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Found 14 results

  1. I was just wondering what the general consensus as to The Godfather scores are around here... personally, the score for the first film is one of my all-time favorite scores, and I really like the music for Part II and III . What do you think of Nino Rota and Carmine Coppola's work on The Godfather trilogy?
  2. Jaws vs. Jurassic Park

    Which Spielberg monster movie (and respective score) do you prefer; Jaws or Jurassic Park? On a technical level, Jurassic Park handily beats the somewhat dated effects in Jaws, but so great is the power of the storytelling in Jaws that I personally find the later to be much more compelling. The suspense is crafted brilliantly. Every line of dialogue is pure gold. The characters are likable and well-written. The film has easily one of the greatest monologues in cinema history (Quint's story of the U.S.S Indianapolis). It succeeds not only as an entertaining popcorn flick, but also as a rich human drama and a chilling mortality tale. There's no doubt in my mind that Jaws is the superior film, by far. Williams' score for Jurassic Park is truly great and memorable, but Jaws just barely edges it out, in my opinion.
  3. The Force Awaks will turn 2 yo in a few days... Already two years! Woo-oooo!!!! As you know, the FYC album was available very shortly after the release of the score, allowing the fans to make their own playlists very quickly. Did you stick to the OST album? Did you stick to the FYC Album? Did you make your own playlist? Bespin wants to know!
  4. The 80's are ripe for setting sci-fi/paranormal action/adventure films and television series, but which of these two do you find better - Stranger Things or Super 8? You decide! I think Super 8 has a better well-rounded story and a better score, but I think it also would've been great as a series too, with more room to develop characters etc.
  5. We come to it at last; the great poll of our time. Both are massively influential giants in the sci-fi genre, and continue to excite and inspire millions of fans decades after their inceptions. Which sci-fi epic do you prefer; the rollicking action and adventure of Star Wars, or the cerebral intelligence and ingenuity of Star Trek?
  6. Seeing as there is an entire board on this forum devoted entirely to the discussion and analyzing of Tolkien's Middle-earth universe (which, if I am to be perfectly honest, gets very little traffic and is the least visited of the subforums on this site), I thought I'd propose the idea of a Star Wars subforum. With Star Wars being a very relevant and popular topic on the forum, it would make sense for there to be a designated area to talk about the series as a whole, including discussions of future films in the ongoing saga, analyzing of the series' music, reviews, etc.
  7. Gentleman's Neckties Poll

    "Do you wear glasses"... that's perhaps the dullest poll to have been made here. No No No. Let's ask a question that matter, as Sex toys are becoming less taboo. And if you answer yes, what type suits you the best? Silicone, Leather, Rubber, Metal, Vibrating?
  8. Alas, it's another pointless poll that will most likely be completely inactive in the next week or so... Do you agree with the age-old JWFAN proverb "Titanic is better than everything"?
  9. What kind of JWfan are you?
  10. Both cues serve as main themes to easily the two most influential and popular fantasy series of all time; The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, respectively. Which musical theme do you prefer, "The History of the One Ring" or "Hedwig's Theme"?
  11. Which film and score is your favorite from the Jurassic Park franchise?
  12. Both trilogies serve as prequels to a far greater trilogy. Both have had more of a mixed reaction to their respective fanbases. And now it is up to you to decide; which trilogy is better, the Hobbit trilogy or the Star Wars prequel trilogy? Personally, my vote goes to the Hobbit trilogy. Despite the excessive CGI and visual effects, as well as the additional storylines and subplots, at least it feels as though it is from the same vein of movies as the LOTR trilogy. On the other hand, the Star Wars prequel trilogy completely sidelined the visual style and charm of the OT, resulting in a set of movies that have neither the humor, nostalgia, or feel of the original classic films. The Hobbit trilogy also has far superior acting. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Please vote in the poll above!
  13. So yeah, this is a topic I see debated occasionally on the forums, so I thought this could be a formal place to do so and share your opinion. I personally love the music for both series. John Williams' Star Wars scores are legitimate classics in the world of film scores, and are widely considered to be the gold standard for sci-fi/adventure soundtracks. On the other hand, Howard Shore's darker LOTR scores (the scores for the Hobbit trilogy included) are incredible as well, full of complex themes and motifs and are as influential to the fantasy genre as are Williams' Star Wars soundtracks to the sci-fi genre. Feel free to share your thoughts below, and please participate in the poll above!
  14. I'm talking about in comparison to other film composers, not comparing him against long-dead classical music composers. For me, he is and has always been my favorite composer, no question.