Place Learning the Force Rey Awakens Lady Officer and Poe Conspire The Connection Worst People in the Universe Party Music R.T. Shore Rose's Fathiers No Title 4M32INS No Title 4M32REV2 Luke and Rey Place in the World Six Hours Left Codebreaker... Thief Fathiers Fathiers Charge! Crashing the Party Saying Goodbye to the Fathier Saving Leia Mirror Scene Encounter Before the Dream You're Not Alone No Title 5M46INS Touch Young Ren is Awakened Big Fights Yoda Insert Yoda Appears Not Enough Holdo's Secret Plan Traitor! Eavesdropping Mutiny I'll Help You Working Switches Dread Ladies Parting Come Closer, Child Snoke The Emperor's Theme Poe Wakes Up Finn, Rose, and Hux Fighting Together Join Me Hoda's Resolve Important Scene No Title 7M67AINS After the Big Explosion Finn Fights Phasma Chrome Dome (00:12) Rose and Finn Escape Hux and Ren What Cha Got? Troops and Planes Mechanical Trouble Here They Come, Again Finn's Attempted Sacrifice The Kiss Luke and Leia Together Han and Leia Reunion Follow Him More Fight No Title 9M85INS Rey Looks Old Friends Finale Pt. 1 End Credit Pt. 2 (01:11) End Credit Pt. 3 Rev (00:23) End Credit Pt. 4 (01:03) Rose's Turn (02:09) [BMI repertoire lists this an alternate title for The Rebellion Reborn]
  6. An Evening with John Williams in Concert London Symphony Orchestra Conductor: John Williams Friday 26 October, Auditorium 7:30pm £21-£90 Source
  7. Stupid and/or funny quotes about JW

    As a comment to the below Youtube video, a user wrote: I was so confused about John Williams' overly accomplished life until I realized that film composer John Williams and classical guitarist John Williams are in fact two different people. The trouble that understanding could have saved me in my undergrad...
  8. I think he should run for president. In Norway.
  9. John Burlingame did another write up on John Williams and this time talked to STAR WARS actor Mark Hamill. What was supposed to be a five minute chat ended up in much longer interview that it warranted a new spin off article to what Jon did yesterday. After reading this I sent this message to Jon Burlingame: 'He is the entire cast ' What a great and humble way of (showing) respect to our Maestro: Williams. I'm so moved. And it appears that the same quote left Jon Burlingame in quite an awe. He responded back to me: "I was so taken with these thoughts that I felt I simply had to write a separate story. The plan had only been to get him on the phone for five minutes to confirm what I had heard about his admiration for the Maestro. But boy, that last quote sealed it for me"
  10. Like this post if you want JW to do a cameo for SW Ep. IX. EDIT: By popular demand, here's the real petition. Spread the good word! EDIT: We've just passed 1200 signatures!
  11. Mine: The Whomping Williams
  12. So today I decided to do something I’ve never done. I put my Home Alone 25th Aniversary CD in my Xbox One and noticed the music App grove recognized the artist I’m guess and cycles through these two photos. Anybody know now why this is? It can’t because the CD is available for digital purchase...
  13. SRP: $17.95 HYPERSPACE is a limited edition release of 1000 units. FIRST 50 Copies will be autographed by composer Don Davis LISTEN TO A SOUND CLIP FROM the score for HYPERSPACE Dragon’s Domain Records, distributed through, presents the long out-of-print orchestral score to HYPERSPACE, composed by Don Davis. One of the first feature length STAR WARS parodies, HYPERSPACE came out in 1984. Known in England as GREMLOIDS and as GREMLORDS in France and Germany, HYPERSPACE was writer/director Todd Durham’s second and last film as director, working with ambitiously cost-conscious low-budget producer Earl Owensby. The movie was released in September 1984, but it wasn’t until 1988 that the film received a wider release on home video. Starring comedians Chris Elliott and Paula Poundstone and filmed in North Carolina, HYPERSPACE imitates STAR WARS in context and execution from its opening text crawl into infinity to its inscrutable helmeted monarch of menace, Lord Buckethead (played by Robert Bloodworth, but voiced by Barry Cooper). Lord Buckethead is hot on the trail of vital radio transmissions stolen from the corrupt Galactic Alliance by members of an allied resistance force. Buckethead intends to get them back, aided by diminutive, Jawa-robed minions known as gremloids. However, unbeknownst to him, he has made a serious navigational error, and rather than reaching his intended destination he lands instead upon the Earth, where he and his gremloid faction march into the closest small town and proceed with their mission. A purposefully STAR WARS-esque orchestral score was provided by newly-minted composer Don Davis, in his first feature film score. Performed by a live, 56-piece orchestra, Davis’s music provided the film with its missing gravitas; and it made enough of an impression among Hollywood film music folk that it led to a lasting and respectful career scoring films and television, including TV’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and SEAQUEST DSV and blockbuster films like THE MATRIX series and JURASSIC PARK III. “Obviously the movie was a parody of STAR WARS, so the only approach to music I could logically take was similarly a parody of John Williams’s work,” said Davis in an exclusive new interview for the album notes. “I got as close to STAR WARS as I could get without it being STAR WARS.” Davis provided the right kind of feeling to the music which gave the score a suitably grandiose dynamic and aided in the film’s parodist nature. The composer’s approach to supporting the film’s inherent humor was based on “not writing funny music,” but scoring the movie with absolute seriousness, thereby allowing the parody to exist within the film and among its characters in a world where even the most farcical of circumstances are treated with genuine integrity. “The concept of playing it straight, as if the show were not a comedy, was what we wanted to do with our movie,” said Davis. “We treated it as if it really was STAR WARS and everything was completely serious.” The film came and went without much ado or remembrance, but the music was noticed and that gave Davis an auspicious debut in this, his first opportunity to make the jump into… HYPERSPACE. The score was first released on an 11-track CD in 1993, paired with another Davis score. This expanded reissue from Dragon’s Domain Records includes eight previously-unreleased tracks. HYPERSPACE is a limited edition release of 1000 units and can be ordered at The first 50 units sold through the Buy Soundtrax website will include a booklet autographed by the composer. Ships the week of January 3rd. 01 HYPERSPACE Main Title/Pin Head 2:22 02 Meet The Mutants/Real Live Munchkins/ Dad’s Gland/ Basement Snoids 4:23 03 Alien Enzyme 2:00 04 Buckethead’s Promenade 2:01 05 Swamp Dog/Mister Ugly/ March of the Carrot People/Wild Bill Schwartz/Avoid the Droid/My Favorite Mutant 5:11 06 One Step Forward 0:56 07 Tree Trek 1:21 08 Old MacDonald Had a Farm Dirge 2:26 09 Neurotic Karen/Mutants in Bondage/Terminate The Princess/Zapping Aliens 2:01 10 Ship Witch/Life in Gland Land/Laser Trail 3:04 11 Just Browsing/After the Brain Drain 4:55 12 Max’s Coronary/Let’s Zap Ed/See You Laser 1:09 13 There She Is 0:45 14 Ding Dong Daddy 1:16 15 Max Incognito/Humanoids From Pacoima 4:27 16 Rugburn/Boiled Snoids 1:49 17 Imbeciles From Uranus 1:06 18 Droid McNoid/Buckethead’s Remorse 4:00 19 HYPERSPACE End Credits 3:24 Total Time: 48:31
  14. Pittsburgh Symphony Trombonist Releases Star Wars Album James Nova, trombonist in the Pittsburgh Symphony orchestra, has released a new album for trombone choir, A Fall from Light to Dark. Through the chosen moments of John Williams’ masterful scores, this album musically chronicles the rise and descent of Anakin Skywalker as he transforms into Darth Vader. Jim has had a lifelong love of John Williams’ film scores since his Dad took him and his brother to see The Empire Strikes Back in the theater. Throughout his career he has performed and recorded with John Williams on several occasions, with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Symphony, the Boston Pops as well as the Utah Symphony. In 2012, Jim was preparing for another season with the Pittsburgh Symphony and thought a fun way to get into shape would be to overdub (or “Novadub”) one of his John Williams trombone choir transcriptions. He chose his transcription of the Superman March as his first effort. He posted it on SoundCloud. Fast forward to now and his SoundCloud page has passed 600,000 listens! He decided it was time to make an actual commercial album and set out learning the art of mixing and mastering, which brings him to this project: A Fall from Light to Dark. Some of you may think, “trombone choir?” Trombone choir is a rich and varied color ensemble capable of powerful, crushing, devastating and also tender, introspective, delicate moments. This album demonstrates the power of John Williams’ scores and how they translate so well to this medium. All transcriptions, playing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering by James Nova. To hear some clips and learn more about Jim, visit
  15. I was thinking about the famous "I'm flying" scene from Titanic and, in particular, the precise moment where the music reaches its emotional climax. On paper, you might expect the score to swell at the moment Jack and Rose kiss, but it actually reaches its emotional peak a few seconds later when Rose reaches up her hand to hold Jack's head closer. The moment becomes a lot more sensual and somehow more romantic as a result. I realise this is just intelligent, intuitive film scoring, but the timing of these things always fascinates me. (2:09) Another example off the top of my head is the final scene in Home Alone when Kevin and Old Man Marley share their moment through the window. One could score it so the music swells when Marley raises his hand in greeting, but Williams holds it for that little moment longer until Kevin returns the gesture, when both characters have completed their arcs with regards to each other. This video below actually has the alternate “O Holy Night” version of the cue too, and you can see the emotional journey is exactly the same in both pieces of music. (00:47) I’m curious to know if you can think of any other examples like this. Moments where the music could reach an emotional peak at one moment, but actually climaxes at another for a stronger emotional impact.
  16. Where do you rank John Williams' music for "The Last Jedi" among his previous scores for the 'Star Wars' films?
  17. The Last Jedi opened in the USA tonight, and in addition to the standard 7:00 pm showings, there was also a 6:00 pm showing that including free snacks, some swag, and exclusive visual content before the main film. Many thought the visual content would be a look at Solo: A Star Wars Story, so you can imagine my surprise when, after a spoken introduction recording by Rian Johnson, we were treated to a 5-or-so minute long tribute to Williams, and a look at his work on The Last Jedi. There weren’t any specific new things to me - it was mainly people praising Williams, and Williams talking about his process (still using paper and all). There was a shot of him and Daisy Ridley hugging, which was cute with Williams’ little crush in mind. There was also a beautiful statement of Leia’s Theme (EDIT: was Luke and Leia’s theme, got mixed up in the excitement of the moment haha!). Williams did touch on the topic of Episode IX right at the end. He said he hasn’t thought about it yet, but that he hopes his time with the Saga isn’t over. Hopefully this gets officially posted online, or is included in the Blu-Ray!
  18. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - For Your Consideration (FYC) Album 01 Escape (7:41) 02 Ahch-To Island (2:31) 03 The Supremacy (2:00) 04 Admiral Holdo (1:02) 05 Fun With Finn And Rose (3:03) 06 Connection (1:58) 07 Lesson One (1:59) 08 Canto Bight (2:15) 09 The Master Codebreaker (1:07) 10 The Fathiers (2:20) 11 The Cave (2:02) 12 Rey's Journey (1:35) 13 A New Alliance (5:28) 14 Holdo's Resolve (2:17) 15 Chrome Dome (2:03) 16 The Battle Of Crait (7:00) 17 The Spark (4:20) 18 The Last Jedi (5:02) 19 Old Friends (1:23) 20 Finale (9:01) TOTAL TIME - 1:06:07 F.A.Q.: FYC? What's that stand for? For Your Consideration. Basically, Disney setup a website where eligible voters for the various awards that are given out around the end of the year could learn where they could attend a screening of their films, see which awards the films were pushing for, and listen to selections of the score for Best Score nominations. For the films that had score selections, they are exactly what is heard in the film, and sometimes include music not on the commercial soundtrack albums! So the music here is different than the album? Yes! Some tracks are almost the same, but the structure of the FYC program is fundamentally different; It is a selection of music from the movie exactly as it appears in the final cut of the film, even if the music used in the film was edited from Williams' original intentions. This could mean that a track might contain an Insert Williams later wrote, where the OST presented his original version; or a track might contain less music than its OST counterpart of the scene was re-edited after the recording of the music, or even a track might contain some music artificially looped or stretched if a scene got lengethened after scoring. The FYC always reflects these non-intended conforms to final picture from start to finish. Also, the FYC presentation seems to favor cues featuring original music over ones featuring a lot of returning themes, for the most part. So does the FYC contain the complete score? No; The film has somewhere around 150 minutes of music in it. The FYC is only 66 minutes long. Which tracks contain music that wasn't on the OST? Every track is different from its OST counterpart is some way, but most notably "Admiral Holdo", "The Master Codebreaker", "Rey's Journey", and "Holdo's Resolve" are COMPLETELY new tracks, while "A New Alliance" and "The Last Jedi" feature significant music in the beginning of each track that isn't on the OST. Where can I find this FYC? I don't see a download link there; How do I download the files from Disney's site? or That's a really low bitrate; Is there any chance its available uncompressed somewhere? Disney should be mailing out pressed physical CDs with the FYC program to Academy music department voters sometime soon. Usually not long after that, they begin turning up on ebay, and not long after that, lossless rips appear online. NOTE: It is against the board's rules to ask for a lossless rip in the public forum. Use the PM System or go to other websites for that discussion! Posts asking for illegal downloads will be deleted! Simple Comparison FYC 01 Escape (7:41) FYC 02 Ahch-To Island (2:31)) ≈ OST 02 [1:43-end] (2:40) Ahch-To Island FYC 03 The Supremacy (2:00) ≈ OST 04 The Supremacy [0:08-2:00] (1:52) FYC 04 Admiral Holdo (1:02) = Unreleased FYC 05 Fun With Finn And Rose (3:03) [0:00-1:05] (1:05) = Unreleased [1:05-end] (1:58) ≈ OST 05 Fun With Finn And Rose [0:25-end] (2:09) FYC 06 Connection (1:58) ≈ OST 06 Old Friends [2:36-end] (1:52) FYC 07 Lesson One (1:59) ≈ OST 08 Lesson One (2:10) FYC 08 Canto Bight (2:15) ≈ OST 09 Canto Bight (2:38) FYC 09 The Master Codebreaker (1:07) = Unreleased FYC 10 The Fathiers (2:20) ≈ OST 11 The Fathiers (2:42) FYC 11 The Cave (2:02) ≈ OST 12 The Cave [0:00-1:36] (1:36) FYC 12 Rey's Journey (1:35) = Unreleased FYC 13 A New Alliance (5:28) [0:00-1:24] (1:24) = Unreleased [1:24-3:19] (1:55) ≈ OST 14 A New Alliance [0:10-1:51] (1:41) [3:19-4:00] (0:41) = Unreleased [4:00-end] (1:28) ≈ OST 14 A New Alliance [1:51-end] (1:22) FYC 14 Holdo's Resolve (2:17) = Unreleased FYC 15 Chrome Dome (2:03) ≈ OST 15 "Chrome Dome" (2:03) FYC 16 The Battle Of Crait (7:00) FYC 17 The Spark (4:20) [0:00-0:46] (0:46) = Unreleased [0:46-end] (3:34) ≈ OST 17 The Spark (3:36) FYC 18 The Last Jedi (5:02) [0:00-1:15] (1:15) = Unreleased [1:15-end] (3:47) ≈ OST 18 The Last Jedi (3:04) FYC 19 Old Friends (1:23) ≈ OST 19 Peace and Purpose [1:44-end] (1:22) FYC 20 Finale (9:01) Approx amount of unreleased music = Track-by-track breakdown / editing guide FYC 01 Escape (7:41) FYC 02 Ahch-To Island (2:31) OST equivalent: 02 Ahch-To Island [1:43-end] (2:40) This is the music for Rey asking Luke for help, and then following him on his "daily routine". The FYC features the proper clean opening as heard in the film, while on the OST, the beginning of the cue is slightly abridged, and mixed over the ending of the previous Ahch-To cue that's in the same track. However, the OST features a section of music (3:22-3:27) that is edited out of the FYC track at 1:40, meaning the film was probably slightly shortened after scoring around that area. So, to create a proper complete version, you'd want to take the cleaning opening of the FYC track, then segue over to the OST track as soon as you can and continue with the OST track all the way to the end. FYC 03 The Supremacy (2:00) OST equivalent: 04 The Supremacy [0:08-2:00] (1:52) This is The Supermacy showing up and Leia realizing they were tracked through lightspeed, and Kylo firing on their ship. The FYC from 0:25-0:30 is longer than the same OST passage (0:35-0:36), though I don't know of the OST is microedited, or if the OST is how it was recorded and they had to artificially stretch it for the final film. The FYC has a small edit around 1:14, and the OST has a small edit around 1:18 (or, the OST is the proper recording, and the FYC Is looped in that area). Finally, the FYC seems to have a loop 1:39-1:43, but then omit material around 1:53. The FYC track seems to artificially fade the final string sustain down early, but the OST segues to another cue when it ends, so we don't have a good ending anywhere. For a custom edit, I'd ignore this FYC track entirely and just use the whole Supremacy OST track. FYC 04 Admiral Holdo (1:02) OST equivalent: None - Completely new track! This is Admiral Holdo being introduced as the new leader, and her initial speech to the Resistance. FYC 05 Fun With Finn And Rose (3:03) OST equivalent: 05 Fun With Finn And Rose [0:25-end] (2:09) The OST from 0:00-0:25 contains the cue for Rose telling Finn about her sister, then realizing he's trying to escape and stuns him (it only contains the Paige story portion of the cue, though). This cue isn't on the FYC at all, so you'd need to break it out into its own track if you want to keep it (you can call it "You Are a Hero" or "That's a Real Hero". I wouldn't call it "Finn Meets Rose" though, because THAT cue comes before this one and isn't on the FYC or the OST at all). In the film, that cue segues immediately to the next cue, which covers which covers Finn and Rose coming up with their plan and telling it to Poe. This cue appears in full on the FYC track, while the OST version omits the opening minute due to it seguing from partway through the sister story cue to partway through the planning cue. So, Option 1 is to break out OST 0:00-0:25 into its own track, and then use FYC 05 for the next cue in its own track. Option 2 would be If you don't want to do WAV editing, then its a a personal preference if you rather use the OST track (Paige story opening -> incomplete planning cue) or the FYC track (no Paige story at all, but complete planning cue). FYC 06 Connection (1:58) OST equivalent: 06 Old Friends [2:36-end] (1:52) This cue covers Ren and Rey's Force connection ending because Luke has shown up, and then him taking her to their first lesson up the cliffside. The FYC provides the full proper clean opening, while the OST omits the opening 4 seconds and is segued from another cue in the same track. Otherwise they are basically the same, but the FYC might be slightly edited down in one spot, so I'd transition from the FYC's clean opening to the OST track as early as possible then just use that from there to the end. FYC 07 Lesson One (1:59) OST equivalent: 07 Lesson One (2:10) This is the music for Rose feeling The Force under Luke's training, then sensing the dark place underneath the island. The FYC and OST tracks are pretty much identical to each other, though the FYC seems to have a few edits and a loop around 1:31, so I'd ignore the FYC track and just use the OST track. FYC 08 Canto Bight (2:15) OST equivalent: 08 Canto Bight (2:38) Both tracks are roughly identical, though the FYC seems to be edited down in a bunch of spots, and fades out early instead of having the proper ending the OST track has. However, one spot on the FYC includes an intended silence that is segued past in the OST version - compare 1:11 on the FYC to 1:22 on the OST. An ideal edit would be the entire OST track, but with that section restored properly from the FYC track. FYC 09 The Master Codebreaker (1:07) OST equivalent: None - Completely new track! Rose tells Finn about growing up with Paige in a mining system the First Order took over, and how the rich people in this casino are profiting from the war, before they are interrupted by BB-8 and head into the casino to see the master codebreaker at a table. FYC 10 The Fathiers (2:20) OST equivalent: 11 The Fathiers (2:42) This FYC track is more or less the same as the OST track, just shortened in many spots (like the sequence was tightened up after the cues were recorded). I'd recommend just ignoring the FYC track and using OST track. Of note is that this is a rare case of the FYC NOT matching the film exactly; The Fathiers sequence in the film is comprised of 3 separate cues, and both the OST AND FYC track contain the 1st and 3rd cues only, completely omitting the second cue (a brief piano source cue). The end of the first cue and start of the third is at 0:56 of the OST track or 0:51 of the FYC track. FYC 11 The Cave (2:02) OST equivalent: 12 The Cave [0:00-1:36] This covers Rey in the cave seeing multiple images of herself. The FYC seems to have a proper clean ending as recorded, but the OST correctly segues to the next cue exactly as the film does anyway, so the clean ending isn't really needed except for personal preference. It's interesting to compare the FYC to OST. They are approximately the same music, but the FYC version is longer because of many differences throughout. In some spots it seems like the FYC might be artificially stretched / looped, while in others the FYC has material that the OST seems to have microedited out. It sounds fine though, so for a complete edit you could use the FYC track and just mix the rest of the OST track (1:36-end) over the clean ending the FYC has. FYC 12 Rey's Journey (1:35) OST equivalent: None - Completely new track! Rey instructs Chewie what to tell Finn if he finds him, then hops in her escape pod and heads to The Supremacy, where Kylo meets her in the landing bay. This seems to have the proper clean opening and ending as recorded, though in the film it segues from and to other unreleased cues. FYC 13 A New Alliance (5:28) OST equivalent: 14 A New Alliance [0:10-end] (3:03) The OST track opens (0:00-0:10) with the music for Rey being brought to Snoke, a cue that isn't on the FYC at all. The FYC track is a complete presentation of a long uninterrupted sequence of music from a bit later in the film, some of which is on the OST and some of which is not. FYC 0:00-1:24 (1:24) covers Snoke dropping Rey to the ground after torturing her, taunting her that he will kill Luke after they destroy the Resistance, showing her the transporters being destroyed, and bringing her in front of Kylo. This isn't on the OST at all. FYC 1:24-3:19 (1:55) covers Snoke telling Ren to kill Rey then taunting Rey some more; Kylo killing Snoke then Kylo and Rey beginning to fight the guards; and a bit of Poe on the transporters. This is on the OST from 0:10-1:51 (1:41), though the OST seems to edit out material at around 0:48, so the FYC seems to be the superior choice. FYC 3:19-4:00 (0:41) covers a bit of Finn talking to DJ and some more Rey/Ren guards fighting. This isn't on the OST at all. FYC 4:00-end (1:28) covers Rey and Ren finishing off the guards. This is on the OST from 1:51-end (1:22). There doesn't seem to be any edits in either version, which makes it easy to just use the FYC track all the way to the end. FYC 14 Holdo's Resolve (2:17) OST equivalent: None - Completely new track! This covers some space action with the Resistance cruiser preparing to jump to lightspeed, Hux ordering his men to keep firing on the transports, Phasma ordering a more painful death for Finn and Rose, and then Holdo turning the cruiser around and ramming it into the Supremacy. FYC 15 Chrome Dome (2:03) OST equivalent: 15 "Chrome Dome" (2:03) This covers the aftermath of the explosion, Finn and Rose coming out of the rubble, and Finn fighting Phasma. The FYC and OST versions are about the same, though the FYC from 0:56-1:00 is a bit longer than the equivalent OST passage (0:53-0:55), the FYC has an edit that removes material at 1:09, the FYC from 1:12-1:18 is longer than the equivalent OST passage (1:15-1:19), and the FYC is longer from 1:27-1:32 compared the OST 1:28-1:30. Overall I'd say go with the OST version, because the bit in the OST the FYC skips past is actually unique material, while all the parts where the FYC is longer are basically just sustaining bits in between the action for longer. FYC 16 The Battle Of Crait (7:00) FYC 17 The Spark (4:20) OST equivalent: 17 The Spark (3:36) The opening of the FYC track (0:00-0:46) is not included on the OST track, and begins almost immediately after The Battle of Crait in the film. It covers Rose telling Finn that love is how they'll win & kissing him, and Ren telling Hux to advance on the base. The remainder of the FYC track (0:46-end [3:34]) is basically the same as the OST track, and covers Luke arriving, talking to Leia, then marching out to face the First Order. So you can just use the entire FYC track and ignore the OST track for a complete edit. FYC 18 The Last Jedi (5:02) OST equivalent: 18 The Last Jedi (3:04) The opening of the FYC track (0:00-1:15) is an unreleased cue that covers the Resistance following the crystal critters into the caves, Rey hovering over and scanning for their location, and then both parties arriving at opposite sides of the stone-piled exit. The rest of the FYC track is roughly the same as the OST track, and covers Kylo and Luke's final showdown. The FYC track is longer though, because the OST appears to be microedited in a few spots - there's a section microedited out of the OST at 0:15 that is intact in the FYC from 1:30-1:53, then another section microedited out of the OST at 0:22 that is intact in the FYC from 2:00-2:09, and finally compare OST 1:26-1:30 to FYC 3:14-3:22 and OST 1:45-1:48 to FYC 3:38-3:44. So overall, I'd again recommend just using the entire FYC track and ignoring the OST track in a complete edit. FYC 19 Old Friends (1:23) OST equivalent: 19 Peace and Purpose [1:44-end] (1:22) The OST track from 0:00-1:44 is portion of a cue covering Luke's death and Kylo matching into the base and finding it empty. There's a whole chunk of the cue taken out around 1:28, but unfortunately the cue isn't on the FYC at all so can't be restored using it. The FYC track is only the next cue, covering the reunion of Rey & Chewie with Poe & everyone else on the Millennium Falcon, and Rey telling Leia Luke's death felt like it was full of Peace and Purpose (which makes it so odd they retitled the track for the FYC), and the ship taking off into hyperspace. There's no real difference between the two versions, so again just ignore the FYC track and use the full OST track. FYC 20 Finale (9:01) OST equivalent: 20 Finale (8:28) The first cue in this track (the Canto Bight kids telling their story and then being kicked outside) is microedited on the FYC around 0:0:06 (You can hear what was taken out from about 0:06-0:18 of the OST version). But then on the FYC, the cue is allowed to end in full, there's a brief pause, and the next cue begins at 0:24; On the OST however, this cue is crossfaded into the next one at 0:36. So its personal preference if you want to use the separation or the crossfade, but you have to make sure to use the OST track for the beginning of the cue because of the material taken out of the FYC/film version. To compare the rest of either track, I found it easiest to do it as a table, I hope you don't mind: The next cue (the sunset scene before the end credits) and then the whole beginning of the end credits up through the piano rendition of Leia's Theme is about the same on both versions. This gets us to 2:44 of the FYC or 2:56 of the OST, and then things start to differ. Both start out the same, from 2:44-3:15 of the FYC / 2:56-3:27 of the OST but covering the same arrangement of the Luke/Rey/Island theme, but the OST has a sudden edit at 3:27 skipping over what's in the FYC from 3:15-4:05; Then both are the same again from OST 3:27-3:34 / FYC 4:05-4:13. Simple FYC/OST Combo Playlist, no Editing Required 01 OST 01 Main Title and Escape (7:26) OR FYC 01 Escape (7:41) 02 OST 02 Ahch-To Island (4:23) 03 OST 03 Revisiting Snoke (3:29) 04 OST 04 The Supremacy (4:01) 05 FYC 04 Admiral Holdo (1:02) 06 FYC 05 Fun With Finn And Rose (3:03) 07 OST 06 Old Friends (4:29) 08 OST 08 Lesson One (2:10) 09 OST 09 Canto Bight (2:38) 10 FYC 09 The Master Codebreaker (1:07) 11 OST 10 Who Are You? (3:04) 12 OST 11 The Fathiers (2:42) 13 OST 12 The Cave (3:00) 14 OST 13 The Sacred Jedi Texts (3:33) 15 FYC 12 Rey's Journey (1:35) 16 FYC 13 A New Alliance (5:28) 17 FYC 14 Holdo's Resolve (2:17) 18 OST 15 "Chrome Dome" (2:03) 19 OST 16 The Battle Of Crait (6:48) OR FYC 16 The Battle Of Crait (7:00) 20 FYC 17 The Spark (4:20) 21 FYC 18 The Last Jedi (5:02) 22 OST 19 Peace And Purpose (03:08) 23 OST 20 Finale (8:28) OR FYC 20 Finale (9:01) BONUS TRACK 24 OST 07 The Rebellion Is Reborn (4:00) (Concert Arrangement) TOTAL TIME - 1:29:17 (or 1:30:17) Longer Chronological Edit of OST + FYC, In-Track Editing Required: Coming soon! FYC / OST Comparison spreadsheet Coming soon! ALL UPDATES / CORRECTIONS WELCOME!!! Admin note: Click here to jump right to discussion of the actual FYC Album, after all the hype talk ACTUAL ALBUM DISCUSSION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Original Main Post ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello, The Force Awakens opened (in the US) on Friday, December 18th, 2015. On Monday, December 21st, 2015, we discovered that Disney's Awards consideration side had added an album of score that could be streamed or download that was different than TFA's OST. Soon after, physical CDs pressed of the same music began showing up on ebay (as they had been mailed out to voting members of The Academy or other awards ceremonies) as well. I am hopeful Disney will do the same this year for The Last Jedi. If they do not, I will close this thread. If they do, I wanted to start the thread now to contain all information about the album like we had for TFA. I'll update this main post with all information about the FYC album if we get one!.
  20. Okay so a little time ago I created a thread of the CEOT3K Joke from Family Guy and thought it was kinda funny. Well tonight I was watching it again and noticed the newest episode of Family Guy had another one because of Christmas and figured let's make a thread of all the times Family Guy made a Williams joke. If you can think of one please tag it here. I think these should be listed here and well discussed about. Let me know what you think! Season 16 Episode 9: Don't be a Dickens at Christmas This joke features a recurring character named Opie playing santa for his children and afterwards he looks at the window and the theme from Home Alone starts as well as it recreates the scene in the real film where Kevin looks outside and sees the "scary" old man who wishes to see his grandchildren. Season 15 Episode 20: A House Full of Peters This jokes features Peter explaing to his wife why he has so many kids and only being a sperm donor once. He also is proven to that all the kids and they have things in common when when steps forwards and proceeds to fart the five note theme from CEOT3K. Peter then follows by communicating back the same notes but lower. This of course is a take on the ending of the film CEOT3K when the aliens and humans communicate at the end.
  21. Hello! If you've heard the Last Jedi OST album and would like to discuss the music on it, this the place! The original thread can still be used to talk about receiving your physical copy, differences between various editions, where to buy or stream it online, etc, but here, it's all about the music. Starting the thread now because I found this on youtube, and I haven't checked yet to see if its real or fake.